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I’m a guitarist, composer and producer, with four albums out,- Lullabies in a Car Crash (2014), Forever Comes to an End (2017), Coming Home (2018) and A Storm is Coming (2019). Please visit bjornriis.com for more. 

I’m also the main song writer and lead guitarist in the Norwegian prog band Airbag, with four albums released. Please visit airbagsound.com for more. 

Years ago, I portrayed David Gilmour in a Pink Floyd tribute act, The Pink Floyd Experience (Norway).

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The information on this is site is gathered from tons of different sources including a vast collection of interviews (film/radio/print) with David Gilmour, Phil Taylor and Pete Cornish, books about Pink Floyd and their albums, official concert recordings (CD/DVD) and bootlegs.
– “The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia” by Vernon Fitch
– “Comfortably Numb – A history of The Wall 1978-1981” by Vernon Fitch and Richard Mahon
– “In the Flesh” by Povey/Russell
– “The Black Strat – A history of David Gilmour’s Black Stratocaster” by Phil Taylor
– “Inside Out” by Nick Mason
– “The Tone From Heaven.Com” by John Roscoe
– “The Stompbox” by Art Thompson
– “AnalogMan’s Guide to Vintage Effects” by Tom Hughes
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