Here you’ll find comprehensive guides for improving your tone and technique as well as tips on how to keep your gear ready for a stellar performance! Learn how to eliminate noise, how to string up properly and how to get the best tones from your guitar, amp and pedals. Feel free to suggest topics and share your own experience!


– Tips and tricks for making your guitar sustain on stage and on smaller rigs at home.

Equalizers and Compressors
– The do’s and don’ts when using these two effects.

Reverb – good or bad?
– Some facts and the dos and don’ts about this mysterious effect.

Evidence Audio, a Q&A with Tony Farinella
– Cable guru Tony Farinella explains the importance of good quality instrument cables.

Maintenance and troubleshooting

Dealing with noise (part 1)
– The ultimate guide to solving your noise issues.

Dealing with noise (part 2)
– How to combine a Big Muff and Tube Driver without the noise.

Keeping the guitar tuned
– Some basic maintenance tips to achieve a perfect and stable tuning.

String and pickup height
– Learn how to set the correct string and pickup height.