Electric Mistress

The Electric Mistress flanger was introduced by Electro Harmonix sometime in 1976. The first version was looking very much like the original Big Muff with the slim silver chassis and powered by two 9v batteries (released in 1980 as a one 9v model). The more familiar Deluxe version was released in 1978.

David Gilmour - Electric Mistress

Pictures from the Animals tour rehearsals at the Olympic Exhibition Hall in London winter 1976-’77, shows an Electric Mistress lying on top of David’s Pete Cornish effects board (next to a ’73 Big Muff). The Mistress can be hard used only on Dogs on the first couple of nights of the tour but David soon used it on most songs in the set. In October the same year, just after the tour had ended, the Mistress was built into the board replacing the Uni-Vibe.

David’s Electric Mistress settings;
During the Animals tour, David would try all sorts of settings, – some sounding better than others. The typical setting was this;
rate 9:00, range 10:00, colour 10:00.
The Wall settings: all controls at 10:00.

The Mistress was used on many of the songs on David’s first solo album in 1978 and again on The Wall album and tour, notably Mihalis and live versions of Another Brick in the Wall part 2, Mother and Comfortably Numb (“Is There Anybody Out There, Wall Live 80-81). The Mistress was also used on Final Cut in 1983, notably on Possible Pasts.

Later in 1994, the Mistress was built into a custom rack unit by Phil Taylor including two Boss CE-2 chorus and a Demeter tremolo. It’s uncertain which songs it was used on or if it was used at all.

David and the Electric Mistress
– Animals tour 1977
– David Gilmour album and 5 live promo songs
– The Wall album and tour
– Final Cut
– Division Bell tour (possibly not used)
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