Ummagumma settings and setups

Effects, guitars and amps Settings and setups

Keep in mind that all effect settings and setups are based on pictures and video from a certain date and/or interviews and 3rd hand transcriptions that are subject to interpretation. David often make adjustments and may not even be consequent in how he’s using the equipment. This feature should therefore only be used as a guideline for your own setup and not as a gospel. It’s also wise to acknowledge that technique, place and time, studio trickery and who knows what plays a role in David’s tones in addition to the equipment.

Fuzz Face
– v 70%, fuzz 100%
Note: David would roll down the guitar volume knob to create overdrive sounds for rhythm parts.

Binson echo
– 310ms (repeat mode) with variable feedback and volume.

Narrow Way
Stratocaster, bridge pickup
Acoustic steel string guitar, drop D tuning
– rhythm (2 guitars); acoustic guitar
– slide 1; acoustic guitar
– slide 2; clean signal with delay

live (BBC studios Top Gear, London, UK December 2. 1968)
Levin acoustic steel string guitars, with dropped D tuning
Note: David and Roger is playing together close to the album version. The song was introduced as “Baby Blue Shuffle in D major”

Narrow Way 2
Stratocaster, bridge pickup
– rhythm/lead (2 guitars); Fuzz Face (double track)
– slide/lead (several tracks); clean sound with wah wah

– no known live performance

Narrow Way 3
Stratocaster, bridge pickup
– intro strum; clean signal through a Leslie
– slide/lead; clean signal with echo
– slide/picking; clean signal through a Leslie
– rhythm/lead; Fuzz Face

live (Amsterdam, Holland, September 17. 1969)
Stratocaster, bridge pickup
– rhythm; mild Fuzz Face
– solo; mild Fuzz Face and wah wah with echo

Astronomy Domine (album live track)
Stratocaster, bridge pickup
– rhythm; mild Fuzz Face
– solo; mild Fuzz Face and wah wah with echo

Careful with that Axe Eugene (album live track)
Stratocaster, bridge pickup, D drop tuning
– solo picking/fade-ins; clean signal, use the volume knob to create fade-ins
– solo; Fuzz Face and echo

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (album live track)
Stratocaster, bridge pickup (unless otherwise noted)
– main riff/intro (neck pickup); clean signal, roll down the tone control
– main riff/climax; clean signal with wah wah and echo
– slide effects/mid section; clean signal and echo, use the slide to create popping effects by hitting the strings gently over the pickups

A Saucerful of Secrets (album live track)
Stratocaster, bridge pickup
– slide effects/intro; clean signal with echo
– slide effects/drum solo; Fuzz Face and echo
– violin effect/part 3 intro; mild Fuzz Face with echo using a slide rubbing it over the frets
– rhythm/part 3; clean signal