The David Gilmour Gear Guide

Welcome to the largest David Gilmour gear resource on the net! Here you’ll find all you need to know about every stompbox, effect unit, guitar and amp David’s employed on every Pink Floyd and solo album and tour. Simply click the thumb of your favourite album and access a comprehensive guide with exclusive pictures, in depth notes about each setup and settings for each effect!

Classic Gear

In depth features covering some of David Gilmour’s legendary guitars, amps and effects! Learn the history of his classic black, red and white Strats, the myth about the Bill Lewis guitar and all about his classic Hiwatt/WEM/rotary setups – and more!
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The Big Muff

Here you’ll find all you need to know about David Gilmour’s Big Muff setups and tone – and more! You’ll also learn how to create your own killer Big Muff tones based on your set up. Put on your favourite David Gilmour Big Muff recording, press play and dig in! See the full list of features.

Keep in mind that although I’ve gone over the information in the David Gilmour Gear Guide countless times and cross checked it with every possible source, there might be some errors here and there. Although photographs and film rarely lie they might not represent David’s setup throughout a full period but just a snippet from a given date. Official information from the band members (books, recorded interviews etc), interviews and magazine features are subject to bad memory and interpretation and can’t be considered as any gospel. I’ve tried my best but I’d be very grateful if you’d contact me if you have any new information or updates of any sort. Thanks!