Finding the right amp for your bedroom and smaller clubs, can be a challenge. During the last decade, the market has been flooded by affordable tube amps in all price ranges and while most of them will cover your basic needs, there are some distinct differences that will have an impact on your tone. In this feature we’ll look at a handful of models with David Gilmour’s tones in mind.

The large tube stack phenomenon started in the late 60s, when bands moved to bigger stages and needed more volume and wattage. Prior to this, a small combo would do the job nicely. The whole thing escalated in the 80s with the ridiculous, although cool looking, walls of Marshalls.

By the early 90s, the low wattage tube amps were almost forgotten in favour for the transistor. But trends tend to get their rennaissance and once again, guitarists demands the timeless sound of the tube amp.

Large stacks or small combos?

No doubt, most guitarists’ dream is to own a 100w tube head and a matching 4×12” speaker cabinet but in truth, they’re quite a hassle. A 100w or even a 50w Hiwatt or similar, would be all too much for a 300 seats club, not to mention having to carry the whole thing to and from the gig.

In a studio environment, a smaller amp would usually be easier to tame and to mic properly, compared to a loud stack. High wattage has little to do with how fat or huge your guitar sounds on the recording. Not least, a bedroom setup require something small that doesn’t piss off your neighbours and wife.

Not all pedals are suited for lower volume and smaller amps. See the Overdrive and Distortion feature for some tips on versatile pedals for your Gilmour tones.

Tubes or transistor?

You might be skeptic towards tube amps and think they’re just too loud and expensive. That’s not the case. A tube amp will allow you to get a dynamic clean tone even at the very lowest volume levels, whereas a transistor tends to sound quite dull and lifeless without the proper volume. Tubes will also react more to your playing and the pedals, which means that you can easily bring out the nuances of your tone with very little volume.

Many of these low wattage tube amps feature a built in power scaling. This means that you can scale down the output to a minimum and still be able to drive the tubes for warm, crunchy tube distortion without tearing down the walls.

In terms of price, – moving production to low cost countries, means that you can get great value for much less. Thankfully, most brands also understand that musicians nowadays demand quality, so even though the tag says Mexico, China or whatever, you can expect a rugged design.

My best tip is that you consider how you’ll be using your amp. If you’re mostly playing at home, then go for something small. A 5-15w will be more than enough. 15-30w will usually be more than enough for studio, band rehearsal and smaller clubs. If needed, use an attenuator like the THD Hot Plate, for your bedroom.

All amps are tested with the following in mind: 

– Overall sound. I’ve concentrated on replicating David’s tones but the amp should be versatile enough for all genres.

– The amp’s ability to maintain its character at even the lowest volume levels.

– The amp must be able to handle most of the typical Gilmour related pedals.

- Features, – EQ, channels, effect loop etc.

Bugera V22
Bugera’s Vintage series offers a wide range of models with a classic tube tone that’s affordable for most budgets. The V22 combo sounds very much like an AC30 with a powerful clean channel and that British, late 60s drive channel. The amp will handle most pedals, although you should consider overdrive and distortions with more mid range, and it suits just as well your bedroom as a rehearsal setup. Check out the V5 for a more modest setup and the V55 combo or head for even more power for your stage setup.

Output: 22W

Tubes: 3x 12AX7 (pre-amp) and 2x EL84 (output)
Speaker: single Bugera 12” 70w

Controls: clean volume, gain volume, master, bass, middle, treble, master, presence, reverb, channel switcher, mid boost feature

Channels: clean and drive

FX loop: yes

Laney Cub 12

The Cub series are among the cheaper models in this category but, in my opinion, some of the better sounding. Typically British with a familiar 70s Marshall/Hiwatt-ish character. Lots of headroom, a nice mids hump and a warm, smooth top. Crank the tubes for a creamy overdrive and distortion that’ll take you from ZZ Top to Sabbath. The featured 1w power scaling, also makes this an ideal choice for the bedroom setup. All of the Cubs handles Muffs and overdrives nicely but I recommend the stack for a bit more headroom.
Output: 15w (1w scaling)

Tubes: 3x 12AX7 (pre-amp) and 2x EL84 (output)

Speaker: 2x 12” 50w Celestion G12E

Controls: Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume, Tone, Reverb

Channels: one

FX loop: yes

Fender Blues Junior III

The Blues Junior is one of Fender’s more popular amps and with good reason. It’s got the classic Fender tone, with a nice chime and plenty of headroom but with considerably more mid range and compression than a Twin and similar amps. This makes it ideal for bedrooms and even smaller clubs and it can handle most pedals, including the more demanding Big Muffs and fuzz pedals. The stock speakers can sound a tad too bright, so consider replacing these with some darker ones, like the Eminence Cannabis Rex.

Output: 15w

Tubes: 3x 12ax7 (pre-amp) and 2x EL84 (output)

Speaker: 1x 12″ 50w Fender Lightning Bolt by Eminence

Controls: Volume, Bass, Treble, Mids, Master, Reverb, FAT

Channels: one

FX loop: no

Buyer's Gear Guide - Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 head
The Tubemeister is perhaps not the obvious choice for your Gilmour tones. It’s a modern sounding rock amp, far from the classic tones of a Hiwatt or Fender. Still, this amp is extremely well built, it’s packed with all kinds of features, like power scaling and direct recording and, it can handle pretty much any pedal you throw at it. The clean channel is super pristine, with tons of headroom. The drive channel ranges from clean to near metall. A good tip is to use the drive channel for pedals, as it has more mids and compression. The clean channel with pedals sounds fizzy and thin.
Output: 18w (1w and 5w scaling)
Tubes: 2x 12AX7 (pre-amp) and 2x EL84 (output)
Speaker: extension cab sold separately

Controls: Volume (clean), drive and volume (drive), treble, middle, bass, boost

Channels: clean and drive
FX loop: yes

Blackstar HT-5H
The Blackstar HT series has already become classics. The clean channel has lots of headroom and a versatile transparent tone that’ll handle most of your pedals. The drive channel is pure metall and that’s perhaps where this amp differ from the rest. Still, with a bit of tweaking, you can easily get some nice creamy Marshall tones. The 5w is best suited for your bedroom but check out the higher wattage models also for rehearsals and smaller clubs.
Output: 5w

Tubes: 1x ECC83 (pre-amp) and 1x 12BH7 (output)

Speaker: HT-112 extension cabinet with a single Blackbird 50w speaker

Controls: clean volume, clean tone, overdrive volume, gain, bass, middle, treble, ISF, channel switcher

Channels: clean and drive

FX loop: yes

Peavey Classic 30
The Peavey Classic has gained a high reputation and with good reason. This is an incredibly versatile amp, good for almost anything you would want to play. It’s no doubt based on the classic Marshall tone, with a noticeable mids hump and a nice amount of compression, giving the drive channel an almost OCD/Rat quality. The 30 is perhaps a bit too loud for your bedroom, but the amp deliver fat tones even at the lowest volume levels and it can handle any pedal you plug into it.
Output: 30w

Tubes: 3x 12AX7 (pre-amp) and 4x EL84 (output)

Speaker: 1x 12” Peavey Blue Marvel

Controls: Volume , Bass, Treble, Mids, Presence, Master, Reverb, Boost

Channels: clean and drive

FX loop: yes

Be sure to check out the full Classic series. The Classic 50 combo offer the same tone and features as the 30 but might be a better choice for larger venues and frequent touring. The new Classic 20 head, is ideal for rehearsal, smaller venues and recording, with the same tone found in its bigger brothers and lots of features for a convenient recording setup.

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III

Perhaps the world’s best selling combo, the Hot Rod Deluxe is more or less a bigger version of the Blues Jr with a few more features. Great all-rounder with classic Fender tones – warm, dynamic clean channel and two drive channels for different types of gain. Like the Blues Jr, the Deluxe has a bit more mid range and compression, compared to other Fender amps, which makes it easier to combine with different kinds of gain pedals. With its 40w this is perhaps a bit too big for your bedroom but excellent for studio work and smaller clubs.

Output: 40w

Tubes: 3x 12AX7 (pre-amp) and 2x 6L6 (output)
Speaker: single 12” Celestion G12P 80w

Controls: clean, drive, more drive. presence, reverb, master, middle, bass, treble, drive select switch, drive volume, bright switch
Channels: clean, drive, more drive

FX loop: yes

Hiwatt T20
Compared to the MaxWatt and Hi-Gain series, the Tube series produce a much more vintage tone, true to the classic Hiwatt Custom models. The clean channel offer a great basis for your pedals, even the more demanding ones. The drive channel is surprisingly smooth and takes the amp closer to a vintage AC30. The series feature a wide range of models, from the bedroom friendly 10w to the stage ready 40w – all available as both combos and stacks. All models also feature power scaling.
 An excellent, and more affordable, choice if you want the classic Hiwatt tone.
Output: 20W (10w ps)

Tubes: 2x 12AX7 and 1x 12AU7 (pre-amp) and 2x EL84 (output)

Speaker: GH112 extension cabinet with a single 100w Fane 12” speaker

Controls: Volume (master), reverb, treble, middle (push/pull frequency shifter), bass, overdrive volume, normal volume
Channels: clean and drive

FX loop: yes

Laney Lionheart L5 StudioLionheart Studio L5
Laney’s Lionheart series offer boutique tones at affordable prices. Like all of the Lionhearts, the Studio is a two channel class-A tube head, with a 3-band EQ and master tone control. The clean channel is similar to a VOX AC30, with a nice chime and lots of headroom. The fact that you can tweak the mids range, which is missing on the AC30, makes the clean channel very versatile. The drive channel offer early Marshall tones, similar to a JTM or Plexi, with plenty of headroom, a warm break up and tons of presence. The attention to both tone and design is hard to beat at this price point. The Studio L5 is ideal for bedroom playing and recording, packed with all kinds of features for power scaling, direct recording etc.
Output: 5w with 0.5w power scaling
Tubes: 3x 12AX7 preamp and 1x EL84 output
Speaker: No, head only
Controls: clean volume, drive, drive volume, bass, middle, treble, tone, reverb, bright/normal modes
Channels: clean and drive
FX loop: yes

Be sure to check out the full Lionheart series. The L20 combo and head are ideal for rehearsal, smaller sized clubs and recording, while the L50H head will provide a full 50w for larger venues. The series also feature speaker cabinets of different sizes.

All price tags are based on what a new amp generally would cost on EBay USA. These may vary from country to country. Be sure to check out your local store for discount campains and used items in the classifieds.

Feel free to use the comments form below and share your experience with these amps and recommendations for other models!

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  1. Heiko says:

    Good choice of amps, but I have to agree: the Classic 30 is way tooooo much for a tube practice amp.
    Used to own one, it was ok for rehearsals and stage, but way toooo loud for my living room.

    [Yes, I recommend this for studios and stage. – Bjorn]

  2. Mark says:

    Those Fender Champs are excellent amps for sure! They sound a bit flat and dry if you just plug right into them, but they open right up with a nice bit of echo or reverb put in front of them. i tried one out with a RE-20 pedal, and it sounded huge for that small amp. They also have an external speaker jack so that you can drive a larger cone. Good buy.

  3. Cristovao Ferreira says:

    What do you think about Fender Blues DeLuxe Combo 40 Watt, it’s more expensive but in relation to the hedroom, loop and the place to play it

    [Great sounding amp and very close to the Peavey Classic 30. A bit too much for playing at home but very versatile for studio and stage. – Bjorn]

  4. Joel says:

    Which version of the BJ did you try? Version 2, tweed, or version 3?

    [The standard black tolex. I guess that’s version 2. – Bjorn]

  5. Excellent review!

    I’m curious about the Laney! By now I’m using the old version of LANEY classic 30. I changed the valves to JJ and “I got another amp”!!
    Another thing secret is not to use the combo speaker! I used 4×12″ and the ground moves!
    Sadly I never played in a Hiwatt, but my little amp (with my mods) is a winner side to side to amps until 800€.

    [Thanks for the tip :) – Bjorn]

  6. Patrik says:

    Great article once again, Björn, and nice job on the video too… got me interested in trying out the Cub. I’ve been using a tweed Fender Blues Jr. at home for some time, and it works quite well even at lower volumes, obviously the more you turn it up, the better the tone gets, I guess that goes without saying for all amps really… but anyways, a very gilmourish amp indeed, highly recommended! And yes, I’m doing a bit of constuctive philosophical analysis (read: being a prick) and I ask: what does a 0 seat venue look like? :P

    [You’ve never played to an empty hall? Well, I bet that if I’d said 50-100 seats someone would have asked if the amp would have been too much for a smaller club :) LOL! – Bjorn]

  7. Thomas Robinson says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    i agree about the cub 12r. Although ive only played in my bedroom it does give some great sounds and was much better than my transistor amp it replaced. What settings did you have yours set to for the clear hiwatt sound?

    Sadly my amp is currently at the repairshop. Ive only had it about a month but the sound and power started to just die away. I think it kight just be a dodgey tube but its all being sorted out under warranty so i didnt start fiddling with it. I’ll let you know if it turns out to be a big problem. It seemed to be a good amp so i hope it isnt let down by being unreliable.



    [I’ve never had any problems with mine but stuff do happen… usually it’s just a minor easy fix issue. I basically set the amp identical to the Reeves 50w that I use on stage with the bass, treble, mids and presence somewhere between 40-60% and the gain at about 1/3 of the main volume for a nice clean tone. – Bjorn]

  8. Michael says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    I found a Lany Cub 12R on the net recently and it had the exact same picture and information as the one in the article. My question is that if this one comes with the head or not and if you would recomend this particular one. Im awful with this amp thing so please bear with me :-)

    Heres the link:

    [That’s the combo. The stack is two separate units. It’s basically the same amp but the 2×12″ speaker cab adds a bit more balls to the tone. – Bjorn]

  9. Clint says:

    I would add the egnater tweaker to that list. You can use any tube except for El84s. I’m gettin great Gilmour tones from this amp without making my ears bleed.

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  10. Ricardo Almeida says:

    At last the Laney review. At the time I read you article i have a Laney Cub 12 Head with a matching 2X12 Celestion Speakers. I owned a Peavey Classic 30 and Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. They are very loud speakers. The Laney Amp is by far the best amp that suites my needs. Play in an apartment at 23.00 O’clock and still can get some gilmourish tones. I am very happy with it. My JHS Dyna Ross and Tube Drive goes well with my Strat EMG DG20.
    Thanks for tyhe tip. You are great.

    [I agree. The Laney is perhaps a better more suitable amp for playing at home. Especially with the power scaling feature. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  11. Jay says:

    Great Article, i’ve been considering getting eaither the Peavey classic 50 or shop on ebay for a good deal on a old Bassman head and Cab

    [The old Bassman heads have always been one of my favourites. Great tone! – Bjorn]

  12. Patrick says:

    Being a home player, I’ve enjoyed the Zvex Nano head, which is a one watt amp, which I have hooked up to an Orange Vintage 30 cabinet. The one watt amp takes effects pedals very well, and can be played at low levels.

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  13. Hi Bjorn,good write up…
    I have had a cub head for a while now(forgot to mention it earlier)Just a simple great amp with an excelent sound…
    Sounds great with my Weber Thames 2×12….
    Highly recomended and great Value…
    Thanks for all the advice.
    We all appreciate your time and effort..

    [Cheers Scott! I bet the amp sounds even better with the Webers… I have those in my old Sound City cab and couldn’t be happier :) – Bjorn]

  14. guitatronik says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    There is also a different way. There are many small amp manufacturers building custom amps. Well, at least there are some in Poland. I’ve ordered one amp tailored specifically for me and I wouldn’t exchange it for any of those beauties. I can even take the signal from the power amp and send it outside through the line out jack (normalized to the line level, of course). It’s a really cool feature – they should put it into every small/practice/recording tube amp. Use a cab/mic sim and there you go – pretty nice recorded sound.

    And I think it sounds quite good with the muff (or at least I don’t here any evil bees):

    Best Regards!

    [Yeah I know. There are lots of great sounding amps on the market and if you have a bit of patience you can find something really special. However, I think the four I’ve picked should fit most budgets and they’re very easy to find too. Thanks for sharing your clip! – Bjorn]

  15. Lorne says:

    For those in North America, Canadian-made Traynor amps have been available for many years but a recent model is surprisingly good: The YCS 50 is a 50w all-tube amp that is switchable to 15w. Most comments I have found on this amp praise the versatility and features as well as the 15w setting. In my living room and it our practice space, the 15w is more than enough to cut through the mix and be felt – not just heard.
    There is a high gain channel with boost option as well as the clean(er) channel that has a U.S./Brit switch on it that gets into the Fender/Vox territory that gets nice and gritty when you bring the gain up. The Master Vol is a great touch and there is on-board spring reverb, a parallel loop w/level control (on/off via footswitch), a separate series loop…XLR out, external cab-out. Without pedals this thing is versatile! With pedals, it is a monster, particularly going into the clean(er) channel.
    I run my Electric Mistress through the parallel loop and my delays through the Series loop. A great booster pedal like the Xotic EP Booster really helps make any tube amp that much more versatile…I use it along with my TS808, Large Beaver (Ram’s Head), and my Dunlop Hendrix BC108 fuzz that all sound fantastic through it. There is additional circuitry for variable cabinet resonance and presence but this is bypass-able.
    Here is a demo…although this chap has chosen settings that are more mid-scooped than what I prefer which is more of a richer sound with mids that are more full…that’s the thing, you can set it however you need.

    [Thanks for sharing! – Bjorn]

  16. Luciano says:

    Hi, Bjorn.

    Great article.

    I’ve been waiting to read something on this issue for a long time, being in such a dilemma myself.

    I can’t make up my mind about what tube amp to buy.

    The prices over here are just obscene and I can’t really test them before buying, having to purchase on the net.

    My cruel doubt has been, more or less, restricted to:

    a) Fender Blues Jr. NOS – around $ 1.450
    b) Fender Blues Deluxe – around $ 1.750
    c) Peavey Classic 30 – around $ 1.750

    (I told you the prices were obscene, didn’t I?)

    I only play at home, but I do have plans to build my “cave” (meaning a acoustic isolated room, for both music playing and home theater extravaganza)… :)

    And I do have the hope that my 2-years-old kid will really shine on the guitar someday… hehehe

    Which would be the better one: Blues Deluxe or Classic 30?
    Or would them both be just too much for home playing, and should I go for the Blues Jr.?

    Mind you that I currently play a MIM Fender Strat with DG20 and an Epiphone Les Paul Std with Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II PUs (and I can only dream with a DG Signature).

    Sorry for all the questions, but I have been waiting for so long to ask you that, and now, with this article of yours, it seems to be the right moment.



    [The prices are no better here in Norway… Although I think the Classic 30 is by far the best sounding of the three it might be a bit overkill for just playing at home. It’s loud! The Blues JR has a great tone and has no problem with low levels. – Bjorn]

    • Steve Sauck says:

      Hi Luciano,
      I went with the Bugera V22 and absolutely love the amp. I bought used and paid $250. The guy I bought it from switched out the stock tubes and replaced them with Groove Tubes. I’ve been playing a lot of Pink Floyd with just a couple pedals ( Dyna-Comp, Way Huge Saucy overdrive, Boss DS-1 distortions, Dunlop FuzzFace, then I have a Boss DD-7 Delay and a MXR Uni-Vibe into effects loop. Good luck!! Shine On

  17. Andy Piercy says:

    Good work Bjorn!

    I was seriously considering a Laney (the 5w Lionheart actually) when Gilmourish amp shopping. I also considered amps from Blackheart, Blackstar, Fender, Marshall, Vox for purely home use, but I really wanted a vintage tweed tube combo so went with a customised Rosewell ( 5w Princetone with 8″ Weber speaker. This is closest to the Fender Champ 600 in your review line-up. It has that Fender clean tone and doesn’t start to break up until you get the volume above 6-7. The only disadvantage I’ve found is the single tone control; a 3-band tone system would be an advantage I think.

    I think it’s worth pointing out that even a 5w amp flat out is VERY loud. So to push the tubes it’s worth thinking about power scaling or a good dummy load (attenuator) like the Weber Micromass: . Some built-in attenuators are just resistors between the output and the speaker and suck tone; the Vox AC4TV is a case in point.

    I’ve noticed that Reeves do 6w and 12w combos with optional power scaling: A bit pricier than your review amps, but very Gilmourish I’d have thought?

    Maybe it’s my amp/ DG Black Strat combination, but a RAT just didn’t work to get a DG-like solo tone; to my ears it sounds like a generic 80’s metal distortion but maybe it works better with the EMG SA’s? I now have a Skreddy Pig Mine and a SUF VRH and both get ‘that’ tone, or as near to it as I’m going to get I think.

    BTW, have you listened to Dave Kilminster on Roger’s current Wall tour? – a very decent DG sound-a-like on CNumb!

    Keep up the good work!

    [Thanks for your input Andy! The trouble with one channel amps is that it’s hard to crank the tubes without playing too loud. The Laney has a featured 1w scaling that works very well. – Bjorn]

  18. Allan says:

    Excellent stuff Bjorn – you’re really doing the people of the world a great service.

    I’ve been sold on the laney for ages and this just confirms my original interest. Roll on Christmas and some pedal sales to grab some cash for the head and cab!

    [Cheers Allan! – Bjorn]

  19. charaf says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Great article as usual. I have silver face fender champ and it sounds really incredible. I have also a black face fender showman and this one is my ravourite. I read in your recent articles about linked inputs. I dont know if i can apply that on my showman as it has two channels : one normal and other called vibrato on both of them two inputs and a select button for bright and normal.

    Appreciate your help and thanks for all the invaluable information in this site.


    [The linked input only works on 4 inputs amps. – Bjorn]

  20. Hugo says:

    Great reviw and much needed. I’m thinking in a good small amp for home practice and altough the ROland cube is getting most of my attention now (since I just having it for practice and learning, Is good to have inputo from mp3, tunner…) this review makes me wonder if I should consider the laney since most of the venues we play are less than 250 people.

    I’ve already had a Laney (an LC-15r) that sounded great, it worked great for almost 7 year until the power output transformer blown up. I couldn’t find replaces here and of course repair the amp was more expensive that buying one so..I gave up with laney from some time..Now I’m curious.

    Great article Bjorn!! cheers!!

    [Personally I think there are lots of other alternatives to consider before getting a Cube. It can be tempting to both save a few bucks and to have all those features but I promise that it pays off getting a tube amp. The Fender Champion is a great alternative but if you want something to bring along to a gig as well I’d go for the Laney or ideally the Fender Blues JR. – Bjorn]

  21. Cristiano Fontana says:

    Hello Bjorn!

    I asked in an e-mail abou the BlackHeart amplification…
    What do you think about them??

    I`m not an expert in amplification, but I liked the tone very much…

    They have all the models under the $700,00

    The model BH5H has 5watts of “power”, and costs about $200,00

    The 15 watts model costs about $350,00…

    They all have switches to decrease the power to the half…

    Have you tride these amps???
    If yes, please comment, because they are in a very afordable price…
    And I’m afraid that they increase it before I buy one..

    A Big Hug

    Cristiano Augusto Fontana

    Curitiba – Brazil

    [I’ve never tried any of these so I can’t really tell. They get a lot of praise though… – Bjorn]

  22. Mike Senders says:

    You forgot the old Fender Bassmans! (Unless you were shooting for brand new combos only…) I just bought one a few months back due to your advice on your amps page, it is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard. And, IT WAS CHEAP! While I was researching them, I noticed on eBay that I never saw one go for more than $600. I got mine for $400, its a ’72 Bassman 100 Silverface piggyback head. Crystal clear, lets the pedals do all the work which is great. Tons of headroom. I play live and almost never turn the volume past 3. Also, they’re great for those of us who play bass and electric because they’ve got dual inputs, each with their own EQ. I bridge mine because the amp is so passive that bridging the inputs definitely gives a tad more drive, its awesome! I’ve seen online a lot of people knock these amps saying that they’re colorless and need to be ‘blackfaced,’ but I totally disagree, and I’ve had people tell me that the tone is the best they’ve ever heard.

    Here’s something that will make you cry- when I bought it, the guy who sold it to me had it sitting on top of another amp head that was covered up. He said he was selling the Fender because his neighbor sold him this other amp for $400. He lifted off the cover and there it was- a Hiwatt 100 head. $400!!!!! You should’ve seen his face when I told him that it was worth like $2500…

    [I chose amps that were new and easy to find for most people but a bargain on EBay or classifieds is even better and I totally agree with you on the Bassman. Always been one of my favourites. Congrats on the new amp! – Bjorn]

  23. Alan says:

    Hey Bjorn, I noticed the Fender Blues Junior and I’d have to say, the fat switch is actually my saviour at the moment but it is indeed a great souding amp, what do you think of how the fat switch shapes the tone?

    [It seems to work better when you play at lower levels but IMO it makes the amp sound a bit muddy and too punchy. A matter of taste… – Bjorn]

  24. Luciano says:

    Thanks for your help, Bjorn.

    Here’s a nice A/B comparison between the Tweed vs Tolex versions of Blues Jr:

    I think the tweed sounds much better, even though maybe both might sound similar with some tweaking.


    [Thanks! I’ve always thought it was the same amp tho…- Bjorn]

  25. SJA says:

    Hi! Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents about the Classic 30. I have owned both the C30 and the Classic 50 (which i still have). I play at bedroom levels 95% of the time, and it is actually MUCH easier to get good tone at bedroom levels with the C50!!

    The c50 has a master volume control, so you can still crank the clean channel and get that punch, and then also turn down the master volume to 1-2 and get the same sweet tone. I have mine running into a 2×12 Hiwatt Cab with Fane clones. It sounds awesome. I found that with the c30, having only one volume control, you had to keep it at like 1.5-2 for the bedroom, and the amp just doesn’t get warmed up and driven correctly.

    Also, the C50s are CHEAP on ebay!! I got my head for 250 and it is pristine, and not hard to find. Slap some JJ tubes in there and you are good to go. You also get the Dual Inputs, standby switch and Presence controls, which are very useful. The only downside is the cooling fan which is fairly annoying when you are not playing.

    If you get a c30….get a c50!!!

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  26. Rob says:

    Bjorn, did you perhaps checked out the Laney Lionheart 5W combo ?

    How does this one compare to the Laney Cub 12R for playing at home ? And how does the Lionheart takes pedals ?

    Thanks also for your great site, Rob

    [I’ve only tried the Lionheart L-20H with the LT-212 cab. Great sounding amp indeed. Slightly darker than the Cubs… – Bjorn]

  27. Nick says:

    Hi guys, does anyone have experience with the Blackstar HT5 amps and their suitability (or non-suitability) for replicating Gilmour styled tones? Thanks Bjorn, really love this site.

    [Don’t have much experience with them myself. Blackstar in general is very close to Mesa/Boogie IMO. Rather dark and perhaps best suited for metal but you should be able to get some decent clean tones with it. – Bjorn]

  28. Matteo Paiato says:

    Hi bjorn

    After watching your video using the cub head, I have been looking for some info online. I have ordered one to the laney shanghai dealer and I got the cub12r combo two days ago. I took it without try it but i am totally satisfied.
    The power scaling is very useful at home. I am going to use it at the end of next week at rehearsal with my band. I will try it with all pedals in the input and also with just chorus and delay in the loop.
    Another good purchase following you. I own you a lot man.

    [Cheers Matteo! Glad you liked the amp! – Bjorn]

  29. Rob D says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Great article as always! I’ll just throw in that I agree that 30+ watts is generally too much for home/bedroom playing, but when I bought my first tube amp a while back, I opted for a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue (40w) instead of the Blues Junior which I was also considering. I bought the deluxe used, so the cost was only a bit more than the Jr.

    True, I really can’t set the master volume any higher than 3 without rattling windows, but with the two channel switching and extra controls, I feel like I get a better tone out of it than with the Jr, even at lower volume levels. Plus, I figure that if I can ever start to play out of the house on a regular basis, I won’t need to buy another amp.



  30. Sean G says:


    thanks for the review! I’ve recently shifted my focus to smaller amps due to the fact that I live in an apartment now and don’t want to make my neighbors angry. I recently bought a Carvin Vintage 16 with a Celestion V30 in it. Its a 2xEL84 in the power section and a 3x12AX7 in the preamp. If you have a chance and you can get your hands on one, I’d be curious to see what you think. They go for around $300 USD used here in the states.


    [Thanks for the tip Sean! I did use Carvin at one point (can’t remember the model) and I really liked it. – Bjorn]

  31. Alanito says:

    Once again, great article, great website and hats off to you! I’ve been looking at getting rid of my Roland 20 for some tubes at home and this might be the inspiration and partuculary like what I hear about the Laney Cub 12r… two questions (which probably have painfully obvious answers but I have not really explored the world of tubes before) … a) almost none of the smaller tube amps have headphones sockets (Black Star HT5 – Peavey Royal 8). That because they are likely to blow your ears or because it defeats the purpose of tubes? It’s a set up I’ve gotten used too with the Rolands b) If you go for tubes with an FX loop, you put the comp and drive pedals on the line in and the modulation / delay on the loop so I assume a Jam Station pedal sits perfectely well on the end of the FX loop as it is straight into the speaker right? Many thanks!

    [I’ve no idea why smaller tube amps doesn’t have headphone outputs. I assume it’s cost related. All gain pedals – compressors, boosters, overdrives, distortions, fuzz etc – should go straight into the main input while all modulations and delays should go via the effects loop… if you’re using the internal gain stage that is. I always prefer to have all the pedals on a chain into the main input and set the amp up for a clean tone. – Bjorn]

  32. Wray Ellis says:

    Nice work, Bjorn.

    I too have been struggling with this issue. I have about 10 different amps and they were all too powerful or too limited. I bought a couple Fender G-Decs. (Don’t bother.) Then I purchased a ZT Lunchbox – it’s tiny but fantastically loud. Too much unless you’re gigging. Then I got into tube amps. I bought a reissue Fender Champ. It’s great for playing a vintage guitar around the house, but I wanted more. Epiphone Valve Standard was next. Good amp, but pretty noisy.

    At last I have found my answer: Vox VT-30. It’s perfect for rehearsing and jamming. There are lots of toney presets – but its real strength is in the studio. Run a stereo feed from the headphone jack and you get a really clean signal. For $250, it’s the best amp deal I’ve found. (While I was there I picked up a ’52 reissue butterscotch Tele. It’s only a Squire but it sounds fantastic. And for $185, I simply couldn’t resist.)

    [Thanks for your input Wray! The ZT amps are great but as you say, insanely loud. I’ve never tried the VOX VT-30 but thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  33. Brent says:

    Great review , I know it’s been said already but this site is perhaps the greatest help to any guitarist out there who is a fan of David Gilmour and wants to pay homage to his sound, thanks. I have a Fender Champ with an 8 inch speaker instead of the 6 inch that you reviewed , I recommend trying one out to hear the difference. It has a bit more bottom end and really gives depth to the cleans. Also , I’m looking for a very clean sounding amp that I can use for shows ( about 150-300 seat auditoriums ) but also for recording. I’m looking at combos since I already have a Hi-watt head and Marshall cab. Would a 59 reissue Fender Bassman or Reissue Twin Reverb do the trick ? Thanks.

    [Thanks a lot for your kind words Brent! Glad you enjoy my site :) I’m not a huge Fender fan although the Bassman is a great sounding amp that I’ve used many time. The Twins are just too bright and punchy for my taste… I can’t really praise Reeves enough. I see you already have a Hiwatt but my Reeves Custom 50 head is by far the best amp I’ve ever played. If that’s a bit too much I strongly recommend that you give the Peavey Classic 30 a chance. A bit cheaper than the Bassman but IMO almost as good. – Bjorn]

  34. Dams says:


    The black star HT5 is a 5 watt amp which does the job perfectly! It has cmplete Eq, gain, the ISF system to switch from brit to US sounds. Perfect for a bedroom. 2 tubes on board.



  35. Francesco says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    first of all thank you for your awesome website, rich of so much needed infos ’bout all the Gilmour world!

    My question is bout the laney cub 12R, which I’m going to get asap..Do you think it’s possible to couple with a real big muff stomp box, the kind of BYOC or similar? You say big muff is to use at high volumes with tubes screaming, but what if I’m going to use the power scaling option? do you think the result will be ok?

    This would turn into a great solution for home players searching for the golden gilmourish tone…

    Thanks for sharing and for all the support.

    Cheers from Milano

    [Thanks for your kind words Frencesco! As I said, a Big Muff really needs to be cranked to get those super smooth Comf Numb, Sorrow, On the Turning Away tones but I’ve managed to get some pretty cool tones with both the CUB12R and the CUB Stack with some tweaking. As awlays, keep in mind that different amps and playing conditions requires different settings than what David’s using on a large stage. – Bjorn]

  36. El Gasty says:

    Hi Bjorn, I have a question, what do you think about the VOX Amps?
    Thanks friend, I`m waiting for the next Airbagsound`s album.

    El Gasty

    [Personally I don’t like them that much. You can get some nice clean punchy tones with the AC30 etc but I think they’re far too boomy and hardd to tame. – Bjorn]

  37. Luciano says:

    Well, I have another question (maybe a stupid one).

    What is the difference between an amp with power scaling and another with individual channel and master volumes?

    I tend to think that they should work in the same way. Am I wrong?

    Thanks for your help.


    [The power scaling allows you to get distortion from the tubes without having to play loud. Tubes differs from transistors in the way that the more you push them the more they distort. This is mainly obtained when you play loud. The louder you play the more the tubes distorts. However this is not ideal when you’re playing at home and the power scaling will make the tubes distort at a lower volume. I don’t think power scaling is that important in terms of David’s tones because you’ll need a clean tone for your pedals and a tube amp will in most cases perform well for clean tones on lower levels. – Bjorn]

  38. Marco says:

    Another great article…wish you had mentioned the Bugera 5w or Egnator amps……

    Thanks for all the hard work

    [Thanks! Just wanted to mention a handful I was really sure about. Can’t try them all but the Egnator is a nice amp indeed :) – Bjorn]

  39. Randall says:

    For under $700, you can’t beat the Fender Blues Junior N.O.S. They are not the same amp as the tolex version. True, they are the same internally for the most part, but the NOS version has a totally different speaker, and it makes a world of difference.

    I love my Blues Junior NOS!!!! It sounds great at any volume. At 15 watts, you can really crank it. There isn’t much drive, in case you want distortion from the amp itself, but who does anymore? It handles pedals just fine. It’s also VERY quiet in terms of hiss, microphonics, and other things associated with most tube amps. Some people think 15 watts is not a lot, but two things to consider. 1). More watts usually just equals more headroom (clean tone) before breakup (grit/od/distortion), not necessarily more power (volume). 2). If you are playing for more than 100 people, you’re going to have a PA anyway. You can crank a 15 watt amp and get that sweet saturation, and then just throw up a mic. (I like a Sennheiser e609). Trust me, home, studio, big show, you’re covered.

    Forget the tolex version, the tweed is what you need. I love mine, but have thought about swapping out the speaker for a Celestion Vintage 30. Although, I could totally live with this amp just the way it is. I will probably swap the 12AX7s out for some Tung-Sol Cyro 12AX7s soon.

    Long story short, for $549.00 (American), you won’t find a better amp. You’d actually me hard pressed to find an amp under $1,000 that sounds this good!

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  40. Randall says:

    A little tip: If you want to have more clean headroom in a smaller watt amp, upgrade the speaker to a higher wattage rating. For instance, you have a 15 watt amp, with a 30 watt speaker from the factory. If you up it to a 50 or 60 watt, you can smooth out the tone in general across its spectrum, and also have a little more room to play in the clean zone. I tend to like a 15 watt amp with a 40-65 watt speaker.

    [Agree. That’s pretty much what’s David using with his 100w Hiwatt and 200w WEM combo. – Bjorn]

  41. William says:

    I play on a Fender Pro Jr at home and its good for playing in your bedroom. It’s got an amazing clean sound, and takes pedals very well. I’ve used it on small gigs and it did great, when its cranked past 7 its pretty loud for 15 watts.

  42. Evan says:

    Very cool article, Bjorn, that Laney sounds rather remarkable. I’d love to try one out, but I dunno if I could find one in the US, and frankly, I barely use an amp at all anymore. I’ve taken to running my board into the Tech 21 Sansamp Blonde I acquired in the last year, and putting that straight into the PA. All-analog modeling of the full range of Fender amps with the Blonde, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

    But, what’s become a true want as of late, and something you might like to try out as well, is the Leeds model. Hiwatt-in-a-box, essentially. I mentioned this to you before, I think, and since a proper demo has come out….wowza…

    Runs about $170 US…

    On another note, I’ve been looking into compressors recently as a way of upping the sustain on my clean lead playing, adding some more fullness. What would you recommend as a decent-priced, all-around useful compressor unit?

    [I’ve always liked the MXR Dynacomp. Check out the Whirlwind Red Compressor, which is a clone of the old 70’s model. Very transparent and lots of sustain. – Bjorn]

  43. Giorgio says:

    Hi Bjorn, very very interesting article, especially for a novice like me with new borns … It’s a good point that almost none of the tube amps have headphone output. One exception is the Marshall 5W Class A. I know Marshalls are not ideal for Gilmour tones, but I am looking for a valve alternative to my 15W transistor (Hiwatt Maxwatt). The problem is I need to use headphones quite often. Any suggestions?

    [Hmmm… I’m really not sure. Anyone? – Bjorn]

  44. Allan says:


    I’m not too sure about the marshall 5W class A personally, but, if you’re planning to use the amp for practicing at home only, then it may be worthwhile looking into for the headphone and lower volume function.

    Even if you can’t get precise Gilmour tones with it, you could compensate for this by investing in a vintage style speaker, and playing around with settings on a nice distortion pedal like the RAT or a Distortion III (mxr). A good distortion will work much better with tubes than with any solid state so thats something to consider.

    Im also going for a valve amp at the moment, but over the past few weeks playing with my strat through a 50W solid state amp that copying David’s physical playing style get’s you closer to “the tone” than buying butt loads of gear. however i will say that the amp is severely limiting my tone.

    Try the marshall out with a Bjorn approved distortion and a nice delay and see how it sounds, if not, you could maybe look into a digital simulator for headphone playing (boss gt-10/me25, line6 pod) and invest in a fender champion or valve junior for when you don’t need heaphones :)

    hope this helped.

    [Agree. More on overdrives and distortions here. – Bjorn]

  45. Ondra says:

    Hi Bjorn! First of all I´d like to thank you for this great and very helpful site! I saw your Laney Cub Head video and purchased the amp head immediately. Fantastic amplifier and the price is ridiculous! After years of struggle to get satisfying tone out of my old Vox AC30 I´m really satisfied. (Personally, I think that Stratocaser and AC30 is not very happy conjuction). I actually demounted the amp section of AC30 and use only the speakers (100watt Jensen) with Cub Head. The only thing that bothers me is that just a little bit output would be great for stage. Do you have any experience with Laney Lionheart L20H? Is the extra 5watts a noticable difference? Also I´m thinking about purchasing another Cub Head and use 2 of them (one for one each speaker in my cab). What would you recommend? Thanx again! Ondra

    [Thanks for your kind words! The Lionheart is slightly louder but perhaps more noticeable a bit warmer and it do have a bit more balls. The extra 5w makes a difference. Still, I prefer the Cub for it’s crystal clear tone. – Bjorn]

  46. Giorgio says:

    Thanks a lot for the tips Allan, I do have my quota of gilmourish pedals: RAT and Blues Driver plus Dynacomp, Small Stone, Stereo Electric Mistress and DD-7 (the last two perhaps not so much Bjorn-approved). However I find that the most difficult tone to achieve through a solid state is that almost clean and very warm overdrive of Shine On, Coming Back to Life, Wearing the Inside Out, Echoes Intro, etc. There is something quite substantial missing, no matter how I tweak the knobs. Sure, skill and style of playing make a big difference, but something tells me is also about the Amp. You guys are right, if I have to play with a tube amp, then it better be without headphones. My little 15w Hiwatt after all works fine with headphones and the right pedals for night time fun (much better than any digital sim).
    If I have a chance to try the little Marshall I’ll post some feedback. Cheers.

    [I think you’re hitting the nail on its head with you’re description of what you’re missing. David’s cleans/warm overdrives on Shine On, Coming Back etc is (in addition to his pickups and effects) the sound of a tube amp. A transistor, no matter how good, can’t be tweaked to get the same dynamics, the attack and overall character of a tube amp. It’s nothing fanatical about it… It’s just the way it is. – Bjorn]

  47. Boidek says:

    Hi bjorn,
    forgive me for the beginners question:
    If I use my amp as clean as possible, what is the difference between using a 20W or a 50W amp? (in the 20W I’ll use 60% of its volume and in the 50W I’ll use 25-30% of its volume) Tone wise, won’t it be the same?

    [A transistor will in most cases do but a tube amp is more sensitive to volume – be it that you’re comparing two identical amps with different wattage. A 20w will at 60%, although set clean, sound more punchy with more attack and presence than a 50w only at 30%. The reason for this is that the tubes will react stronger the more you push the amp. This is a good example why it’s important to choose the right amp for the right venue or occasion. I’d say that a 50w or 100w tube amp is quite redundant in a bedroom while a 5-30w would be ideal. Likewise, a 20w can be hard to keep clean on a huge stage because you’d end up boosting the volume. – Bjorn]

  48. Hello Bjorn,
    I love your website. I have learned a lot! Thank You! For those that need a powerful amplifier to gig and don’t have a lot of cash, I reccomend (even though a lot of people hate them) the
    Bugera 1960 amp head. It’s suppossed to be 100 watts RMS, and it is a single channel amp whose inputs can be linked. It is reall, really clean, bright and punchy, like a Hiwatt! I love it and i can get a very nice Gilmour like tone. Perfect for pedal boards. It aslo falls in the price range you mentioned, and it is reliable.

    [Thanks for the tip Gilberto! – Bjorn]

  49. Allan (replying again to giorgio) says:

    Your set up sounds great for playing inside mate. I love both my rat and blues driver for their versatility.

    Also, I’m sure bjorn will agree with me here, your pedals don’t have to be approved by anyone dude (however bjorn’s the man to go to for any queries you may have), I LOVE the sound of the new mistress, in my opinion you can even touch in univibe/rotating speaker territory with it, and the dd-7 is probably one of the highest quality delays on the market for the price. Analog sim and modulated modes make it even more versatile. If you love the sound you have with them (which it seems you do) I wouldnt upgrade for anything :P.

    and i totally agree with you on the overdrive subject, thats why i want a tube amp. Tubescreamer/blues driver type drives just sound like lame distortions on solid state.

    Roll on christmas and a laney cub 12 head and cab!

    (sorry for making this a private conversation bjorn!)

    [I totally agree. Any review, mine or other’s, should be read as a guide, a tip and nothing else. It’s not a gospel. It’s a personal opinion. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  50. Joakim says:

    I bought the Laney CUB 12R after reading your review. I had been looking at the CUB 10 to but I`m happy I went with the 12R. And I must say I love it. The 1W input is perfect for me because I only play et home. That is also why I sold my `65 Twin Reverb :) Thank you so much for leading me in the right direction regarding the CUB 12R.
    Love your site.

    [Congrats Joakim! Glad you enjoyed the amp :) – Bjorn]

  51. Neeson says:

    Hi, I’m thinking of buying the Cub Stack, but am not sure if it’s going to be loud enough for playing along with a loud drummer. Not for gigs, just jamming in a shed. I want to be able to use pedals before it, and for their tone not to be affected too much by the amp. Will there be enough headroom for this or will it break-up too soon?

    [The amp has a lot of headroom and the transparent tone won’t colour your tone. Depends on how loud you need to play. If you really need to crank the amp I’d replace the speakers for some high wattage ones like Weber Thames 80w or consider the Peavey Classic 30. – Bjorn]

    • Paul says:

      I just bought a Laney Lionheart 5L combo for bedroom setup … fantastic amp, but thinking I’d like to increase the headroom. After reading these comments, I’m wondering if I should replace the speaker with something higher wattage (suggestions?) or connect a second 1×12 laney cabinet. Another possibility, I guess, is to exchange it for the 20-watt model–though I’d have to pay return shipping. Not a big deal. Volume is not an issue, but something seems to be lacking a little … a fuller sound. Tweaking knobs gets me close, but still … any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

  52. Redo says:

    And there’s VHT Special 6 for about 200 bucks. A simple Class A amp with 6V6.

  53. I’m not too sure about the marshall 5W class A personally, but, if you’re planning to use the amp for practicing at home only, then it may be worthwhile looking into for the headphone and lower volume function.

    15 speakers

  54. Dave says:

    Hi Bjorn!
    Great articles and information as always!! Your site is the best! A question for you and anyone else that cares to comment. I have a Fender Super Champ bought new in 2008 and my daughter plays through a Blues Junior. At her guitar lesson she plays through a Marshall 5 watt haze which sounds incedible. We have neighbors on the other side of the wall so can’t have too big an amp. You thoughts ( or any one else’s) on trading the Super Champ for a Haze amp? The super champ is also making a Buzzing noise at c sharp on the d sting at 11 fret but no where else. Thoughts? Merry christmas and health for the new year from the USA! Dave

    [I don’t have any experience with the Haze but my hottest tip is the Laney Cub 12 combo or stack. Amazing tube tone and lots of headroom. The featured 1w powerscaling makes it ideal for practicing at home. Check out my review here. – Bjorn]

  55. Sait says:

    Hi to all DG lovers and many thanks to Bjorn for his site..
    Regarding a conversation before; I owned Marshall Class 5 for same reasons (headphones, home-practice) and returned it on the 5th day of purchase. Was dull, dark and boring to my ears (which is only my personal taste) but the main reason was the Headphone output was awful (used with Sennheiser HD 515) and useless. Even logic 9 amp designer sounded better with headphones…. Just as info…. Cheers

    [That seems to be the consensus among Gilmour fans at least. It’s a popular blues amp but I think Marshall could have done better. There also seem to be a lot of problems with it like rattling and buzz sounds that are hard to fix. – Bjorn]

  56. Sergio says:

    After reading this article I was totally blown away by the Laney Cub Head. Do you think it would go well with my Marshall JCM900 1960A cabinet?


    [Hm… Not sure. it’s only 15w and not overly powerful like a Budda or Matchless so it wouldn’t surprise me if it sounded a bit dead. I’d rather replace the speakers in the Laney cab with some Weber Thames 80w’s or similar. – Bjorn]

  57. Sloth says:

    Great article Bjorn!
    I am also considering the Laney Cub 12 Head, but I am not sure if it will be loud enough for barn-jams and bar gigs. I am going to be running it through a 2×12 cab loaded with Byron Starfinder 100w speakers (fane crescendo clones, handbuilt by Weber Thames). I want to be able to play clean with drums, and run pedals to boot. Do you feel this will work?
    Happy Holidays!

    [I think that would go fine. I’ve loaded my Laney cab with Weber Thames 80w speakers and it’s much louder with lots of headroom. – Bjorn]

  58. Matt says:

    Anybody have any idea where you can order the cub 12 head/2X12 in the US? I having a terrible time finding one. Thanks!


  59. Dave says:

    Hi Matt-

    American musical supply on the web has the head / cabinet and combo as well. Laney is not easy to find in the US, don’t ask why. Another option is to ask a local music store if you have one you use if they can get Laney but that may not work. I did speak to American music supply last week and they do have them. Good luck, Dave

  60. Dave says:

    WOW!!! I just used my new Cub12r… INCREDIBLE! I can’t say enough about this amp. Goodbye line6 spider 3, hello warm/sweet classic tube amp, I will never go back to solid state amps. Thank you Bjorn. I picked one of these up on Ebay from Victoryguitarshop (incredible service and set me up with this amp for under $300, highly recommend) Peter had it shipped directly from the distributor to my house in 2 days! Anyone who is considering one of these GET IT. The Cub is perfect for the home player and definitely still has the balls for a small to medium bar/gig.
    Bjorn, my only question is how does an effects loop work and what kinds of things go well there as well as do not go well there. I apologize if this is already somewhere on your site. I have a triangle BYOC, Electric mistress, line6 Pod XT live (using only for delay, fx boost and compression. no amp setting nor mod setting – unless you suggest otherwise) guitar – MIM strat, CSfat50’s, SSL5 bridge. As always thank you Bjorn you have been instrumental in helping me achieve my/gilmourish tone. I look forward to your future articles.


    [Glad you liked the amp Dave! Incredible value for the price. The loop is meant to be a line for the modulation and delay effects when you’re using the internal gain stage on the amp to produce gain. However, for David’s tones you want the amp as clean as possible (max 2 on the gain on the Laney) so the loop has no function and all the effects can be lined up into the normal input. This is usually a better way to do it as well since almost all effect loops are known to add noise and drain the tone a little. – Bjorn]

  61. Jaime says:

    Hello Bjorn:

    Can we get your opinion of the Laney 212 Cabinet (Celestion Rocket 50)for the Cub head??
    Do we get this, or we try another (taking in count the price US$250 in Chile)?


    [The speakers works nicely for a practice setup and has enough headroom but I’ve replaced the stocks on mine with Weber Thames 80w’s for even more headroom and more outoput. Did wonders to the amp and I can easily use it for smaller gigs and studio sessions as well. The stock speakers sounds great in a small bedroom where you don’t crank the amp but had a nasty bleed when I tried to use the amp during a studio session in a bigger room. – Bjorn]

  62. Jaime says:

    Hi Bjorn:

    You are using ceramic or alnico Weber Thames for the Laney??
    And for 412 cab ceramic or alnico?? Why??
    Thanks, you rock man


    [Ceramic on both. They have a bit more headroom and a nice punchy tone. – Bjorn]

  63. Ryan Irick says:

    Hey Bjorn:

    Greetings from the Floyd Family of Wichita, Kansas! We truly appreciate everything. You’ve conviced me to make my own black strat and Gilmour rig. I just wanted to make a quick suggestion. I ended up buying a Jet City amp from the creator Mike Soldano and it is to me one of the most versitile amplifiers with an even more amazing price of only $249 for a 20 Watt head. It blew me away how crystal clear the clean was when the volume was cranked. It is an excellent deal to me and was wondering if you’ve tried it. I honestly feel like people are missing out on a true steal in their rig. It’s a great tube amp with alot to offer.


    Ryan Irick

    [Thanks for your kind words Ryan! Glad you enjoy my site :) I haven’t tried the Jet City myself but I’ve had a couple of vintage Soldano amps in the past and they sounded really great (I assume it’s the same guy). I’ll try to check this one out. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  64. Wan says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    I saw a review of the Palmer Fat 50 and they say it has a great clean channel with a lot of headroom. It’s in the same price range as the Classic 30 but I don’t know if it could pass the exam at Gilmourish Universty ! I’ll check it as soon as I can…
    By the way I sold my Blackstar HT5 last month and bought a Cub12 last week. The Blackstar was too small for rehearsal and too big for home but the Laney is perfect for both. And it’s also lighter than the Classic 30… I wish I had the same Tone control on this one.
    As I finished the soldering of my Large Beaver, I had the pleasure to ear that it sounded really good on both amp and I kicked out the DS-1 of my pedalboard. The sound is equally amazing too with all types of guitar (Gibder, Fenson and even… jazz boxes) and I got a huge sound with the three P90’s of my Reverend Warhawk : endless sustain and gorgeous creamy vintage leads in any position of the bass contour, awesome !
    Again many thanks for your help, it’s a pleasure to surf around this great site…
    – wan –

    [Glad it worked out for you :) – Bjorn]

  65. Kirk says:

    Hello All.

    i was wondering if anyone might have tried a fender hot rod deluxe with a set of yellow jackets in it , Or has anyone tried the new blackstar ht series amps . Thanks for your help
    and thanks Bjorn for a great site


    [Personally I’d go for a Blues Jr. The Hot Rod is a bit too agressive and bright for my taste. The Blue Jr has a nice warm punchy clean tone ideal for David’s tones. Another great alternative is the Peavey Classic 30. Amazing amp. The Blackstars are way too dark and agressive for my taste. Hard to dial in a clean tone that’s not too muddy and dark. – Bjorn]

  66. Baris says:

    Hey Bjorn, thanks for this great web site:
    I have a simple question for you.
    who wins the game:
    reeves custom 12 or mesa boogie transatlantic TA-15
    to get gilmour tones as well as others:)
    thanks a lot!!!

    [I haven’t tried neither but my general opinion is that Mesa is a bit too dark and the smaller amps are very aggressive and hard to tame. Reeves are based on the old Hiwatts and although the Custom 12 has a more blues drive it’s an incredibly versatile amp with the attenuator. The cleans are bright and punchy and fits David’s tones perfectly. – Bjorn]

  67. Ramin says:

    Nice review! Just a quick suggestion: Peavy Windsor series.
    Tube amps around $700. I am thinking about getting a Laney CUB stack like you did, but i need more watts and the CUB seems to break up pretty fast…? Do you think Windsor is a good solution if i’m looking for tones close to Gilmour/Hendrix?


    [I don’t have that much experience with Windsor but I know many uses them for David’s tones. The Cubs doesn’t break up too fast but they’re low wattage and don’t have that much output compared to a 15 Mesa, Fender, Budda etc. – Bjorn]

  68. Sergio Rodrigues says:

    What do you think of the Laney VC15?



    [I’ve never tried it so I can’t tell. From what I read and hear it’s a bit more aggressive than the CUB series and perhaps better suited for no-pedal setups or having the pedals in loop utilizing the internal gain stage. – Bjorn]

  69. Sergio Rodrigues says:

    Unfortunately It’s been some time since I played in a band and my Marshall JCM900 half-stack is way too loud to play at home. So, based on your review of the Laney Cub 12, I went for it (the version without the reverb). I’m totally blown away by this little amp. All my pedals really shine (MXR Dynacomp, Crybaby, ProCo RAT, Ibanez TS9, EHX Nano Small Stone, MXR Stereo Chorus and TC Electronic Nova Delay). The <1W input is pretty handy but it is at 15W that this baby sings. Amazing amp. Thanks for the great tip. And thank you for your amazing site!



    [Cheers Sergio! Glad you enjoy the amp :) – Bjorn]

  70. Neil says:

    Bjorn – Thank you so much for turning me on to the Laney Cub12R. I am amazed at how good this thing sounds. I had a Blues Jr. but sold it due to moving to an apartment and thought it would be too loud, and have been regretting it ever since. Since then I’ve been searching for something similar but more suitable for lower volume. I tried a Fender Vibrochamp, and while it sounded OK, I was missing that pure tube sound. Things got worse when I took it to a friend’s to play in his garage. Sounded horrible at volume. I was really let down.

    So, based on your article, I found a dealer in the US that sold Laney and took a chance. For me, this sounds much better than the Blues Jr. which I am glad I got rid of because if I hadn’t, I never would have found the Laney. Even the digital reverb sounds better than the spring reverb on the Blues Jr. to me. I tried it tonight in the garage and it sounded just as good if not better than at home.

    Awesome sounding amp that has inspired me to play much more. Thanks again!

    [Glad to hear Neil! – Bjorn]

  71. Tom says:

    I’ve been using a Blackstar HT-5 Mini Stack and I get some solid tones out of it. If you heard it you’d never believe its only 5 watts.

  72. Dave says:

    Hi Bjorn, Question about the Laney Cub Head. I am in the process of aquiring an old Laney 4×12 slant cabinet, it has no speakers at present. Not sure if I can afford Webbers so if you know of any budget ones that would be a great help. But how do you think the Cub head would sound using for small venues 50-100 people and at home 1 watt feature? Would like Lionheart head by extra 5 watts is a lot more and based on some of the comments here does not sound like it is worth the extra money. So much great info on your site!! Best regards, Dave

    [I don’t have much experience with different speakers so I’m not sure I’m the right one to ask. The Cub top should be enough on louder speakers. – Bjorn]

  73. Guy says:

    Well… I pulled the trigger on the laney cub 12r. I am happy, happy, happy. I was/am playing through an early fender blues deville(4×10) and the laney is a completly different flavor. My deville is heavy, not a practice amp and in need of a cap job. I was looking for something that would work as a possible back up for gigs and something I could carry around the house. I was also looking for more of that classic hi-watt sound and not so much the fender shimmer. The laney fit the bill. When I got the amp home I found myself trying to dial in that fender (mid-hump?) sound before I realized what I was doing. My cheap ass Sovtec muff and equally cheap booster sound great through the laney, better than I have heard them sound. What kinda sucks is my mid-heavy cheap ass tube screamer knock off crap’d out about two days before the laney cub arrived:( I used this pedal for the kinda go-to classic rock sound(ie: Neil Young, ect). I would imagine that this pedal could have gotten me close to that fender sound I have grown use to only on the laney instead. I am looking at replacing it now and am seriously considering an OCD. Does anybody have any experience with the ocd throuh the laney as a stand alone overdrive for a standard classic rock sound or should I go with just another run of the mill tube screamer clones(that are much cheaper) and save the ocd as more of a clean booster similar to the color sound?

    [Sorry for my late reply Guy. The OCD is an excellent choice for the Laney and the fact that it has more gain and lower end than the Tube Screamer makes it much more versatile IMO. – Bjorn]

  74. foo says:

    Thanks for the review. I am in the market for an amp (for bedroom/house use only), and based on what you’ve said above, I believe the two best choices are:

    Laney Cub12
    Reeves 12 with power scaling

    Which of these two would you recommend ?

    [I’m sure the Reeves is a better amp qualitywise but the Laney offer more for the buck. – Bjorn]

  75. Guy says:

    I also have a real close friend who picked up the champ 600. Its completely stock. The speaker distorts with higher output pick ups. But. . . playing through it with my mim classic 50’s strat makes some gorgeous sounds. If you crank the volume to 12 on the amp and then just controll the breakup with the guitars volume knob you can go from a slight crunch on chords to some really really great slightly overdriven sounds when playing lead. I was a little shocked at the tones coming from it last night. It has just a enough headroom for the most basic setup, but man for $150 it can sing. Best practice amp for the money. Thanks Bjorn for all your help with getting my head around this stuff.

    [Agree. A great little amp :) – Bjorn]

  76. Nick says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    After pondering for a while I traded in my Blackstar HT5 for a Fender Blues Junior, and I think its one of the best moves Ive ever made! Thanks for another great review, I was tempted for the Laney but got a good deal with the Fender, and I was keen for a portable combo so home it came and I’m really happy with it. Just curious do you have any settings in particular you have found to work best specifically for the Junior?
    off topic, I was keen to pick up another modulation pedal and was tossing up bvetween the MXR micro Chorus and Flanger and I have found the Flanger at an incredible price (I noticed you wrote a blog including these pedals a while back). Ive also spotted the EHX nano small stone Chorus at a very good price. I have limited room on my small pedal board and keen to keep things fairly simple so was hoping to get either one or the other.. I would love to nail Shine on Pulse style, is a subtle Chorus a key element to that particular tone or can I achieve similar tones with the flanger and have more versatility for the Wall solos etc? In case its a help my fairly simple set up is as follows:
    MXR SuperComp
    Black Musket
    Maxon OD808 (on order)
    MXR 74 reissue phase 90
    TC Electronics Nova repeater
    I have 2 x strats, one with Rio Grande Vintage tallboy PUP’s neck and middle with SSL-5 bridge, and the other I’m going to convert to the EMG DG20 set up.
    Thanks again for your words of wisdom and for helping me shape my tone thus far!!
    Kind regards

    [Sorry for my late reply. Try these settings: bass 50%, mids 40%, treble 50-60% and set the master to about 1/3 of the channel volume. I wouldn’t use the fat switch for David’s tones.
    The MXR Micro Chorus and Flanger are OK but keep in mind that David rarely used the chorus as a dedicated effect but rather assigned to a channel for a bigger tone. Plugging the guitar into a clean amp with a compressor, overdrive, chorus and delay might be a bit too chorusy for the PULSE tones. My tip is to either not use a chorus or to get one that feature a blend control like the Analogman Mini-Chorus or a digital processor with a chorus feature. That being said I think the BYOC Analog Chorus is one of the best sounding analog chorus pedals on the market. It’s a clone of the old Boss CE2 with true bypass making it slightly warmer and smoother and it doesn’t mess up your signal.
    A flanger is a must for Animals and Wall. The MXR Flanger is OK but the Electric Mistress is unique and there’s really no pedal that even comes close to its tones, which are crucial for David’s tones from that era. – Bjorn]

  77. Nick says:

    thanks Bjorn,

    Just to clarify the amp volume settings (and sorry if I have misunderstood!) is the chanel volume you refer to the same as the preamp gain volume (as found on my Blues Junior?) if I only set my master to 1/3 of the chanel volume or preamp vol – both go up to 12 – then the highest setting I could set my master would be 4 with the preamp volume at 12. Given the master controls the overall volume I would only beable to use the amp at 1/3 of its capacity? And given the pre-amp volume increases distortion wont this detract from clean tone? Just a little confused.. Thanks for your patience!!

    Also can you please tell me should the ‘focus’ control on the Black Musket make a very noticeable overall difference to the tone of the pedal? I have found it hard to hear a difference with mine when I try it through the full range.. Maybe a defect?



    [The 1/3 setup is no rule. The channel volume is the pre-amp stage. This should be set as loud as possible without distorting. This of course depends on how much headroom the amp has. If the amp has very little headroom you might want to reverse the setup having the master higher than the gain volume.
    The Focus feature makes all the difference on a smaller amp and low volume. It adds presence and allows the Muff to maintain much of its character even at the lowest levels. – Bjorn]

  78. Nick says:

    Thanks Bjorn,
    I’ll have a tweak with the Junior and see what I can come up with. I’ll also have another play with the musket, I didn’t think a huge difference was made on mine with the focus hence slightly worried I might have a defect as I picked the pedal up 2nd hand.. Having said that, it still sounds awesome, a great pedal, thanks for putting me onto it!

    [The focus doesn’t dramatically alter the tone but you should notice that it does a low cut and adds a bit more presence. – Bjorn]

  79. Gary says:

    I bought a Laney Cub 10 after listening to you play through your Laney setup and I’m one very happy customer. This little guy really pumps. At 10 watts it shakes and rattles the windows and walls. Though it is clean, it has so much sound. I’m truly impressed by it. With the right pedals and fingers I should have no problem recreating the sounds that I enjoy. So thank you for turning me on to this wonderful amp. I was going get a fender twin for 3-4 times the price. So thanks again,

    [Glad you enjoy the amp! – Bjorn]

  80. Gary says:

    If I may make a request, you should do wattage sound pressure analogy. Like, for instance it take 20 watts to be twice as loud as a 10 watt system comparison type thing, thanks.

    I hope you understand what I’m saying?


    [Wattage has very little to do with the actual output of the amp. It depends on several factors like the parts used, how they’re assembled, tubes VS transistors, how old the amp is, speaker size and wattage, the size and construction of the cabinet etc… Every model is different regadless of what it says on the tag. A 50w Hiwatt will blow the head off a Marshall 100w but a 30w Budda is much louder than a 50w Hiwatt. – Bjorn]

  81. CWG says:

    Excellent article, but I wondered what you thought of the Fender Pro Jr.? Voiced a bit differently than the Blues Jr. and can go from Fender cleans to Marshally type crunch when cranked. Obviously, it can’t be cranked at home but with the right pedal it should be able to provide some superb tones at lower volumes. Anyway, I was wondering what you thought of this amp?

    [I’ve never had the chance to try it but thanks for your tip! – Bjorn]

  82. Hi Bjorn.
    I was having problems with a set os CS69 in a Fender Squier and you have commented that, maybe, the problem could be my amp (a roland cube at the time).
    Well, i decided to give a try to the Laney CUB12 and man… you were right!
    It’s a way better amp than that one i had and i’m very happy with it.
    It sounds, feels and fits more for what i was looking and the “problem” with the PUs is gone.
    Thanks a lot for your advice and for the excellent work on the site.
    You are the man!!!
    Cheers from Brasil.

    [Glad to hear it worked out :) – Bjorn]

  83. Dimas says:

    I have a fender deluxe reverb.. and it SINGS! a difficult pic to find for the $700 flat, but still a great consideration if you have to wait a few months to get the $200.
    I greatly recommend it with a MXR Van Halen Flanger for those 1978 Gilmour tones.


  84. Luis says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I am looking to do an upgrade to my amp soon. I mostly play at home and do small venues. I currently have a Blackstar HT-5 mini stack which is ok but it’s not the clean channel I would like to have…also I would like to step up in terms of quality (boutique like…).

    The idea would be to have a medium powered (20 – 40W) amp with power scalling. Before blowing my savings on a Reeves Custom 50PS :-), what would you think of the following. All purposely built with single clean channel, made to run pedals into and with power scalling:

    1. Brunetti Singleman – Dave Kilminster sure sounded very well on The Wall with a Brunetti (not Singleman though…) in the clean channel as he mentioned…

    2. Bogner Barcelona

    3. Port City Pearl – Not exactly cheap and no combo (with an extra more I get the Reeves) but…

    It’s not easy to try any of these in Portugal. Maybe you haven’t tried these also, but 2 or 3 words from you I’m sure will help :-))

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks a lot,


    [Hi. Very sorry for my late reply. Of these three I’d go for the Brunetti. It has a classic great sounding clean tone with lots of character. I’m personally not a big fan of Bogner amps. They’re OK but it doesn’t quite do it for me. I haven’t tried the Port City so I can’t really tell although the clip sounds great. I’d also check out both Bad Cat and Soho amps. Wonderful hi-end combos. – Bjorn]

  85. David says:

    Hi BJörn,

    Ones again i congratulate you for this great web site !
    Following your advice, i bought a Laney cub12R and i would like to know which are your presetting for this amp.
    Thank you very much.


    [Thank you David! I’m mostly using the Laney at home so my settings are thereafter. Try this: bass 50%, treble 50-60%, mids 40%, tone 60%. The gain should be set as clean as possible around 1-2. Set the volume as high as you need. – Bjorn]

  86. Rob Bishop says:

    Hi Bjorn, I have a Laney 12R head and connected it to a Pine built cabinet with 2 x 12 inch high efficiency (102db) JBL Professional Series G125-8 speakers. . The spekers are wired in parallel, so although the setup sounds awesome, I am wondering how the impedance mismatch will affect the amp Ie. two 8ohm speakers in parallel = 4 ohm amp load, with no 4 ohm speaker jack on the head.

    [I’m no expert on this I’m afraid and there are many different opinions and theories. I don’t think it will hurt your amp but it may sound a bit different than matching the ohm. I’d post the question on thegearpage. – Bjorn]

  87. Bryan says:

    Thanks again for another great article! After reading this I, too, was about to get a Laney Cub when a Blues Junior came up locally for $200 (US) and I couldn’t pass it up. It is exactly as you described it. Gives me that Fender clean that I’m hooked on, yet takes all my pedals all the way up to my Muff without breaking a sweat. I’ll probably upgrade the tubes and speaker later but even stock it’s perfect for the job!

    [Congrats! – Bjorn]

  88. Sly says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    the Cub12R seem to come in two versions of preamp tubes : ECC83 or 12AX7, do you know anything about it ? I wonder if the sound is that different between the two versions and of course I can’t test both.

    I have found a shop selling the ECC version but I think I would rather go for the 12AX, is it easy to switch from one to another by simply changing the tubes or would I need to ask a professional to do it for me (any danger maybe ?…)

    Thanks a lot for your kind help to all of us, and looking forward to hear Airbag’s new album !

    [The ECC83 is the European version of the US 12AX7. Teh design it self is basically the same with minor diffirences. I don’t think there’s that much difference in tone. It depends more on which brand you use and how the individual model is “voiced”. I use JJ Electronics ECC83S that I’m very happy with. They’re known for a warm smooth tone with lots of punch. – Bjorn]

    • Gerard Smulevich says:

      My new Reeves Custom 12 PS head had 1 JJ ECC83S and two JJ EL84’s. After extensive research I swapped the preamp tube for an NOS mullard (made in Holland) and a fantastic amp became absolute tone heaven. I’m running it through an 80s Fane Classic 12/50w I bought used for $90. The Mullard was about $50 on Ebay testing almost as new (NOS). While JJ’s are very good for current production tubes, a vintage Mullard 12AX7 is a pretty cost effective way of instantly improving any clean amp’s tone in my experience.

  89. David says:

    Hi Bjorn. After absorbing this article I took the plunge and bought a Cub12 to replace a Cube80x. Given you separate article on Reverb (which I agree with) I am more than happy with the standard Cub12 and if I need reverb I use my Nanoverb. However I find a modest level of Boss Chorus is more effective thean reverb certainly for home use. The 1w input is ideal for home use right up to sensible crunch levels. Hum levels build up from Vol/Gain Mark 7 onwards but at that volume it is drowned out by the guitar. This is my first all tube amp and cannot stress how pleased I am with it. I still have a smaller Cube which I retain for the JC120 model but on an AB test the Cub12 sounds just as clear butv so much warmer. Using your recommended neutral settings it provides a perfect foundation for pedals/effects while cranking up the gain produces sounds I thought I would never be able to achieve using a valve amp at home volumes. To me the build and construction of this amp is every bit as good as the Roland and touch wood no problems have arisen so far. I don’t miss all the modelling effects in the Cube and the simplicity of the Cub makes it encouraging to find and develop your own settings and tones. On top of everything else I challenge anyone to find anything that is better value for money.

    [Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for your input! – Bjorn]

  90. Brad says:

    Hello Bjorn! I was just wondering, me and my band play around at local churches and stuff, and wherever possible. Will the Laney Cub 15w Stack be enough to play at these churches? (The main church we play at can seat up to 300 or more) will it be loud enough if we started playing places a little bit bigger also? Im the lead guitarist and influenced by Mr.Gilmour 100% so my sound and how the solos stand out means alot to me! If you could help clarify that itd be much appreciated because Im having to buy a new amp very soon, thanks! btw I really liked the White Walls Vid. (: Excelent tone! the “wet, liquidy” walls and animals tone is what I have always gone for too and its pretty much the tone I use in my band for my solos.

    [Thank you Brad! The Laney works fine in smaller venues but it’s not a very loud amp so you’ll need to mic it and probably have a monitor in front of you or have the amp very close if you want to hear your tones. I may want to consider teh Fender Blues Jr or Peavey Classic 30 for a similar tone and a bit more power. These can easily handle almost any venue. – Bjorn]

  91. Chris says:

    Thanks for the article, very informative! Wondering if it would be worth the extra money to get the Blues Deluxe instead of the Blues Jr? Or would that be a little over-kill for a bedroom amp? Looking for something that can maintain good tone (with pedals) at lower volumes for nighttime but can also compete with bass and drums when rehearsing, (unfortunately we are practicing at my home for the time being).

    [Personally I prefer the Jr of the two. In my oppinion it’s a tad warmer and handles the typical Gilmour pedals better. It’s also more suitable for bedroom playing. Anyway, I recommend that you try both and decide for your self. – Bjorn]

  92. Lim says:

    I’m from Malaysia and a big fan of your DG site and of course Airbag.

    Your article interests me a lot as I’m shopping for a real tube amp just like a few who has written in above. However one thing holding me back on the Laney Cub12/Head is the reliability of the amp at certain conditions which the amp power will cut-out due to temp issue on the poly switch. I read this in some forum. I just want to know if you’ve had any assurance from your music store where you got your Laney Cub Head the poly switch issue had been resolved ( probably a batch problem? ) assuming you’re also aware of this before you bought it. Also I welcome comments from users who’d had this amp for some time.

    And lastly how does the clean tone sound on this amp? I like those Fender-ish clean tone as well.

    Thanks and rock-on!!

    [Thank you Lim! I read about that issue when I bought the amp but I haven’t had any problems with it. Baring in mind that this isn’t a hi end amp some of the parts could be better but you can’t really complain for that price. I’ve had mine for well over a year now and it’s working fine. The tone is very similar to the Hiwatts. Not as sophisticated but definitely in the same ballpark. A bit warmer and smoother than the average Fender I would say. – BJorn]

  93. Lim says:

    Hi Bjorn, me again. I’ve been considering to ask you this, in one of your comments here you mentioned the Stock Celestion in the Cub Cab develops bleed when you played in studio. What does it mean? It is acoustic resonance interference with other instruments like drum?? Sorry for the rather trivial question taking up your busy time.

    Thanks again …..

    [What I meant was that they don’t have enough headroom so when you add an overdrive or distortion and crank up the amp really good, you get a nasty clipping. You can tame this by lowering the gain but then the overall volume gets too low. I replaced the stock speakers with Weber 80w and the amp has tons of headroom. – Bjorn]

  94. lee says:

    Hi Bjorn..

    based on a reply from you to a separate post on a different topic, I got myself a fender bj tweed with the cannabis rex speaker. I am very happy with my choice. You also suggested the Laney buy the fender won through. Its sounds sublime.

    Thanks for the tip….


    p.s The new Airbag material is awesome…

    [Thanks! And congrats on the amp! I great choice indeed! – Bjorn]

  95. Erick Adrian says:

    Hey Bjorn..

    Very good review.

    But what do you thick about hybrid amps?Are an “option” or should I go away from them?
    I’m very cuirious about it. I want to know what you think.

    So,Congratulations!!! the new site is cool!!!!!

    [Hybrid amps? You mean transistors with tube preamps? I don’t have much experience with these. All I know is that the Marshall combos that are available now is better for Metallica and hard rock than classic rock and blues. I’d stay away from these. Other than that I guess you just need to try the amp and decide for your self. There are lots of great transistors or solid states on the market too. – Bjorn]

  96. Steve says:

    Hi , Bjorn ,compliment for your new website.
    regarding my amp ,I ve a fender princeton reverb with 12″ speaker mod.I don t know what it s better, ceramic or alnico?. Can you suggest a replacement speaker for it? Following your choice i was thinking to take the Weber thames 12″( i see in the Weber site they ve two kinds: alnico or ceramic .Do you think is a good choice? Thx Steve

    [Thank you Steve! I have Webers in all my amps. Great tone. Highly recommended. The ceramics has a bit more headroom and softer tone. – Bjorn]

  97. João M says:

    Hej Bjorn,

    Your site is awesome! I’m a fan of PF since I know myself and consider DG one of the best guitar players of the world.
    I’ve bought a Laney Cub 10 with my Fender American Special Strat (Texas Special, SSS) and I was quite happy. Then I’ve read your review of the Cub 12R… And I was offered an amp swap to a Cub 12 that I imediately accepted! The amp sings with the strat! The headroom is quite good, keeping the Gain <3 and volume as high as you can. I use the same Bass, Mid and Treble settings as you do but I still haven't found a "decent" setting for the Tone knob. Which one do you use?
    I do own a Framus 212 Cab loaded with Celestion V30 which isn't perfect for the DG tones but I plann to change it to Weber Thames or FC12 one day (when I have money to spend on it).
    As effects I have a Cry Baby, a TC Flashback Delay and I'm finishing to built a vintage Multi-Fx with clones of a silicon Fuzz Face, a 1977 Dyna Comp, a 1973 Big Muff, a Colorsound Power Boost, a Phase 90 an Electric Mistress and a Tremolo. As a Tuner I use a Korg Pitchblack. Do you think that it will be overkill to the amp?
    Best regards,

    [I think that will be a great setup for the amp. You might want to consider the Colorsound though… it really require a louder amp or else it may sound a bit harsh and spiky. I recommend either a Keeley BD2 or the Fulltone OCD. I usually have the treble around 10:00 and the tone at 2:30. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  98. João M says:

    Thanks Bjorn. I thought you used a higher treble setting (5-6/12:00-13:00) instead of 3/10:00.
    Regarding the Colorsound, I already have the clone pcb done and I’ll have to test it and teak it until I find a decent tone. Thank you very much for your attention and tips.

    [Cheers! – Bjorn]

  99. André says:

    Hi, i from Brazil, i have a superchamp xd and a hande made strat with vintage noiseless, i need your help, i dont get the tone similar of gilmour, in songs like comfortably and shine for example. how can i do it with my guitar and ampl???
    and the bridge pick up, its very treblle, and its very dificult play with it, how can i soothe this??

    ps: sorry for my English

    [I’m not that familiar with the Superchamp XD but it’s not quite like a Hiwatt that David’s using. Not that it matters but you need to approach the tones differently. Check out this feature for some tips on how to design a Gilmour set up, this feature for some tips on choosing the right overdrive and distortion for your setup and this feature for some general tips on tone. – Bjorn]

  100. henri says:

    Hi, first congratulation for your amazing website!
    What do you think of the laney cub 10, I heard that the clean sound was very cool!
    Sorry for my english.

    [Thank you! The 10 is very similar to the 12. Perhaps not as much headroom but great for playing at home. – Bjorn]

  101. Jon says:

    Fender Pro Jr is a great one. 15 watts and it gets loud and you can get one for under $500

  102. Yoel says:

    Great review as always Bjorn! I bought the Fender Champ 600, and a Digitech RP355. What do you think of this pedal for achieving a Gilmourish tone? Thanks in advance.

    [I don’ have any experience with the RP355 but you should be able to get some nice Gilmour tones with it. The Champ doesn’t have all that headroom though so go easy on the gain effects. Check out this feature for some tips on how to setup digital processors. – Bjorn]

  103. Ian says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I am very interested in the CUB 12r or CUB 15 head but am concerned about clean headroom as I would be looking to use this as a gigging amp. Does it have enough power for clean tones to be heard over a drummer without micing? I currently use a CUBE 60 or Tech 21 TM60. Both of these amps can achieve loud cleans that can comfortably be heard over a loud drummer with the volume controls set around 2o’clock. As A CUB user and gigging guitarist, I’d really appreciate your feedback and also if you would recommend the combo or the head.
    Cheers, Ian.

    [Definitely the combo of the two. It works nicely in a small studio or smaller clubs but you will need to mic it on bigger stages. If you do a lot of shows you should perhaps consider a Fender Blues Jr or the Peavey Classic 30. Very similar to the Laney with more headroom and output. – Bjorn]

  104. Jacob26 says:

    Hey Guyz what is your opinion about the Bugera V22 and the Blackheart Handsome Devil , are these any better than the Laney Cub 12 r ?

  105. Dylan0291 says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I am wondering, how much headroom does this amp have? I have a Fender Hotrod Deville 410 and it barley has any headroom (Breakup starts around 2-4) but i think that’s just how the amp was designed. Still im looking for a little more headroom. Would you recomend the Laney Cub head for mor headroom? Or something with a little more wattage?

    [The Laney has a lot of headroom but it depends on how you intend to use the amp. You might want something with a bit more wattage for a band setup like the Peavey Classic 30. The Laney is great for playing at home and studio though. – Bjorn]

  106. briansimple says:

    Has anyone tried out the peavey windsor head? It seems too cheap to be true! I know Ramin above asked about it. Does anyone have it? I’m worried the peavey classic 30 and 50 won’t play the louder venues I need but I don’t have money for a reeves.

    [I haven’t tried the Windsor my self but the Classic 30 is more than enough for smaller clubs 0-200 seats. The Classic 50s should do for most venues. – Bjorn]

  107. Morty says:

    Something that hasn’t really been mentioned is speaker efficiency (as opposed to handling power). This is expressed in db/w @ 1m. A 3db increase is a perceived doubling in volume so changing to something like a Celestion Vintage 30 or Greenback with a efficiency of 99db can give a large increase in volume. The Celestion Blue is one of the most sensitive (and therefore efficient) speakers on the market.

    [Good point. – Bjorn]

  108. Fritz says:

    What do you think of the VHT Special 12/20 amps? The company says that it was designed to bring the most out of pedals; thus, I thought it might be suitable for gilmourish purposes.
    12/20RT? Combo? Head and 2×12? 4×12?

    The Special 6 line is easier to find, but the 12/20 intrigues me.

    [I haven’t tried the amp my self but the VHT in general are nice amps. I think the Line 6 has way too much mid range for David’s tones anyway… The best way is to bring your guitar and one or two of your favourite pedals to your local dealer and just try a bunch of amps. – Bjorn]

  109. briansimple says:

    Hi Bjorn (et al),
    Thanks for the great site and continued support of making the world a better place musically. Quick question: Is the Peavey Classic 50 you recommend the 212 or 410 version?

    [Both goes nicely for David’s tones although I prefer the combo 212. They’re very similar but the 212 appears a bit warmer on the clean tones with a bit more headroom. – Bjorn]

  110. Ben says:

    Hi Bjorn!!! Really nice site!!! Did you ever try or heard a Bimbo 105 from The Valve amp? It’s Italian made and look awesome + sound great at low volume ! And the TubeMeister 18 from Hughes & Kettner seems to be a great little amps!!! I have a 1991 Mesa Trem-O-Verb 100w combo and I hook a THD Hot Plate, but It suck the tone… And now I’m looking for a 15 or less watt for bedroom and my home studio… I really don’t know which amp to take, the Laney cub stack interessed me a lot and it’s cheap. I run a Colorsound Powerboost,BK Tube driver, byoc muff, electric Mistress,phase 90, Fulltone déjàvibe and TC nova system.

    Thx a lot for this site, there is so much information that I can’t go to bed when I take the time to scroll your reviews and tips…. Keep the good work Bjorn!!!!

    Ben, Montréal Canada.

    [Thanks for your kind words Ben! The Laney is a great amp for the buck. Classic Hiwatt-ish tones and really nice for the bedroom with a 1w power scaling. It should go well with your pedals although the Colorsound and Tube Driver might not be ideal… A bit too bright and sometimes harsh on lower volume, regardless amp. You don’t have to crank the Laney too hard though work them to smoothen up. There are so many great tube amps for smaller setups these days and one of my favourites is the classic Fender Blues Jr. – Bjorn]

  111. Ben says:

    …And Happy birthday Mr David Gilmour!!!!

  112. Dylan0291 says:

    Hi Bjorn, I was wondering if 2 Laney Cub heads and 2 Laney 212 cabs in stereo would be enough for a band setup. I want to have a crystal clear clean sound loud enough to compete with a loud drummer. Would this 2 head, 2 cab setup be enough? My other option would be to get a single Twin Reverb or Super Reverb but I would be running my effects in mono. Would the laneys be a better option in terms of David’s tones? By the way, I visit your site at least twice a day I’m a huge fan of Airbag and the site. Cheers!

    [Thanks for your kind words Dylan! The Laney CUB is best suited for bedrooms and studio. I wouldn’t depend on them being loud enough for a bend situation, keeping in mind that you need a lot of headroom for your Gilmour tones. The Fenders you mention might be a better option and it’s also worth checking out the Laney LionHeart series, which are very close to the Fender Bassman. Great amp and quite affordable. – Bjorn]

  113. Tom says:

    Hiya there Bjorn!
    Thank you for providing us with some real nice & insightful reviews, I love the sound you’re getting out of the Cub, very impressive for a great small sized amp. I myself have not tried it out yet, only heard the clips & videos so far, but as I’m in the midst of trading in my old Vox solid state/hybrid amp for something more substantial & heaps better sounding like the setup based with the Laney Cub I thought I’d ask for some helpful advice before I proceed.
    As I said I love how the Cub sounds & the positive reviews it’s gotten so far, however there is one particular amp that’s also caught my eye lately. Not sure if you’ve heard of it or actually heard it, it’s made by Hayden amps called the MoFo & comes in 2 versions that are quite similar to the Cub. There’s a 15 & a 30 watt version and both have a similar power scaling function like the Cub, named the “stealth switch” that reduces the power to approx 2 watts. Btw, I’ve found out that the Cub’s power scaling takes it down to .75 watts actually, which doesn’t sound like a lot, however a tube amp can push out quite decent volume even at that sort of levels. Bjorn, when you recorded the demos on the Cub, are you using the low power setting or on the full?
    Another – the Hayden is a class A amp, not sure if that is what Hiwatts/Laneys are (I think A/B by memory), but its certainly a “British” flavoured amp. It has 2 inputs voiced for US & UK tones, but to me it sounds as if really they were just a bright & normal voicings. It has a “cascading” gain stage
    which is boosted by a foot switch when engaged. Tubes are three 12ax7 & two (or in the case of the 30 watter) four el84’s. No standby switch & the effect loop has only a single input.
    When I listened to the sound clips I noticed it can pull off some articulate & nice clean tones, and seems to have a good amount of headroom, which in this case is crucial as you’ve pointed out several times. I do like the idea of having an amp that could do a few different things since I love my blues/rock also (SRV, Clapton, Zz Top, Ac/Dc etc.) so to have an amp like that & be able to use it for creating my Gilmour tones, which are by far my all time favourite, would be simply awesome :-).
    Not sure how the Laney measures up to this, but in the end I guess I’ll have to make a decision. The Hayden is a little dearer, not by much though & apparently made in England. Not sure again about Laney??
    Overall Im just simply after a decent sounding valve amp that has a fair amount of tonal versatility to it if possible. All in all, what truly appeals to me about these smaller valve amps is that us average folk, who possibly may not be able to experience playing full blast on a huge rig like David’s, are able to try & in a way re-create that sort of a sound and a real genuine sounding tone that only sweet valves can deliver.
    Thanks a bunch mate for your great support, much appreciated & looking forward to more of your posts & reviews on this amazing site of yours! :-)

    Tom C.

    [Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for all your kind words! Glad you enjoy my site :) Let’s see if I can answer some of your Qs.
    – I’ve never tried the MoFo amps my self so I can’t really tell. Judging by the specs and soundclips they sound similar to the Laney but there are tons of these amps on the market now with about the same tone. Most of them are very good too ;)
    – All the clips I’ve done with the Laney are recorded with the full wattage normal input. The 1W power scaling works pretty well but I rarely use the internal gain stage so I can use the normal input and control the volume pretty well.
    – Class A amps are usually a bit more aggressive like the old Marshall combos. Great for crunchy blues etc but perhaps not enough headroom when you depend on that clean tone for your pedals.
    – Bring your guitar to your local shop and try a bunch of amps. I don’t think I’d use the Laney for touring. It’s not loud enough for bigger stages and I would rely on it operating 100% all the time… It’s a very versatile amp though with a typical Hiwattish clean tone and really fat tube distortion that fits anything from Sabbath to ZZ Top.
    Good luck with your tonequest! – Bjorn]

  114. Tom says:

    Hiya there Bjorn! Congrats on a great review for the Laney Cub, a real nice sounding little amp : )

    Just wanted to pass this by you since we’re on the topic of “affordable” amps because something VERY exciting has recently caught my eye & am wondering if you’ve seen/played it already.
    Its regarding the new smaller Hiwatt amp from their Tube Series range. When i saw this amp i was knocked back into my seat, especially after i read the review & heard the demo on YouTube.
    Its actually a similar configuration amp like the Laney Cub, (El 84/ 12ax7/au7) except it can switch between 20 & 40 watts, which is great! It apparently is voiced similarly like it’s big brothers in the Custom range, with a lot of clean headroom – typical for a valve Hiwatt design. I t even has onboard reverb and a pretty cool OD channel by the sounds of it! The 2 x 12 combo & extension cabinet sports a pair of real Fane 75w speakers which should be up to the job i’d say.

    I am currently in the midst of sourcing myself an amp of this type, since i absolutely love the Gilmour sound and now that i’ve discovered this amp i’m thinking of what i should do. Had a few in mind already, including the Cub & a few other similar lower wattage amps, but for the proper sound that i’m actually after I’d rather get something really genuinely sounding.

    Please if you may have the chance to have a look at this amp & offer me your opinions/feedback i would greatly appreciate it! Definitely worth checking out mate!

    Thanks so much for helping us fellow musos out in our never ending quest for that dreamy Gilmourish tone :-). Love your site mate, keep up the good work!


    Tom C.

    [Thanks for your kind words Tom! I think just about every brand is making smaller tube amps these days. People want to be able to get that classic tube tone in their bedrooms and there’s a wide range of great sounding budget amps to choose from. The Hiwatt Tube Series are kind of the bedroom player’s Hiwatt Custom stack with that classic Hiwatt tone. I’ve only tried the T40 head and it sounded quite nice. Great for bedrooms, studio and even smaller stages. – Bjorn]

  115. Tom says:

    Hiya Bjorn!… and likewise thanks so much for your kind advice & getting back to me with your personal feedback, much appreciated mate! :-)

    You’re absolutely right though, there’s SO much stuff out there amp/gear wise nowdays that it can get a tad overwhelming & confusing at times ( I reckon we’re all a bit spoilt for choice to be honest lol!)
    But despite all that, it’s important for each of us to go after the sound & setup we feel/hear is right for us individually. After all, this stuff costs a bit of money & most of us work hard to earn it, so a good decision is always a help. I myself have always believed in – buy the best you can afford. Quality will get you further, I think that’s true!
    As for the amps, I cannot wait to try out the little Hiwatt, I have a very good feeling about it. The power rating of 40w should definitely be enough for gigging at smaller sized venues & 20w can be great for home use. Been looking at a Fender Deluxe reverb also, though it’s a bit dearer :(. I so wish they’ve made that in a head version or 2 x 12! The important thing is to settle on an amp that will give me a nice dynamic sound & be just a bit versatile also. Wish i could afford a Reeves but who knows maybe some day (gotta get the wife’s approval too first hehe)
    I will surely let you know how I went, right now I’m just excited to be on the “amp hunt” :-).

    Btw, I’ve received my Skreddy Lunar Module Deluxe and I do honestly admit its one superb pedal! Not only I think it’s the beez neez for DSOTM or pre-Animals stuff, but for lots of other Gilmour tunes & so much more. Check out Kit Rae’s review of it, it’s great, highly recommended!

    Take care mate & i look forward to your awesome future posts :-).

    Tom C.

    [The Lunar seems like a great pedal indeed! I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet but I’ll see what I can do :) – Bjorn]

  116. Tom says:

    Definitely, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed :-). It really does have a true character to it! The guy at Skreddy apparently spent a LOT of time tweaking this circuit to get as close to them authentic tones as possible & it delivers them in spades! It’s also a very forgiving pedal, can go virtually anywhere in the chain & will not affect the tone. Much more versatile & articulate than simply just a fuzz pedal…
    The only downside is that if you can’t get a hold of it at a specialist dealer, then there is around a 3-4 month or so wait so that kinda sucks :(. Im in Melbourne, Australia & was lucky enough to find it at this awesome well known specialist store ( Deluxe Guitars & Audio) where they have a plethora of boutique pedals from all over the world…. Actually, on a side note, at one time about a year & half ago I went there & as I was walking up the stairs as I look up & couldn’t believe my eyes who was walking toward me – Seymour Duncan! :-D I was completely in awe & didnt even know what to say, except “hello” with this star-struck expression on my face thinking – where’s a pen & paper when you need one LOL! The owner later told me that he was there for promoting/endorsing his pedal catalogue & had a jam in one of the rehearsal studios there. But anyways, the man is great & he certainly did a superb job in particular with the Ssl-5 & designing the custom p’ups for David’s Black Strat!

    Bjorn, in case you have a chance to try out the Lunar Module please do a short review of it if you find the time. I know for certain that others would be amazed by its performance :-).

    Thanks once again for your help mate, till next time…

    Tom C.

    [I definitely will! Thanks for sharing your encounter with Duncan. It must have been a huge treat :) – Bjorn]

  117. Fernando says:

    Hi Bjorn and “Gilmourized” people.

    If you permit me, I have a personal sugestion of amp for a budget rig: Carvin vintage series.

    They sound very similar to the amps made in 70’s, have acceptable headroom, general sound quality (clean and distorted) and also a good factoring standard. They are made in US (not in China, diferently of most made even by traditional amp companies).

    I own a Carvin Bellair with 2 celestion speakers and also a Reeves Custom 50. Off course, I think the Reeves sounds better than Carvin, specially for Gilmour tones, but it´s more expensive too.

    But Carvin is able to offer a good sound to those who wish to play classic pink floyd songs.

    If you don’t know it, have a try!

    [Thanks for the input! I’ll check it out! – Bjorn]

  118. Tom says:

    Hiya there Bjorn! Hope you’ve been well mate :-)

    Just wanted to share with you my recent efforts in finding an amp that I was after. Well, im really pleased to inform you that my search is now finally over & found a great amp! In the end Ive decided on getting a Peavey classic 30, based also upon your very positive opinions & recommendation and I can tell you straight up that I couldn’t be more happier with my final choice! :-)
    It’s actually the tweed head version of the Classic 30, and what’s more, I was extremely lucky with it since I’ve found out that Peavey actually now discontinued making the heads. The store I got it from gave it to me for a steal ($599) originally down from $1050! The guy told me a while ago they bought around 20 units & at the time I bought it they had 2 left with discount sale tags :-). Truthfully, I had my eye on the Laney Cub which I’ve tested and liked & the Hiwatt T40 which in the end I didn’t end up trying out. Heard a few people say that Chinese made Hiwatt “budget” range have had quality issues, so I just wanted to opt for a decent amp in every sense. The C 30 is still being made in the US (that means a lot to me) and comes with a 5 year warranty, which I found amazingly good! I’m not aware of any other amp brand at this price range that offers this…. I am now in the hunt for a decent 2 x 12 cab to match it with & things should start blooming very nicely indeed :-). Cant wait to try it out with the Lunar Module!!! Ill try to match it with nice speakers, preferrably the Webers you’ve recommended. Will look for some decent pedals also to complete the lineup – still need a delay/chorus & phaser ( my old amp was digital modelling type so all those were built in) I guess till then I’ll just make do with my Line 6 pod & computer speakers hehe.

    Bjorn, I’d sincerely like to thank you for your kind advice, for doing these awesome reviews & for recommending such a great tube amp! I’m sure it will serve me well in the times to come & bring me closer to achieving the tone that I was always after. When I get my gear completed I will sure send in a photo to the Gear Gallery :-).
    Happy playing & I look forward to your future posts mate :-)

    Tom C.

    [Glad to hear Tom! Good luck with your tone and please feel free to send me a pic! – Bjorn]

  119. Skimy says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    I’m looking for a new valve-amp, small than can provide me a clean volume enough for practice with the band and small pubs shows.

    What do you recommended me better:

    1) Fender Blues Junior
    2) Laney CUB12R + new speaker with better clean and louder volume like the Webers you recommen (Chicago cercamic looks cool)

    I play Pop-Rock, always use my drive pedals like OCD, Blues Driver… And my guitars are Fender Stratocaster, Rickenbacker 360 and Kramer Assault.


    [You probably get more for the buck going for the Laney but the Fender is a better touring amp with a more rugged construction. The Laney makes a great alternative for playing at home but I think you’d need to upgrade speakers for a bit more output to match the band. – Bjorn]

  120. Skimy says:

    [You probably get more for the buck going for the Laney but the Fender is a better touring amp with a more rugged construction. The Laney makes a great alternative for playing at home but I think you’d need to upgrade speakers for a bit more output to match the band. – Bjorn]

    So the Laney + an 80w speaker (Weber Chicago looks the best for me) instead the 50w stock speaker will have more clean volumen than the Blues Junior?

    (Laney+speaker is cheaper even than the stock Blues Junior)

    Thanks again Bjorn. I love your youtube channel!

    [Perhaps I misread the first comment. Are you considering the Laney combo or the stack? I don’t think the Laney combo will hold up in smaller venues. Depends on how loud you play and if you depend on your amp to act as a monitor but if you go for the Laney I recommend the stack with 2x80w speakers. – Bjorn]

  121. Skimy says:

    Laney combo. A 2×12 cabinet is too big for me, I’m not looking cheap amp, I’m looking a good amp enough for practice with the band and small pubs (clubs concert will mic it), but it has to be small. If the size were not a problem I’ll go sure for a Vox AC30 or maybe a Fender Hot Rot.

    That’s why Blues Junior and Laney CUB12R combo are my actual 2 options. I know they are not perfect for why I want, but I’ve not found better size-volume option.
    So I repeat my question to know your opinion: which one has more clean volume: stock blues junior or Laney combo with 80w speaker? Thanks!

    [Well, what’s a perfect amp? To me it’s the one that fits the situation… no matter how cheap it is. For gigs I’d go for the Fender. Great amp! – Bjorn]

  122. João M says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Another Question: Did you kept the original Celestion Rocket 50 in the Cub Cab? I was wondering about changing my Cub12 speaker by another with more headroom and good Gilmourish tone. The Weber FC12 or Thames would be nice but very expensive (over 50USD per spk) to import from USA to Europe (Portugal). In Europe, there are good alternatives like the Tayden 55 Retro, Eminence Super V12 and the Celestions G12T-75 (used by David on it’s Marshal 4×12 Cab), G12T Hot 100, G12K-100, Classic Lead or even Seventy80. Have you tried any of those? Do you have any recommendation apart from the Webers that could improve the Laney sound further with more hardroom and tone?

    [I don’t have that much experience with different speakers. The Weber Thames are spot on the old Fane’s I once had but I’m sure there are several other similar models on the market like the Reeves Vintage Purple. I also like the G12T-75. These have a bit more headroom than the other Celestions and a much smoother tone. Generally, I think Celestions are just too aggressive with too much mid range for my taste. – Bjorn]

  123. João M says:

    Thanks Bjorn. You’ve just forgotten to answer my first question: Did you kept the original Celestion Rocket 50 in the Cub Cab or did you replace it?
    G12T-75 are quite overlooked by many people. I’ve read this also on Hiwatt Convention Forum.

    [I replaced it with Weber Thames. – Bjorn]

  124. João M says:

    OK Bjorn, thanks. I got confused and thought that you had the Weber Thames on another Cab. The only thing I don’t like on the Cub Cab is that it’s an open Cab. The tight bass of a closed cab is better to my ears. On the other hand, your experience makes the Weber Thames one possibility to replace the stock speaker of my Cub12. Expensive though as on top of the speaker price (€80 aprox.) there’s another 50% for shipping costs (€40 aprox.).

    [I have Webers in all my cabs. Love those speakers! – Bjorn]

  125. sebastien monet says:

    Hello Bjorn!

    I’D LIKE TO KNOW IF THERE ARE ANY PEDALS AMONG YOUR COLLECTION that your Laney Cub Head (with your 2X 12″ Weber Thames speaker) don’t react well with. I’ve seen all of your videos on your youtube channel, and Muffs seem to react very well, Throbak overdiver also does, overdrives (BD-2, TS,BK) also seem very friendly with the Cub Head, as well as delays, univibe….

    But what about the other modulation effects like Electric mistress, strong distortion pedals like Ds-1, RAT, what about Trebleboosters, and My HBE Germania Rangemaster clone?
    … and THE MOST important: FUZZ FACE. Will I be able to use my Sunfaces (both Silicon and Germanium), with the Cub Head (and 80W / enough headroom speakers like yours).

    If not, what would be in your opinion the best choice as a small maximum 15 – 20 W head , among the ceriatone porducts: Prinzetone clone, Champ Ultra? New BYOC Champ kit? What about reeves, smaller versions seem to be plexi clones than Hiwatt-ish Gilmourish type of amps…

    Thank you so much for helping, you Tone Master!

    [Well, I haven’t tried all of the ones you mention but the Princetone is a treat amp that seems to handle most pedals well. The Champ Ultra tend to distort quite heavily with Tibe Drivers, Muffs etc but goes well with the more mid boosted pedals like RAT, 808 etc. Haven’t tried the BYOC, so I’m not sure about that one. The smaller Reeves are great for both playing at home, studio and live. The Laney is an impressive amp for the buck but it’s not that rugged so I’d never bring it on a gig. However, it’s great for playing at home and I’ve also used it for studio recordings. It handles all pedals very well except fuzz, which tend to bleed a little, but they almost always do. To get David’s smooth silicon tone you really need something bigger and more powerful. Treble boosters are designed for pushing the gain over the top. Sounds horrible on cleans but the right pedal, like the AnalogMan Beano Boost, sounds amazing when you crank the tubes. Amps like the Fender Bassman and Blues Jr, Peavey Classic, Laney Lionheart are some of the most versatile and Gilmourish there are for playing at home and smaller venues. – Bjorn]

  126. Keith says:

    I am curious if you have tried the Ibanez TSR15H, and matching 1×12 cabinet, in lovely white Tortex. It is an all tube head, with an original hand wired tube screamer built into the head. The Screamer, and a +6db boost are switched on via microswitches on the face, or an optional,(a must) footswitch. It is a ” boutique ” style amp, swithable between 15, & 5 watt settings. I have two, which I can play in my bedroom, or amazingly enough, at ear splitting levels. I am moding them slightly, by replacing the stock Celestion Seventy-80’s, with 25 Watt Geenbacks, and replacing the 6V6’s, with the El’s. Being a lifetime Floyd fan, but new at trying to emulate David, I would like your opinion on the amps, and being a Marshall Jubilee nut, if the mods I’m suggesting will get me closer, or further from the right direction, as far as a Gilmourish
    sound goes. I akso planned on closing the small, 4×16 opening in the cabinet backs, or possibly one open, one closed. Any opinions would be appreciated, even if you think the amp is shit,( I doubt you will have much negative to say) Side by side with a beautiful 50watt plexi, I didn’t notice a great deal of difference, except the plexi was louder,but the TSA15 drove the 4×12 to sonic bliss!

    [Hi Keith, sorry for my late reply. I happened to try this amp only a couple of weeks ago and it’s quite nice! As you say, the mini stack is reminiscent of the classic Marshalls and I think there’s some Fenderish tones there as well… perhaps a mix of both. Nice clean tones and the featured Tube Screamer circuit was fun to play around with. Nice alternative for the bedroom. Personally I think the Greenbacks will take you closer to Marshall rather than Gilmour but that’s just my personal taste really. I’m not that big a fan of Celestion. They’re quite versatile anyway so I don’t think you’d have any problems getting the tones you want. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  127. sebastien says:

    Thank for your answer,

    What do you mean by “bleeding” when writing about the Analogman Si Sunbface trough a Laney Cub Head
    ? I was about to buy this amp, suppposed to accept well all the pedals even Muffs (CF. your videos…), but I’m a bit hesitating now… because of the Sunface problem. Would it be better to get a Blues Junior III?

    I’m interested about that kind of amps for a bedroom that will stay clean aven at their highest volumes, and that would accepet even the most demanding fuzzes …
    Peavey Classic 30 seems to be to much for bedroom playing, Fender Blues Junior (is it the Blues junior III???) seems ok, knowing that i would be able to replace the speaker by weber thames.

    As Peavey Classic 30 and Fender Blues Junior are “one speaker” amps, would it be a solution to link them to a 2X 12″ cabinet? I’d like to have more headroom than the combo “one speaker” thing.

    You mention Peavey Lion heart…. the 20 W combo L20H seemes to be the big borther of the Laney Cub… have you tried it? what about the clean channel in terms of Hiwattish tone…. Similar to Cub?

    Best regards,

    Thank you very much,


    [Difficult to explain but by bleeding I mean that the fuzz tone cracks up in the high frequencies and sounds a bit harsh. I’m not sure if that’s the amp circuit but I suspect it’s part that and part the fact that you really need to play loud to get the smooth tones. The stock speakers broke up a bit too early for my taste and it really helped replacing them with Weber Thames high wattage. The Blues Jr III and Peavey handles the fuzz very well. As does the Lionheart, which is a very nice amp indeed… sort of like a mix between a Bassman and Twin. – Bjorn]

  128. Keith Clarke says:

    Hey Bjorn, I left a comment/ question, but it may have been too long,so! Thank you for providing my favorite website. I would like your opinion of the Ibanez TSA15 amp, and speaker for my Gilmourish ambitions. I am running two of them in stereo when the effects produce stereo output. I am basically setting the amp clean, but loud and near the point of distorting, running two in triode, definitely has enough volume for any gig, and I feel the clean sound to be excellent. I haven’t been using the +6 db gai, or ts 808 circuit since aquiring my pedals. Would you recommend staying w/ 6V6’s, and the Celestion seveny-80’s, as opposed to EL84s, and greenbacks? Any feedback would be more than appreciated. Thanks, K C FLOYD FREAK

    [I replied to your previous comment yesterday… a bit late, sorry. – Bjorn]

  129. Keith Clarke says:

    As a tip,if you haven’t checked them out yet, Fralin pickups in my home of Richmond, Va. produces a new and innovative noise cancelling single coil series. Anything from Strat to Tele, and even p-90’s are wisper quiet, and being a Strat master, he can wind them to match the output, and exact tone of any Fender pickup you desire. Also, Rodriguez guitars, a one man operation here, is making some of the finest handcrafted instuments I’ve ever played, at prices comparable to new Fenders, or Gibsons. I am having a Black Strat built to the exact specifications that you’ve provided for THE Black Strat. Thank you so much for an excellent teaching guide for a 35 year player, who only recently attempted to duplicate the sound of the other of my two favorite players, there other being Pete Townsend, who is equally difficult to nail. I need to send you some monetart help, and will when able!

    [Thanks for the tips! Lindy’s making some great stuff, indeed :) – Bjorn]

  130. Keith Clarke says:

    Sorry for being a little overanxious. I did something today I’m quite sure you’ll agree with. I didn’t mention I’d bought a gt 10 about two weeks ago, but took it back today to start my Gilmourish board. I need to know where to place my new pedals, as your standard chain doesn’t show echo, and delay placement. I bought an JH-F1, a Carbon copy, a DD-20, a Deluxe Mistress, all for $663.00 US, and not having enough for my phase, comp, volume, and wah, I pled poverty, and as a temp comp, got a free early Japanese CS-3 to hold me over. I just don’t know where to put everything, because my TS-808 is the first thing after the amps input. Please help! And I promise not to be impatient. I’m just glad I don’t have to admit that I’m using the GT!
    You rock Bjorn, Keith( trying not to be a nightmare for you!)

    [No worries, Keith… and I totally agree with you on deciding to go for pedals :) There are no rules when it comes to the pedal order. What ever works for you etc. but the usual way of setting up the chain is this: guitar > fuzz > wah > compressors > distortions > overdrives > boosters > modulations (phaser/flanger/chorus/UniVibe… in no particular order) > volume pedal > delay > amp. In your case I’d try this: guitar > JH-F1 > CS3 > 808 > Mistress > Carbon > DD20 > amp. Now, be aware that than all vintage style fuzz pedals are sensitive to buffered pedals like Boss, so you might not want to keep the CS3 next to the JH-F1. Listen to how the fuzz changes is character with and without the CS3 in the chain. Hope this helped. – Bjorn]

  131. Nihar says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    I was wondering what your opinion is on the Egnator Rebel 20…. It falls at around $550 and seems to be a pretty good amp for home and band use due to its variable wattage knob…. I’m wondering what your opinion is of it, especially in regards to David’s Muff lead tone ala Dogs.


    [A nice amp with a typical British clean tone that goes well with David’s tones. I haven’t tried the full pedal setup on it but I recon it would handle most pedals nicely. The tube mix feature allows a wide range of tones and the 1-20w power scaling allows you to pretty much dial in whatever output you need for your bedroom or studio. – Bjorn]

  132. Fabio says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I’d like to know what you think about the EL 84 valves (in smaller amps up to 20 watts ) vs the EL34 (the ones that fit your Reeves Head).EL 84 is said not to be as good sounding as EL34, breaks up earlier and is thinner in sound….. What would be the most appropriate for Gilmourish tone, is it possible to replace the EL84 in the Laney CUB of fender Blues junior with EL 34?
    What is the deal with KT-66 power tubes? there are strong debates opposing KT-66 with EL 34 in early 60’s british heads…

    Concerning the speakerss you have installed into your 2X12 Cub CAB, wouldn’t it be a most versatile choice (but still gilmourish in tone), to replace the Weber Thames with the Weber classic G12H30 Green back’s speaker (more common in the 60’s / 70’s, used by Hendrix, Page…)?

    Thanks for your help,


    [I’m no expert on tubes but I’m not sure you can just replace the stock tubes with EL34. I’d ask someone more qualified though. Toneswiese, these are two different beasts serving different purposes. The EL34 has a fairly dark character with lots of rounded lower end and headroom. The EL34 has a much brighter, slightly more aggressive tone. I would assume that replacing these with EL34s would make a low wattage amp just too dark. The Webers works fine in my Laney but it’s a matter of taste I guess. – Bjorn]

  133. christophearnaudin says:

    Hello Mr RIIS,

    I’d like to thank you for all the work done on this website and the precious informations you’ve published about gilmourish… very, very, useful.

    As a Reeves Amps user, what do you think about his Custom 12 and custom 10 Hg heads, would they be a straight replacement for a 50 w HIWATTISH Gilmourized Head like yours, suited for home practice / room playing, through a 2X 12″ Cabinet? I’d like to be sure those heads would accept more demanding Fuzz pedals very well, like Silicon Fuzz faces…

    A few weeks ago I was about to buy a Laney CUB head after seiing your Youtube videos, but just abandonned the idea when you seemed to mention that the Head wasn’t accepting Fuzz faces well (I’m a Strat + Fuzz face user, even the Germanium Fuzz face for Hendrix Tones).

    What worries me a bit is the fact that those Reeves Custom 10 HG and Custom 12 amps are introduced as JTM / Plexi clones, not as vintage HIWATT clones like your CP 504 Head….Plexi is not hiwatt.. you know what I mean…

    Thanks for sharing your experience… have a nice day!


    [Thanks for your kind words! Glad you enjoy the site :) I’ve only tried the Custom 12 of the two and it sure has a different character than the Custom 50. A bit more gain and balls I would say but it’s fully capable of producing a great basis for your Gilmour tones. The Cub goes nicely with fuzz but only if you crank the amp like Hendrix would have. It tends to get very thin and fizzy if you set it up for a clean tone with a fuzz. – Bjorn]

  134. christophe says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    I’d like to share some informations about smaller amp heads that I’ve gathered by sending mails to some manufacturers.

    As I wrote before, I was about to order a Lany Cub head as a Gillmourish Amp, BUT: the fact that it won’t take well the most demanding Fuzz like my Silicon and Germanium Fuzz Faces , without cranking the amp, made me go away from that head.

    – I was really interested in the smaller Reeves Amps like the Custom 12, seing that little beast as a smaller Hiwatt custom 50, but the manufacturer confirmed the amp had it’s own, unique character, and definitly not with much headroom. And it’s said to be kind of a clone of a JTM45….

    – Concerning Ceriatone, I wrote to Nik who kindly answered that the only type of amp following my needs in terms of low wattage (under 20W) and warm, dynamic cleans with late breakup , was the Prinzetone… is that a Gilmourish AMP?

    – I’m in love with the Carvin Vintage 16 head clean videos on youtube. But no answer to my questions to the manufacturer… difficult to order blindfolded, I don’t know if it’s gonna accept well the Sunfaces (with no bleeding, no thin tones…). Make a small research on google and see it’s always compared (and often prefered) to the Fender Blues junior.

    – What is your opinion about the Lionheart Head 20W, the bright switch on the clean channel…. You described the amp as a mix between the Bassman and the Twin reverb…. So is that a great Gilmourish amp that eats all fuzzes for breakfast? Also said to be really quiet.

    – Egnater Rebel 20…. don”t know what to think: always reviewed for the saturated tones… Do you know more about that amp? It’s built in China. is it reliable, accepting fuzzes

    As a conclusion, I think I’m hesitating between the Lionheart and the Carvin 16 W head (forgot to say, this one has a power scaling switch in order to choose between 16 W and 5 W…)

    Thanks for giving your opinion, always helpful!

    Best regards,


    [OF the ones you mention I’d go for the Lionheart. Great clean tone with lots of headroom and character. It handles all kinds of pedals and works equally well in a bedroom as on smaller clubs and venues. – Bjorn]

  135. Fabio says:

    Hi M. Bjorn,

    Bought the last Airbag cd, All rights removed, and really appreciate the stuff !

    I’d like to know if the Weber thames you mention as the Holy grail in terms of 12″ speakers would be easily replaced with Celestion G12H-30 speakers, with almost no difference in tone? Those celestion speakers seem to be the most popular 70’s speakers, ans Weber builds them also.

    Why are you using ceramic speakers? isn’t alnico VINTAGE Correct? ( altough price doubles form ceramic to alnico speaker).

    What is the goal of having a higher wattage speaker (Thames are 80W against 30 W for G12H-30 model?) more headroom? Later breakup? Really a big difference?

    Knowing that I have a 2X 12 Cabinet.

    Best regards and Thank you,


    [Thanks for your kind words, Fabio! Glad you like our album! Don’t know what you mean by correct… it’s always a matter of taste, isn’t it :) There’s a huge difference between the G12H30 and the Weber Thames. The Thames are 80w speakers, while the G12H are 30w. The Webers has lots more headroom and an overall more transparent tone. The G12H30 are often favoured by rock and metal players for their focused tone and fast breakup but I wouldn’t recommend these for David’s tones. Ceramic VS alnico is a matter of taste but I find the ceramics to be a bit more focused in the lower frequencies especially. – Bjorn]

  136. christophe says:

    Thank you for the adive , Bjorn! I think I’ll get the laney Lionheart in 20W Head.

    But: As a class A amp, does the lionheart have the crystal clear Hiwattish tone you get from your Laney CUB?

    Is the clean channel made for taking pedals in front of it, exactly like a Fender or your Reeves custom 50 would do it?

    What is the best cabinet for that amp? The Lionheart 2X 12 cab is fitted with celestion G12H-30…



    [I wouldn’t quite compare the Lionheart with the Hiwatt. It’s more like a mix between a Hiwatt and a darker Bassman. Classic scooped mids but perhaps not as much presence as the Hiwatt. It handles all pedals very well though and the slightly darker character makes it easier to get great sounds from Muffs, fuzz etc on lower volume levels. In regards to the cab, it depends on how you intend to use the amp. The featured G12H30 has more than enough headroom for bedrooms, studio and smaller venues but you might want something with a bit more wattage if you need to crank the amp while maintaining the clean tone. Check out the Reeves cabs or simply replace the stock speakers with Weber Thames, Fane Axa 12 or similar. – Bjorn]

  137. Keith Clarke says:

    I have been having a very difficult time choosing my Gilmourish amp for gigging, and have driven Bjorn crazy with emails. I bought an Ibanez TSA15H head, and 1×12 cab last August, and it is one of the finest sounding amps I’ve owned. The only problem with the amp, was the fact that it is only 15 watts, and while it can get loud enough for gigging clubs, the amp would not be loud enough when eanting a crystal clean sound. The clean sound is full of tight bottom, scooped mids, and has a TS-9, and +6db boost built right in, but just breaks up too soon to get the necessary volume, when playing clean. PROBLEM SOLVED! This morning I learned that Ibanez has expanded their TSA line to include the new TSA30 1X12 combo. At $599.00 street price, you get all the great sounds of the TSA15H, but 30 watts of 6L6 power, an added master volume, plus the addition of a mids knob added to the passive parametric EQ. So,, basically, It’s the same amp, with twice the power, and even more variety, and my TSA15 footswitch will work the TS-9 circuit, and boost, and I already have the 1×12 cab to add to the amps almost infinate speaker combination capabilities. I ordered one this morning, as soon as I saw that it existed. Be smart, and try one before jumping online to get one, but after 30+ years, and just about every kind of amp made, this is as good as it gets for under $700.00. God bless, and Godspeed to all, and as usual, thank you for the greatest site on the web to Bjorn! You ROCK!!!! KC

    [Sorry for my late reply Keith… Thanks for the update! – Bjorn]

  138. Keith Clarke says:

    I wanted to add a quick note yo my last amp post: I had called my preferred music store, and asked the manager to order the TSA30 without even talking price. I went into the store after my post to pay for the amp, and asked him to ” go easy on me, I’ve spent a small fortune in here.”. Much to my surprise, I got the awesome combo for $535+tax, almos the exact price I paid last August for the TSA15H, 1×12 cab, speaker cable, and the footswitch, (which conveniently works the TS, and boost on the 30!) So now, I have the 30 coming next week, and for the price of one “boutique” cash eater, I have the 30, with an extra 1×12 cab, the $30 footswitch, and the 15H. I’m sure I can figure out a way to use them both, or at least use th 15 watter at home, and the 30 Watt combo, with the extra cab for gigging. Two very clean all tube amps, both w/ handwired TS circuits,( there is some debate about whether the TS circuit is. an 808, or a 9, but either way, it’s fully modable.), all for
    right at $1,000.00! I hate to seem like a post hog, but it’s all very exciting to me. Peace to Bjorn, and all Gilmourish lovers,KC

    [That’s a very reasonable price indeed. Looking forward to try the 30w my self :) – Bjorn]

  139. christophe says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    I’ve also ordered All rights removed cd this afternoon. After listening to some samples I was hooked! Your lead guitar parts are really great. Above all guitar speculations, it is a great sounding record with well written songs.

    Thanks for the complementary information about the Laney Lionheart.
    I have the oppotunity to get the Peavey Classic 30 Head for 450 € used….

    I’m hesitating between that head and the Laney Lionheart… have you tried the Peavey Classic 30 head?
    Is it exactly the same amp stage as the combo? …does it eat all pedlas for breakfast, and accpet the most demanding fuzz faces on the clean channel like the Lionheart? knowing that the classic 30 combo stands among your favorites, would you recommend the classic 30 head or the lionheart 20W head? Any differences? You described both amps as mix between a Bassman and a Hiwatt….

    Best regards !

    Thank you!


    [As far as I know, the Classic 30 head is the same as the combo. However, combining the head with a 2×12″ speaker cab allow more headroom and an overall fuller and more dynamic tone. Between the Classic 30 and Lionheart 20, I’d go for the Lionheart. It’s a matter of taste of course but I think the Lionheart has a slightly more dynamic and characteristic tone. – Bjorn]

  140. Brad says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I’m curious about your thoughts on an AC30 or AC15 versus a Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue. I Know that two of these amps are more than $700, but I am lucky enough to work for a MI retailer through which I can purchase these close to cost. Also, those amps can be had used for that price, so hopefully others reading this thread will find your answers helpful.

    Of course I know you prefer Hiwatts, or even a Fender Twin because of its clean headroom for Gilmour, but I don’t have the bread for multiple amps and versatility must be a consideration in addition to nailing Gilmour. What do you think of the Deluxe? A lot of players swear by them for all kinds of applications. Obviously the AC30 is also a classic and might work well as there is considerable clean headroom there.

    Lastly, I am very intrigued by the Laney Cub Half Stack. If I am looking at a Deluxe or AC30, do you think I would be let down by the Laney. It’s considerably cheaper, but would I “feel” that difference in price?

    As always, THANKS!

    [I think that both the AC30 and Deluxe are far better amps compared to the CUB. They’re both more reliable in terms of parts and construction and you have more headroom as well. I’m not really a VOX kind of guy. I think they’re too loud and hard to control. They have lots of headroom but it’s something about that tone that I’ve never really gotten the hang of… I know many disagree. The Deluxe is sort of a mix between the Twin and Bassman. Great for blues and classic rock and personally I’d go for this one. I also recommend the Laney Lionheart L20T. One of the best sounding combos I’ve ever played. – Bjorn]

  141. Jeff says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    I’m looking at buying the Laney Cub and was wondering about the power plug. Since it is hardwired, does it only come with a British style plug or can you order different versions with different plug types? Also, I was wondering what you thought of the Cub 10. It seems like it gets great reviews and since I won’t ever be playing this amp anywhere but at home, I was wondering if that might be a cheaper but just as viable alternative. Thanks in advance! Your site is most helpful.


    [I bought mine here in Norway so it came with a scandinavian plug. I assume they make plugs for each territory so I’n not sure if you buy overseas. The CUB10 has a 10″ speaker and considerably less headroom than the CUB12 combo and stack. In regards to playing at home, the CUB12 has a 1w power scaling which will allow you to get the tones you need at a very low volume. – Bjorn]

  142. Brad W says:


    Thanks again, you’ve been a great help. Been looking at the Laney Lionheart L20T as you suggested online. Not a ton of reviews out there, at least compared to the ‘usual suspects.’ I’d love to hear what you liked so much about it. Being 20W, single ended with EL84s, is it loud enough? How would the clean volume compare on stage to a Deluxe? Do you think it would be preferable to go with the head and 212 cab for more perceived volume? They are a little pricier than the Deluxe but the components, design, and build quality look very impressive.


    (The Deluxe has a typical bright Fender character. Slightly warmer than the Twin but very similar. Lot’s of headroom and a transparent, mids scooped tone. A bit too bright for my taste but then again, I’m not a huge Fender fan. The Lionheart L20T is very similar to the old Fender Bassman heads. Dark, warm and punchy. Great for blues, classic rock and you can also turn the amp into a very heavy beast. The 20 should be loud enough for smaller clubs etc, given that you mic it. The stack will provide more headroom and an overall more dynamic tone. It’s a matter of taste though so try both before you buy, if you got the chance. – Bjorn]

  143. Keith Clarke says:

    Pick up day for the TSA30, and I told the manger to make sure to put aside a pair of JJ’s for the output tubes. I won’t even bother plugging it in with the Stock Elcto’s in. I will make a YouTube video of the amp ASAP for all the Gilmourish crowd, as I believe it’s going to be a perfect Gilmourish amp, and possibly as good for David’s tones as many amps priced well above $700.00. I’m not crazy about celestion 70-80’s and intend to swap them out with the ceramic Webers as son ad I recoup some of the cash I’ve spent since I started following My handmade Rodriguez DG Strat is coming along nicely, and pictures of the build will soon follow. Thanks for all of your advice, and support, and I recently started listening to the Airbag videos, and they’re wonderful. I’ll be ordeting all your CD’s when I get a new mortgage to pay for all the stuff I’ve bought the last few month’s (just kidding about the mortgage, at least for now.).
    Thanks, and best wishes to you, and yours, KC

    [Thanks for the update and your kind words, Keith! Looking forward to that clip! – Bjorn]

  144. Roko says:

    Hello Bjorn!

    What do you think of DV Mark in terms of Gilmourish tones? I’ve tried DV40 112 Combo and now I’m thinking about buying one. It has a great clean tone and accepts pedals extremely well. Sounds like win to me but wanted to hear your opinion before buying.

    [I haven’t tried it so I can’t really comment. I see they get a lot of praise though :) – Bjorn]

  145. christophe says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I was wondering what kind of wiring you were using into your Laney Cub 2X 12″ speaker; series or parallel? and what kind of amperage? 2 X 16 ohm speakers in parallel for a total amperage of 8 ohms?
    or 2 X 8 ohm speakers in series for a total amperage of 16 ohms?

    And what do different amperages or different speaker wiring styles , do make to the tone?

    Other problem about wattage: is it safe to power your Laney Cub head( 15W) with a total of 2 X 80 W Weber speakers (= 160 W loaded cab)? Are there any rules to follow about the head wattage VS cab wattage?

    Cheers Mate! Best wishes to you!

    ps/ are you planning to make an official laney lionheart review? maybe in the next article about Tone (part3)?

    [Hmmm…. You’re really asking the wrong guy :) I’m terrible at these technical things. The cab is setup with two 8ohms in total 16. I don’t know if there’s a difference between different wiring setups or not. I have tried to ask around for this my self but there seems to be different opinions. I’m updating the Buyer’s Gear Guide this summer, so there will be a new review of the Lionheart soon! – Bjorn]

  146. Oliver says:

    Christophe, Björn,

    If you do not mind I like to jump in as I have some knowledge regarding speakers.

    Usually you will never wire to speakers in series. As every speaker is a little different in terms of resonance frequency the two speakers will have two different peaks in their impedance which makes it very hard for the amp.
    I assume that the Laney with an impedance (not amperage) of 8 Ohms will have two 16 Ohm speakers in parallel but I did not find a wiring plan to confirm.
    If we have more than two speakers (4×12, 8×10, …) you will find some speakers in series as the impedance of a single speaker has to be 64 Ohms for a 8×10 cab with 8 Ohms, all speakers in parallel. It will be very hard to find a 64 Ohm speaker….

    Coming to the power of the amp. The amp has power and the speaker can take power. A passive speaker does not “have” 160 W of power for example, it will get broken if you will blow more than 160 Watts into its voicecoils.
    You can add the maximum power consumption of the single speakers in a cab. Your example with 2 80 Watts Weber makes 160 Watts is right.
    If we are talking about a clean signal, the power of your amp should not exceed the capacity of the cab to be on the safe side.
    But: you can use a 100W amp into a 80W cab if you are careful. But I do not believe that David thinks about being careful playing “Sorrow” :-)
    The second “but is that an amp in real life does not have a clean signal. Distortion means more energy in the higher frequencies. To avoid burning your voicecoils your speakers should be able to “eat” more energy than your amp will give.
    There are some guitar players using the distortion of overloaded speakers. But that is not very Gilmourish (headroom, headroom, headroom). Björn, do you agree?

    Hope that helps a little


    [Thanks a lot for the input, Oliver! As I said, I’m not good at this technical stuff :) Cheers! – Bjorn]

  147. christophe says:

    Hello again Bjorn ,

    And thanks to Oliver for sharing his science .

    I asked on some forums over the net, and I do agree with Oliver, the answers were always to use
    2 X 16 ohm speakers in parallel, in order to get a total of 8 ohm, more than 2 X 4 ohm in series …

    I’ve also gotten the answer about different impedances impact on Tone (4 or 8 or 16 ohm) : NO CHANGE in Tone.

    And, altough I know this place is NO CHAT, could you please Bjorn allow me to ask Oliver to confirm that it is fine to plug a 20w or 50w amp into a cabinet loaded with 2X 80W =160W (the tone will not suffer?).
    If I understand , everything’s fine as long as the Cab’s wattage is higher than the amp (head) ‘s wattage?

    Thank you both!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best regards!

    [Thanks for the follow up! Feel free to chat :) – Bjorn]

  148. Oliver says:


    Yes, you will not detroy your 160 W cab with 20 or 50 Watts from your amp. There is enough headromm for the speakers. As long as the amp has less power than the speakers can handle you are safe.
    But keep in mind that an amp can give more power if you drive the output! Tubes into distortion. As a rule of thumb calculate your amp power times two for the cab if you plan to run your valves insane :)

    Hope this hels a little


  149. Christophe says:

    Hello Bjorn , Thanks Oliver for your answer.

    Have you tried the Tayden Retro 55 speakers, which seem to be the european answer to Weber Thames…



    [Never tried them… – Bjorn]

  150. KEITH says:

    Hello Bjorn, and all Gilmoursh folks. Well, I’ve had my TSA30 for about 3 weeks or so, and I’m amazed on a daily basis. Other than the necessity of changing output tubes immediately, I feel like I pulled three amps out of one box. Have you had the chance to try it out yet? I hope you’ll review it soon, and add it to the top of the under $700.00 list. I just thought I’d give you the two main things to make this the perfect budget Gilmourish amp. The first I’ve already stated, the stock Chinese tubes suck really bad, and must be changed. The second tip is to add at least an extra 112 cab, as one 12″ speaker just isn’t enough IMHO. I’ve ordered 2 of the Weber Thames 80’s from CJ, at Weber, and will be ordering two more, and a 2×12 cab for the 15 watter when I win the lottery. I can’t wait to hear your opinion of the amp, I think you’ll be quite impressed. Thanks for the site, the music, and all of the help, and inspiration you’ve sparked in me.
    Peace, love, and Gilmourish, Keith

    [Glad to hear, Keith! I haven’t had the chance to try the 30w yet but I sure will in due time for the updated Buyer’s Guide Amps feature. I’m sure you’ll be very pleased with the Webers. They will give you tons of headroom and you will probably need to adjust to having a slightly different tone but I can’t live without my Webers :) – Bjorn]

  151. mohammad says:

    hi Bjorn
    grate article
    im thinking about buying a laney Cub Stack as my first tube amp. i was wondering should i get the head with the laney cab or with a different cab as i want lots of headroom to play around with
    also im going to use the amp mostly at home should i get the Cub 12R with a cab or Cub Stack

    [Get the stack. It has lots of headroom and it’s also loud enough for smaller clubs. – Bjorn]

  152. Nihar says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    Do you have an opinion on the Bugera V22? Aside from the crap people give Bugera about only making clones and Behringer having bad quality, the Bugeras made after mid-2011 had a much higher quality control standard so I know the V22 will not crap out on me. It falls around 350-400 USD (you could get it for cheaper if you’re a kid like me who begs saying “I moved 150 lawms for this, can I please get a discount?” :P). All jokes aside, does this amp live up to your mythical standards of a Gilmourish amp?
    Thank you very much,

    P.S. Do you really check out everything people tell you to? I won’t be angry if you don’t, I just can not figure out how someone can have the time to examine so pieces of gear.

    [Well, I try everything I write about. I wish I’d more time to try out stuff but I always try to check out new stuff and things people recommend for David’s tones… I also Test a lot of gear for my Airbag tones (my band) that not nesseceraly fit David’s tones. Anyway, The Bugera V22 is a very nice amp. It’s fully capable of producing some really nice cleans for David’s tones and some classic overdrives as well. I’m usually no fan of Behringer and although they somewhat seem to be the industry standard in many ways, I think there are some better options in the same price range or slightly higher. The Bugera amps seems to be well made and I have no problems recommending them. That being said, I also recommend that you check out the Laney Cub series and the new Ibanez TSA series. – Bjorn]

  153. Nihar says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    Thanks for your comment. I do not really see the need for the TSA15 as I have a homemade TubeScreamer. Additionally, it falls out of my budget of $400. As for the Laney Cubs, they aren’t loud enough for my band practices. The second guitarist in my band has one and it doesn’t stay clean for him at our volume. I want something that will be clean, so I was looking at 20-30 watt amps. Do you hve any other recommendations? Thanks so much for all your help.

    [Perhaps not in that price range. You could check out for a used Peavey Classic 30 though. – Bjorn]

  154. Nihar says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    If I choose to wait and buy an amp later when I have 700 dollars to spare, are there any good amps besides the Classic 30? I have heard that it is VERY loud and I need to be able to play at home also.

    [The Classic 30 is ineed loud but works very well at home too. Stays nice and focused even on lower volume levels. Check out the Fender Blues Jr III and Ibanez TSA series as well. – Bjorn]

  155. mohammad says:

    hi Bjorn
    what do you think of a 40watt Fender Bandmaster Head for 300 $ Should i get it ?
    and what cab do you recommend with it

    [The Bandmaster is a great amp with classic Fender tone. Is that a new or vintage head? I would recon that $300 is a good price anyway, given a fine condition. Any 2×12 50-100w cab would do. – Bjorn]

  156. norm says:

    Hi, just starting out learning guitar. I don’t know much about the amps here, but they seem to be tubes. Is a vox vt40 or fender mustang 3 anywhere close to those mentioned here or is this sacrilege

    [Hi Norm! Well, nothing is sacrilege or wrong when it comes to playing guitar. We all have different preferences and pocket books :) To be honest, I don’t have that much experience with neither of the amps you mention. I’m sure they’ll do fine. My best tip is that you try them and listen for your self. I also recommend checking out the Laney CUB series. Apart from the stack that I’ve featured here, there are several smaller models as well and they’re very good. Check out the new Fender Super Champ as well. Very similar to the Mustang I’d guess with perhaps a bit more vintage tone. – Bjorn]

  157. mohammad says:

    Hi Bjorn
    i’m deciding between the laney CUB stack and a Tweed Fender blues junior
    witch one do you think will do better all around as you said in your comments that the laney is not that good for gigs and has problems with fuzz on low volumes
    also whats the difference between Fender blues junior and the Tweed version

    [The Blues Jr will also have its limitations on lower volume. Most amps will. The Blues is perhaps a bit more suited for gigging. Not quite sure what the difference is between the black and tweed… same amp, isn’t it? – Bjorn]

  158. Nihar says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    I would like to reply to norm’s question.
    I have the Fender Mustang 2 (same amp except 40 watts) and it is a fine amp. However, you can NOT use it like a typical tube amp. Most pedals sound horrible through it. What I did was use the Bassman model for cleans, the British 70s (accessible through Fender Fuse ad I recommend you replace the crappy supersonic models with the British 70s model) for my overdrives (it’s a Marshall Plexi) and the British 80s for lead sounds (it’s a JCM800). For delays/reverbs/mod fx, I recommend setting a triangle chorus with the mix knob ery low and set to a slow deep chorus for the Leslie sound. Use a digital delay set to a generic 350 ms that you can change with the tap tempo. You can do this all through Fender Fuse, which is amazing at setting up patches. Lastly, the stock Orange American 90s patch with a bit of flanger mixed really low almost perfectly nails Gilmour’s heaviest lead sounds (Dogs, Comfortably Numb, Young Lust, In The Flesh, etc.)

    As for the VOX VT40, DO NOT EVER GET IT. I had it and switched it out for the Mustang, it is a MUCH better amp than the VOX. Of course, the Mustang is beat by a quality tube amp, but it puts up a nice fight. But don’t judge the Mustang by the stock patches, they all suck donkey balls (except Orange American 90s which I think is a model of some Mesa head).

    Thats just my two cents on the amps you listed.

  159. Patrick says:

    [The Blues Jr will also have its limitations on lower volume. Most amps will. The Blues is perhaps a bit more suited for gigging. Not quite sure what the difference is between the black and tweed… same amp, isn’t it? – Bjorn]

    Hi, bjorn…
    just for your information, It’s the speaker…
    the black tolex it’s the eminence special closely resembling the Legend 125 model speaker….
    and the tweed it’s the jenson C12N speaker


    [Thanks for the info, Pat! – Bjorn]

  160. Brad says:

    Tweed version has a Jensen speaker upgrade…and tweed.:)

  161. Jorge C. says:

    Hello Bjorn, hope all is well with you. Glad to see on Facebook that the Airbag gigs where a success and that you had a great audience. I really wish all the success for you guys, can’t stop listening to your record’s, and your playing and sound has really inspired me to record my own stuff in the last months and build a proper home studio rig. Also thanks for always managing taking the time, for replying to us all, on Facebook and here in the site, i think i speak for all of us here that you always deserve a very big appreciation and thanks for all the hard work you have put into this site and all the great info and huge help you have given to all of us over the years is getting a great sound and the best and proper gear. I have just a couple of questions and wanted to ask for your advise.

    I have now almost all the basic gear i want, witch is the following:

    Gilmour sig black strat > cs-2 > bd-2 > musket > RAT > Deluxe El. Mistress > script Phase 90 > ce-2 > boss DD-20 > Laney cub stack

    regarding the signal path i know you are probably going to advise putting the the bd-2 after the musket :) i’ve recorded like this and the sound is good but a bit thin, i will change it around :) I’m still trying all different combinations with the settings to find that great sound.

    The script Phase 90 as you know only work on batteries, i was thinking either using a direct adapter to connect it to the daisy chain or getting a virtual battery and then connect it to the daisy chain, what do you think? Or should i keep it on the battery?

    Regarding the Laney cub stack, i’ve bought it recently but i’m having some volume drop problems with it, especially playing at low volumes. It start’s ok but the volume suddenly drops and raises again, i can only give the example like a bad connection on a cable, that rustling noise when like, now you have sound, now you don’t. Do you think it may be the stock tubes that are not ok? I’m going to change them anyway, but it can also be some other connection going bad.
    And yes, i’ve tried it with the guitar connected directly to the amp, and with several cables so it’s definitely from the amp.

    Thank’s in advance Bjorn, and sorry for the long post :)

    Best regards,

    [Hi Jorge! Thanks a lot for your kind words! Glad you enjoy my site. In regards to the Phase 90… I haven’t tried it with a battery clip > adapter so I can’t really tell. I would assume that a battery adds a bit more warmth but you need to hear for your self. Sounds to me that your CUB needs to be checked. If it was the tubes it wouldn’t work at all or at least have an overall poor sound… not coming and going. It could be bad connection in the tube sockets but I would imagine that it might be a bad connection in the pre-stage… perhaps the EQs or volume pots. I really don’t know, so I’d either take it to a tech or directly to the store and have them look at it. Keep me posted :) – Bjorn]

  162. Jorge C. says:

    Hi Bjorn, thank’s for your help and comment. I’ll give the phase 90 a try on the adaptor when i get the clip to connect it, but i’ll probably get a virtual battery to connect it or just keep it on the battery. I’m off to my Laney dealer to sort the amp out, hope that i can borrow another amp head from them while it’s being checked :) I’ve also been searching for info on forums and here is what i’ve discovered so far:

    The Laney cub’s have a Thermal switch inside so it cuts power if the amp gets too hot, from what Laney told those guys they had a lot of cub amps with a defected thermal switch in them due to a bad lot of switches and it had to be replaced in a lot of amps. Now from what the users say, their has the same symptoms than mine but their’s just shuts down after a few minutes of operation, so i don’t know… nine doesn’t shut down bun the volume drops a lot, some times i turn it on ans volume is already very low.
    They’ve also say that the bias is set to low by default and not to what the schematic and factory indicates so it causes the tubes to run hotter then needed.

    I was wondering, when you had the tubes changed, did you have to reset the bias? Did you change all the tubes or just the pre-amp ones?
    I’ll probably change mine too after i ger this problem sorted.
    And here is another funny thing i’ve discovered when searching for info on this, if you connect a ser of earphones on the amp’s effect’s loop fx send/line out it drops the volume a lot but it still sound’s great, i dont know it it’s safe to do that but probably is, if so it’s very good for bedroom players :)

    [Thanks for the update, Jorge! I changed all the tubes and had the bias adjusted. – Bjorn]

  163. Jorge C. says:

    Just got back from the dealer, they had little idea of what it can be so it stayed there to go to Laney to be checked out. If it’s the tubes i think i’ll change the tubes now as well, this way they can do everything in warranty and i’ll only pay for the new tubes and they will adjust for free eheh ;) Let’s hope is nothing serious thou.

    I was lucky they had the store demo model available so i borrowed that to use while mine is in repair:)

    Again thank’s for all the help Bjorn, i’ll keep you posted on the amp situation, it can also help somebody else that eventually have similar problems with the amp.

    Have a great weekend, best regards,

    [Please do, Jorge! – Bjorn]

  164. Roko says:

    Has anyone tried Traynor YGM-3 Reissue?

  165. Brad W says:


    Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue, or Peavey Classic 30? You have said you don’t get along with Fender, but many consider the DRRI a “better” amp (certainly costs more:)). Also, Gilmour used Fenders as well as the Hiwatts, no? Could you please explain the differences between the classic “American” vs. “British” tones as relates to both your preferences and Gilmour tones?

    Many thanks!

    [I guess the DRRI is a more versatile amp and better for gigging, although the Classic 30 should be enough for smaller clubs. My “issue” with Fenders is that they’re generally a bit too bright for my taste. I prefer the slightly darker sounding Hiwatts, Marshalls and Laneys. It’s a bit like choosing between Pepsi and Coke though :) Both the Classic 30 and the DRRI nails David’s clean tones and handles most of his pedals. – Bjorn]

  166. Keith says:

    Hey Bjorn, Thanks for the email the other morning, (at least it was morning for me, haha). I just had a quick note to add for when you get around to reviewing the TSA30 for the updated; Amps under $700.00. Since Ibanez made all of the TSA series cathode biased, any set of JJ 6L6’s you have lying around will do, no biasing required. I say this, because reviewing the amp with the stock tubes would just be a disappointment to you, and would deprive your readers of learning it’s true capabilities. I’m still amazed on a daily basis by the sounds I achieve with both the 15, and the 30. That’s all, and once again, thanks for your replies, and all of your hard work on the site, and off.
    Sincerely, Keith

    [Thanks for the info Keith! Unfortunately I’m not able to test all amps with different tubes as I mostly try them out in local stores. I think I have enough knowledge of how different tubes sound though to tell how an amp would have sounded with say JJ instead of TADs. Anyway, I hope to try the TSA with different tubes as you’ve suggested. – Bjorn]

  167. Marc-André says:

    What would be your suggestion for tubes in a Peavey Classic 50?

    Thanks for your hard work!

    [I prefer JJs for most things. They have a bit more headroom than others, warmer tone and smoother compression. – Bjorn]

  168. Rodjo says:

    Can you tell me what amp did Gilmoure uses for Wall solo? (Guessing Fender Twin Reverb)
    And do you know any specific solo/song where he used Hiwatt amp, and if posible what HiWatt model he played?
    I’m trying to get HiWatt in USA, but seams like a big problem to find a dealer who cary the brand. Any help on these concerns would really be appreciated!

    [You’ll find a complete guide to David’s gear on all the Floyd and solo recordings here. – Bjorn]

  169. Brad says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    Ampeg? Just checked out a vintage V4 head in my local Guitar Center and man did this thing sound great. LOUD and clean, since it’s close to a 120w amp, with some very interesting and useful EQ switches and a very nice sounding spring reverb. I guess the Stones used these quite a bit in the 70s. The 60 watt head also came in a popular 410 combo, the VT40. These have a great reputation but can still be had used for around $500, most likely because they aren’t the ‘usual suspects’ such as Marshall, Fender, etc. (I imagine that a couple of decades ago older Hiwatts were probably to be had for reasonable prices, too).

    Anyway, any experiences with these amps? Have you had a chance to play Ampeg’s new GVT line? Supposed to be a throwback to the popular seventies amps.

    Many thanks,

    [Thanks for the tip! Never tried it my self. – Bjorn]

  170. Maurice says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    How would the Orange TH30 in clean channel work as a gilmourish amp?

    [I guess it would work fine. Not tons of headroom but it’s enough for home setups and smaller studios. Nice vintage tone. – Bjorn]

  171. Oliver says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I play with a loud drummer and i like to be able to play at home. I was going to buy a fender blues deluxe reissue, then i saw a bassman’59 4×10 (40w) for 700$. Since both are arround the same prices which 1 would you go for. I know the bassman might be better but will I be able to play with it at low volume?
    Or perhaps I should go for a smaller amp at home and a bigger one with the band? I also want to be able to play with my pedals such as muff, fuzz, Tubedriver, etc. The bassman seems very interesting :).

    Thanks for the time you put on this site and your help for all Gilmour fans,


    [Hi Oliver! I don’t think you can go wrong with the Bassman. It performs equally well on bedroom levels as with a band. Of course if you’re band is playing insanely loud you might need a bigger amp but it should be more than enough. – Bjorn]

  172. Tony says:

    Hi Bjorn. Just how much of a role would you say the Dual Showman played in David’s actual Wish You Were Here tone or do you feel the Hiwatt dominates his tones on that album? His sound is very
    distinct from other LP’s. Can you cite any instances that sound distinctly Dual Shoman or distinctly Hiwatt on that album? On another note, if you had to pick on fuzz muff type pedal that could cover all David’s fuzz tones (The Wall is my Favorite Muff sounds and DSOTM and Pompeii are my favorite Fuzz Face sounds) what would you choose or recommend? I truly value your opinion and suberb ears. Sincere thanks, Tony

    [Hard to tell what he used on each song but sounds to me that most of Shine On 1-9 were recorded with the Dual. The rhythm parts and the funky stuff under the slide solo etc are very Dual-ish. The reason he’s tones are different from Dark Side and Animals could be a number of things… He mostly used the same setup but mic placements, effects and studio mixing will all have an effect on the tone. – Bjorn]

  173. Tony says:

    Thanks for that. So the solo on Have A Cigar is distinctly Hiwatt then?

    [Again, it’s hard to tell what amp he used on what song and there are no confirmed sources indicating any hard facts, apart from the picture in Phil Tylor’s book from the Shine On recording session. I’m leaning towards a Tele and Hiwatt for Cigar but I’m not sure. – Bjorn]

  174. Keith says:

    @ Tony, Bjorn forgot to answer your question, but here’s my two cents eorth. I don’t know 10% of what Bjorn knows, but I’m having great success getting most of David’s tones, both early, and late with a Musket Fuzz, backed up with the fairly new TC electronics Spark Boost. The Musket is a great pedal from mild overdrive, to screaming fuzz, and is easily tamed with the Spark. The best part is, that both pedals are easily obtained, and new, both would cost you about $300.00. I got my Musket in good as new condition for $150.00 US, and the Spark, brand new for I believe $119.00+ tax.
    Peace, Love, and all things Gilmourish, KC

  175. Dan says:

    I’ve had some pretty good success using the Fender reissue “tweeds”. Might be a bit large though depending on your needs.

  176. dylan says:

    for my bedroom its a vox ac4 class a tube. even this is questionably loud in an apartment. if your bedroom is in the woods, go shred- full stack, 8 million watts, try to get as close to stage sound as you can and wear earplugs.

  177. Keith says:

    Morning Obi-Wan, so now you’ve played the TSA30. I can hardly wait for your review. Any guess as to when the updated guide will be posted? I’m also wondering if you remembered my advice about turning the TS circuit on, obtaining unity volume, and turning the overdrive all the way down. When I stumbled across this, I set the tone, and volume to where it colored the amps tone as little as possible, but for some reason it gave the amp an entirely different character, more HiWattish than the amp sounded without the TS engaged. I guess it just added a bit of very tranparent boost, or maybe I should call it presence. I’m so very interested in your opinion of the amp, although being an owner, it’s my opinion that really should matter most to me. I personally couldn’t find another amp at that, or any price under $1000.00 that comes close IMHO.

    [I tried what you recommended and it sounded very nice. I think it sounded better all clean when I added pedals though but that’s taste I guess. The updated Buyer’s Guide is on the “very soon” list :) – Bjorn]

  178. David McDade says:

    Id say you have two options here, Build a hiwatt 503 50w, I just know im looking into a dr r103 for somewhre I think between 400 and 700 prebuilt without the cabnet for it or matching cab. I dont have the website on my phone but Bjorn recomended it to me before on here so ill try to find it. Or you buy the fender amp, both are good choises and ive played both using a friends strat with EMG DG20s and stock strats on them in the shops and they both really worked well for me. But as Bjorn allways says it depends on your taste, rig, and how you intend to use it.

  179. Norm says:

    Any thoughts on a fender super champ xd – check this guy out…

    [Great clip! – Bjorn]

  180. Ellllliot says:

    Okay, I cant decide on anything. Currently, Im looking into going into electric guitar as a serious hobby, and am GREATLY obssed with early Floyd sound, from syd, and the early singles he made, to david around the time before they startred darkside (though Im into ALL floyd). I sorta was given a cheap squire strat, but thats all. I am looking somewhere under a 900 dollar price range, for the whole set of things, this could include new pickups, to pedles, which I would like to get at least a couple. Im also going to probebly end up getting a danelectro guitar, since there what syd used at times, and it helps complete my syd craze. I dont even know if this setup is possible, given money level I have set. I already know Im edging towards a fuzz face, and dunlap cry baby, but would i need something in replacment for thee echorec david always used. Im looking at playing stuff that they played live, like interstellar overdrive, fat old sun, cymbaline, not any recent version ethier, the progressive stuff from the 70’s. All advice is useful. please note, that the guitar is going to be cut up and repainted, for the sake of helping test paints, so i can modify my friends other guitars. I need total cost to include literlly everything outside of the cost of the guitar.

    [As for the guitar, I think you just need to go to a store and try a couple of different models. Tele, Strat, Danelectro, Les Paul Junior, different copies… anything in that area. You can save a few bucks by choosing a cheaper but probably better sounding fuzz, by going for a clone, like the BYOC Vintage Fuzz or something similar. Most so called boutique makers offers a germanium fuzz for much less than the Dunlop. The hard part is the delay because good sounding delays, and especially that analog tone, will cost you. Depending on how accurate you want to be, I’d say that a TRex Replica is your best choice. Check out EBay for a Deluxe Memory Man or see if your store carries the great MXR Carbon Copy. Hope this helped. – Bjorn]

  181. Ellllliot says:

    I forgot to mention, despite this being a room setup, I am able to play it insanly loud, my current normal adio setup I have plays loud enough to hear from several houses down-literaly.

  182. Paul says:

    You should really take a look on the new Hiwatt Tube Series. I also wrote you a mail about this, you didnt answered yet, but maybe some commenter one your site has played one and can share some informations.

    [I will! Thanks for the tip! I haven’t had the time to look at your mail yet. Sorry. – Bjorn]

    • joao bicudo says:

      Hi Paul!

      I just bought a hiwatt t20 HD and i love it! I’m comming from Marshall amps witch are very well knowned for their distortion and low headroom.

      I’m running it thru a marshall 2×12 cab with 2x25w greenbacks with pedals that Bjorn suggest here.
      It’s a loud amp!! it’s only 18w with switch for 10w.

      I play alone at home at low volumes ( i switch to 10w) and in a studio were i can play louder ( 18w), and for the first time i really can hear the real sound of my guitar and pedals! I love this amp! It’s sounds to me like a very clean, cristal amp with a very good reverb.

      I play with the clean channel and it’s very good, the od channel i didn’t play many times so i dont have much an opinion. For distortion i just use the marshall.

      Probably there are others amps more affordable and even better, but if you decided for this one you wont regret.

      That’s my modest opinion.

      Joao bicudo

  183. martin says:

    hi paul!
    i tried the hiwatt t40 – it is a new full tube amp (not hardwired and not made in the uk). the build quality was very good.
    the clean channel sounds like a typical hiwatt – i could not hear much difference to the custom ones (could not a/b them).
    but i really did not like the second channel – it was a bright fuzzy tone and you could not tame it. btw you can not patch the two channels.
    tried some pedals in front of the amp (clean channel) – sounded good to me.
    you can switch the t40 from 40 watt to 20. nice for playing at home (still loud!) or a small gigs.
    conclusion: a nice amp (much more cheaper than the custom ones or the reeves) if you want to use the clean channel with pedals. maybe someone likes channel two – i could not stand it.

  184. martin says:

    hardwired = handwired … sorry for the typo

  185. Paul says:

    hi martin,
    thanks for the information!
    my setup is generally based on a good clean sound. i consider trading my marshall vintage modern for one of these, although i love it. its just a very versatile amp! can you do some other things than “gilmouring” with the t40? at the moment im playing floyd and chili peppers mostly, but im always interested in new stuff. if the t40 cant handle that i would have to wait till i can afford it without selling the marshall..

  186. Ellllliot says:

    Thanks for the advice, I’ll be sure to check a couple of models out, and your site is great. Thanks for the time and research you have dedicated.

    [Thanks! Good luck with the search! – Bjorn]

  187. Giorgio says:

    Hello Bjorn,
    This is a two year old thread, and almost exactly two years ago I did mention I had my heart set on a Marshall Class 5 as a bedroom amp. Well, after being put off by the infamous rattling problem of the Mark I, I eventually bought a Mark II last week and so far so good. The new model does not rattle and also has low power (1w) switch that allows you to either play a tube amp at very low level, crank it to a ‘bluesbreaker’/tweed overdrive without breaking windows or use a pair of headphones. For a home player like myself it is great. I am still getting to know the amp, but I have tried it also with my pedals (throbak, phase90, dynacomp, memory toy, mxr classic fuzz, etc.) and it can get quite gilmourish, in spite of being a Marshall. Some say it has a dark tone, but I find its low end a plus for a small 5 watt amp. The problem with small amps is that they sound too boxy, but not the Class 5, it is a true vintage sounding amp and is versatile too for blues, Hendrix, Clapton, SRV. I am not saying is better than anything else, but just wanted to throw it in just for sharing.
    I do have a little problem though, but not related to the Model, I think. It is quite noisy without the guitar plugged in, a hiss that gets louder with volume. However when I engage the 1w switch is perfectly silent. I am not sure if it depends on a valve needing replacement or if it has to do with my home power supply. I did not notice the problem in the shop when I bought it. Any ideas?

    [Could be a number of things and it depends on the kind of hiss you’re hearing. It could be the tubes (unlikely), transformers (very unlikely) or electrical interference from components in or outside of your house. This would be amplified when you plug into the full scale wattage. Try another power circuit in your house (make sure it’s a different circuit and not just an outlet) and switch off any nearby computers, TVs, lights, fridges etc. If this doesn’t help, I’d take the amp to a tech and have him measure the tubes and the current flow. – Bjorn]

  188. faq says:

    im currently caught between a laney lionheart l20h head and a reeves custom 12 head, there both roughly the same volume (if not i already own an attenuator :) ) , i seem to like the lion heart more but david gilmour useas a hiwatt custom 50… what would you recommened?

    [Teh Lionheart is somewhere between a Bassman and a AC30. Lots of headroom from the clean channel and a super fat crunch channel. I recently bought this amp for studio work and I’m very pleased with it. The Custom 12 is based on the old Marshalls, the JTM45 in particular so it musn’t be confused with being a low wattage Hiwatt. Depending on the speaker wattage you should be able to get the headroom you need but if you’re seeking Gilmour’s tones, I think you’re better off with the Laney. – Bjorn]

  189. Norm says:

    back again.. I would like your advise please. I can’t decide between a Fender super champ xd and the Laney Cub12R. I can get both of them at the same price. I can not play a guitar as yet, so have difficulty testing them in a shop. An added problem is that both are sold by competitor resellers, so I can not test them side by side. They both sound good to me in store. The SD has a few effects built in, that could be good to learn with, but could these also be limitting in the future? The Laney being the opposite. I am currently leaning towards the Laney, but by the sounds of it, I will need effects pedals before I can get close to the Gilmour tones. The link I posted earlier shows an XD supoosedly playing staright? For the long term what would you suggest.

    [Hi Norm. I would definitely go for the Laney. The Fender does have a couple of featured effects that will allow you to dial in some decent Gilmour tones but you’re buying an amp here and it pays off planning ahead. The Laney will provide great tube tones for years and you can build your tone with stand alone pedals along the way. That’s my two cents anyway. – Bjorn]

  190. Brad says:

    Bjorn, Have you played a Peavey Delta Blues? Do you think the 15 inch speaker is good for Gilmour? Some say the sound is huge and tight, with surprising highs and lows, while others caution that a 15 in a guitar amp will be flabby in the bass and muddy (quite opposite opinions, actually).

    Bear in mind I would be running this with my 10″ Vibratone rotating speaker giving the whole sound some “swirl.”

    I’m contemplating the DB over a Fender Deluxe Reverb. Even though the Fender is considerably more, I could get either. I imagine the Delta Blues will have even more clean headroom than the Deluxe, but with the extra cab and my Colorsound Powerboost, I should still be able to get the tubes to that sweetspot without getting TOO loud, no?

    I had a Crate V30 that was great but I think the OT just went. I’ve been tempted to get a Fender DRRI for a long time, because the sound with a Strat is very sweet, very distinctive, and nearly impossible to get without the combination of a fender amp and single coils. However, a lot of people have that tone, as great as it is. I’m starting to think I am more a fan of the tightness and warmth of the clean channel on an amp like the Crate V30, which was often compared to the Classic 30, and had the same tube compliment. Although I’ve never heard a Hiwatt live, I imagine the sound you’ve described as falling into this camp versus the spongier, spanky (though very clear) Fender sound.

    I played briefly though a Peavey Delta Blues when it came into my music store, and I remember liking it, but wasn’t at the time in the fram of mind to tirelessly A/B it with a Deluxe for the purpose of Gilmour tone! Haha.

    I’m starting to feel I might really like this combination of punchy loud 15″ with rotating 10″ cab, and it might be relatively “unique.” I just don’t want to end up with a flabby bottom end and which I should I have just ponied up the cash and gotten the “safer” time-honored Deluxe.

    So…specifically, which amp? Haha, no pressure. And more generally, thoughts on 15s? Keep in mind I’ll be using the leslie and the powerboost.

    Thanks again for such a great site!


    [Hi Brad. Sorry for the late reply. You need to decide for your self. A boring answer, I know, but apart from the fact that you need to choose the tone you like the most it’s also a matter of which amp that works best with your guitar, effects, playing and how you’ll be using it. I’m you know all this. My experience with 15″ on guitars is that although they have lots of headroom – depending on the amp of course – they do get flabby in the lower frequencies and the upper region doesn’t quite cut through. A 12″ will be more focused, balanced and dynamic. A 10″ might be thinner but works great for classic tones, blues etc. I prefer 12″ with large magnets for maximum headroom and that classic fat, punchy tone. I haven’t tried the DB but from seeing a few clips I would have to go for the Fender I think. Just my personal opinion. – Bjorn]

  191. Matt says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I really enjoy your site. You recently posted Gilmourish settings for various amps, I was hoping you would have included the Fender Bassman Reissue (combo), is there any chance you could provide sample Gilmourish setting for this amp.


    [Most of the settings listed should work nicely but you need to make adjustments for your guitar, pedals, playing and your playing. David usually keep the mids and treble fairly low with a high presence. Add more mids if you play at low volume levels. – Bjorn]

  192. Brad says:

    Thanks for your input, as always.

    I had pretty much decided to go Deluxe after I placed that post, and your input kind of confirmed my instincts.

    The way I look at it, the DRRI is such a legendary and universally used and appreciated and versatile amp, with it’s resale value pretty strong, that I can’t ever imagine myself saying, “Dang! I wish I never bought this Deluxe Reverb Reissue!”

    Question — since an amp like the Deluxe doesn’t have an effects loop, how do delays sound in front of the preamp? How bout when you’re really pushing the amp for some grit? Am I going to wish I had a loop between the pre and post to put delays?

    Many thanks!

    [You can push the tubes for a real punchy clean tone and the delay will sound clean. Crank it for a mild overdrive and it still works nicely. Full tube distortion will sound a bit weird with delays but a lot of guitarists have utilized the effect including Page. So heat the tubes but use distortion pedals if you need full blast with delays. – Bjorn]

  193. Jamie-Rhys says:

    Hi Bjorn
    Would you recommend the White Horse 60w Tube 4×8 amp?

    [I haven’t tried it so I can’t really comment on that. Based on the clips I’ve heard it sounds OK but again… – Bjorn]

  194. Jamie-Rhys says:

    Would a Boss ME-70 be good for David’s tones?

    [I’m sure it would. I don’t have any particular experience with the unit but you should be able to cover most of his tones with it. See this feature for some tips on setting up digital multi processors. – Bjorn]

  195. julian says:


    Are you going to update the article with reviews from The Ibanez TSA 15 , the Laney Lionheart, and other amps?

    Best regards,


    [Working on it :) – Bjorn]

  196. Craig says:

    I just got a Fender Superchamp X2. It is amazing! Great budget tube amp with digital effects and voicing! Super for Gilmour tones.

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  197. Rick Linkert says:

    In know this is a bit above $700 but has anyone tried the Italian-made Valve Bimbo 105 for Gilmour sounds at low volume?

    [Never tried it… – Bjorn]

  198. Gorky says:

    what do you think about Matchless DC 30 amp?
    I have a classic player 50s with cs69 pickups
    Besides pink floyd i like to play blues
    sorry for bad english
    greeting from Montenegro(ex-yugoslavia)

    [It’s a very versatile amp with great cleans for your pedals. The tone is very transparent and dynamic. The amp responds incredibly well with your playing. – Bjorn]

  199. Gorky says:

    one more question please

    Matchless dc 30 or vox ac 30?

    [I’ve never done a comparison so it’s hard to suggest anything. Depends on what tones you want. The Vox is a classic but perhaps a bit more aggressive sounding than the Matchless. I think I’d go for the Matchless. – Bjorn]

  200. Daniel Avellaneda says:


    First, I wanted to headshot your page on the internet and for the great work that you do so that we can all a little to the wonders that makes this great master who is David Gilmour.

    I have a fender amplifier. This is a fender twin amp 100. The twin has 2 channels but only one entry. The channel 1 (clean) has volume, treble, middle and bass. The channel 2 (distortion) has gain, treble, middle, bass and volume. The twin has a button to select between channel 1 (clean) and channel 2 (distortion).

    My query is:
    how should I set my amplifier?
    Must I use channel 1 or channel 2 (don’t forget that only has one input and a button to select 1 or 2)???
    Which values should i set the volume, bass, meddle, gain (if i have to use the channel 2) and treble???

    I await your response.


    [Thanks for your kind words, Daniel! Sorry for my late reply. It’s always hard to suggest settings because how you should set the amp, depends on several factors, like what guitar, pickups and pedals you’re using, in what environment you are playing (home, studio, stage etc) and what tones you are looking for. In general, for David’s tones, I’d use the clean channel. The idea is a to set up a powerful, warm clean tone for your pedals. See this feature for some tips. – Bjorn]

  201. Patty Smith says:

    Hello Bjorn and all:

    I must admit I have read many responses here on this thread but not all. I have perused most of the other sections though. Any thoughts on a Fender Super Champ XD (sorry if it has been asked before) and tone settings for it? I am looking for mid 70’s Time and Money tones and also Shine on intro tones.

    I am an older guitar player getting back into things and have recently reacquired my long lost 68 Tele back form the best friend I sold it back in 1980 or so. It is like becoming reacquainted with an old friend. The body (quite possibly a ’58) was refinished by my friend, a cabinet maker by trade, in a period white and has faded to a lovely hue. The neck is definitely 68 and has really seen it’s share of work and wear though the frets are fine and the Maple neck straight and true. It was converted to a DeMarzio super Humbucker in the neck position with a coil tap switch between tone and volume pots.

    As of now have a stock a 71 Silverface Vibro-champ in addition to the a Super Champ XD.

    I realize I am a hack of a player now but it is one of my “gotta do before I die” list items to get the TONE, the VOICE of those magical years (Meddle, DOSTM, WYWH and the first solo album years and with more years behind than in front of me I am trying. I am not not looking for a anything more than personal enjoyment and a feeling of attaining a goal for now…

    As a side note: Back in June, 1975 I went to may first Pink Floyd Concert in Pittsbugh, Pa, USA. I passed on ALL other bands as I wanted my “virgin” concert experience to be Pnk Floyd. Yeah, I know pretty stupid missing prime Zep, Stones and all the others of the day but I PROMISED my self this was the way it would be…

    I hope to acquire or build another Strat ( my first was built back in 1979, Koa body and a new 1970’s OEM neck, OEM bridge set in Brass, ikk I know, and a DeMarzio FS in the bridge and fender period P/U’s in the neck and mid positions). Like an azz, I sold it to finance a move to Colorado. Wish like hell I still had that guitar!

    Sorry for the blah, blah, blah but I am now disabled and have LOT”S of time to re-enter guitar playing and am open to ANY constructive criticism of where to go from here and am ramping up my efforts to get back to my former less suckiness.

    I also want to take the time to thank you and ALL the contribtors for this website and the massive amount of time and effort put into it. Thank’s to all for the your patience with another “re-noob” from several decades back and I look forward to hearing any thing on my quest…

    Be safe and best wishes to all in the coming New Year

    [Hi Patty! Sorry for my late reply. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your stories :) The Champ XD is quite OK with a classic Fender tone and some nice amp simulation effects on hand. The new X2 is perhaps even closer to the old Fenders. Depending on your budget, I’d also check out other amps, like the Laney CUB series, the Fender Blues Jr or the Bugera V series. I think these will give you more tone for the buck but that’s just my opinion. Let me know if you need more help :) – Bjorn]

  202. Alan Day says:

    I must say that I would miss my Classic 30. They can be temprimental though, the power tube heater circuit being the most problematic due to heat. I have added more wiring to help this out.
    Also, the valve bases get worn out (probably over annealed due to heating and cooling) but I have replaced mine and now the amp is a lot more reliable. Other mods I have done (that I would recommend) are swopping out the stock speaker for a Celestion Gold and having a Torroidal Transformer wound to reduce hum in Single coils.
    I agree that the FX loop is prone to “earth loop” type hum (no matter where you try lifting the earth / or not) and the overdrive channel is not very useful. Also, the boost switch sucks.
    A GREAT little amp that can deliver a classic Gilmour tone at medium (to loud) volumes in small venue.

  203. Chas says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Great stuff and much needed. Advice please.
    I have been toying with either the Cub or the Blues Jnr for small gigs. I use a Tele and an Epiphone Casino and like a nice clean sound (sort of JJ Cale style) and am a little worried that the Cub won’t give me as much headroom and volume as the Junior on stage……However the Junior is a little too rich for my pocket at the moment, especially here in Southern Italy. Would you think that if I got the Cub and upgraded the speakers (as you suggest) in a few months (when I can find the extra bucks) it would bring the volume and headroom closer to that of the Blues Jnr. Thanks for your sage advice.

    [A stock Cub is perhaps a bit too light on the headroom for gigging. I think you at least need to get the stack and replacing the two speakers with higher wattage ones, will help a lot. I have two Weber Thames 80w in mine and it’s got tons of headroom. The Blues Jr is a great amp and if you do gig a lot, I would consider this over the Cub. The overall quality and build is much better and will stand more abuse on the road. Its also got more headroom and volume. Depends on your budget and how long you’re willing to wait, I guess :) – Bjorn]

  204. Chas says:

    Thanks Bjorn,
    Good advice as always. So happens I have a friend at Fender UK so can get the Jnr at a good rate but still too much at the moment. Maybe I have to think again. Am expecting to gig about 3 times a month with audiences of 100-350 with an excellent bunch of pros. I know I have to spend the money in the long term but now I have to try and sell my Phil Jones Bass amp to cover some of the new cost. Guess it’s a case of “all good things come to those who wait” Will beg, borrow and steal till then. Thanks for sorting my mind out a little better.

    [Well, I think that will pay off in the long run :) Good luck with your band! – Bjorn]

  205. Charlie says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Im considering buying either a Laney Cub12 or a second hand Blues Junior but Im not sure which to buy. I noticed the Blues Junior dose not have a FX loop and i’m not sure if this matters that much. Which would you buy? Great site by the way :)

    [Depends on how you’ll be using the amp. The Cub is great for playing at home, studio and band rehearsal but it might be a bit too small for gigging. The Blue Jr works nicely for both home and gigging. The effects loop is meant to be used for modulations and delays, if you intend to utilize the amp’s gain stage. If not, you don’t need it. – Bjorn]

  206. Charlie says:

    I mean which would you recommend I buy?

  207. Anthony says:

    Well i couldn’t find it in the other comments. But what tubes are you working with in the CUB?
    I might imagine you went for some ECC83S JJ’s, but i’m not sure if you have them in the PI/v1 position as well? And i can’t find anything for powertubes either. So hit us up with your tube selection for this lovely amp! :)

    [There’s three ECC83 and two EL84s, all JJs. I think my head came with TAD’s, which is a bit too bright and aggressive for my taste. – Bjorn]

  208. Justin says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    To repeat other comments on here thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into this great resource.

    Off your recommendation I went looking for new practice amp in Shanghai. Unfortunately this choice is very limited here and there was no Fender champion on Laney Cube available.

    I ended up with a Vox ac4tv. It’s a similar small valve amp with a 3 stage switchable output level. Put a mxr carbon copy and phase 90 in front of it and it’s gorgeous.

    I’m also using a Blackstar Ht Dual for overdrive. I bought this because it has 2 channels and can give a consistently warm overdrive tone through any random valve or transistor amp that you find in the clubs and bars here in Shanghai.

    Thanks again,


    [Thanks for your kind words Justin and congrats on your setup! – Bjorn]

  209. Jack says:

    I recently tested the Marshall DSL15C and it’s great!! It’s versatile and it has a very “fat” sound. The classic gain channel is just sweet for any clean PF songs but with an overdrive/distorsion added is perfect even for the other songs.

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  210. Winston says:

    I have been looking at this website almost every day and it has helped me a lot with my recent guitar related purchases. I love this review and am very happy that you have put all this information online. However, I have been in the market for an amp with David’s tone to use on stage more than during practice, and I don’t have the budget to get a Hiwatt. If you could put together a guide of amp stacks that sound good but don’t cost as much as Hiwatts, I would deeply appreciate it.

    [I’m working on an update of this guide. It’ll be up soon :) – Bjorn]

  211. Gavin says:

    Have you tried out the ampeg GVT series? I have been researching the amp but have heard of quality issues with this amp and wanted to hear what you had to say. I also was researching the laney cub and also found quality issues with it as well. Have you had any issues with it? Can you try to point me in the right direction with a quality built good sounding amp that can be about $700? Thank you very much. – G

    [Never tried the GVT. I guess most of these low priced amps has some issues. Some players may have been unlucky with a specific factory fault but to keep the costs down, there will be some compromises and not all of these feature the best parts available. The most common issues are loose jacks, scratchy pots, bad connection in the tube sockets etc. I haven’t had any problems with my Cub. I’ve used it daily since I got it three years ago and it’s operating perfectly. I also have good experience with the Peavey Classic 30 and Fender Blues Jr. – Bjorn]

  212. Yoel says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    First off I’d like to say I absolutely love your website. This has really helped me get back into guitar about a year or two ago when I discovered, and I’ve been playing non-stop since. Just got a tone related question for the unspoken king of tone on the net. I have a Fender Champ 600, and I just got my Les Paul refitted with Seymour Duncan Phat Cats. I was at the store, and I saw a nice RP500 for sale, so I grabbed it. Its a great unit, and when tweaked right you can get some really nice tones out of it. Only problem is, the Hiwatt amp sim is pretty sub-par. Im sure I could tweak it with EQ, but it’ll still sound a little muddy and compressed. So what should I do, bypass the amp sim and just use my regular amp? Or try to tweak it? Thanks a lot, cheers mate.

    [Hi Yoel! Thanks a lot for your kind words :) As I’m sure you are aware, the Champ is a bit limited tonewise. It has a great, classic tone but it’s meant to be more of a practice amp than anything else. Using amp sims, to get the tones you want, might be a good idea but keep in mind that these are just another effect and created using specific gear. We expect the Hiwatt to sound like Gilmour but his Strats, amp settings and effects are what makes his Hiwatt sounds. A sim might be created using different guitars, microphones, effects etc… Just something to keep in mind. Anyway, try setting up the Rp500 for a bypassed tone. I don’t have any experience with it but switch off any sims and effects and set the masters and global volume (if there is one) to match the signal you get when you just plug the guitar straight into the amp. This should be the basis for all your sounds. Try adding effects ontop of the 600 and try out different amp sims and cabs to see if that helps. You might realise that you may need to use a whole different setup than what you’d expected. See this feature for more. – Bjorn]

  213. Steve says:

    Happy New Year, Bjorn! Hope this year brings you continued success with Airbag, and of course much Gilmourishness.

    Thanks to the good graces of my wife who has allowed me to commandeer half our garage for studio space, I’m out of the headphone-only world (using the Tech 21 Leeds to at least remind me what my tone should sound like) and back to the land of the living. So I’m in the market for a Gilmourish home-studio amp. I know you are working on a new feature on this very subject – but American Music Supply had a Laney Cub Head for US$255 shipped. At that price, I don’t know if there’s really anything that can touch it. Even the promising Super Champ X2 is $50 more – so I pulled the trigger – I’d be VERY surprised if the Cub doesn’t make your top-3 list again this year! Hopefully will come next week.

    A question for you – at home, do you typically use the 1W input? Or, since you (and I) keep the amp clean and get most of the drive from pedals, do you find you can use the 15W without the neighbors complaining? Guess I’ll know in a few days, but wanted to get your thoughts on that as a starting point.

    [The Cub is definitely one of the best amps in the home/practice category I’ve played. I don’t know if I would have trusted it on the road – most of these smaller, low cost amps have a pretty “fragile” construction – but for playing at home, it’s great. I normally use the 1w and to compensate for some of the loss of mid range and lower end you get on low volume, I’ve placed a booster in the loop boosting the output stage. If you do this be sure to use a transparent booster that’s able to play 100% clean. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  214. Josh says:

    Hey , I have two questions today first off is about an amp head, I found a hiwatt custom7 7w on musicians friend, would this be good for a bedroom setup? And and the second question is about a product I found on the same site,the emg David Gilmour pre wired pick guard/pickup set. So I currently have a bullet squire strat, pretty lame but whatever, would this be a good upgrade to buy for my guitar?

    [I haven’t tried the Custom 7 my self so I can’t really comment on that. It should be able to produce some nice Gilmourish tones but again… haven’t tried it. The DG20 set is great for David’s 80s and 90s tones but they doesn’t do vintage and Black Strat tones that well, although it works fine. Depends on what tones you want I guess. – Bjorn]

  215. Steve Schibuola says:

    just a quick note – my new Cub 12 Head was delivered today – THANK YOU SO MUCH for turning me onto this amazing amp – what a soulful tone machine! I used your suggested settings as a starting point but seriously – I don’t think it’s possible to dial up a bad sound. Gilmourish yes – but there’s so much more in there too – and it loved all my pedals so the tones are truly limitless. I would type more but my fingers hurt too much from playing!

    [Glad to hear Steve! It’s truly a great amp! – Bjorn]

  216. christophe says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    Could you please tell us what is the “transparent booster” you put in the effects loop (boosting the output stage) of your laney cub when using the 1 W channel?

    thank you and Happy new year !

    [Happy new year, Christophe! You can use any booster that has a transparent or so-called mids-scooped tone. The Boss BD2, TC Spark Booster, Electronic Orange Bananaboost, ThroBak Overdriveboost etc. You can also use an EQ like the FlexWaves EQ7. Pedals with lots of mid range, like the Tube Screamer, OCD etc doesn’t work as they colour the amp too much. The idea is to boost the output stage of the amp. – Bjorn]

  217. Shervin says:

    I have a Fender Mustang I. I know there are presets and pedals on that, but its too artificial sounding. Will the amp itself be good for what I’m trying to get at (Meddle to Division Bell)?

    If you know anything about which preset is which, can you explain which one imitates a Hiwatt the best?


    [I don’t have any experience with the Mustang, so I can’t really comment on it. Anyone else here care to help? – Bjorn]

  218. Keith says:

    Hey Bjorn, as I sat here checking out the new gear guide, I originally saw a comment asking about the HiWatt 20vs The Lionheart I believe, then it disappeared. Also, because of the quality issues I dealt with from 3 consecutive TSA30 combos, I can understand it’s exclusion, Hiwever, the 15 is bulletproof, and has unlimited clean headroom, so I was very disappointed to see you didn’t include it. Is it just that you haven’t completed the Amps under $700.00? I assume you are at this very moment working on the site, thus the disappearance of the post, and the error page popping up when I tried to go to the budget gear section 2 or 3 times in a row. Just checking, as I still use the 15H at home, and with good tubes, it sounds very close when dialed in, to the tones I can achieve with my Reeves. I’d be really disappointed to see it excluded. I’ve played most of the budget amps, and the TSA15 H, may not have a lot of bells, and whistles, but for pure clean tube sound, I think it’s at the top of the under $700.00 list. Glad you’re adding to the site more invaluable information. Thank you for your time, and effort.
    Peace my friend, Keith

    [The old budget section should be up now. I was expecting a comment from you regarding the TS15, ha ha! It’s a fine amp but I thought about it and decided I wanted to include a variety of amps and also not too many, as it will only confuse. The TS15 sounds a bit too much like many of the other mnodels, apart from its TS circuit of course. Perhaps I’ll feature it in a future update. This new guide has replaced the $700 guide. Cheers Keith! – Bjorn]

  219. Bo says:

    Bjorn, thanks so much for all the amazing information. So what is it about the Blues jr that you like so much? I’ve a Tube Driver and it needs pairing with something bedroom friendly…does the Blues Jr fit the bill? Also, what do you think about the Lightning Bolt speaker? Do you have a favorite 12 inch speaker for the Blues Jr to swap out the stock? One more question…is the Blues Jr. your new favorite 12-15watt combo? Are there any modifications besides perhaps speaker that I should consider? Hey man, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your advice and tips. Frankly, I was so intimidated by making a bad purchase that I went two years just playing straight into my bassman with no effects. Life is fuzzier with fuzz. Thanks for setting us straight. Peace and Pink

    [Well, I don’t own one and for my home studio I still prefer the Cub but if I had to get a 1×12″ for smaller clubs etc it would probably be a Jr. It’s rugged and the tone is classic Fender. Hard to tell why you fall in love with a tone but the Jr is incredibly versatile. It handles most guitars and pedals and you can always rely on a great clean tone. The stock Lightning Bolt speaker is quite good but actually, I think I’d get a V30 or something to match the classic tone. – Bjorn]

  220. Martin says:

    Good selection of amps. I’d definitely add the Egnater Tweaker 15 to the list. A tip though to enhance the headroom is to swap out preamp tube 1 with a 5751, and swap the phase inverter for a 12AT7. Couple of affordable tube swaps make a huge difference to the clean sound.

    [Thanks for the input! – Bjorn]

  221. Keith says:

    Oh well, I knew you’d expect to hear from me about it’s exclusion, so here’s my one amp budget guide. If you want an amp that is the perfect Gilmourish amp for home, and only have $ 450 to spend, the Ibanez TSA 15H head, and 1×12 cabinet will give you 5, or 15 watts of absolutely crystal clean tube tone. It can be used as a perfect platform for pedals, or with the included TS 9 cicuit, and +6db circuit, you can dial in great ovetdriven sounds with no pedals. I have a brand new REEVES Custom 50 PS, with 2 Thames 80s, and at home, I use the TSA far mire, with great results getting the tones we all shoot for. Unlike the 30 watt combo, the 15 is built like a tank, with chassis mounted, hand wired tube sockets, which means it holds up well to the bumps and knocks amps often take. Having the best in the REEVES, and having played most of the budget amps, I find this no frills, simple tube amp, unbeatable for the price. The tube change from stock to JJs makes more of a difference than even Bjorn can imagine, as I think he’s only played with the stock valves, and I don’t think the best ear would believe the difference without experiencing it! ( No disrespect intended Bjirn!). Do yourself a favor, and check it out if you can. It’s the loudest, cleanest 15 watts I’ve heard in over 30 years of playing.
    Peace, Love, and stay away from amps with PC board mouted tube sockets! Keith

    [Thanks for the review, Keith! – Bjorn]

  222. Keith says:

    Thanks for posting it, and very sorry I misspelled your name BJORN! haha
    Listen to my fine fingered friend, he’s definitely the expert! (but the tsa15h is a great little amp!)

    [Cheers! – Bjorn]

  223. Richard says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    thanks for all the hard work and the tips you give us with this comprehensive guide! Really appreciate your efforts and love your site!

    Nonetheless, just two quick questions: What is the difference (tonewise) between the Hiwatt T20 Head and the Hiwatt Custom 20 Head? Which one would you choose? Sorry if it’s been asked somewhere before.
    Also, I don’t have much knowledge about cabinets/ speakers, so excuse a maybe silly quiestion..: would these Custom Starfinder Replicas be similar to these WEM-Cabinets David uses? Would they be a good choice?

    Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend!

    [Sorry for my late reply, Richard. It’s two different amps I think. The Custom 20 has more of that classic Hiwatt character but it also got an active EQ circuit, which makes it a bit more aggressive sounding. It has lots of headroom but it’s perhaps a more rock oriented amp. The new Tube series are overall great sounding amps with that familiar bright Hiwatt character. It may not be the most rugged amp for touring though… I’ve never tried the Starfinder replicas but I guess they’re OK. They shouldn’t be confused with the old cabs though. – Bjorn]

  224. Cory says:

    Hi Bjorn, I was wondering what you recommend for playing at home or jamming with friends: L5T-112, L20H or the Cub-Head.



    P.S. Awesome site!!!

    [The L20H is definitely the best of these but way too loud for a bedroom. Gilmourwise, I’d go for the Cub :) – Bjorn]

  225. Jacob26 says:

    Hello Bjorn ,
    what is your opinion on Vht 12/20 special combo . It is a 12 inch speaker combo that you can put either 6v6 or el84 tubes . It is rated either at 12 or at 20 watt ( you can use 6l6 or el34 tubes to make it sound louder ) There is also a version with built in tube reverb and tremolo .
    Check it out

    [I haven’t tried them so I can’t really tell. Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  226. Riff says:

    Blackstar HT-1R head incredible range of tones available from these little 1 watt monsters……..
    I use in conjunction with a Marshall cab & 1×12 Weber Silver Bell speaker….. I mainly use the clean channel with pedals infront……….
    Fantastic low volume amp for home use.

  227. Rob says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    Great job on your site. One of my daily visits. Because of your advice, last year I sought out a Peavey Classic 30, great amp but definitely loud when running pedals instead of a Line6 HD 500 board that I had. I decided to go with pedals and found a Sovtek Green Big Muff and a TS, CE2, D El. Miss and a DD-20 and the tone is so much better. I was at a club and heard a guy play through a VOX AC30 and thought the tone was killer. I ended up buying a VOX AC30 Handwired with the Blues in them and I know you aren’t fond of them but really liked the tone. Still may get the Blues Jr as well, just like having different amps for the real sound instead of amp simulators. But anyway my point is I actually liked the tone somewhat of the Peavey C30 to my ears in the bedroom compared to the AC30 except when I really crank it. But when playing at bedroom levels and recording, even when playing live the sound of the Peavey was warmer, but when listening back to the recording comparing the two the VOX AC30 actually had a better Gilmorish tone with more separation between the notes, where the C30 sounded muddy. Thought that was very interesting and that sometimes for recording the best sounding amp to your ears, may not be the best sounding amp to the microphone. For reference I used a Seinnheiser e609 on the amp and an Audio Technica AT4040 about a 18 inches in front and the tone was killer. Really cool to turn each one off and on to get different sounds of the mikes.

    [Thanks for your kind words and for sharing, Rob! You’re absolutely right about how a tone can change depending on the different situations. I rarely use my Sound City cab for recording. For some reason I can never really capture the tones I hear coming from the cab. Besides, smaller amps are often much easier to mic properly and control in a studio environment. Amps and guitars are a bit like choosing between pedals when you’re recording. I often find my self using very different gear in a studio to obtain the same tones I get on stage… or just for something very different. – Bjorn]

  228. danicotra says:

    Hello Bjorn. Many compliments for your website, I consider it a stronghold for people like me (almost a noob) trying to understand and reproduce Dave Gilmour’s wonderful sound.

    I’m concerned with choosing a little tube amp, I noticed you removed the Fender Champion 600 from your list I was wondering why?
    I know you’ve been using it for a time, can I know your opinion about how does that amp compares with a Bugera V5?
    Many thanks!

    [Thanks for your kind words! The Champion 600 is a nice little practice amp but I wouldn’t choose it for band or gigs. It can handle most pedals but it has its obvious limitations so if you want something that’ll produce a solid basis for your tones, you might want to look into something slightly bigger. Check out the lower wattage amps in the guide. – Bjorn]

  229. danicotra says:

    Hi again Bjorn and thank you for the prompt reply.
    As I said in the first post, I’m almost a noob at electric guitar: I’m not in a band at the moment and I’m sure I won’t be gigging in short time…
    I was actually looking for a cheap tube amp for training at home…
    I remember (it’s been at most a month ago) I saw a list of amps under $700 in your site and a factsheet (like the ones above here) about the Fender Champion 600 you suggested as a good amp for practising at home (or on backstage) obtaining good Gilmour tones..
    As, by now, the Fender Champion 600 is no longer in the list while you mention the Bugera V5 (in the factsheet about the V22). Since the prices are similar, I would like to know your opinion about how do those two little amps compare and which one is more… Gilmourish ;-)
    Many thanks!

    If you can’t answer here (e.g. for “legal/commercial reasons”), would you please answer me by email? I’d really appreciate! (otherwise, please remove this post-scriptum.)
    Hope to hear you soon, ’cause your experience really counts for me. Thank you again.

    [Sorry for my late reply. The Champion 600 is a nice little practice amp but with its obvious limitations it doesn’t handle pedals that well. As most of want to use a bunch of pedals I think there are more suited amps on the market. The V5 has a couple more features, which makes it a more versatile amp. Nice tone too. I also recommend checking out the Laney Cub series and the smaller models. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  230. Flavio says:

    Hi Bjorn, do you have any information about the Peavey Valveking 112?


    [Only tried it very briefly. Nice clean channel with rich headroom… similar to the Classic 30. The drive channel is more metal oriented. – Bjorn]

  231. Cory says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I just picked up a Blues Jr III and was wondering what speaker you recommend putting in it for a gilmourish rig?

    Thank you,


    [I’ve only played it with stock speakers. The Weber Thames Ceramic is always a favourite and works nicely on low wattage amps as well. I also think that the classic Celestions like the V30 works nicely on smaller amps. – Bjorn]

  232. jay says:

    hi bjorn

    im looking to buy a valve amp but im am overwhelmed with choices im only bedroom playing i also have boss gt8 so was thinking of a good little amp 5w or 15w to compliment the boss gt8 these are some amps that i was looking at maybe new or secondhand.
    laney cub 10
    bugera bc15
    fender champion 600
    epiphone valve junior?
    harley benton ga15
    i have looked at so many i forgot half of them so if anyone else can help me the money i have is burning a hole in my pocket all i want s a amp arrrggg
    i love this site great work bjorn (my gear classic 70 strat/crybaby/bossgt8/various pedals)

    [Thanks! Of the ones you mention, I’d go for the Cub. They’re very clean and transparent, which compliments the Boss GT processor. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  233. Keith says:

    @ Jay, I have an Ibanez TSA15H, and matching 1×12 cab. Depending on where you live, it may be in stock at your local music store. With a little haggling, you can get this bulletproof, all tube amp, with unlimited clean headroom, great focused tone, and the added advantage of a built in +6db boost, and TS9 TubeScreamer circuit for about $450.00 US new. I have a REEVES Custom 50, but at home, I find myself going for the TSA time after time. It also is switchable between 5, & 15 watts, and has a 5 year warranty!
    Cheers, Keith

  234. Charlie says:

    Hey Bjorn

    Is the laney cub stack louder than the laney cub 12 because it has a extra speaker?

    [Yes. Considerably louder and a lot more headroom. – Bjorn]

  235. Flavio says:

    Thanks again for your great site and also for taking your time answering all the questions here!

    [Thank you Flavio! – Bjorn]

  236. danicotra says:

    Hi Bjorn and many thanks for the replies, you’re a very kind person.
    Waiting for your updated budget-rig guide,
    I would like to ask you what about the Laney Cub8 for training at home?
    Thank you in advance!

    [Glad to help :) The Cub8 is a great little amp but you may want to look into one of the bigger models for more headroom. It doesn’t handle Muffs and the typical Gilmour pedals that well. – Bjorn]

  237. sebastien says:

    Hello Bjorn,
    What are the tubes used in your Laney Cub head:
    I know they are JJ, but which models? 3 X ECC83 – S or ECC82 or ECC81?
    2 X EL 84 – 6BQ5?



    [ECC83S and EL84. – Bjorn]

  238. says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I totaly agree about the Cub 12, a great sounding little amp, many thanks for the tip.
    Please, what do you think about the Engl Gigmaster 15? I played it a couple of times and still not sure what to think.
    Thank you! Ozzy

    [Not really an Engl fan… a bit too dark sounding for my taste but I’m sure you can tweak it for some really nice Gilmour tones. – Bjorn]

  239. Gons says:

    Hi dude!

    I´m searching for an amp, and i´ve seen additionally Fender HRDIII three more possibilities:

    Koch studiotone
    Koch twintone II
    Hughes & Kettner statesman quad el84

    Have you ever played any of these amps? What do you think about them?

    Thanks men!! Great page!!

    [Thanks! Never tried any of them… – Bjorn]

  240. zaella says:

    Hi Bjorn! Glad to see your website back again! :-D
    Rapid question dude: what about the new Fender Excelsior amp?
    Ever put your hands on one?

    [Thanks! I wouldn’t recommend it for Gilmour’s tones or a band setup but it’s a really cool amp for practice. Very loud and surprisingly lots of headroom. – Bjorn]

  241. Bo says:

    Good evening,

    Could you let us know your Blues Jr. Settings please and thanks. Much appreciated. Have a great night.

    [Hi Bo! I usually go with this… : volume between 1-3, treble 4, middle 5, bass 5, master as desired. – Bjorn]

  242. Brett says:

    Would it be possible when you have some time to
    Give us some gilmourish settings for the bugera v22
    Fantastic to see your sensational web page up again

    [Hi Brett! Clean channel, volume 5-7, master as desired, bass 4-5, treble 4, middle 4-6, presence 5. You could also try setting the treble at around 3 and the presence at 7-8. This adds a bit more bite to your tone but you may also experience some fizzy overtones on your gain. Tweak around these setting to match your pedals and guitar. – Bjorn]

  243. jay says:

    Hi there

    thanks keith and bjorn

    the only problem i have now is even more amps to choose from so with budget of £200
    i am back to square 1 i am swaying towards laney cub 12 but if there is any other amps i am missing that would be better i am open to suggestions or should i just buy the cub 12 and get on with it.

    p.s i would like peoples opinion on boss gt8 or few pedals (i was going to sell boss gt8)

    [I think the Cubs are great and I know Keith swears by the Ibanez TS. Most amps in this price range is fairly similar, so I don’t think you can go wrong. – Bjorn]

  244. Tom says:

    Hi Bjorne,
    I wish I found your site earlier. I’m a novice and I just purchased a Marshall Class 5 head with a Avatar cabinet with a 30 watt Celestion G12H30 70th Year Anniversary special speaker (more headroom). I haven’t received the cabinet yet but is this going to be a good foundation to build a Gilmour tone? I saw above that Marshall isn’t preferred. Why?
    I wanted a low wattage tube amp for home use or with friends at rehearsal. I will be using a BYOC large beaver, BD-2 keeley mod (boost), tech21 analog delay, EH chorus and maybe a keeley compression somewhere.
    I’ve been devouring your site for information. Any guidance from you or your readers would be much appreciated.
    All the best

    [Modern Marshalls are not something I’d recommend for David’s tones. They don’t have a good enough clean tone and they sound too aggressive for some of the typical Gilmour pedals. It does not mean that you can’t use them but there are more suitable amps on the market. Older Marshalls are very different. The early JTM and JCM seires are very similar to the Hiwatts and some of the Fenders. There works nicely. The Class 5 has a great tone and you should be able to set it up for a nice clean basis as well. You might struggle with the headroom in a band situation but raise the cab a meter or so off the ground and you should be able to hear it better. – Bjorn]

  245. Marc-André says:

    Hey there, nice section I love it! Just a suggestion maybe, it would be nice to also have a score for each amp like you do in the other sections (pedals for instance). Also, I suppose Reeve’s amp could be added in the list too?

    Thanks a lot and good work again!

    [Thanks! The Reeves is definitely recommended but the idea was to present budget amps and amps suitable for bedroom setups. I didn’t put scores on these because each amp serve different purposes and tones. Depends entirely what you’re looking for some there’s none of these that are perfect or bad. – Bjorn]

  246. Uwe says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I’d like to know if the Laney Cub Cab does give you entire satisfaction. I mean, Is it a strong
    X 12 ” Cab? made out of the right woods? I’m asking because I’m about to oder a great custom 2 X 12″ cab form Zillacabs…. Would it be a great combination with The Laney Cub head I own, or would you recommend to stick to the Standard Cub cab made to pair with the head?

    all the best,

    [The Cub is a great practice and bedroom amp but nothing more. In my opinion at least. I would never take it on the road. The wood and construction of both the cab and head is fragile and the pots and electronics isn’t something I would trust for a tour. I have used it quite a lot for recording, the head especially, and it’s definitely capable of producing some very nice tones and a basis for my pedals. There are lots of high quality cabs on the market, many of witch are offered with custom measurements. I would go for one of them if you plan on touring. – Bjorn]

  247. Tom says:

    Thanks Bjorn. Great explanation and great website. Keep up the good work.

    [Thanks Tom! – Bjorn]

  248. Joshua says:

    Hey Bjorn, great website. Love it. I’m thinking about buying a laney amp, should I get the 12 or the stack, just for my basement. Thanks, Josh

    [Thanks! I’d get the stack. It’ll give you more headroom for your pedals and the 1w scaling will work nicely for your bedroom or basement. – Bjorn]

  249. Christopher says:

    Hej Bjorn, I’m looking for a new amp that is able of some serious Gilmour tones, preferably a low wattage head because i already own a Zillacab 2×12.

    Can you recommend the Reeves Custom 18 or 30, or are they more marshall orientated?
    Otherwise I will be looking at the Fender Blues Junior (Humboldt), but it would be sad if my 2×12 would be forced to rot in a corner.

    Thank you four keeping up this great homepage :)

    [The lower wattage Reeves are more Marshall than Hiwatt. You should be able to get some very nice Gilmour tones with them as well but you might want to look into something else. I have a Laney Lionheart L20H myself that I’m very fond of. Not quite Hiwatt but somewhere between a Bassman and AC30 I think… I haven’t had the time to explore that segment yet so I can’t really suggest much more… – Bjorn]

  250. Jorge says:

    Hi Bjorn, thanks for this great site! I was happy with my Laney Cub 12R until it started dying after a few minutes of play (home practice). Currently I can only play about 2 minutes before it turns off by itself. According to some forums they had a bad run of Polyswitch thermal fuses which turn off the amp once they get hot. If someone asked me I wouldnt be able to recommend this line due to quality control issues. Anyone else having this problem?

    [Never had the problem my self and I leave the amp on for hours and push it really hard. It’s not the most relieable amp constructionwise but very few of the low price tube amps are. Parts and assembly are compromised for getting tuibe tones within an affordable price point. I’d never gig or tour with it but it holds up nicely in a studio and it sounds pretty good too :) – Bjorn]

  251. Bo says:

    Hey Bjorn. Love the Blues jr. settings. It was a game changer as I had the preamp volume way too high and the treble way off as well. Sounds great with the Musket. Can’t wait til’ I get off work so I can rock the London Fuzz and Catlinbread Echoric through it. This website absolutely rules and like I’ve said in the past, I’d be lost without your direction. Most people tend to hide tone secrets. Well let there be light.

    Dreamy Tone. Can not believe it’s coming from my room. New car, caviar. Thank you kindly.

    [Glad to hear Bo! Shine On! – Bjorn]

  252. Gastón says:

    I saw that you included the Bugera V22 in your amps. I remember when I asked you about it before to buy one. Sounds fucking great!!!
    Greeting from Argentina.


  253. Olivier says:

    Hello, and many thanks for your great site !
    What do you think of the Peavey Delta Blues (based on the classic 30, but with a 15′ speaker) for gilmourish tones ?
    Thank you ! Greeting from France !

    [I haven’t tried it so I can’t really tell. My experience with 15″ speakers for guitar is that they tend to get a bit flabby in the lower end but again, I can’t tell about this one. – Bjorn]

  254. mikw says:

    Hi Bjorn, I’ve been working/putting together my David Gilmour Strat clone with the CS69’s in the neck & middle pickups and SD SSL-5 in the bridge. So, while I’ve been working on it, I’ve been thinking about getting an amp that will match up the best with the later Gilmour sounds from his Albert Hall and Live in Gdansk, which are right at the top of my favorite tones.
    I currently use a 70’s Twin Reverb and a Marshall Bluesbreaker, which works well for alot of the stuff I play, but I wanted to get your opinion on which amps will get me more in the neighborhood of his later work. Two amps that keep coming up in my research is the Hiwatt Custom 50 and the Reeves Custom 50, which could be overkill at home and in the small music halls I play in, but with the smaller amps seeming to having more of a Marshall sound, which I already have.
    Really enjoy your site, you’re doing a top notch job. Thanks

    [Hi Mike! Between the two, I’d go for the Reeves. You don’t get any closer to the old Hiwatts than that. But, as you say, it’s way too much for bedrooms. I use mine at rehearsals and smaller 300-500 seats clubs though and it works fine. Other than that you might want to look into Suhr or Hook, for same tone family. – Bjorn]

  255. Ege says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    Long time follower of your site, thanks for putting so much effort into your Gilmour research.

    Just a quick question regarding budget amps. I have a chance to buy a Peavey Classic 30 for $650 (new) or $450 (used). The used one is 5 years old but it comes with a foot switch. I am very much interested in a Laney Cub 12r as well, seeing all the great comments about it here (and watching your review and vids featuring the amp). I can grab the Laney Cub 12r online for around $399 (but there is a $75 shipping cost on top of this, as I live in Canada and have to order the Laney Cub from the US unfortunately).

    Which of these two amps would you recommend? I play largely at home, and may occasionally take the amp to jams/gigs once in a while (audience of ~50 max). In terms of that Hiwattish sound as well as the ability to handle a fair number of pedals, which amp would deliver best?


    [Hi Ege! I’d go for the Classic 30. The Cub is a great amp with a Hiwatt-ish character but I would’t recommend it for anything else than bedrooms and home practice. The speakers aren’t all that the construction isn’t what I’d trust for the road. The Classic 30 is rugged and has a much better construction and parts. The tone is somewhere between a Hiwatt and AC30. – Bjorn]

  256. Richard says:

    Hi Bjorn, I’m looking for an amp to play music of Pink Floyd and camel.
    They are two different sounds I now, but what do you think can be a good alternative.
    I want to play at home and rehearse with friends just for fun.

    Thank you very much!

    [Of the ones listed here, I’d probably go for the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or Peavey Classic 30. The latter is probably your best choice. If you can afford a bit more, then the Laney Lionheart is a great amp. – BJorn]

  257. Carlos Garms says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    First, thanks for all you are doing!
    I’m buying a Reeves Custom Jimmy, sent them an email asking if it can acheive gilmour tones and they said it could, what do you think about it? And what new speakers do you recommend? Thank you so much!

    [I haven’t tried the Jimmy myself but from what I understand you can tweak it for both classic Hiwatt with lots of headroom and those early Marshall tones with a bit more gain. Anyway, should be great for Gilmour and lots of other classic tones. I’m using Weber Thames 80″ with my Reeves Custom 50. They’re super clean and fairly bright, so if you want a darker tone for your distortions and tube overdrive you might want to look into some lower wattage mid rangy stuff like the Vintage 30, Heritage series and similar. – Bjorn]

  258. Dylan B says:

    Hey, great info as always. I have a JC120 and its far too loud to practice, does the laney cub have speaker out?

    [The head doesn’t but the cab has a link feature. Not sure about the combos. – Bjorn]

  259. Bruno says:

    Hi Bjorn and fellows! Greetings from Brasilia – Brazil!

    Thank’s for this post… really useful!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while… can’t remember when I started it…
    I want to buy a cheap amp, just for pratice and for create a basis tone… low wattage…
    I wanna run some pedals before it, like BD-2, Zoom G3 and maybe a cool muff…
    My thoughts:

    -Fender Frontman 25r
    -Bugera BC15 (I could afford the V5, but I believe this one is more charming)
    -Laney Cub 8
    -Fender Champion 600

    Actually I had an Hughes & Kettner Attax 80, but I sold it a time ago… great clean tone…

    [Hi Bruno! I’ve only tried the Frontman and Cub. I think the Frontman will give you the most for your buck but if your budget allows you to go for the Cub12 then that’s my best tip. – Bjorn]

  260. Paulo says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I’m thinking to buy a small tube amp to practice at home, and liked the Laney Cub 12 sound but it’s a little expensive me. What do you think about the Cub 8?

    Regards from Portugal

    [Depending on what guitar and pedals you intend to use with it, you should be able to get some nice Gilmour tones. It doesn’t have as much headroom as the Cub12 but at low bedroom volume that shouldn’t be a problem. – Bjorn]

  261. uwe says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    I’d like to be sure before buying a Head that would fit my2 X 12 cabinet, which has celestion V30 in it.

    My needs are for bedroom use. I’m convinced by the Laney Cub head, for those Gilmour vintage clean tones, and using the classical muffs or fuzz face clones just in front of it…

    BUT : I’m also a great great Trower / Hendrix fan, and would like to know if it would be ok to use The Laney Cub headt as a foundation for their tone, by using my Wampler plexidrive. And to be more precise, would it be a good choice to plug that pedal into the fx loop of the laney Cub .

    Would it turn the Cub into a small JTM45 with crunch, letting me free of putting in front of the amp, the hendrix trower type of pedals (Analogman Ge fuzz face, MJM sixities vibe, fulltone fulldrive like trower does, etc etc…).

    Or , would it be better to buy a type of Marshall Mini head ( JVM1 / JCM1 / JMP1….)

    The question is much like laney cub w/ wampler Plexidrive in effects loop VS marshall JVM1 or JMP1 …….

    Same question with the HIwatt T20 and Laney Lionheart 20 head, if not too loud for bedroom use.

    Thank you.
    have a Nice day.


    [The Lionheart L20H is subert but I think you’d have a problem taming the volume in your bedroom. The Cub head, with some proper tubes, sounds very much like a Hiwatt with a bright transparent character. Not really a Marshall, so if you’re desperately seeking that Trower/Hendrix tone, you might want to check out some of the Marshall mini-heads. The PlexiDrive works nicely with the Cub – it’s my main overdrive for that amp – but it won’t turn the amp into a JMT. More like a Hiwatt sounding more Marshally :) If you’re gonna place a booster in the loop, then it needs to be a transaprent clean booster like the TC Spark Booster or ThroBak Overdriveboost or you’ll get a dark muddy tone. – Bjorn]

  262. Djile says:

    Hi Bjorn.
    what do you think about
    Marshall bluesbraker 18w?
    I play blues,pink floyd and rock’n’roll

    [Don’t think you can go wrong :) – Bjorn]

  263. Johannes says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Due to your advice i bought de Bugera V22. Great sounding amp and works great at bedroom volumes. Still gotta try some overdrive pedal. I never would ‘ve gotten this great (and affordeble) amp unless I red your article.

    Thanx for all the effort you put in this great site.



    [Glad I can help, Johannes! Congrats with the new amp! – Bjorn]

  264. Uwe says:

    Hello again,

    Thanks for your prompt answer!

    I think I’ll end up with both of them. Really like the Laney Cub but, also would like that hendrix / trower sound. Have you tried the 50’th anniversary heads, and if yes, could you please tell me which one you actually recommend ? the JTM1 seems brighter than the JMP. I loved the soundclip of the JCM 1 also. …

    … would it be a great choice and also evntually a clean base for the Gilmourish tones?

    Best regards,

    [They’re very different sounding so it depends on what you’re looking for and what matches your guitar. Personally, I think the JMP sounded best but the JTM is perhaps the one with the most headroom, although neither of these has as much headroom as the Cub12. – Bjorn]

  265. Uwe says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    After reading your answer about the use of a Plexidrive in front of the Laney Cub, I’m starting to doubt about the sincerity of all the PGS tests on youtube with all that pedals that are said to make your clean Fender or Hiwatt sound like a JTM or a Plexi (Wampler plexidrive, Wampler Pinnacle, Wampler plextortion, CMATMODS brownie, Catalinbread Dirty Little secret, etc, etc , etc…) .
    Maybe you ‘ve given the closest representation when you say that it just makes your amp sound “more Marshally”, “not turning your amp into a JTM”.

    Do you have experimented with other Wampler heavier pedals trought the Laney Cub like Plextortion ? gearmanndude uses them trough a fender Blues Junior or DrZ amps when “demoing”.

    I’ve tested a Laney cub at a local store (which I love for it’s purity in clean tones) and I’d also love to know a pedal that would make it sounding close to a JTM w, when I want those hendrix tones…. All that because the Mini marshalls like JTM1 are MUUUCCHHH LOOOUUUDER than the laney Cub, even with the 1 W setting I’m not sure that those mini marshall Heads would be appropriate fer my ” Living Room” Playing. haven’t you tried them ?

    Kind regards,


    [See my reply in regards to the Marshalls below. No pedal can make any amp sound like anything it’s not. A Fender will always sound like a Fender and a Marshall will always sound like a Marshall. I use lots of “sim” pedals, like the PlexiDrive, Plextortion, rotary sims etc etc but all they do is to offer a similar character as the original. Your Cub, Fender, Marshall or whatever will still shine through. Keep in mind that the tone coming from the amp, is a combination of the amp (pre and output) and it’s speakers. I think the PGS demos are great and very honest but you can still hear the Fender Deluxe Reissue they’re using. So in other words, I don’t think you should go looking for a pedal that turns your amp into a huge vintage tube stack because you’ll never find it. That being said, Wampler makes some amazing sounding stuff and the PlexiDrive has been my fav overdrive for some time now. It definitely has that crispy, mid-rangy and slightly compressed JTM45 tone and I think a transparent amp, like the Cub or similar, would allow you to dial in some very nice Hendrix, Trower and even some Gilmour Tube Driver tones. Of course, replicating a tone also require some knowledge about how that original tone was created. Amp settings, pickups, pedals and settings etc. – Bjorn]

  266. Matteo says:

    Hi Bjorn, I’m writing you to have some infos concerning the hiwatt t 40 since I’m intended to buy it to replace my actual hiwatt solid state head : a maxwatt 200w hd, which is obviously too powerful for rehearsals and quite hard to tame in smaller venues and indoors generally speaking. The cool thing about the T40 is the power scaling feature allowing me to use it at 20w for rehersals and 40 live. I’m gonna use it on a 4×12 hiwatt speaker, my question is: do you think the t40 could be useful even for outdoors venues, considered that stadiums and arenas are not included in my tour schedule? :D (unfortunately), thank you very much for your work and your site, amazing as usual. Cheers, Matteo

    [I think it would. You will be mic’ing the cab anyway so any amp would be sufficient really. Just be sure to position yourself so that you can hear the amp or use a front monitor. – Bjorn]

  267. Joel says:

    Hi Björn,
    Have you tried the Orange Tiny Terror?
    Do you think it could handle Gilmour tones?


    [Not enough headroom if you’re planning on using it with pedals. That little thing is an angry little beast… – Bjorn]

  268. Davis Mac says:

    I use a Hiwatt T40H in one of my setups. The ability to go down to 20 watts with the flick of a switch makes it more versatile. I use it with either 1 or 2 x Fitzmaurice 2 x 12 cabs, which are good enough for all but the largest venues. It does need miking outdoors, but everything needs miking outdoors if your sound guy knows his job, and you’ll be more likely using an iso cab outdoors. Also I can’t vouch for the T20, but the T40 does have an FX loop.

    [Thanks for the input, Davis! – Bjorn]

  269. Tom says:

    Hi! I’m considering a Laney Cub 12 (combo version with one 12″ speaker). Now I have little Fender Champion 600 amp and it’s great but i feel that the “6 speaker can’t handle my Big Muff Pi, it’s not the sound of muff i expected. Will Laney be better, will it handle the muff with all character of this effect? Is it worth to upgrade to laney from this fender?

    Thanks, Bjorn – great site :D

    [Definitely. – Bjorn]

  270. mick says:

    Hi, I have been putting together my rig with your help and have my strat with emg pickups, a reeves custom 50 combo (which is really a cool amp after mostly working with distortion style amps over the years) and a few pedals with a diamond compressor, Bk Tube driver and a strymon el capistan delay. I can get in the neighborhood of David Gilmour’s tones, which I have been looking for, but I would still like to get more of that “Dripping Water” sound I hear coming from his playing (that is the only way I can describe how it sounds to me!), especially on his more recent work “Live in Gdansk”, etc. So, I thought I would go to the best source to see if you can help me and others on the tone quest. Thanks.

    [Not quite sure what you mean by “dripping water” as his 2006 didn’t feature any modulation like in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Check out the Tone-Amps feature for some amp setup tips and the Tone-Pedal feature for some general tone tips. You might want to check out the Big Muff Tone Tutorial feature as well. Hope this helped :)

  271. mick says:

    Hi, I guess I should have been more specific. With songs like “Shine On” on “Live in Gdansk”, the notes on David’s guitar work (especially the clean intro) sound like they are dripping water with a kind of “ping” sound bouncing off each note (The clean & overdrive tones in this song/solo are right near the very top of the mountain for my overall favorite tones). I thought maybe I should be adding some reverb, but too much seems to kill off the overall sound. So, I thought you might have some more insight on how to get more of that sound. I reread some of the tone guides you suggested, they are always helpful to refresh my memory (You have built up a pretty massive site of info/clips, etc. to feed on!). Thanks again for all you are doing!

    [I guess what you’re referring to is the attack of his picking and tone. That’s a bit complicated to describe and talk about but in essence, it’s a combination of his picking, the tone of the pickups, his pedals and the amp. What you hear on Shine On Gdansk, is the red Strat with the EMG SA active pickups. These feature active tone control and he’s engaged the SPC mid range booster. This rounds off the harsh top you sometimes get with single coils and adds warmth and punch. He’s also using a compressor pedals tat squeezes the tone for a smooth attack and rich sustain. The Hiwatt amps he’s using has a clean bright tone that adds to the clarity of his guitar tone. Perhaps most importantly, he alternates his picking between very very soft and gentle and hard for the climatic parts of the solo. He’s also adjusting the guitar volume with his picking for more or less gain. Gentle picking and he’s lowering the guitar volume. This adds to the soft attack and compression. Aggressive picking and he increases the volume for a brighter tone. Hope this helped :) – Bjorn]

  272. Keith says:

    I empathize with Mick, and he struck a note with me referring to the sound as “dripping water”. I have tried to express with words the sound he gets that I covet most, and always used crystalline, and bell clear, but add liquid to those adjectives, and that IS THE SOUND!!! I want to once in my life, perfectly replicate that sound in the beginning of SOYCD, when he’s doing the initial solo, and in those first picked notes of the little melody. It’s like a viscous liquid, dripping on a crystal bell! Dun-da-dun-dahhh….. What pedals, would I need to use to get that sound. It’s a no dirt, clean sound, but I cannot find it with The Amp, The Guitar, The speakers, and THESE Fingers. There has to be something that will get me there! I’m rambling, but I finally put into words what is almost indescribable!
    See how you get those sounds yourself, and please try to relate anything you may be doing that is the little tid bit I, and Mick can’t seem to find.
    Thanks Bjorn, I’m really happy to find a way to describe that sound!! Keith

    [Album version or live? – Bjorn]

  273. Keith says:

    My personal love is the album, while Rick is holding that droning root chord, and the chimes are ringing, David plays that first solo that goes into the four picked notes that he repeats and goes into the second blusey solo. Just as he’s finishing up the initial solo, and going into the picked melody line, there’s that Liquid Chime about his guitar I have never heard on any other recording. It as if each note drips of his guitar? I can read the settings, and setups a hundred times, but something just isn’t there, close, but not as vapor like. Ha, I just added another word, vaporous liquid crystal chime! Yep, that’s it, and I cannot reproduce it. If I could, I’d start a spaceblues band on that one tone!
    I’m sure it’s him, and something in the stereo mix, but I’d love to get really close.
    Thanks, hope you can hear my visual description, K~

    [OK… the first solo, during the intro, was recorded straight into the mixing desk with a Strat using the neck pickup. This is not dokumented as far as I know, but you can hear that slightly processed tone with studio compression and limiting. You can’t replicate the with an amp and pedals. The second solo, after the band has entered, was recorded with a Strat starting with the neck and ending with the bridge. There are no sources conforiming what amp setup he used, but I think it’s a fair assumption that he used the Hiwatt and possibly a Leslie that was mixed very low. There might be a Colorsound there as well but then again, it could simply be volume and studio compression. As I wrote in the previous reply, David used the guitar volume a lot to control the tone and gain and, very important, you need to add the mics they used and the positioning of these as well. – Bjorn]

  274. Keith says:

    That’s what I thought, the magic of production often produces unattainable results without that processing. It sounds like a lot of compression, and reverb, and some modulation when he picks the four note melody.
    Thanks Bjorn, I’ll have to live with close for now, K~

    [You can get fairly close with a neutral setting on your Reeves (all EQs at noon) and a transaparent compressor. Use the neck pickup and roll down the guitar volume to about 7 or 8. You might want to roll down the tone a bit too for a slightly muffled sound. Keep you’re picking gentle with a heavy gauge pick. – Bjorn]

  275. Mark says:


    Have you had a chance to play the Fender Mustang III yet? If so, what did you think of it? I’m thinking about getting an Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster. But I still have not decided which amp to purchase with it. Also, can you recommend a couple of basic pedals to start out with until I get more experience playing, thanks.


    [Hi Mark. The Mustang is OK but personally I think there are better sounding amps on the market. Since you’ll be using pedals anyway, why not check out a single channel tube amp like the Laney Cub series or a Fender Blues Jr? In terms of pedals, I think it’s wise to start off with the very basics. Assuming you’ll be covering Gilmour’s tones I’d go for a distortion, overdrive and delay. My best advice is to put some money into a good guitar, amp and a few pedals and build your tone from there. There are lots of great budget alternatives if you know where to look. Check out the new Mooer series and pedals like the Black Secret, Hustle Drive and some of the delays. Check out the Overdrives and distortion feature on this site too for some tips. I’ll soon be posting a budget section so you might want to look out for that one as well :) – Bjorn]

  276. Keith says:

    Thanks for the tip Bjorn! I was talking delays with Stephen, and I wondered why you nor anyone seem to have the excitement about the Catalinbread that was initially present when it came out. Have you seen one in your hands yet, or just give up on it for some reason? Just curious, as I still have GAS for it, but was really looking forward to you reviewing it. I don’t trust videos from sellers like I do yours!
    Thanks for the help on SOYCD, Keith

    [Hmmmm… Well, all my reviews are purely based on my very personal opinion and the fact that I would use the item anytime – 100% unbiased. Still, with the fear of sounding like a dick, since I don’t get a dime from hosting this site I don’t give a full reveiw of stuff I need to buy myself :) Interpret that as you like :) – Bjorn]

  277. Aron says:

    Keith, I have the Catalinbread Echorec and can say I love it. There are good YouTube video’s comparing the pedal to a Binson, and it is easy to hear where the Catalinbread sounds different; lacks that full “spacey” sound. However, it is a great delay pedal. I have a TC Nova delay, and wanted something to use on the older songs, as well as being a bit simpler to operate. The Catalinbread does both. It is now my numer one delay, aside for songs where a digital is needed. Has a bit of a learning curve to find your sound, and you’ll want to “play” with all of the combinations when you first get it.

  278. JAIME says:

    Great answer.
    Your site; your rules
    Now, they will pay the price for their lack of vision…
    Make them suffer, jajajaja

    [Ha ha! There are some nice review on the net already but it would be fitting with a nice Gilmour angle on the pedal I think. After all, he was kind of the Binson ambassador in the 70s :) – Bjorn]

  279. Keith says:

    Now you know I understand that completely, and you couldn’t be a dick, unless severely provoked. I personally think Catalinbread made a huge mistake not sending you one, and if you don’t mention it again, thet get what they deserve. I’m just trying to decide on a one trick pony, the Echorec, or something that’s close, but does more, the El Capistan. I take it from the original hoopla, they were supposed to send you one, but “forgot” or something. If I was rich, I’d send you one of every pedal made! And I just listened to the Effectrode clip, and I think it just may edge the Vibe machine out, glad I waited. Your solo, where the sax solo normally goes is amazing, and I assume your own. You’ve been doing Gilmour so long, if I had heard that anywhere else, I’d have sworn it was Gilmour himself. The phrasing is 100% spot on Gilmour.
    Thanks for another thing to buy GASMAN! Keith :)

    [Thanks Keith! Based on the clips I’ve heard, the Echorec sounds great and perhaps as close as it’s possible to get with a pedal. Replicating the Echorec is not an easy task. In terms of versatility I think there are other better models on the market, like the EL Capistan, Empress etc. I’m also waiting for the Effectrode model coming later this year. – Bjorn]

  280. iTattoo says:

    Hi Bjorn, first of all thank u for this great page. it’s the most useful all over the web :) one question. i’m about to buy a T20 Hiwatt head+cab and… u say it doesnt have send return loop…. but from the webpage of hiwatt says it does have. is it right ? thank You … Steven

    [Hi Steven! Thanks for your kind words! A little typo there… Thanks for pointing that out! – Bjorn]

  281. Guilherme Nery says:

    Hi there, Im From Brasil, and i have a transistor amp from Hiwatt, the G100R … what did you think about him?
    the clean tone is very similar to the valve’s one, please i would like a comment about this amp.

    [They’re quite OK. Not tube tone obviously but the clean channel is unmistakably Hiwatt. You might also want to look into the Hiwatt Tube Series if you can find them. – Bjorn]

  282. Graham says:

    I bought the Laney Cub 12 stack after watching all your demos for the last year or so and am very pleased. I usually play a 95ish Fender Blues Deluxe thats been moded a bit( jj tubes, weber thames) and it is absolutely too loud to play at home. As a result I never felt like i could dial in my byoc rb and band practice isn’t usually the best time to fiddle with your pedals. Thanks for this great resource you’ve created it’s been a great help to me :)

    [Glad it worked out for you :) – Bjorn]

  283. Kevin says:

    I know tube amps are superior but lately I’ve been using a little Tech 21 Trademark 30 amp more than my Marshall and Fender Twin. Why? It only weighs 13 pounds and I can easily carry it from the bedroom to the living room or to rehearsal, it gets plenty loud for a 30 watter, it has an fx loop, it has direct out for recording, and also offers decent analog amp modelling. Oh, did I mention it only weighs 13 pounds :)

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  284. sebastien says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    I’d like to know your opinion about using a pair of Celestion Vintage 30 speakers into a 2X 12 cab for Gilmourish tones (home use with a Laney Cub head).

    I’ve had the chance to try the Celestion V30 in a store, and to compare them to Tayden retro 55 speakers which are supposed to be the european answer to Weber Thames. I have to say that I have prefered the Celestion V30, smoother to my ears, but as clean as the other at higher settings…

    what is your opinion about using the Celestion V30 instead of your favorite weber Thames?



    [They’re two very different sounding speakers. The Webers are high wattage with all the headroom in the world and very little mid range, so they will appear clean and perhaps too bright on some amps. The V30s are darker sounding and the lower wattage, allows a sooner breakup, which is why they work so well for Marshall and similar. Depends on what tones you’re looking for really but it seems that the V30s are the best choice for you… since you already tried them and liked them anyway. – Bjorn]

  285. Luca says:

    Hi Bjorn, I’m thinking of changing the speaker and probably tubes in my little Laney cub12r, when I read a recent comment on the Reeves review you did… You said:

    “I’m also very happy with the Laney Cub. I wouldn’t tour with it but I’ve replaced the tubes, tightened the bias and replaced the stock Celestions with Weber.”

    My cub is equipped with Ruby Tubes and the stock celestion, do you think that if I install a weber thames or a Jensen c12K I’ll need to replace the tubes or not? And what do you mean with “tight the bias” ?
    Need your help once time, Jedi master!


    [Hi Luca! Sorry for my late reply. The Webers are high wattage speakers, which means that you’ll get A LOT of headroom from the Cub. I prefer it this way but you might go for something with less wattage if you rely on the gain stage of the amp. I should also mention that the Webers are very clean, bright and transparent and you might have a hard time getting the smooth and warm tones you may need on low bedroom levels. The stock Celestions are OK but nothing special so I’d replace these anyway with perhaps some V30s, Jensen or the Webers… there are lot of other speakers out there as well. You don’t have to chance tubes when you replace the speakers. Change the speakers fist and hear how that sound with the tubes you got. Rubys are punchy and crisp, while I prefer JJs, which are a bit warmer. Still, you might not even hear a difference at all. – Bjorn]

  286. andre cortizo says:

    Bjorn, you do a wonderful job! Congratulations

    I’m a stalker tone Gilmour.
    I have a Fender Super shamp x2 with eminence cajun patriot 10 ‘and a Vox AC 15 celestion greenback 12 “, but I prefer the sound on the Vox AC 15.

    I use:
    Fender Mexican strato (emg dg 20)
    Fender American strato (cs69 and ssl5)
    Pedals: CS3, SD1, OD3, MXR custon 77, TS9, RAT 2, MUFF tone wicker, Neo mistress, Phase 90, Neo clone (EHX), DD20, TC flashback, LINE 6 MM4 (u-vibe/tremolo/leslie)

    I do not care all pedals simultaneously!
    I use online selctor boss (A / B) to reduce the chain.

    For me, the most beautiful sound of Gilmour’s On an Island (Gdansk), what is that??
    I can not get this sound! But do not give up ….

    My questions:
    BD2 is better than OD3, SD1, TS9??
    MUFF tone wicker is a good fuzz tones for Gilmour?? You indicate a fuzz better (small)?
    VOX AC 15 what do you think??

    I’m your fan!

    Hugs, Andre / Brazil

    [Hi Andre! Sorry for my late reply. Explaining tone and how to achieve a certain tone is a long process and it always comes down to personal preferences and individual setups etc. Check out this feature for some general amp set up tips and this feature for some tips on how to arrange your pedals. To your questions:
    1. Depends on what tones you’re looking for. The BD2 has a transparent tones, which makes it great for classic overdrive and boost. If you want darker and smoother tones, then the OD3, TS9 etc are better options. See this feature for more recommendations.
    2. The Wicker is a great sounding Big Muff. Check out the Bass Muff as well for those early 90s Sovtek tones.
    3. Personally I’m not that fond of VOX but it’s a versatile amp and great for Gilmour’s tones as well. Which amp works for you depends on a great many things but ultimately it comes down to what tones you’re looking for and how you’ll be using the amp – stage, studio, bedroom etc.
    – Bjorn]

  287. Marten says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    thank you for your extensive look at these amps and the great care you give to all the comments, I really appreciate it!

    Actually, I’m also looking to upgrade my current amp, a Fender Mustang II. YouTube demos have really made me appreciate the sound signature of Laney amps. So far, I’ve really enjoyed the CUB 12R, Cub Head, 5 watt Lionheart and the new TI15 Tony Iommi signature amp. I’m primarily a blues to hard rock player and I am also planning on buying a Muff or fuzz pedal soon. I want to nail that vintage and fat tone that bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Graveyard, Triggerfinger or Soundgarden have worked a lot with. I really like to play some cleaner blues tracks as well.

    Have you tried the TI15? If not, what would be the best choice for me buying a small Laney amp, primarily for home use? The Lionheart is really quite a bit out of my budget, but I would really appreciate to hear what you can tell me about these amps.



    [Hi Marten! Thanks for your kind words! Teh Laney Cubs are perhaps the most versatile of the ones you list. They have that unmistakable Hiwatt/Marshall character with a bright mids scooped tone great for handling pedals. Perhaps a bit light for the heavier tones but with the right pedals you’ll have no problems nailing it. The Lionheart are closer to a Vox although with a bit less aggressive character. I love these but they’re more blues and classic rock than hard rock and metal. I haven’t tried the TI15 yet but I would imagine it’s a versatile amp capable of everything from blues to metal. – Bjorn]

  288. Luca says:

    Hi Bjorn, I like to have much headroom so I decided to change the stock speaker that doesn’t sound so bad but to me has a dull sound. I mean that with my Amstd strat with cs69 pu I can’t achieve bright/clear sounds like those Pompeii tones. I’m curios about Jensens because they was used also in classic bright amps in 70s but seems that the weber are better…. What do you think?



    [I don’t have that much experience with Jensen my self but for more headroom I’d choose a ceramic speaker. Wattage-wise I think the C12Q or C12N would be a great match for the Cub. – Bjorn]

  289. T.Quay Williams says:

    Hi Bjorn!
    I bought the Laney CUB 12R stack after reading your review, and you may have said it before but I can’t find it now, but what tubes do you recommend upgrading to that keep it Hiwatt-ish? The JJ’s of the same 3 x ECC83 valves in the preamp and the output section consists of 2 x EL84 output valves?

    Also would it be worth it to upgrade the two speakers to the Vintage Purple from Reeves “…modeled after the Fane speakers used by Hi watt in the ’70’s Available separately $129.00 ea + Shipping (16 ohm only). Is 16ohm going to work with the Laney CUB 12R stack?


    [Replacing tubes isn’t like swapping between two very different pedals. It’ll give you very subtle difference. Still, I’ve found that JJs works nicely for the Cub – I also use them for my Reeves. Compared to most other tubes that I’ve tried they have a smoother and warmer tone. You will probably notice that your Cub sounds a tad darker, cleaner and more dynamic. I’d replace the tubes before the speakers to be able to tell the difference. The Reeves Vintage Purples are 75w each I think, which will give you a lot of headroom but also a brighter tone and you might even have to play a bit louder to get the same dynamics and response as you do with the current speakers. I have Weber Thames speakers in the Cub cab myself and prefer it this way. Wiring two 16ohm speakers in parallel, will give you 8ohm in total, which is the only option on the Cub. – Bjorn]

  290. Ross says:

    Hi Bjorn, just wondering if could tell me what you think of the Fender 65 deluxe reverb reissue to use in conjunction with delay/fuzz/flanger/OD/Compression pedals for a “Gilmourish” type amp. I have played my Fender Strats through one in the shop & it certainly gives very nice Fender bell like cleans & clarity …and of course its a very famous amp!….but I wonder if I should also look at the Laney Lioheart L5T-112 which from the Youtube clips sounds a great contender too!
    I’ll be upgrading from a Fender Super Champ XD.
    I’ve ruled out the Fender Mustang amps, too much ..don’t need all the digital presets, the Fender Blues Junior wouldn’t be much of a change I would guess & the Hot Rod Deluxe too powerful. The Peavey Classic 30 is not one I’m really keen to get, pricewise etc.
    Anyway just gathering some ideas!..what do you think?
    Cheers, Ross

    [It certainly got that vintage bright Fender chime to it. Most of David’s typical effects goes well although Muffs and fuzz in particular needs a bit of volume to really open up. You might find that silicon fuzzes in particular sound a bit too bright. The Lionheart is a very different sounding amp. More towards a Vox. – Bjorn]

  291. Josh says:

    hey, what do you think of the BYOC tweed royal kits? -Josh J

    [Haven’t tried it so I can’t tell but based on BYOC’s work in general I have every reason to think it’s great :) – Bjorn]

  292. Jake says:

    Would a Laney Lionheart 5w or 20w handle a Colorsound Powerboost and an Analogman fuzz better? Also, would a Laney Cub 12 be able to handle both stated before? Im considering getting any of those three but id like to hear it from you which ones going to handle those pedals better and which one you prefer.

    [All three amps handles the Colorsound and fuzz pedals but these pedals needs a bit of volume. If you’re planning on sitting in your bedroom with neighbours next door then you might want to consider something else, as they will (or might) sound thin and dull without the needed volume. The reason is that these pedals were designed to operate with loud and powerful tube amps and interact with the hard driven tubes. So, it depends on how you’ll be using the amp. – Bjorn]

  293. aggeloskrv says:

    Ηι Bjorn!!!

    I have a koch studiotone 40watt and i would like to suggest me a setting for Gilmour in this amp!!
    Sorry for my English…

    Thank you very much!!

    [I haven’t tried that amp myself so I can’t suggest anything specific but check out this feature for some tips and recommendations. – Bjorn]

  294. Dominique says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    First off, thanks for the great site with an epic amount of information!

    I’ve got a question. If you could choose between the laney Cub 12 (stack) and the Fender Blues Junior III disregarding the difference in price, which one would you choose knowing David’s Pulse sound was your favorite?

    Thanks and greets,

    [Thanks, Dominique! Glad you enjoy the site :) Depends on how you’ll be using the amps. Personally I wouldn’t trust neither for touring. These are fairly cheap practice amps and not built for the road although the occasional club gig will do. The Cub is closer to the Hiwatt while the BJ is, well, a Fender. Both works well with most of David’s pedals and will cover most of his tones. I don’t know. The BJ is probably a better amp but I think I’d go for the CUB in terms of versatility. – Bjorn]

  295. Dominique says:

    Btw, the amp will be used mainly at home (ain’t 15W too much for that matter) but also has to be able too handle small audience clubs.

  296. Vangelis says:

    Hi Bjorn!
    Great article, as usual!
    I’d like to ask for your opinion. I want to buy a Laney cub 12 head guitar amp. Can I combine this with the Blackstar 1×12 cabinet? Or should I stick to the Laney cabinet?

    [I haven’t tried that myself but I’m sure it will work fine. Not sure what Celestion it’s in the Blackstar but I don’t think it will make a huge difference from the Cub. – Bjorn]

  297. Keith says:

    @ Vangelis,! The BlackStars use Celestion Seventy 80’s, not one of their better speakers. I’m not too knowledgeable abouts their cabinets, but I’d go for the matching cab, and change out the speaker if you can afford it. The Seventy 80 isn’t a horrible speaker, but the small magnets don’t have a great deal of focused bottom. But I played through one for two years, and at bedroom levels it wasn’t bad. If that wishy washy explanation helps? LOL

  298. Michael says:

    Hi Bjorn. This guides a big help, but I was wondering something. Would an Orange amp (specifically an OR15), be able to do a convincing Gilmour tone? What’s your opinion on Orange?

    [I’m not that experienced with Orange but in general I think they’re just a bit too aggressive and dark, without the headroom of the Hiwatts and similar. But again, I’m not the right one to ask. – Bjorn]

  299. Markus says:

    Hi Bjorn.
    I am always enjoying your site very much and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts.
    Furthermore I would like to ask you a question: I was planning to get a Hiwatt T40 Combo, but now I may have the opportunity to pick up an Hiwatt DR504 (50W) head built in 1978 with all the original ingredients (partridge transformers, mullard tubes,…), which is in perfect condition. Unfortunately I do not know which cabinet I should use with this head. I was thinking of some 2×12″ cabinet due to easier handling. I would be very happy if you could give me some hints. Thanks, Markus.

    [Thanks for your kind words, Markus! I think the Hiwatt needs high wattage speakers. The original combo of the Hiwatt head and the Fane speakers is what made the Hiwatt tone – the large headroom, fat low end and crisp top. There are lots of options out there but you might be better off with buying a cab and fitting it with some Fane-ish speakers. I’m using Weber Thames 80w ceramics my self and couldn’t be happier :) – Bjorn]

  300. Markus says:

    Thanks for your reply Bjorn.
    I am afraid the Weber speakers are not easy to get here in middle Europe and shipping and taxes from the US would cost a prime. Are there other speakers from the range of brands like Jensen, Eminence, Celestion, WGS, Monacor, Electrovoice, B&C or Fane that you could recommend. All those are quite easy to get here. Furthermore, a custom manufacturer of cabs – tube-town – recommends Jensen Neodym Tornado (100W) as very versatile speakers covering clean to heavy overdrive and having a neutral response without coloring the tone. Could you please comment on that? Thanks, Markus

    [I think there are others here that can answer this better than me. If you want the Fane tone you needs speakers with high wattage, 70-80w, a fairly transparent tone with a nice mids scoop and a large ceramic magnet for the power and huge headroom. But again, I’m sure others have more experience with different models than I. – Bjorn]

  301. Sebastien says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    I’d like to confirm to TQ williams that the Laney Cub Head will accept a total of 16 ohm (2 speakers of 8 ohms wired in series) as well as a total of 8 ohm (2 speakers of 16 omhs wired in parallel).

    there are indeed two outputs for the speaker cab at the back of the head : 8 and 16 ohms;

    best regards

  302. Christophe says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    I’d like to know your opinion about the Blackstar HT-5H, against the Laney Cub, and Hiwatt T20; I’ve recently bought all the Pink Floyd lessons from Lick Library, and James Humphries makes a short demo of his gear where he has the Blackstart HT-5H head, and swears by it !

    Is it the real deal? is the drive channel more like a JCM 800 ?

    Best regards,


    [Depends on what tones you want. All three are fairly similar but the HT has a slightly darker tone and as much headroom as the Cub and Hiwatt. If you intend to use the amps in a bedroom/livingroom setup, then it doesn’t matter much since the true character of the amp often reveals it self at high volume levels. Personally, I’d go for the Cub or Hiwatt. – Bjorn]

  303. Anders Barfod says:

    I just adjusted the bias on my JJ EL84 in the Laney cub 12r.
    The two tube are not match but set them around 23,8 mA for one and 26mA for the other.
    Sound freaking great.. Gain halfway, there are a lot of harmonics with my cheap squier classic vibe white telecaster with stock pickup.

    The amp stock is not loud enough with the band, so I should have bought the head and gone through a 2×12 cab with louder greenbacks than the single rocket 50 it comes with..

    [That might work but I don’t think 12w is enough for a band setup regardless speakers… if your band plays as loud as mine :) – Bjorn]

  304. Operario says:

    Hi Bjorn! Got the opportunity to purchase a Peavey Classic 30 Head. The price is a little steep, though. Anyway, I wanna know if you think it’s worth buying it over the Combo. Thanks you very much!

    [I’ve only tried the 30 combo and the 50 head but the classic series is great so I don’t think you can go wrong :) – Bjorn]

  305. Christophe says:


    thank you for the advice. Talking about the laney Cub, what do you mean by re-biasing the amp?
    I only get the Valve change for better quality.

    How do you re-bias (tutorial?) and what is the purpose?

    Thanks again!

    [Check out this feature for some tips. Biasing require some tools and unless you’re a skilled tech you should bring the amp to someone who knows these things. Poking around in there can be very dangerous for both you and the amp. – Bjorn]

  306. Felipe Santos says:

    I think the VHT Special 12/20 is nice and versatile too.

    nice tone and features (power scaling, tube changes, and even a 9Vpedal power supply) and eyelet board construction.

    hard to beat in the $500 range.

    has a version with tremolo and reverb too.

    [Thanks! I’ll check it out :) – Bjorn]

  307. Eric says:

    Cheers from the states, Great site ! Thanks for the info not just on gilmours stuff but pedals and amps in general !
    My question is I cant find a dealer in the US to try out the Laney Cub or Lionheart 5 watt. I missed by the Lionheart for a great price on ebay the other day…but anyways heres my dilemma.. I have a fender Hot Rod deluxe, changed the tubes etc and I love the amp. I am just a hobbyist. The problem with the amp is that its too loud for me to really get the sweet spot tones of any flavor without annoying the girlfriend…. Its been satisfying for now but I am really missing out on really hearing the tone and dialing my own flavor / tone. I am going to sell my Hot the way I only used the clean channel. The dirty channels not good. I was going to order the Laney 15watt stack or possilby the Lion heart….will the Lionheart be loud enough if I want to jam with others eventually? My other options were the Fender Princeton or Deluxe Reverb. Just depends on how much I want to spend, and on your opinion of the Laney12 Cub being comparable to fender clean tones. I love gilmour but I float between classic rock , SRV, and even into metallica..but mainly play blues style. I loved the Fender Cleans. I dont want to be dissapointed with buying a Laney without actually playing through it. Anyhow thanks for the web site and your dedication. Found some great info on some pedals I bought off your reccomendation….Any input is appreciated ! Thanks Eric

    [Thanks for your kind words, Eric! Glad you enjoy my site :) The Cub is right in the Hiwatt territory with a clean and transparent tone. Very different from Fender so if that’s what you’re seeking, then you’re better off with a smaller Fender and I strongly recommend the Blues Jr. That being said the Cub is great for lots of pedals and, in my opinion, it’s a more versatile amp than a Fender. Especially for the heavier stuff. The Cub12 stack is loud enough for a small band setup but it drowns in a normal rehearsal or club setting. – Bjorn]

  308. Brandon says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I’m looking for your opinion of the Fender Champion 600.
    It’s the best thing for my budget and I am strongly considering this amp.
    By the looks of it, it’s perfect!
    I was hoping you could give me a little insight into what i’ll be getting into.
    I’m curious as to how it will sound with the BYOC Large Beaver, and some of their other clones.
    Will I be able to get a decent Gilmourish sound without having to push it past it’s limits?
    Thanks in advance!

    [Hi Brandon. The 600 has its obvious limitations and I wouldn’t consider it as anything else than a very nice practice amp. For David’s more complexe tones however, based on pedals and a more dynamic amp tone, it might be just a bit too limited. Depends on what tones you want, how many pedals etc but demanding pedals like Muffs, fuzz etc doesn’t work that well on this amp. It sounds OK but perhaps not how you know David’s tones from the albums. Sorry to sound a bit negative but I’m just giving you my honest opinion. If your budget allows it I would suggest checking our the Laney Cub series or perhaps, something used, like a Fender Blues Jr or similar. Good luck :) – Bjorn]

  309. Marten van der Meer says:

    Hi Bjorn! I’ve been researching what tube amp I should get to replace my modeling amp, and I’ve settled on the Laney Cub stack, mainly for it’s low price, light weight and versatility, but also because I just love the attitude and looks of it.

    I’m also set on buying a looper pedal for practice(I have my eyes on the Digitech JamMan Solo XT, but am open for suggestions), a Muff or fuzz (either a Bass Big Muff or a cheaper (germanium?) fuzz pedal) and perhaps a boost or tube screamer to give the amp a bit more hair in case I need it for heavier stoner rock or grunge type of sounds.

    Would you have any recommendations for essential pedals to use with the Cub? I’m not asking for my Cub to become a modern sounding amp, but I want to start experimenting with effects to get close to the tone of some of my favorite blues rock to heavy alternative rock bands (like Graveyard (from Sweden) or De Staat (from the Netherlands)). For instance, I’ve read that you recommend using other pedals to get the most out of a fuzz pedal with the Cub. I would highly appreciate any tips you can give me!

    Thank you very much for your time and dedication! I love reading your reviews and comments!


    [Hi Marten. Sorry for my late reply. The Cub is a versatile amp that can handle most pedals. Seems to me that you want pedals that can cover as much ground as possible so something versatile would be appropriate I guess. Fuzz pedals can sound a bit harsh on smaller amps so you might want to consider something else like a Muff or RAT distortion, which both can emulate fuzz tones from Gilmour and the more heavy stuff. In case of a Muff, I recommend the Bass BM from EHX. The germanium is more of an overdrive and shouldn’t really be confused with a Muff. In terms of overdrive and boosting, a Tube Screamer is best used as a stand alone overdrive unit, whereas a Boss BD2 or similar, works better for boosting. You might also want to check out pedals like the OCD and PlexiDrive, which both are similar to the Tube Driver that David’s using and they’ll give you a versatile palette of tones. Hope this helped :) – Bjorn]

  310. Sebastien says:

    Hello Bjorn,
    I forgot to ask: Do you remember the setting in mA you’ve used for your EL84 JJ power tubes into the laney Cab, when adjusting Bias?

    is it somewhere between 15 mA (cool setting) and 22 mA( hot setting)?

    thanks again and
    have a nice day.


    [Hmmm… I don’t do this my self. I just deliver it to a tech that I use and hope for the best he he :) – Bjorn]

  311. Uwe says:

    Hi Mr Riis,

    Could you please calrify for me: are the “fane crescendos” 12″ speakers the same thing as the “Fane Purplebacks” (in this example they’re taken from a 75 Hiwatt Cab)?

    Thanks !


    [Hi Uwe! I’m no expert on the old Fanes. From what I can gather, both were 50w speaker. If it’s the same speaker, I don’t know but I think the Purple Backs got their name from the purple sticker on the magnet and the Crescendos had black stickers. Fane made a lot of different speakers and many had more or less the same specs. – Bjorn]

  312. Christophe says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    Considering a new amp for my collection that would be a vintage Twin reverrb, what would be the most appropriated in terms of speaker? Jensen C12n model or JBL D120F ?

    Thank you! Christophe

    [Of the two I’d go for the Jensen. – Bjorn]

  313. Pete says:

    After reading (and re-reading his article), I went to the local guitar stores and tried as many of the different amps listed here as I could find. Unfortunately, no one here in south Florida carries the Laney Cub. (I wanted to check that out.) I finally settled on the Bugera V5, because the houses here are practically on top of each other.
    While I may not have achieved the Gilmour tone with all the products I’ve purchased, thanks to this site and Bjorn’s research, I’ve found a lot of great tones with quality products. (Your boost tips have been invaluable.)
    I think my next purchase will probably be the musket. I think it may sound better with my lower level home set up, or do you suggest something else?
    Thanks for all your hard word, Bjorn!!!

    [Thank you, Pete! I think the Musket will be a great combo for the Bugera. You might also want to check out the MojoHand Iron Bell, which is a very versatile Muff/Rat pedal :) – Bjorn]

  314. Yoel says:

    Hey Bjorn!

    I’m really excited for the new album, especially that last song on there that clocks 16 minutes! Haven’t seen bands do that since the late 70s. Anyway, I’m looking into getting a new head for my amp, my 15w Laney Cub doesnt do as well as I’d like it to with a drummer in the mix. I was looking at Hi-Tone, a company that makes Hiwatt clones, apparently very good ones too, but there are a few things I dont really understand. I’ve read that 50w amps are generally better for cranking purposes, because they break up faster, and 100w are better for cleans and have more headroom, however, I don’t know if that applies to Hiwatts so much, because they’re designed to stay clean at very high volume levels. I know you play through a Reeves Custom 50, how does that work for you in a loud band situation? I ideally would want a lot of headroom, but I’m not playing stadiums, I’m mostly playing clubs, small venues, and jams. I would love to have the headroom, but I think the 100w may be a bit overkill for jams and smaller venues. Thanks in advance, and good luck on your new album!

    [Thanks for your kind words, Yoel! I don’t think you should look at the wattage label alone to judge how loud an amp will play. It all relative to how the amp is designed, what speakers you use etc etc. A 20w can blow the head of a 100w… I’m using a Laney L20 for rehearsals and it’s loud as hell. Still, a different 20w with less headroom would distort when you crank it pass noon or even sooner… I think you just need to try different amps, read up on their specs and check out reviews and YT clips to get an impression of how they really sound. – Bjorn]

  315. Sebastien says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    i’ll soon move to a house where i’ll be able to use the Laney Cub head on the 15 W channel with no problem. Do you think that the Tc Spark Booster in the effects loop will still be necessary?

    AND… have you tried the 15W channel and does it accept all the Analogman Sunfaces, Big Muff clones, with no problem, no bleeding, etc…? (Like a Laney Lionheart 20 w head would)

    I had never the chance to try the 15W cjannel, but I’m referring to the old theory about fuzzes sounding at their best when used at loud volumes…

    with the LOUD AMp Theory…]



    [Hi Sebastien! The 15w channel handles most of the typical DG pedals without any problems. Apart from the TD maybe… The SunFace clip was recorded with the 1w and only the BC109 between the guitar and amp. However, I had an Electronic Orange Bananaboost in the loop. The pedal was set for a clean slight volume boost to drive the power tubes for a bit more balls. I also had the amp gain at about 4, I think, which still sounds clean but you get a bit more bite and a more powerful basis for the fuzz. Both are effective tips for making a small amp sound bigger. One thing you can’t achieve though, without cranking the amp really hard, is the compression you get from driving the speakers hard. For that you need volume. – Bjorn]

  316. Laure de la Flo says:

    Hi from France to everybody ! This site is wonderful and I would like to congratulate Bjorn for his patience and very good work !

    I was wondering if anyone had ever tried the H&K Tubemeister 36 to play PF riffs ?
    What’s interesting to me with such amp is the possibility to select the power stages of the integrated power soak (36, 18, and 5 watts, 1 watt and Speaker Off), which means the possibility to play without waking up everybody at home for instance… and also to play with a band !

    But what about the sound, is it possible to get something close to DG sound ? Please keep on Gilmouring :-)

    [Thanks a lot for your kind words, Laurent! I don’t have that much experience with the Tubemeister… Anyone care to comment? – Bjorn]

  317. Alejandro says:

    Maybe you already saw it… here it goes anyway.
    Interesting mods, wish I could understand electronics to observe those pics “closer” and see what other mods could be in there.
    PS: There’re some other Pink Floyd’s equitment for sell from those guys.

    [Simply insane… – Bjorn]

  318. Eddy says:

    Hey. I own a Peavey Classic 30, recently re-tubed it. I was thinking of upgrading it with a new speaker. I was thinking the Celestion Heritage, but wanted to know what you would recommend. Thanks

    [I’m not that experienced with Celestion although I think the Heritage sound great. Anyone care to comment? – Bjorn]

  319. Joshj says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    I have a fender excelsior amp. As you know there is only a volume knob and a bright/dark switch. For me the bright is too bright and the dark is too dark. I was wondering if I used a preamp(like the effectrode blackbird), if this would have the same effect as the eq that most other amps have built in? If so would i put it last in the chain? is there a way to disconnect the stock preamp and just use the blackbird? or would that even be nessecary to get the pedal to work how i want?

    [I’m not familiar with the Excelsior but I think the Blackbird would behave much like any other overdrive pedal really. You’d still get the character of the amp but you’ll be able to colour it and perhaps even boost it to some degree with the Blackbird. I’d send Phil and e-mail and ask for user tips. He’s very helpful. – Bjorn]

  320. Anthony says:


    I have been reading everything on your site and watching your videos. I play a Marshall JMP 2203 Master Lead (100 watt w/ 6550s) through a 1967 bandmaster 212 w/ Utah speakers. I love the sound but i’d love to get that sound at a much lower volume. I no longer gig and all my stuff is in our studio which isn’t as soundproof as we’d like it to be. I’m recording stuff constantly and I just want a painless volume level for the neighbors and wives sake. I can turn the master volume down but I lose the breakup in the speakers and it just doesn’t seem as rich or powerful with natural harmonics. Perhaps I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist but I’d love to find a quality 5w amp that has nice Marshall type tones. Any thoughts? Love your site and your contributions to all of us hobbyists as well as poor and struggling musicians. Guys like you really do help to get us on the right track.

    Thanks so much

    [Hi Anthony! Sorry for my late reply. Have you considered a power attenuator? It allows you to drive the amp without the volume. You can buy a device like the THD Hot Plate or an amp with power scaling. If you want a new amp you might want to check out the Laney Lionheart L5. It’s capable of some very nice vintage Marshall tones. A clean transparent amp will also allow you to use pedals for specific purposes, like the Wampler PlexiDrive for those JTM45 overdrive tones. You should also check out the Marshall Class 5 and the new Slash combo. The latter has a classic JCM800 tone and a 1w power scaling. – Bjorn]

  321. Brian says:

    Hey Bjorn

    The H&H IC100 arrived this week. Excellent condition for it’s age. ‘Silver’ still on the pot knobs. Flourescent lights working. All switches and pots working, one or two might need some attention, a bit dirty.

    Been experimenting with the different channels and various setups using Stomps and Pods but kinda interesting when I “jumpered” the ‘drive’ and ‘clean’ channels with a Mistress in the path. I will be trying out others too. Got an extra hour this weekend woohoo.


    [Congrats! Keep us posted :) – Bjorn]

  322. alfredo says:

    hi Bjorn,
    I’ve passed quite a long time on your fabulous site, reading many and many article……
    Following your advice, I’ve made my rig : mxr dynacomp , boss cs2, boss sd1, mooer triangle buff, mooer reecho, mooer eleclady, mooer ensemble king
    All this material works with a a Mustang III transistor amp and as guitar , a black strat gilmour signature , I broke my money box, and I indulged myself :-)
    But as now, I’m very disapointed because my sound is very far to Gilmour tone :-((
    I think that, my amp is the weak link….
    So, I’ve decided to buy a new amp
    I play at home, but also with a band and we want to do a Pink Floyd Tribute.
    The objective is to play in small cafe, small club or some live manifestation
    I don’t manage to decide, i hesitade between the Peavey classic 30 and the Fender Blues Junior III
    what would be your choice ? what do you think of my material ( guitar, pedal effects…)
    Many thanks in advance for your help

    [Hi Alfredo! I’m not that familiar with the Mustangs but from what I can gather based on the reviews it has a fairly bright tone, classic Fender-ish. Still,with all of the amp sims featured you should be able to dial in some decent Gilmour stones with it I think. When using pedals, the best approach would be to bypass everything and just set the amp up all clean. If that’s not possible, then try to select a Gilmourish-ish amp, like a Bassman or 65 Deluxe or something and try some of the settings suggested in this feature. Between the two amps you’e mentioned I think the Classic 30 is best for stage use. The Blues Jr is a bit too small and suits studio and rehearsal/practice better. I also recommend checking out the Laney Cub series and, if your pocketbook allows it, the Lionhearts. – Bjorn]

  323. Fritz says:

    Here is just an FYI for those in the USA looking for a “gilmourish” amp:

    Marshall 5210 for sale for under $200 —

  324. Jimash says:

    I’ll chime in.
    I have a Fender 75 amp. ( 1981 )
    It is powerful and clean, and I have an original 1983 celestion G1265 in it.
    I expected the celestion to blow up, but 30 years down the road here, it hasn’t.
    It took a while to break in but it is a really nice speaker. If the Heritage re-issues are as good as this one they are well worth it. ( remember in ’83 it was only like $60 )

    I took the EVM-12L that came in the 75 and put it in a small closed cabinet. Very handy.

  325. Brian says:

    Posted? Didn’t you hear it?

    After a bit of reading up I plugged my PodXt Live into the H&H’s Power Amp Input round the back which by-passes the preamp section. PodXt is now the preamp. Blue comp in front to catch any input clipping and some tweakage for clean and dirty settings. Strangely that’s where I spent most time and that’s where the “jewels” are. All I can say is – “don’t tell your guitarist who uses the Live Pod” :-)

    Best of Luck with Gigs and Stuff


    [Yes, I’ve played one for years but you said you wanted to experiment, so I thought you might want to keep us posted on that process. Never mind… Great amp and one that should have gained more recognition I think! – Bjorn]

  326. Keith says:

    Hey Bjorn, just curious if you ever got to play through a 1995 JCM Slash. Marshall only made 3000 of them, but I was lucky enough to get a new one when they first came out. If I hadn’t been a stupid druggie at the time, I’d still have it, and it would be an inredibly great Gilmourish amp. It was a hand wired reissue of the Jubilee,( often sited as Matshalls finest amp.), but had a 50/100watt switch, on the rear,and two channels. The clean channel was absolutely dead clean, almost the sound of my Reeves, and the normal Marshallish channel was the best cranked Marshall sound I’ve ever heard. I just don’t understand why they would make what I can say with absolute certainty, was the perfect amp, then go right back to making the crap they started putting out in the ’80s when they started the JCM line. Prior to the Slash, Marshall hadn’t made a great head since the Jubilee, the Master volumes, and the plexis. Oh how disappointed I was when I thought they were reissuing the JCM Slash, only to find yet another gimicky boutique amp, with the name only, of Marshall’s greatest amp ever. Anyone who was lucky enough to get one new, understands, anyone who nevet played one, missed the best amp I’ve ever heard, and anyone who can find one in great shape, and can afford it, JUMP ON IT. It’ll do everything from Gilmour, to EVH, and everything in between, and I never had a single problem, or night where it “just doesn’t sound right!”.I’ve had my Reeves Custom 50 ps for 11 months, and it is sitting on the repair bench in Kentucky, and I’ve only played through it for 12-15 hours. Not saying they aren’t the best thing going, but every company builds a few lemons, and I’m praying I didn’t get one. Bill has a great rep, hope he figures out why miness blowing tubess at bedroom levels!

    [Thanks for the tip, Keith! Never tried the Slash but I can imagine that it would make a nice Gilmourish amp. I have, however, tried the new Slash SL5 and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. 5w with 1w scaling and a classic JCM800 tone. Nice for practice and fooling around at home :) – Bjorn]

  327. Brian says:


    It appears my attempt at trying to be funny failed! Not to worry all’s good.


    [No worries, Brian! Cheers! – Bjorn]

  328. Gareth says:

    Hi Bjorn

    Just to add to the topic of amps, I managed to pick up a Laney Lionheart LT20-410 at a fantastic price and have been blown away by the tones! I know its highly reommended to go for stacks over combos but this is a 20 watt combo with 4 10 inch jensen speakers and man this thing rocks! The tone is warm and full! It has 2 channels, clean and overdrive, it has a bright switch and eq and tone controls that control both channels. The overdrive and reverb are footswitchable and it just stays remarkably focused at all volumes. It is massive and weighs as much as a church but you just want to keep playing it. I’m even considering selling my Blues Junior (with canabis rex) just so I can grab another one while they are still available at such an awesome price and get a crazy 8 speaker stereo setup going! I have the lionheart, laney cub and the blues junior, but I just really want to keep playing the lionheart all the time. The overdrive goes from a subtle crunch to sweet classic rock (thinkZZ top/ ACDC riffage) to higher gain stuff – definitely more than enough to cover the Gilmourish range of OD tones. With hi gain and lo gain inputs staying on the clean channel you have nice head room. The reverb is also real spring reverb and is extremely usable.
    I must say I am very happy with it, and have to thank you because without your review/mentioning of its Gilmourishness I might not have been keeping an eye out for it.

    [Thanks for sharing, Gareth! – Bjorn]

  329. zeppo says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    I’m a newbie electric guitar player, although i’ve played piano for some time. I’ve been reading your site for a week now and learned sooo much! Great site!

    I was reading this wonderful amp guide and found out that you think Marshall 5210 SS is Gilmourish. Thats good because i inherited one from my father, i think it´s from -82-84, along with vintage Tokai strat.

    Would you have any recommendations for pedals to use with the 5210? I’like Pulse sounds but also undestand that much of that sound comes from David’s fingers (and heart), but any suggestions are much appreciated.

    Also i can’t make up my mind about SSL5/CS69 or EMG route…


    [Thanks for your kind words, Zeppo! The 5210 is a versatile amp than can handle most of the typical Gilmourish pedals. Which pedals you want depends on what tones you want but there are two ways to go – the versatile setup with a RAT and an overdrive like the BD2 or OCD… or both. Or, you could go for something a bit more specific like a Big Muff, like the Musket or Box of War and an overdrive – the BD2 and OCD will do here as well. The latter option is more PULSE but perhaps not as versatile for other tones and genres. – Bjorn]

  330. Richard says:

    hey Bjorn!

    So i have a question, i own 3 amps currently an Ampeg v4 a 1975 Twin Reverb and a Music Man HD 130 i was wondering which one of these you would suggest for a more gilmour tone thanks!

    [Oh… I’ve never tried the Ampeg and MM so I can’t really tell. The Twin is a great Gilmour amp though. – Bjorn]

  331. Roger Sartori says:

    Bjorn, how do you deal with loud music and neighbours? In Spain, a pianist might be send to jail for disturbing a woman who was her ex-neighbour! She was accused of playing through 8 hours a day very loud! Oh, my!

    [I do most of my work in our studio but my neighbours are very patient and forgiving as well :) – Bjorn]

  332. carlos canhoto says:

    Bjorn hello, thank you very much for the excellent site, has been truly useful.
    On this topic, I have not read your opinion about amps Hughes Kettner for guilmour tones, mainly TubeMeister 36 or 18 Head, once fit the criteria amps under $ 1000.

    [It has a lot of headroom so you should be fine with most of your pedals :) – Bjorn]

  333. Julius says:

    Hi Bjorn!
    I’m having a hard time getting a tone that I would like with my Tokai ES-60 guitar combined with Classic 30. It can probably be the stock PAF pups that are the problem, but before I rush to change the pups (I’m thinking of getting Phat Cats for neck and bridge position), I would like to get some idea for setting the EQs with the Classic 30 to get a good, warm and clear clean sound. Do you something that you would recommend? Thank you!! :)

    [There shouldn’t be a problem getting warm cleans with humbuckers and the C30 but it might not be spot on David’s tones, given that you have buckers. The PAFs are as close as you’ll get or you’ll have to change to P90s. The C30 can sound rather punchy and trebly so try setting all the controls around noon with the treble slightly rolled off and you might also want to roll the guitar volume control down to 9 or 8 to smooth out the top. – Bjorn]

  334. zeppo says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    Thanks for your reply!

    I must say that this community is great! No bad rap as in other places. Everybody is helping everybody.

    Back to business:
    Is unmodded BD-2 ok with 5210 or is Keeley better?

    Probably i’m going for SSL5/CS69 with my 80 ish >Tokai (ever played one?)

    Thanks so much!


    [Glad you enjoy being here, Zeppo :) The stock BD2 is quite OK but the Keeley is considerably smoother and warmer sounding. Check out the Mooer Blues Mood as well, which is closer to the Keeley than the stock. The 80s Tokais are great instruments. Very well made. – Bjorn]

  335. Aw says:

    Hi Bjørn!

    You’re starting to cost me a lot of money :D

    Just got my CUB12R and It’s all sorts of good! I got the combo, though. More usable for home use, and I can put a cab on it if need be. I also took your advice on the CS69+SSL5 pickups and they really made my partscaster stratty as can be. A very versatile setup, and not just for gilmourish tones. I put a Super Vee bladerunner bridge in it, though. Have you tried one of these? Great drop in replacement for a vintage type strat bridge I find. Anyway – keep up the good work! Your reviews are always a treat – you really go to the depths of it and back it up with solid sound and video.

    Snakkæs, from Bergen

    [Sorry, Arne! Don’t shoot the messenger :) Glad you enjoy my site! – Hilsen Bjorn]

  336. Jacqui Ross says:


    I am delighted to have found this wonderful site. At 59, I am new to learning to play the guitar and I am sure you can guess that I love the Gilmour/Pink Floyd sound. One big plus of 59 is that I am old enough to have had the wonderful opportunity of their concerts I saw. Detroit early 70ies.
    My dilemma in putting gear together that will allow me to achieve the Gilmourish sounds and other I like. Also, I have 25 acres so don’t have worry about disturbing the neighbors.
    I have come across a Marshall JMD 102 2×12 tube combo amp that is right in my budget and perhaps more importantly, how it works makes sense to me. I am used to stacking bales of hay and it doesn’t need to be the only one I ever get.
    I would love opinions and input from you out there in the Gilmourish Universe. And, no matter what, I will have fun not matter what I choose.

    Best wishes and warm regards from Spring Green, Wisconsin!


    [Hi Jacqueline! Thanks for your kind words! I recommend that you check out some of the features I’ve written first and if you have any questions after that, I’ll do my best to help. Check out this one for some general tips on tone, this one for setting up a pedal board and this one for some amp setup tips. Last, check out this one for some tips on how to setup a rig that’ll cover Floyd and other styles. – Bjorn]

  337. Ben says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    Congratulations on your awesome new album!
    I was wondering if you think a Laney Lionheart 20W head would go well with a Reeves 2×12 cab w/Vintage Purple speakers? I thought they might have a good balance between a dark and bright tone.

    [Thanks! Actually, I think the Lionheart sounds best with some dark sounding Celestions. The Vintage Purple and similar Fane clones are very bright and has a typically mids scooped tone, which I personally don’t think fit the Lionheart that well, being somewhat of a Vox AC30/Bassman/JTM45 kind of amp… – Bjorn]

  338. Andrew says:

    Has anyone tried/used a Blonde Bassman head to get Gilmour tones. Apparently they are a slightly different circuit from the silverface and blackface Bassman’s, but I was wondering if they still had enough of the Fender mid scooped tone to perform well with fuzz pedals and OD’s the way the blackface amps do?

    [Never tried one… Anyone? – Bjorn]

  339. Luc Huard says:

    hi Bjorn,

    So you have tried the Fender Super-Champ X2 ?
    The reviews are very positives about this amp. I like to play Floyd of course…
    but I also like to play Blues. Also with the Fuse software you can do your own presets.
    I have a Line 6 Pod, so I am familiar working with software to do make setups.(POD Farm)
    I go to the section David’s gear and I do my setup exactly like they are in David’s gear.
    Yes I have to adjust some of the elements. I have to say that my tones are very Gilmourish.
    Channel one is full tube, good for the Blues and good for pedals, channel 2 voices.
    I am on a low budget but, I can afford the combo X2. Maybe play with the voices at first.
    Then save money to buy nice pedals, what to do you think ? Check out this video…
    The guy plays Gilmour solos with the Super Champ XD (voices), now it’s X2. Very good tones…

    [It’s a very nice practice and bedroom amp with classic Fender tones, somewhere between a Twin and Deluxe I think. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  340. Roger Sartori says:

    Hi, Bjorn. Have you ever heard or tested the Leech Passive Volume Attenuator pedal? There is only one video about it on youtube… it can clean your amp crunch but I wonder if it can clean also the pedal effects such as distortion or overdrives. I’m still looking for a solution of my problem: playing nice without being too loud! My Brazilian 30 W tube amp has master and volume control. I use master very high but in most cases I use the volume control on 1 or 2 (!!). It’s not even near amp saturation. Maybe a power attenuator would be more interesting, I don’t know… help?!

    [I haven’t seen this one before. Thanks for the tip! An attenuator will only work properly if you intend to use the amp’s gain. That way you can get that tube saturation without having to crank the amp. On cleans it doesn’t do much. One solution would be to use a clean booster to beef up your cleans. That would allow lower master settings while still getting a fat and warm tone. A good compressor would also help. – Bjorn]

  341. Sebastián says:

    HI B,

    [Thank you, Sebastian! Any of the ones listed here goes great in a studio setup. Smaller amps are easier to tame and record properly. You could also set it up a notch with a Fender Bassman, Deluxe and similar. – Bjorn]

  342. wesley says:

    Any thoughts on settings for the smaller Laney Cub 10? Tone, gain knobs? Should I be using the low or high inputs?

    Love the site, bought the amp based on your love for the 12, but couldn’t find the 12 nearby.
    Thanks Bjorn!

    [Hi! Try setting the volume as loud as possible and the gain at 1 or 2 or as high as you can without it breaking up. The tone should be set to match the volume of the amp, your guitar and pedals. – Bjorn]

  343. wesley says:

    Tone to match the volume?

    High or low input is best?

    [The louder you play the more transients, high tones, the amp will create so with high volume you might want to roll the tone down as opposed to setting it higher on low volume. Try to find a sweetspot for your guitar and pedals. Use the high input for passive pickups and low for bass and active pickups. – Bjorn]

  344. Roger Sartori says:

    Hi, Bjorn. Can I get any miracle with the ZT Lunchbox 200 W?

    [I don’t have much experience with these but they have a nice clean tone and they’re insanely loud. 200w will make your stomach turn… – Bjorn]

  345. Roger Sartori says:

    Thanks for sharing, Bjorn. The reason I quote the ZT is because some people say it goes bad with some pedal effects and you always mention that Big Muffs don’t go well with transitor amps…
    I was thinking about getting the smaller one, the ZT Jr. 35 W but I’m not sure. I’m looking for small tube amps but I’m not sure either. These are the options I have now:
    Peavey Valveking Royal 8
    Laney Cub 8,
    Vox AC4TV 10″
    Epiphone Valve Jr. (head with 1×10″ cabinet)
    Or maybe a Fender frontman 25R (transistor)?!
    But all of them is from websites so I can test them… what would be your choice for a better Gilmour action?

    [I don’t have that much experience with the Lunchbox so I can’t go into detail with how it works with each pedal. Muffs and fuzz can be a bit hard to dial in so in some cases you’re often better off with something a bit more versatile like a RAT or similar. The amps you’ve listed have a considerably more tamed tone than the Lunchbox but it always depends on how you’ll be using the amp. If you’re set on using a few pedals then I recommend looking at something slightly bigger than what you’ve listed here – if your budget allows it. You don’t need more power for a bedroom but a slightly bigger amp, like the Cub 12, would give you an overall better basis for your pedals and it would be easier to set up the tones you want. – Bjorn]

  346. Roger Sartori says:

    Your opinion is very important, as always, Bjorn. I’ll be looking for a Cub 12 here. I always keep 8 or 10 pedals on the pedalboard. I know that’s too much. You have a Cub 12, right? Do you use the effect loop on this amp? I’m new on this area. I don’t know how to use it… can you explain it a little better, please? Thanks.

    [What’s too much or too many pedals depends on whether you use them all or not. 8 or 10 is about average I guess but if you’re mostly playing classic blues, I would think you’d only need a tuner :) I’m using between 10-15 myself to be able to cover all of the tones I need. What’s important is that ensure the best possble signal and tone. Be sure to use proper powering for the pedals, good quality cables and patch cables and include at least one buffer to drive the signal. I never use the loop channel but for my tones I don’t need to. Check out this feature for a short explaination. – Bjorn]

  347. Roger Sartori says:

    Last time I bother you with it: VOX AC4TV or Marshall Class 5??

    [Hmmm… they’re two very differnet sounding amps. Personally I like the Marshall :) – Bjorn]

  348. Roger Sartori says:

    I ONLY like to play Pink Floyd and Gilmour songs. All my pedalboard is arranged for that. Here’s my basic: Fender Classic Series 50 (EMG) > Polytune > MXR DynaComp clone > MXR Phase 90 > RAT or DG-2 B.K. Butler Tube Driver or Fulltone OCD > Boss GE-7 > Boss CE-2 > Mooer Eleclady > Nova Delay > amp (Brazilian brand, 25 W, all tube, too loud!). As I explained it before: I have to play the guitar at very low volume in order to not bother all my neighbours and family. On this 25 W amp I have to use volume at 1 or 2!! That’s why I’m desperate to get a lower power amp. I think I’ll have the Blackstar HT-5C. I found one on the internet. It’s quite hard to find some amps here. Big cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are very far from where I live, so I have to buy stuff on line without testing it… Cheers! Big fan of your site. Very usefull to me! All the pedals I have I bought after reading your review and comments.

    [Thank you! Good luck with your amp purchase :) – Bjorn]

  349. Laura says:

    Bjorn, thanks for the great site! Can you (or any other Laney L20H owners) comment on how usable it is as a solo practice amp? I have an opportunity to pick up a used one really cheap. But I’m a near-beginner, and band rehearsals or gigs won’t be a concern for quite a while, if ever. I have my own house, so I don’t need it super quiet for practice, but I need levels that won’t hurt my ears or terrify my cats. Will the L20H sound decent at those levels where the power stage isn’t driven very hard? Or an I better off with a Cub (at about the same price), plus a bigger amp if I ever join a band?

    Thanks again for the site! I know it’s a lot of work.

    [Depends on how big the room is I guess. The L20H works great for practice and maintains its tone even at very low levels but you might find it too loud for a small bedroom. The Cubs are great too but the L20H is no doubt a much better amp and one that, if you get to play with a band, will perform very well on rehearsals and clubs too. – Bjorn]

  350. Eric says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I have been searching for an amp to use in home for personal use. I already have a Hot Rod deluxe. Problem is its just too loud and cant dial in a good tube tone on low volumes. I have pedals: Muskett, Wampler Soverign, etc… I have been to many a stores and looking for the right amp. I have not tried any Laney’s cause here in Michigan no one carries them but the you tube reviews look good. I love the gilmour tone also into SRV, ZZ Top, Hendrix and many… any way if you could direct me to your opinion if you had 600-700 to spend what would you get that is versiatile? I see you dont have marshalls listed on here. What you think?
    If any other Gilmourish fans can throw me some advice too ….I appreciate your site bud very classy and thourough!!
    Thanks in advance !!

    [Hi Eric! Most of the models here should be suitable for your situation. The Cubs are great for bedrooms and practice. Very versatile for all types of guitars and pedals. I haven’t listed any Marshalls because they’re not that suited for Gilmour. Most of the recent combo models are voiced for modern tones with a rather flat clean channel and harsh drive channel that’s more suited for Metallica than anything else. It’s worth checking out the SL5 combo for some classic tones and the 50th anniversary heads as well. – Bjorn]

  351. Eric says:

    After reading further on the previous posts I got some more ideas on an amp. Any input is appreciated….so many amps , so little time and money ! lol

  352. Gareth says:

    @Laura I own 2 Laney Lionheart L20 combo amps and I use them in my garage and they work perfectly for me, you see the lionheart is a class A tube amp so its actually slightly quieter than most conventional 20W tube amps that are class A/B and you can dial in tones that are neighbour friendly. I agree though that the bigger the room the better as Bjorn said as it can get very loud when you do give the amp a bit of juice but it is very controllable.

    On an unrelated topic, I have sort of run out of money trying to pick up modulation pedals and most of them were out of stock when I made my last pedal purchase so I’ve made due for now with a Blackstar modulation pedal which while digital is actually tube driven. The flanger in particular is not too bad at all to my delight! This will eventually be passed to my brother as I upgrade to individual analog modulation effects, but I wanted to know whether you have ever had the chance to give the blackstar modulation pedal a try and what your thoughts were Bjorn?

    [Only tried the Blackstar very briefly. Most of the tones are based on the MXR pedals. The phaser and flanger sounds great. Not too impressed by the rotary. – Bjorn]

  353. Mike says:

    Well, I have decided to get the Laney Cub 12 stack. Bjorn, how are the tubes and speakers out of the box? Was thinking if the amp would sound better with JJ tubes and Reeves VP speakers? Thanks, This site is amazing. Hope you are having a fantastic new year.

    [Thank you Mike! The stock setup is OK but replacing the tubes and speakers will make it a much better amp. It’s a bit too bright and boxy with the stock setup. Your suggestion should make a fine setup! – Bjorn]

  354. Mike Smith says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    I have bought a Laney Lionheart L20 head and 2×12. How do you set yours up??

    Thanks again for all your time and effort in making such an invaluable resource for us guitarists.

    [Hi Mike! I have different settings for whenever I’m on stage, rehearsals or recording. Usually it’s something like this: Hi input, bright off, bass 4, middle 6, treble 5, reverb off, tone 3. When I’m recording I often turn the tone all the way down/off and I use the low input for more headroom. – Bjorn]

  355. KuroNeko says:

    Hi Bjorn and hello to you all,

    I am considering changing my Blackstar HT5 head for something more British, more Vintage, in a word, more… Gilmourish ! Of course the Laney would do the job but it would be too simple :-)
    I am more attracted by the small Hiwatt tube serie. The Hiwatt T20 head would be my first choice, but I am afraid that the T20 would be too loud for a bedroom set ? If so, the T10 would be nice too. Any experience and feedback would be welcome !

    Greetings from Paris,

    [Hi! The T20 is a great amp with classic Hiwatt tones. It has a power scaling down to 10w, which is still quite loud but you should have no problem handling that in a bedroom. The amp stays well balanced even on low volume levels. The T10 is an option but you” have less controls for EQ etc so I would recommend the T20. Also, check out the Laney Lionheart L5 combo. – Bjorn]

  356. DIMITRIS says:

    Hello Bjorn! Nice article! Everyday I check your site, since I began listening to pink floyd and I have to say, that your work is really great and inspiring, it helps me a lot to understand some basic things and experiment!
    I ‘ve got a VOX AC15c1, which is a great amp, especially for BEATLES, STONES, GALLAGHER etc, but not the most versatile, and I ‘m thinking of selling it and acquiring another amp, and some pedals. Having watched your vids I was impressed by Laney Cub12 stack! Compared with, Lionheart 20 stack which one would you suggest? I want it for room playing and small clubs. Unfortounately, in Greece there aren’t many shops where to play and listen an amp, and usually we buy from the net.
    Greetings from Athens and hope you come and play here sometime too!

    [Hi Dimitris! Thanks a lot for your kind words! Glad you enjoy the site :) The Lionheart is no doubt a much better amp than the Cub. The Cub is a nice bedroom and practice amp but I don’t think it’s reliable enough for shows. Besides, the Lionheart sounds a lot better… it’s just a different class and quality. The L20 is loud but quite capable of some very nice tones on low volume as well. There’s also a combo version that you might want to check out. – Bjorn]

  357. Brad says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Thanks, as always, for the great site and responses. Wonder if you could talk just a little more about the Hiwatt t20? Here in the US I can get the t20 combo (100w fane speaker) from a UK ebay seller. Would cost me about $750 including international shipping. In your opinion, would I be getting much closer to that classic hiwatt tone with this amp, compared to other comparable amps in the price range?

    Many thanks!

    [Hi Brad! It is a Hiwatt and the idea, I guess, is to offer an affordable version of the Custom series. It’s the classic transparent and clean Hiwatt tone with lots of headroom and just that hint of mid range. Considering the price, I think you’ll get a lot of tone for the buck. Depends on what you’re looking for but for practice and perhaps a small club, I’d say that it’s a great choice. – Bjorn]

  358. Ben says:

    Hello Bjorn!
    I’m on an amp hunt and found one but I wanted your opinion first. It is a Laney LH50 head with a GS212 2×12 1/4 stack. It’s very close to my house so I might play it later, but if it’s not a good gilmourish amp then I don’t really want to bother with it.
    Here is the link:

    Sorry, I don’t know how to make a proper link.

    [Sorry for the late reply, Ben. The L50 is a great amp and an awesome companion for pedals. Highly recommended! – Bjorn]

  359. Francisco Gurdian says:

    Hi Bjorn!
    I wonder how the new Hiwatt Signature Series Little D will compare soundwise to the T20 or the Lionheart for all things Gilmour, specially with the scaled down 1×12 fane loaded WEM cabinet. Thanks.
    Greetings from Costa Rica!

    [From what I understand, the Little D is based on the Custom series. The Tube Series are the budget version. The Lionheart is a different amp altogether, closer to a AC30. – Bjorn]

  360. KuroNeko says:

    Thanks for the tip, Bjorn. There’s also an alternative with the Hiwatt Custom 7. The Laney Lionheart is a combo, so I won’t go for it but I love its “old thing” look :-)
    I’ll try to find shops where I could play them and… let’s see what will happen !
    Greetings from Paris

    [Good luck :) – Bjorn]

  361. crimson says:

    there is a new hiwatt out in the stores which will be very interesting: a hiwatt little d. it is a hiwatt based on gilmours amp modified by cornish.

    and there is also a new pedal out there – the hiwatt custom shop power boost, based on a well known pedal gilmour used in the earlier days.

    [Sadly, these are just ordinary items and they use David’s name for cheap marketing. Neither the amp nor the pedal has anything to do with David. – Bjorn]

  362. Lucas says:

    I just wanted to reply to the comment about the Ampeg GVT
    – I’ve got one myself (the 15W combo) and love it. No quality problems, everything’s perfectly fine and works as intended. I bought it for 330€ new, I think, so it’s a pretty good price in my opinion.
    It has loads of headroom, you can barely get some overdriven tones with a single-coil guitar. And since it is only a one-channel only amp, you have to use stompboxes to get some overdrive. But it handles pedals very well and you can get some lovely sounds out of it. It also features an FX loop, which is quite nice. The clean tone is very good sounding and the amp has that special Baxandall EQ system. Also, you can scale the wattage down to 7,5 watts. It’s a little heavy though, I think it weighs 20kg.
    So if you have a chance to try one out yourself, just go ahead and hopefully you’ll be positively susprised ;)

    [Thanks for the info! – Bjorn]

  363. Tony says:

    Hi Brin, Just a quick question,
    Which would would be better for emulating Gilmours tones obviously a Hiwatt dr103 would be ideal but I have a choice between a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and a Sound City 30c which would you choose?

    [The Fender. The new Sound City reissues has nothing to do with the old ones. – Bjorn]

  364. KuroNeko says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Some big news from Hiwatt ! They launch 3 “small packages” which looks really nice for bedroom setup (and more) with 20W tube power switchable to 0,5W : the little P rig, the little J rig and the little D rig… I am sure you already know who the P, J and D stand for :-)
    All details here :
    Needless to say, I would love to see a review !
    Greetings from Paris

    [Hi! I have commented on this on my Facebook page:
    Hiwatt are marketing the amp as a Gilmour signature. It’s a mini Custom but no doubt aimed at the Gilmour fan, especially considering the featured WEM cab.

    Now, whether or not the new Hiwatts are as good as the old ones is a whole different debate but the Little D amp it self is a nice tube head, I’m sure, that will sound great in any bedroom or studio you place it in. The WEM cab? I’m sure it sounds great too, given the specs I’ve seen. However, the amp is not licensed by David and the WEM cab is a forgery. It’s got nothing to do with the old WEM cabs designed and made by Watkins. The Starfinder cabs David, and many others, used and still are using, has a unique structure and features and this copy will never be anything else than just another cab with a logo slapped onto it.

    The new pedals are probably quite good. I haven’t heard them but I’m sure they sound great. However, Hiwatt is marketing the Power Boost and the Dynamic Compressor as if it was Hiwatt who made the originals and they even mention David’s name, as if he used Hiwatt boosters and compressors. The originals were made by Colorsound and MXR, which was what David used as well.

    So why do I care? Well, I’m sure David can speak for and defend himself. The lawyers are probably on their way already. My problem is that guitarists and fans are fooled into believing that Hiwatt are making signature models and replicas, while it’s just a very cheap ass marketing trick. Again, I’m not talking about the actual products but the way they are marketed.
    – Bjorn]

  365. Pockets says:


    In prior comments you talked about using the 1w input of the Laney Cub Head and discussed compensating for some of the loss of mid range and lower end you get, when using low volume.

    I believe a “transparent booster” was what you described it as.

    I was curious if you have used the Strymon OB.1 optical compressor and clean boost… and if it would be a viable option (two in 1 pedal).

    Thank you for your time and keeping up such a great reference site.

    [I haven’t tried the Strymon so I can’t really tell about that one. In general, a transparent booster will be able to give your amp a bit more character and bite and compensate for some of the compression and mids that you lose from not being able to drive the tubes and speakers. Placing the booster in the amp’s effects loop can also give the output stage of the amp a fatter character. – Bjorn]

  366. Tom says:

    Hello Bjorn!!
    I must tell you: I’m very happy with my Eleclady, thank you very much, is a great pedal

    Well Bjorn, I would like to buy an amp for gigs, and the Bugera V55 draws my attention
    How versatile is it? Could I get with the Bugera, some cleans like those on Shine on You crazy Diamond? (I know your opinion is subjective but your opinions are great haha)
    Thank you Bjorn for the hard work you do in this website, you’re a great person
    See ya’

    [Hi Tom! Depending on how loud you need to play and how hot your pickups are you should be able to get the headroom you need from the Bugera. Always hard to tell how it will sound on different rigs but it’s a nice amp with a classic tone. – Bjorn]

  367. Brad says:


    A follow up question about the Hiwatt T20 combo: would you say it has as much clean headroom as a Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue? The deluxe is a pretty loud 22 watts and I know that many are able to gig with it no problem. Would you say the same for the T20?


    [Difficult to say without a proper A/B test. It’s loud enough for gigging, no doubt and I think it will provide the needed headroom as well. Again, it depends on your rig and how you’ll be using the amp. A Hiwatt will break up if you drive it hard and the Tube Series, Maxwatt etc doesn’t have as much headroom as the old Customs. – Bjorn]

  368. KuroNeko says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I saw your response on FB after posting here. Totally agree with you ! I was hooked at first glance, but it is obvious that the D, P and J are marketing things. This small heads sure do not sound like an old DR103 from the seventies. And the WEM cab is just cosmetics.
    However, the power switchable from 20 to 0,5 W and the linked input to blend the tones of the 2 channels (on the “Little D”) still are interesting characteristics for a bedroom setup.
    They call this things “custom” but they don’t mention a “point-to-point” or “handmade” circuitry anywhere : will prices be closer to the T20 head than the Custom 20 ? Let’s see…

    [I don’t doubt that the amp is great for bedrooms, practice and studio. My problem is that the marketing is fooling the customers and fans. If the amp sounds great to your ears and you’re aware of what you’re buying then I see no harm in that. – Bjorn]

  369. Tut says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I am visiting Oslo next weekend, I know you are from Oslo, so I was wondering if there is any shop in Oslo where I can test Laney Cub series (preferably the head and the cab)? I live in Latvia and I could not find them in any store in here :(


    [Not sure if anyone carries these at the moment but check out 4Sound at Schous Plass and Riff in Prinsensgate. They have lots of different amp and might be carrying the Laneys. – Bjorn]

  370. Ben says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    I have a question regarding amps and pedal relations. I have a Blues Jr. right now but am looking for something a little different that works well with all my pedals. The pedals I have are: Vibe Machine> Sunface BC183> BA Tri Ram> Mojo Hand Rook> Buffalo FX Power Booster> Deluxe EM> DD20. The Blues Jr. handles most of the pedals well except for the power booster. I think the Jr might be too bright. Is there an amp for bedroom/smaller venues that will handle all these pedals well? The Laney 20w, Reeves 12 and Classic 30 seem to be getting a lot of love here. Any suggestions? I do have access to a used laney lh50 but it’s an older model I think because it’s all black.

    [All of the three you mention goes very well with the Powerbooster and David’s tones in general. Tone always depends on the combination of the guitar, pedals and amp and how you combine and set the up. Fenders might be a bit too bright for the PB but try adding a bit more mids and see how that works. Personally I don’t think you can go wrong with the Lionheart amps. They’re similar to the AC30 but much more versatile and more pedal friendly. – Bjorn]

  371. Dmitri says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    What are your thoughts on a Fender Deluxe Reverb, either the 65 Blackface Reissue or the 68 Custom? I know I like the tones, but what do you think about using one for also getting some Gilmourish tones as well?

    [It’s a fairly bright amp and it’s loud :) Works nicely with most pedals but you might have a bit of a struggle with the brighter sounding pedals like silicon fuzz, ram’s head Muffs and boosters. – Bjorn]

  372. Roger Sartori says:

    OMG! It’s so hard for me to find THE amp for Gilmour tones HAHAHA! I’m still looking for it but I’m almost there, and I’m counting on you: LANEY LC15 or LANEY CUB12? Cheers, my friend!

    [Between the two? The Cub :) – Bjorn]

  373. Luis says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    on a bedroom/home setup, what do you think would work better for a good/generic clean tube tone (Gilmourish included of course):

    1. The new Fender Deluxe Reverb Custom 68
    2. Laney Lionheart 5W combo -> I guess with 5W this should only be useable at bedroom/studio right?
    3. Laney Lionheart 20W combo



    [The Lionheart is a very different amp next to a Fender. Both are great but I must say that I prefer the Laney and of the ones you’ve listed, the 5w. – Bjorn]

  374. Lim says:

    Hi Bjorn. I got a Laney Cub12R through your recommendation and replaced the speaker to WGS G12C few years back. Been very happy with this amp but it’s time to move on to something better with boutique specification and quality :) Have you tried Ceriatone? I think they have a dealer for Norway. Ceriatone is from Malaysia and its time for me to support my home country product what more a manufacturer of boutique amp of the same quality as Two Rock & etc. Anyway, will be getting the OTS Mini Lunchbox 20w head unit ( a scaled down verison of the Dumble Overdrive ) with a 1×12 ext cab loaded with WGS ET65 speaker.

    Though I am a fan of Gilmour’s tone, I also like to explore. Will post back to let you know on the OTS Lunchbox once I get it. Cheers and keep up the good work.

    [Ceriatone is great! I’ve played a few of their amps and our rhythm guitarist has a JCM800 ’87 clone. Awesome stuff and very customer friendly too. Keep us posted on the amp! – Bjorn]

  375. Tom says:

    Hey Bjorn! I need advice in something :/
    Bjorn, how strong do you think a Bugera V55 head is? I mean, some people say the construction isnt so good at all, but I dont know…
    I need an amp for gigging (not big gigs anyway) but that is afordable, and the Bugera seems to be what I need!! Would you gig with it? Do you think it would resist gig use? Do you know another head that you would recomend but that isnt so expensive?
    I would really apreciate your help on this one (well, as always your help is just great)
    Thank you!!

    [Hi Tom! It’s a budget amp and obviously, the quality isn’t as good as some of the more expensive ones. The construction it self is probably very rugged but you might be experiencing that pots and screws loosen and that somewhere down the road you’ll start having problems with buzz and other signs of worn out parts. You can’t expect it to last as long as a high quality amp. That being said, for the occasional gig and some good care, there’s no reason it won’t provide what you need and for a long time. – Bjorn]

  376. Cem says:

    Hi bjorn
    Great suggestions of amps! Could the VOX AC15/30 create the gilmour tones as well as the amps you’ve recommended? Would you recommend them, and how well to they get along with pedals?

    [Personally not a huge Vox fan but they’re quite OK for Gilmour’s tones and they handle pedals very well. Check out the Laney Lionheart L20 if you want something similar but with more of that Hiwatt/early Marshall tone. – Bjorn]

  377. DIMITRIS says:

    Having read your reply some time ago, I did some research on youtube and I have to agree with you, Bjorn that the lionheart, is really a great amp!
    1. If it had a master volume, I would understand it, but there are two channels clean(volume) and drive(gain, volume). The clean channel is designed not to distort, or it stays clean, but up to a point? The drive channel sounds very good, for some Hendrix stuff I play!
    2. Delays before amp, not through fx loop. You ‘ve mentioned that you like to set tour amps at the edge of breakup, so that adding boosters, and other drive pedals work better. An amp at the edge of breakup, won’t distort if you add a pedal with just higher than unity volume output? So won’t the delay sound messy through a distorted amp?
    P.S. I don’t like too many effects, for now just germanium fuzz and wah, and a catalinbread echorec the next I ‘m buying. I’m kind of obsessed with the sound of Gilmour playing Echoes alone in the the studio, in Live of Pompeii and that’s what I would like to achieve!
    Thanks for your time, greetings from Greece!

    [The clean channel starts to break up around 2 o’clock… or earlier if you have really hot humbuckers. No problem running high gain pedals in front of it and still maintaining the headroom. The drive channel sounds very much like an early Marshall. Run all your modulations and delays in front of the amp if you’re using the clean channel and use the loop if you use the drive channel. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  378. Tom says:

    Cheers Bjorn,

    Wondered which amp was used in 2000 with the Taylor acoustic stuff?

    Do you have an opinion on Roland JC120s?

    Love the site.


    [Hi Tom, check out this detailed featured on the 2000 shows :) – Bjorn]

  379. Tom says:

    Bjorn, do you think that a Cub 12 head with a good 2×12 is good for gigs? I would love to play a tube amp, but i need it for gigs.. and well the Bugera V55 H is like 700 USD over here… and a Fender Blues Jr III costs like 1000… way too much
    Have you gigged with the Cub ? Thanks for taking some of your time to answer our questiones Bjorn, I really apreciate it, and, sorry for stealing your time haha
    See ya’!! Thanks for everything

    [Hi Tom! Depends on how big the venue is. I don’t think the Cub is loud enough for gigs and I think you’d struggle to maintain the headroom. It would perhaps work in a bar or very small club. If the venue require mic’ing the amp, you could feed it through a front stage monitor, which would allow you to keep a decent volume on the amp and get enough volume on the stage with the monitor. The Bugera is a bigger amp so it might work better but I don’t have that much experience with that one. – Bjorn]

  380. Michal says:

    Hello Bjorn,
    I have a small amp Tubemeister 5 at home. It has lots of headroom. Before buying I have compared it with Blackstar HT-5 and the cleans were sooo much better on Tubemeister. The dirty channel is nothing inspiring, also not foot-switchable like on Blackstar. But the clean channel is very Fenderish and I think it takes pedals very well. It has nice features also. You should check some videos.

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  381. Tom says:

    Ohh, also Bjorn, emm a Peavey Classic 50 is like 400 usd on ebay, I guess with taxes and all that stuff it may be like 500, maybe less..would it be the best to buy it ?? Thanks again!!

    [Great amp and it works nicely for smaller clubs :) – Bjorn]

  382. Matt says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    have you ever heard about Roost amps? These are supposed to be UK-made copies of the DR103 in the early to mid 70s. They have the same tube layout and controls incl. master volume, seems like the schematics are close to Hiwatt as well.

    All the best

    [Never heard about them… there were several Sound City and Hiwatt clones in the 70s. Some good and some pretty shitty :) Noe idea where there Roost fits in… :) – Bjorn]

  383. Jim says:

    Hi Bjorn, great site, just wondering about your Reeves amp, did you get it with the fx loop? I am running a G system so I was wondering if I should get the FX loop add on or run the G system into the front. Taks care Jim

    [Hi Jim! Mine doesn’t have the loop as I don’t need it. The loop is meant to be used if you want to use the amp for your overdrive and distortion sounds. Once the amp starts to break up, the delays and modulations gets all distorted and muddy and placing them in the loop, bypasses the pre-amp stage. However, if you’re running the amp all clean, then you’re better off placing all the pedals or systems in the front input. The Reeves has a high quality looper but most amps has issues with noise etc, so while the loop bypasses the pre-amp, it actually colours your tone. The Reeves has a lot of headroom and I assume you’ll be running it clean so plug the G System into the front input :) – Bjorn]

  384. Smurfman256 says:

    Hey Bjorn, I recently acquired a early 1970’s Fender PA-100. Supposedly, they’re just a Twin Reverb sans the vibrato and with a slightly different EQ (plus the thing has 4 freaking channels). How well would this work if I were able to keep the volume down (I mostly play in a barn that’s fairly out of town, but there are still people who would complain about this 100-watt monster if I were to crank it anywhere past about 3 or 4)?

    [Never tried the amp so I can’t really tell but on a general note, Fenders usually has no problem with low volume. It will still sound pretty good with the volume low and it will handle most of your pedals. The trick is to find the right settings to compensate for the reduced volume. Usually, that means a slightly higher pre-amp volume setting and a bit more mids but plug your guitar straight into the amp and tweak it until you find the sweetspot with the right amount of mid range and compression. Then, add the pedals. Try to adjust them to fit the amp and not the other way around. – Bjorn]

  385. Gabor says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Is there any recorded version of the actual weekend Airbag concerts?
    It would be nice to have and listen to..
    Question from the Gilmourish amp topic :
    Is there any smaller alternative of the Reeves Custom50? Just studying the website of Reeves, I have seen the new Reeves Custom 12. Bigger transformer, better headroom, than the former Custom6..
    Do you have opinion?
    A professional solution instead of the fantastic but not too reliable Chinese Laney Cub12?
    Kind regards:Gabor

    [Hi! There are a few YouTube clips out there. Check out our Facebook page for links :) I haven’t tried the Custom12 myself but from what I understand, it should be a great alternative and certainly a better option than the CUB. Nothing wrong with the CUB but I’d never travel with it. Keep in mind though that the Custom 12 is based on the early Marshall JTM, which sound quite different than a Hiwatt. – Bjorn]

  386. Brian says:

    Hey Bjorn, A reeeeeeeeally cool amp for every one to check out would be the Visual Sound Workhorse Stallion 212 and Pony 112. These amps are hard to find as they were discontinued, but they are diamonds in the rough. If anyone remembers they were the amps with the ugly hubcap speaker grill. But for all my Gilmour people out there, what does Bjorn tell us constantly??? Clean headroom and use the pedals. Well these amps are clean to 10 man! They were flat out made as a clean pedal platform. I have the 60W 212, which is set up with 2 6L6 power tubes, and 3 12ax7 pre. It basically has that Fender Twin clean all the way up thing, but is flatter and warmer than a twin. The cleans are good, but where it shines is when your pedalboard comes into play. Start stomping and wow! If you ever get a chance to look up specs on these things you will be amazed, designed by pedal god RG Keene. They are very hard to find but can be had at a pretty ridiculous price(as in cheap for what they are). All the best!

    [Thanks for the tip! – Bjorn]

  387. Sergey says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Do you know is there any difference between amplifier section of Laney CUB12R COMBO and standalone Laney CUB12 HEAD?

    Because they cost almost the same and right now I have little space at home, I want to purchase combo right now and sometime later purchase laney cub cabinet and connect it to the EXTENSION CABINET jack. Will it be the same?

    [AS far as I know it’s the same amp but check the specifications on their web site :) – Bjorn]

  388. Marc-André says:

    Hi guys/Bjorn, I hesitate between a Fender Blues Junior III and Classic 30. Which one would you pick? I know I can’t go wrong with one or the other but I would like to know your thoughts on this… I already have a Laney Cub which I’m really happy with but it is not loud enough for small venues.


    [The Classic 30 for sure. The Blues Jr is a great little amp but not loud enough for clubs. The Classic 30 is and it has considerably more headroom as well. – Bjorn]

  389. Robert says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I’ d like to have your take on the Carvin V3M, to me it is right there in the range on the Laney.

    [Haven’t tried one but thanks for the tip :) – Bjorn]

  390. Marc-André says:

    Another question. I was looking for a great amp in the 30/40 watts range and then I found the Reeves Custom 50PS. It is way too powerful for what I need but the power scaling feature makes it very interesting and versatile.

    If I give all the volume a Muff needs and then I power scale down to the appropriate level I need, would the sound still be nice and maintain its character you think?

    [I haven’t tried the 50PS but the thing with power scaling is that it’s really meant to be used when you want the amp to produce distortion but on low volume levels. It doesn’t really do much with the clean channel and you might as well just get one without the PS and just lower volume. My personal experience with Hiwatts and Reeves is that they really need high volume to open up and reach their full potential. They’re basically very flat and neutral sounding amps and they can sound rather thin and dull on low levels. Once you crank it – clean or distorted – and get the tubes to really push the speaker, you’ll get those classic tones. In your case, if you mostly plan on playing at home or in smaller environments, I’d rather go for something smaller. I rarely use my Reeves unless we’re doing a big gig. Just my two cents. – Bjorn]

  391. Joshj says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    I was wondering witch amp you would choose out of the Laney cub stack, or the fender blues Jr. I cant decide…..

    [Two very different amps really. The Cub is typically British, somewhere between a Hiwatt and early Marshall. The Blues Jr is very much Fender. I like both but in terms of David’s tones I guess the Cub is a better match. – BJorn]

  392. Tom says:

    Hi Bjorn!! I’ll try to make my last question for a while haha (sorry, you totally deserve a Nobel Prize, i cant imagine how many people you have helped man)
    Anyway… what do you think about an AC15C2 ? Have you played one? It seems like it has some Celestion Speakers on it, and i’ve read its very good, but, how do u think it would work for Gilmour? do you think it’s gonna work with modulations(actually, an Elec Lady)?
    Cheers!! Thank you for all your help!!

    [Hi! It’s basically an AC30 but 15w. I think there’s two G12Ms in it, which gives you a nice headroom but also a bit more power. Personally I’m not a huge Vox fan. I think they’re a bit too bright and aggressive but you’ll definitely be able to dial in some nice Gilmour tones with it and it handles all pedals very well :) – Bjorn]

  393. Tom says:

    Thank you Bjorn!! Yeah, it has G12Ms, I’ll go for it!! Cheers!! Thank you for everything man, you rock!!!

    [Cheers! – Bjorn]

  394. Sebastian says:

    Hi Bjorn!! Thank’s for all the advice, your site is very helpfull!

    I think you already answer this, but…, the thing is I’m focused on the Lionheart but not shure if the 5w or 20w combo. I’m mostly an “apartment” player, but would like to have enough clear headroom for little club gigs (don’t gig that much, but every now and then). What would be your advice? The difference in money is not significant, but the wattage is quite different…
    Please consider I may not be able to get an extension cab for the 5 watter, so the combo should be enough to little club gigs…that’s why considering the 20w.

    Thanks in advance!!

    [The 5w wouldn’t have enough headroom for stage use. Depends on whether you mic the cab and use front stage monitoring as your main sound source but alone, the amp won’t be enough. The 20w is extremely dynamic and it would work nicely both at home and smaller clubs. – Bjorn]

  395. Tom says:

    Ohhh, Bjorn, one last thing, I promise!!
    Do you think the AC15C2 would keep up clean for gigs? Im not in the mood to play at Wembley(?) so Im talking about bars, stuff like that… and i guess/hope it always can get mic’ed

    [I guess. Haven’t tried it but it’s quite loud and it should hold up. I recommend mic’ing it anyway and perhaps compensate with a front stage monitor… if needed. – Bjorn]

  396. ** Sebastiano ** says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I started to play David from some months.
    I have already bought some pedals like Skreddy P19, Boss CS 2 and TC Flashback and I have to say I am happy with these.

    Now, I need to buy a new ampl and for room reason I prefer a combo.
    I have had the opportunity to test only the Laney Cub 12r combo and I like it, but I am really dubious between the following COMBO:
    – Laney Cub 12 r
    – Fender Blues Junior III
    – Fender Pro Junior III
    – Fender Superchamp X2.
    I play ONLY at home to low volume.
    Can you give your opinion to do the right choice?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    ciao Sebastiano

    [Tonewise, the CUB is somwhere between a Hiwatt and early Marshall, with a fairly bright tone and a nice mid range presence. The Fender amps are perhaps slightly cleaner, with less mid range. Depends on what tones you want. All of these are great for bedroom playing but personally, in terms of recreating Gilmour’s tones and using Muffs etc to get those tones, I’d go for the CUB and its mid range, which will give you a better basis for the pedals. – BJorn]

  397. Wayne says:

    Hi Bjorn Wayne here, im looking to get my first tube amp to replace my Line 6 spider IV 75 and im really leaning towards the Ac15c1 by Vox but I want to know if I could emulate gilmour tones on this amp, if not I will have to get the blues junior. I really don’t want to buy an amp not suitable for Gilmour even though the Vox has impressed me.
    Many thanks Wayne.

    [Well, if the VOX has already impressed you, then I suggest you buy it. As much as you want to replicate David’s tones you sould also get an amp that suits your playing, choice of pedals and tone preference. VOX amps are on the brighter side and even a bit more aggressive than your typical Gilmour amp. Still, it will provide a nice basis for your Gilmour tones and pedals. – Bjorn]

  398. Eddie says:

    Hi Bjorn – i just wanted to give you a big “Thank You!” for this website and all of the helpful information you have put together as it has been invaluable in my gear shopping. The community here is also really great and I appreciate the helpful attitudes everyone has who posts. I have been listening to some Airbag too and really like it.

    I’ve just gotten back into playing my electric with a band and have enjoyed all the information this site gives as I am slowly gearing back up. From reading the buyer’s guides I am currently running the following set-up:
    Fender Strat -> Xotic SP compressor -> Maxon OD808 -> Big Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker -> Super Champ X2

    I only wish I had more money to spend but I am really liking the sounds I am getting. I am saving up for a delay pedal now but can also use some of the delay settings on the Super Champ which has a lot of flexibility as you can run pedals through Channel 1 (i like this the best) but you can also get some interesting voicings from Channel 2.

    Thanks again for putting together such a quality collection of articles and reviews- i look forward to more of your reviews (especially the delay section) and check the site out whenever i am online!

    [Hi Eddie! Thanks a lot for your kind words and for sharing! Good luck with your tone and playing :) – Bjorn]

  399. Brad says:


    I considered getting the AC15C2 many times, vs. the C1 and the AC30C2. I ended up with the AC15C1. Now that I’ve had that for a while and can compare it to some other amps I’ve known, my recommendation would be to save up a little and get the AC30C2, especially if you want any kind of clean tones without micing the amp. The AC15 is heaven for chimey “just on the edge of breakup” tones, through to crunch and saturation. A pure “clean” tone can be achieved with single coils, but it would most certainly have to be pumped through a PA in order to keep up with a band.

    Yes, it’s true you will get a bigger sound with the second 12 inch speaker, and a little more clean headroom. The reason I say go for the AC30 is that the AC15C2 is already in the AC30C2 enclosure, so will basically be as heavy as the AC30. The only possible reason, in my opinion, that someone would want an AC15 over an AC30–besides the obvious cost difference–is that they don’t want to lug the AC30 around.

    So if you’re ok with the size anyway, go with the increased headroom and features of the AC30. Also, you can get nice breakup out of the AC30 at AC15 volumes because of the Master Volume.

    Just my .02. I have a ceramic Weber Blue Dog in the AC15 and it does sound great! But–especially if I’m playing a guitar with humbuckers–clean tones are hard to achieve at band levels, even on the “normal” channel.

    I guess if you’re sure the amp will ALWAYS be miced, you can disregard all of the above, but it would be nice to have the clean “oomph” for those clubs where you otherwise wouldn’t need the PA.

    In the same price range as the AC15, the Peavey Classic 30 will get you gig-able cleans and a great drive channel–just not that VOX character.


  400. Tom says:

    Thanks a lot Brad!! Well, now im not sure about which amp haha, the only reason I have for getting the 15 rather than the 30 is price, but anyway the 30 is not that much more…but actually im not looking for fender-ish cleans and I only use single coils, considering this, would you recomend the 30? I would love a Peavey C30, but can’t find it here in Chile and I dont feel so sure about shipping an amp to my country
    Cheers and thank you so much for your help Brad (also thank you too Bjorn, you’re a great guy!)

    [Cheers, Tom! – Bjorn]

  401. Brad says:


    You said two very key things–you don’t need pristine cleans and you use only single coils. Those things being the case, then it sounds like you’d be really happy with the AC15C2. I think its a really cool option between the C1 and the 15C2, if you don’t have the bread for an AC30 (which I can certainly understand). Plus you sounded sure about the C2 above, and sometimes we just have to follow our instincts and pull the trigger on something we’re excited on something when we’re able to buy.

    Worst case scenario, a year or so from now you decide you’d rather have the AC30, then you can still get a decent resale value for the 15C2, and it’s “all good.”

    Just a side note, you often hear people talking more about classic gibson type guitars with “british” amps like Vox. But–and to a large degree I think its exactly because of this headroom issue we’ve been talking about–single coils and ac30s or ac15s sound MAGICAL!

    You’ll make the right call. I hope I could help and didn’t mean to hijack Bjorn’s site! I too have struggled andagonized over “this vs. that” questions, especially when it comes to amps, so I wanted to “chime” in (Vox pun).

    Now get back to rockin’ Chile!


    [Thanks for your input! – Bjorn]

  402. Tom says:

    Hahaha, thank you so much Brad!!! Now im completely sure about the 15C2, thanks for taking your time helping me, I really apreciate it man, and you just said it all: Vox plus Single Coils = a really magic tone
    I hope everything is doing fine for you!! Also thank you Bjorn, you’re always helping guys as confused as I was, and I know you don’t have much free time.
    Airbag is really cool, maybe we’ll see you guys in Chile someday?
    Cheers to you 2, from a rainy Chile

    Chime On!

    [Cheers, Tom! – Bjorn]

  403. **Sebastiano** says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I have followed you suggest and so I got a Laney Cub 12R.
    I must say that I am happy it is really we can get a Gilmour’s tone at low volume playing at home.
    If moreover we look at the prize it is a good amp to play at home.
    Can you suggets if you use reverber and if yes the level do you set it?
    I am using this setting for the rest:
    bass 50%, treble 50-60%, dis 40%, Tone 60%
    Thanks again and continue with your blog that it is great!
    ciao Sebastiano

    [I never use reverb but rather delay. Personally I’d set the treble at about 25% but that depends on the guitar and what pedals you use :) – Bjorn]

  404. Tom says:

    Brad!! Im sorry to bother you…but have you used a flanger with your AC15c1? If so, does it sound bright (in a bad way, like too much brightness)? Cheers, and sorry Bjorn for stealing this space, ahh and Bjorn, have you played a Vox with a flanger?

    [Used the Mistress with an AC30. Sounded OK but for David’s tones, you really need to tame the treble on the Vox. – Bjorn]

  405. Tom says:

    Well, I ask ’cause I have a Vox Pathfinder (haven’t compared to a real tube AC30, but over the net almost everybody says it sounds like an AC30) and I can’t get it to sound right with an Eleclady (as you know, a very bright pedal) and a tele on the bridge pickup…veeeeery trebly sounds…
    any tips on how to tame a vox for a gilmourish’s sound? And finally… i’ve been trying to understand how a clean hiwatt sounds with Gilmour but haven’t found a really “clean” example (always with od, fuzz or muff), do you know a good Floyd example? Thanks!
    Cheers, and sorry for my questions, this is the only place where i’ve found good answers.

    [I don’t have any particular setting for VOX but try not to use the boost and keep the gain and treble low. Increase the mids but be careful with the bass as well. Too high will also cause a brighter tone. Try lowering the volume on your guitar to 9 to smooth out the highs. Keep in mind too that your position to the amp is also crucial. The amp will sound a lot brighter if you stand in front of it. Try to position yourself above or to its side and hear if that helps. – Bjorn]

  406. Mathias says:

    Hi again Björn
    First of all, thanks a bunch for all your help.

    I’m about to sell my lovely Laney Lionheart, which I bought on your recommendation. The Lionheart is incredible, and I have several doubts about selling but now it´s to late and in steed i´m buying a Super sonic 22.

    My question is. How is this a degradation and how can I be happy for my new Fender Super Sonic 22?

    I know it might sound strange but I’m so much in doubt about this..
    Please cheer me up? – My girlfriend don´t understand.. :-)

    [Ha ha :) Well, they’re two very different amp. While the Lionheart is a typical British tone, with a rather dark yet punchy early Marshall/VOX kind of tone, the Fender is very American, with a bright and scooped tone. I can’t say that one is better than the other because it depends on what tones you want. They’re both great sounding amps. Personally I prefer the Lionheart and I think it goes well with the typical Gilmour pedals, but Gilmour has been using Fenders for decades and you should definitely be able to dial in some great tones with it. Spend some time getting to know the amp and make the needed adjustments to your pedals to match the amp. Cheers! – Bjorn]

    • Neilio says:

      Fuck yes, a supersonic will get you the closest tone. Plus you aren’t stuck with one sound. Bassman/ vibrolux/ sounds great with pedals. Natural tube breakup. Screw digital and all these off brand amps. Be yourself not Gilmore.

  407. Tom says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I’m looking to set up a Laney Cub head and stack like yours. I was able to find that you are using JJ tubes, but which one are they (excuse me if this sounds like a stupid question, I’m new to all of this and don’t know much on these.) Also I was able to find that you have also changed the speakers in the stack to Weber Thames ceramic are they the 8 ohms? Have you also made any other modifications?

    Your website is an amazing bank of information and knowledge.

    Thanks for your time and keep up amazing work.


    [I replaced the stock tubes, I think they were TAD’s, with JJs and the same value. Not a huge difference but I think the JJs are better balanced and they have a bit more low end. The cab is loaded with Weber Thames ceramics and wired for 8ohms. Keep in mind that these are very bright sounding speakers so you might be experiencing that your overdrives and distortions gets a bit too bright and maybe harsh Some tweaking on the amp and pedals should take care of that but if you want something darker and maybe a bit more versatile, then you might want to consider some Celestion V30s or similar. – Bjorn]

  408. Kim says:

    Hi Bjorn
    In a local Music store, I saw the Fender pawn shop series of amps, do you think it possible to use one, as the Fender Ramparte, for some Gilmourish sounds, With the proper pedal setup? Looks like a fun and unusual amp, I just dont got experience with tube amps, and dont know if its really versatile. Do you think it would handle some home, and later perhaps small gigging with gilmourish sound?
    Thanks for the great site with lots of nice reviews. for a newbie guitarist with no knowledge about effects and pedals, it is a great help.

    [Hi Kim! Neither of the Pawn Shop amps are ideal for David’s tones. I’m sure you can dial in some OK tones but they don’t have that much headroom and the overall tone tends more towards rock. I think they’re meant to be used as is, without too many pedals. They’re fun to play around with but personally, I think there are better options on the market… like the ones mentioned in this giude. – Bjorn]

  409. Cem says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I’m searching for a good quality tube amp for my bedroom, and the Laney amps sound really good, but while the stack version of the 20w Lionheart is awesome (although a little outside my price range), the combo seems to be more adequate for a bedroom setup (the combo is also really good IMO). Nevertheless, I wanted to hear your opinion on the subject. Which one do you prefer, and why?
    Thanks a bunch!

    [The combo should be enough for bedrooms. The L20 stack is very loud and doesn’t have a scaling. The stack model has more headroom but the combo should be able to provide the headroom you need for your pedals. – Bjorn]

  410. Robbert says:

    This one’s for everyone thinking about a VOX AC15;

    I’ve been playing through mine for a little over 2 years and could never get a nice Gilmour (lead) tone(the ‘top boost’ channel is good for a fizzy Syd Barrett tone though). BUT one day (about 7 months ago) I got a little intoxicated and tried to run both the ‘Top Boost’ and the ‘Normal’ channel at the same time, it worked like a charm and gave me a perfect clean Gilmour tone (cranking both channels’ volume knobs will give an instant Rory Gallagher growl)! Vox’s are no plug-and-play amps nevertheless they get really sweet when you get the hang of them.

    I run the channels at the same time by plugging a korg dt-10 tuner (output and bypass jacks) into them.

    Peace Out

    [Thanks for sharing! – Bjorn]

  411. alfredo68 says:

    Hi Bjorn
    Hello, I have the opprtunity to buy an ampli peavey classic 30 but I hesitate between the 2 models, the older one (with an attenuator of volume) and the new model.

    The first is sold 300 €

    the second 370 €.

    My choice will be the fisrt one for 300 € because of the attenuator of volume as I would play this amp either at home, and either in small club, what would be your choice ?
    is there many differences between these two models ?

    Thank you for your answer
    Kind regards

    [I haven’t tried the first version so I can’t tell if there is a different. Different speaker maybe? An attenuator is always handy but keep in mind that it won’t do much if you’re using the amp for clean tones. It’s meant to be used when you crank the amp for distortion but don’t want all the volume. For cleans, you’ll get more or less the same result just by lowering the volume and in many cases, it even sounds better. – Bjorn]

  412. Tom from Chile says:

    Hey Bjorn, what do you think about the Laney Lionheart 20 combo for smaller gigs? I can’t find the head + cabinet here in Chile :( (only could find the L50H haha a bit too much maybe for smaller gigs…)
    Anyway, clean headroom is my concern… how clean is the L20 with vintage-ish single coils? I was previously considering an AC15c2 as I told ya’ a while ago…but it might not be enough for gigs.
    Thanks in advance :) !

    [I’ve used my L20 stack on gigs with 500-700 seats and it works nicely. Just a hint of guitar in the front monitor… Depending on how hard you drive your pedals, the L20 has a nice headroom but it will start to break around 1-2 o’clock with 60s single coils. – Bjorn]

  413. Tom from Chile says:

    Mm…I understand that the stack has more headroom, please correct me if I’m wrong… I know you don’t know what kind of clean im searching for, or if my drummer plays really loud, but do you think the combo one would have enough headroom? Last question haha, thanks Bjorn, take care!

    [I would think so but don’t hold me against it :) We play loud and my stack works nicely. – Bjorn]

  414. Tom from Chile says:

    Hahaha, ok Bjorn, thank you man!! Keep up with the good work!

  415. Debargho says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Thanks for the hard work on the site. I was wondering if you have played a Fender Champion 600 via pedals? Example: Strat>Buffalo FX Patriot>Compressor/sustain>Dover Driver>jam Effects Rattler>Mooer Ensamble King>MXR Phase 90>TC Electronics Flashback > fender Champion 600.
    Would you think that the Champion 600 is able to take all of the above without buckling?
    What other similar 5-10W amp can you suggest as an alternative?


    [The 600 doesn’t take pedals that well. It can handle a RAT, some modulation and delay but it doesn’t have a lot headroom and pedals like the Patriot and fuzz pedals doesn’t work that well. Other than that, your set up should do. Check out the Laney Cub series as well :) – Bjorn]

  416. Debargho says:

    Ps: in addition to the above,I should add that I’m specifically only looking at practice amps suited for playing in small- medium sized bedrooms only.
    Visiting your site has now become a daily routine but each visit seem to reveal little nuggets that I seem to miss on earlier visits! So thank you for such in-depth work!



    [Thanks a lot for your kind words! Glad you enjoy the site :) See my previous reply. – Bjorn]

  417. Nahuel says:

    What setting you recommend for a Gilmour tone with a Marshall 2061x, a Strat with Fender CS 69 and a RAT?
    Thank you

    [Try the settings suggested in this article and tweak your way around that :) – Bjorn]

  418. Gabriel Diamond says:

    Why not the Blackstar ht 40 club. Great amp for only $700.

  419. Luis says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    what’s your experience with equipment like the Two Notes Live for bedroom/home studio?

    It has been getting very positive reviews and I guess it does solve several problems in the amp world (specially in the bedroom context):

    . Volume is no longer an issue on the amp. You can always run the amp and the optimum level/gain.
    . You can run some effects after it which is normal in studios, so producing the best tones in real time. With some effects you can even do mono -> stereo after the amp
    . You don’t have to have a speaker cab (can go directly to full range speakers)
    . Many cabs/mics available

    I have never tried it but the only con I see with it is its price. With one unit of this I could buy a damn good amp…



    [Never tried it my self but it looks very interesting… Guess I have to check it out :) – Bjorn]

  420. steven says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    What would be your choice in order to get a Vox type of tone:

    For the same price, buying a Carl Martin Ac Tone that I would put in front of my laney Cub head?
    or buying a brand new Mooer Little Monster AC Head?

    Have you tried the little monster series and both Ac and BM heads?

    Best regards,

    [I haven’t tried any of those so I can’t really comment… – Bjorn]

  421. steven says:

    Oh By the way,

    Could you tell me if the Mooer RAT Clone is a great pedal? I mean a good as the hartman, the BYOC or the Jam pedals?

    thanks again,


    [It feature the old LM308 chip and it’s definitely worth checking out. – Bjorn]

  422. Marco says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    is the first time I surfed you website. let me say it’s awesome.

    I’m right about to buy a small combo with gilmour-oriented tone but also versatile. I’m playing most of ald 70’s stuff from zeppelin, sabbath, deep purple and lot of hendrix style tunes. as i’m not playing in big venues that much, 20w I think will be the best solution

    I was oriented on the HIWATT T20 combo but also like the LANEY lionheart. unfortunately, near where i live, no one has an HIWATT T series to try. in that case i would need to buy first.

    which amp you will recommend best?

    Welcome to the site, Marco! The T20 and Lionheart are two very different amps. While both has a nice headroom and can produce David’s tones very well, the Hiwatt has a considerably more transparent tone, with a bit of upper mid range boost as well. The Lionheart has a fairly scooped tone and does sound darker. Given the bands you’ve listed, I would say that the Lionheart is the best choice. – Bjorn]

  423. Alexander says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Thank you for this wonderful site.

    I need a versatile combo for home. What do you think about the Fender Pro Junior. And specifically about this one It is made on the basis of Pro Junior. It costs about $ 330 in my country. While the rest of the recommended combo is much more expensive, or not represented at all.


    [I haven’t tried the Yerasov but the Pro Junior is a nice amp, with classic Fender tones. Not too much headroom so it might not be the best choice for Big Muffs and fuzz pedals but again, a nice amp. It’s also worth checking you the Laney Cub series. – Bjorn]

  424. Ronald says:

    Hi bjorn i have a palmer cam with 2celestion greenback speaker 25 watt would this work great with the lanet cub head thanks bjorn

    [I imagine it would :) – Bjorn]

  425. Ali says:

    Hi bjorn…..hope you’re well
    First of all congratulations for your latest AirBag Album….it’s brilliant, i appereciate you Sir…:-)
    i want to ask you to write your review about JC120 Amp…thank you

    [Thanks Ali! I’ll keep the JC120 in mind for a future update of the guide :) – Bjorn]

  426. Charles says:

    Hi long time lurker but never posted here.

    I definitely love your site and it really helped me to choose my guitar and my amp which is a Laney Cub 12R. However I didn’t resist to change the OEM speaker with a brand new Celestion Greenback and I am looking about change the cheap china tube !
    Anyways this amp have a really good OEM tone it’s just my nature to change everything !

    [Absolutely and a few upgrades makes it an excellent amp! – Bjorn]

  427. Charles says:

    I read that you changed some parts in yours what did you do?
    Speaker and tubes?
    If so what tubes did you put in?

    Thank you!

    Keep faith!

    [Replaced all the stock tubes, I think they were TADs, with same value JJ Electronics. They got a bit more punch, with more warmth and low end. I also replaced the speakers with Weber Thames 80w ceramics. This is a very bright setup and perhaps not for everyone. Celestions might be a better choice for the amp but I wanted something slightly different :) – Bjorn]

  428. Olivier says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Thanks for your site !
    I never find user informations about the Laney IRT30-112 Ironheart.
    What’s wrong with this amp ?
    In the line, it’s the perfect one for bedroom (powersoak) and gigs, reverb, fx loop, under 700€ …
    But i’m think, nobody try this one ?
    I’m looking for this one but not easy to try this in France,…
    I’m (starting) to play from gilmour to system of a down (sic) what’s your opinion ?

    [Never tried the Ironheart so I can’t really tell… – Bjorn]

  429. Manuel says:

    Hi Bjorn…What do you think of Mesa Transatlantic 15w Head? I’m realliy courious about it because, as far as I read, you neverm metion it…I have it but I was wondering if a Laney Lionheart 20 or a Hiwatt T20 might be better…I got the Transatlantic since it has different channels with differenf flavours…And I liked the fact that it has an AC/Top Boost Side…
    If you have time this a video of the band I play in, Nothing Hill

    Thanks ;-)

    [The Mesa has a much more modern tone and slightly more aggressive, similar to the Rectifier. The Lionheart sounds like a cross between a AC30 and early JTM Marshall. Vintage and war. The T20 has a typical Hiwatt flavour with a bright character and lots of headroom. Depends on what you want really. I like all three but they serve different applications. – Bjorn]

  430. David Auchterlonie says:

    Hello bjorn, i have been trying to decide on a valve amp to buy. Currently have a line6 spider 3 75, great practice amp, with head phones and mp3 input, but, its solid state so a little too clinical. I know marshal is not the typical amp used for gilmour emulation, but am liking what i am hearing about the slash sl5 , perfect for bed room 5>1watt. Slash being my second preferred guitarist after gilmour. Maybe i need to get a cub and a slash. Bring airbag to Australia one day love to hear ya live

    [Hi David! The SL5 is a very nice sounding amp with a classic JCM type of marshall tone. Warm and punchy clean and creamy distortion. I think this is one of Marshalls better amps in that range and it should be a nice alternative for your Gilmour tones as well :) – Bjorn]

  431. Sean says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    I know its not a budget amp, but have you seen the new Hiwatt Little D with the WEM cab? Any chance you’re going to get your hands on one for a review?

    [I’ve seen it. I haven’t planned on reviewing it but I’m sure it’s a nice amp. Make no mistake though, this is not a Gilmour signature amp or affiliated in any way with Gilmour. Sadly they’ve just used a cheap marketing trick and it isn’t the first time. The WEM cab is also a fake and has noting in common with the original Starfinder cabs of the early 70s. – Bjorn]

  432. Tom from Chile says:

    Hey Bjorn, any experience with the Fender Custom ’68 Deluxe Reverb? It has two channels, the first one seems to deliver a Bassman-esque tone while the second traditional Fender Twin tone… please tell us your thoughts on the amp, it would be very apreciated (I still havent found the “right” amp..)

    Thank you very much for your help Bjorn

    [Sorry for my late reply, Tom. I don’t have much experience with it other than plugging into one a few times. It has a nice classic Fender character. Very versatile and I imagine a nice amp for Gilmour’s tones… as well as lots of other styles. – Bjorn]

  433. Martin Mark says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    thank you for your awesome website.

    I have followed you suggest and so I got a Laney Cub 12R combo (+ Harley Benton guitar cabinet with 1×12″ Celestion Vintage 30 speaker).


    Martin (Slovakia)

    [Thanks Martin and congrats on your amp :) – Bjorn]

  434. David says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    I’m looking at getting either the Hiwatt T20 Head and Cab or the Laney Cub 12 Head and Cab. The price differential between the two is about $400, and I was wondering if the Hiwatt is worth the extra cash, or if I should just go with the Laney. I’m usually playing in the bedroom, but occasionally I get a small gig with my friends that I play at. I’m looking more for a strong clean sound that can handle pedals well. I know the Hiwatt name is associated with Gilmour, but would it really get me closer to the tones I’m looking for (thinking Pompeii/DSotM clean) than the Laney? Thanks in advance!

    [Both amps sound great. The Cub is somewhere between a Hiwatt and early Marshall, with the Hiwatt is a Hiwatt… I think maybe the Hiwatt is a better option if you intend to do a gig now and then. It has a bit more power and a sturdier design. – Bjorn]

  435. Ratan says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    What are some 5W tube amps which are versatile as well low budget too? Considering the Combo amp?

    [Check out the guide in this feature :) – Bjorn]

  436. Michael R says:

    Hello again Bjorn! There’s this website, Ceriatone, that sells clones of a lot of different vintage amps, and kits to put them together yourself. I myself was wondering if I could get away with using a Plexi clone rather than a Hiwatt, for a Gilmourish, and overall prog rock tone (think Fripp, Hackett, Barre, Howe, those guys are my heroes), as well as the Hendrix thing. Thoughts?

    [We have a Ceriatone JCM800 in the band and it sounds just awesome! Highly recommended! The old Plexis are very similar to the Hiwatts although a bit less headroom. Make sure you get one with a master volume or you’ll have a hard time taming it. – Bjorn]

  437. Paulo says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Could you suggest 2 or 3 speakers to replace the stock speaker of a Laney Cub 10? Do you recommend, for example, the Celestion V30 or Green Back? What about Eminence?

    Thankful for you site and help!

    [I really don’t have that much experience with different speakers. I have a pair of Weber Thames 80w Fane type models in mine but I really don’t recommend this unless you’re looking for that super bright Hiwatt tone. I guess the best match would be V30s or Green Backs or similar models from other brands. – Bjorn]

  438. Gábor says:

    the Weber Thames is best. Between original actual Fanes, the AXA12 100W is great.from WGS choice the Reaper 30w is great. From Celestion the V30 is the best( ie. used in the Laney Lionheart cab) these are my personal experience used all of them. Another option from Britain , Tayden Retro 55 is great, regarding the reviews available. On Ebay sometimes Hiwatt HeavyDuty Speakers ( made by Fane) are available seperately. Take into consideration that te age of the speaker is a risk indeed.
    Kind regards:Gabor

  439. Wesley says:

    Can you describe what you mean by “that super bright Hiwatt tone”? I have the cub12R and am constantly trying to dial in the Syd’s Theme\Echoes intro as my clean tone. Any advice in general for that or tube\speaker suggestions?

    [The Hiwatt it self is on the darker side, as is the Cub, but the Fane speaker is very bright with very little mid range. I’d go for a Celestion or similar. – Bjorn]

  440. David Auchterlonie says:

    Hello, bjorn mate you do an awsome job with this site, no other guitarist has a site as good as this one. I bought the marshall sl5 Marshall. I can honestly say its the best sound amp i have ever heard, clean channel has miles of headroom. The overdrive channel is something to here. The sl5 has a vintage 30 celeston speaker 12 inch. The amp can go from 5 watts to 1 watt, but, i can say the 1 watt is still loud for bedroom set up. I really recommend this amp, for recording, practice small gigs. Really worth a try even if you not into slashs style.

    [Thanks for your kind words and tip, David! – Bjorn]

  441. Stephen says:

    I second that, the Fane AXA12 100w is awesome! Great speaker, love mine!

  442. Manuel says:

    Hi Bjorn, I picked up a Laney L20 head, it really sounds good but it is too dark for my taste. I might have the possibility to take a Ceriatone Dizzy 30 (Matchless DC30 clone). According to the samples and the reviews it sound really good…Do you have any experience with it? Do you think I would (also) get into “gilmourish” territories with it? Thanks ;-)

    [I don’t have much experience with Matchless but based on what I’ve heard it should do the job. Ceriatone makes some really nice stuff! – Bjorn]

  443. arshad says:

    hii.. can laney cub 8 will be suitable for getting gilmourish tone at bedroom level?

    [It doesn’t’ have the headroom of the Cub12 but you should be able to get some nice Gilmour tones with it :) – Bjorn]

  444. Cem says:

    Hi Bjorn
    What do you think about the ’65 Deluxe Reverb in terms of gilmourish tones at home? Is it louder than the 20w Lionheart?

    [personally I’m not a big fan of Fender amps. It’s just a personal taste. On low volume and for the amp to handle all the Gilmourish pedals, you’d want a lot of mid range, which the typical Fenders doesn’t have. Still it’s a timeless amp and you can’t really go wrong with it. It sounds very different to the Lionheart, which is more of a Marshall/Vox kind of thing. – Bjorn]

  445. ROULEAU says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    First, congratulations for your website !!!!
    I want to buy a Blues Junior, but actually there’s many configurations with differents speakers (Eminence Cannabis Rex, Jensen C12K, Jensen C12N, Jensen P12Q, Jensen P12R, Celestion…..).
    Which is the best choice to have the best gilmourish tone).
    Thanks !!!

    [I like the Cannabis Rex but check out this article for some tips… – Bjorn]

  446. arshad says:

    hello again,thanks for replying ..just one last question..which is better “Fender Champion 600″ or “laney cub8″ for gilmourish sound as i am extremely tight on my budget..i will be using behringer and boss pedals.. looking forward for your solo album “lullabies in a car crash”


    [I’d go for the Cub :) – Bjorn]

  447. Gary says:

    Hi, there are a lot of comments on here, too many to read through so perhaps you may have already answered this question or something like it. Would you recommend a Fender Princeton Reverb 65 reissue for Gilmour tones and would it be suitable for home use with pedals?.

    [Absolutely. A great sounding amp with a classic Fender tone. Personally I think Fenders combined with Big Muffs and other typical Gilmour pedals can be a tad too bright so you might want to look into pedals that have more mid range. – Bjorn]

  448. Sebastien says:

    Hello Bjorn, I’ll be a bit off topic, but could you please give your laney Cub settings back when your home pedalboard (pictured on your facebook page)was fitted with Wampler Plexidrive, MXR Distortion +, Carl Martin plexitone…
    You said it was a very cool and versatile Gibbons / Rhoads / IommI pedalboard….with your Lespaul of Course.

    + did you have your banana drive booster into the effect loop? 5W or 15 W input?

    Thanks for your help!
    Best regards,

    [Oh… I’m having a hard time remembering what I did last night! LOL :) I think I was using the boost at time… set for a mild clean slight volume boost for pushing the output section. I used the 15w. The settings been pretty much the same since I got the amp… check out pictures here. – Bjorn]

  449. Lindsay says:

    Hi Bjorn.

    First of all, my compliments to you on the site. I must have read every article, although this is the first time I have left a comment.

    I have a question for you. I am very much interested in the Laney Lionheart amp, but due to the happenstance of various special offers at the moment, I could try the 20 watt with 12 inch speaker cheaper than the five watt; I could buy the 20 watt with 4 by 10 inch Jensen alnico speakers even cheaper still (ex demo). My question is, would either of these two be a good option for almost exclusively bedroom (or attic) use, or would they be too much? How would the alnico compare with the Celestion green for someone chasing Gilmourish tones?

    [Thanks for your kind words! The L20 is loud and might be a bit too much for bedrooms but it has no problem with low volume and doesn’t loose any tone. – Bjorn]

  450. Gibsder says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    What do you think about the Hiwatt Custom 7 Head ?
    And what cab can we plug on it ?



    [I haven’t tried it so I can’t really tell… – Bjorn]

  451. Joshj says:

    Ive been looking at the reeves custom 12. Any thoughts on this amp?

    [A very nice Marhsall JTM model. Not typical Hiwatt. – Bjorn]

  452. Cem says:

    Hi Bjorn
    What did you do about the mains voltage difference between the USA and Europe when you received your Reeves Custom 50?

    [They build them upon order so you need to specify the voltage and they deliver the proper setup. – Bjorn]

  453. Stephen Ford says:

    Hey Bjorn and Cem, My Reeves Custom 50 has 3 voltage options on the back so I can use it in the US or Europe without any issue. It just needs a different cable plugged in and the switch changed. Works awesome. I am having the same system installed on my Fender Twin!

  454. Julian says:

    Hello Bjorn ,

    I’d like to have your advice before buying an amp head (or two!!). I’ve sold 2 vintage heads (a 1973 Sound city 50watt head + Marshall JCM 900 from the 90’s) a few years ago.

    Now I have 2 cabs left: One fitted with Clestion G12h30 (55): Think Hendrix / Page / Blackmore / Cream
    The other will be fitted in order to play Pink Floyd songs : I’m waiting for Weber Thames speakers.

    Here’s my question: Knowing that I own a LOT of pedals (among them 50 % dedicated to gilmour tones, and the other great “amp like” pedals like Catalinbread / wampler Plexi…), Would you go for Laney Cub head, or Laney Lionheart L20H? I’mlooking for a clean sound base, than I’ll build the tone with pedals.

    As you mentioned many times before, the two amps are differents, Cub being a Hiwatt clone, and Lionheart darker, VoX ac30 to Marshall JTM 45 Clone. I guess the ideal would be to buy the Cub head for the Weber thames Cab, and Lionheart for the Celestion G12H cab, but If you had to buy one? That could handle both situations? What would be your choice?

    Or maybe would you buy anything else?

    I would be lucky if you could help me….


    [Hi Julian :) Both amps sound great and as you’ve pointed out they cover different grounds. That being said, the Lionheart is really in a different league compred to the Cub. The Cub is nice but it’s a bedroom/practice amp. The Lionheart is a great sounding stage and studio amp, although great for bedrooms too :) Given that you’ve owned good amps earlier and have a lot of pedals I’d definitely go for the Lionheart. – Bjorn]

  455. Dlopes14 says:

    Hello Bjorn :)
    I’m seriously considering buying the Lionheart L20H but I have some questions about it’s use on stage…
    Did it handle most of the venues you did with it!?
    Just wondering because I play mostly at small clubs an occasionally some bigger venues (300 + seats) and could really use something a bit more loud and better than my main amp (A vintage boutique amp)

    Cheers ;)

    [No problem. I assume you’ll be micing it and maybe use a front stage monitor as well but the amp is LOUD and you’ll be able to hear it on fairly big stages. – Bjorn]

  456. julian says:

    Hi bjorn. Thanks for your answe.
    My only concern about buying only the lionheart head is that it s not good for gilmour tones, am i right? As you stated and as said on many forums, the lionheart works better with dark speakers like celestion g12h and is much like a vox ac 30. It s better suited for deep purple and led zep tones…Far from gilmour tones. Much better using a cub with fane type speakers. I love the airbag second album but it is much more darker than gilmour in terms of guitar. I know you’ve used lionheart on that album. I love the album butTo me honestly the guitar tones are much more ala porcupine tree or anathema. Darker tones ala marshall or vox. Would you agree with me if i told you that the cub is the ideal studio companion for gilmour hiwatt tones, plugged into weber thames or fane clones… and please could you tell me what you thonk about lionheart plugged into your weber thames cab?

    Last question, do you think that the gap in terms of price between laney cub head and reeves 50 w is filled today by a model in the same qality and range of price than the mionheart l20 h? An amp in the same balls park than laney cub and your reeves, but priced more like the lionheart?

    Best regards,

    [I wasn’t trying to emulate David’s tones on the last Airbag album so you’re right in your assumption. And yes, the Lionheart is a darker sounding amp but since you’re asking for my advice I would say that it’s a much better amp than the Cub both in terms of value, design and tone. It’s definitely capable of replicating David’s tones. BUt, I can only speak for my self. I love the amp but try both if you can and make up your own mind :) – Bjorn]

  457. Luca says:

    Hi Bjorn, congrats for the new site and the last YT clips, the tone and playing are amazing!
    I have some question for my home’s practicing/recording amp. I planned to change the speaker on my Cub 12 r but I had some issue on the amp, last one the reverb is gone, and I’m thinking to change to something more reliable but always for home studio work. Do you think the 15-20Watt range combos like Blues Junior or Laney Lionheart L20T are too loud? Maybe the L5T has enough clean headroom for studio use? Or maybe changing the speaker still worth on the Cub? I would appreciate your suggestion in terms of reliability and versatility always having the possibility to dial in the Gilrmourish tones!

    Lastly, can’t wait to hear the new solo album!


    [Hi Luca! Thanks for all your kind words and your support :) The Cub is a great sounding beginner level/practice amp but now that you’re considering an upgrade I would definitely suggest something better, both in terms of quality and tone. I can’t really praise the Lionheart high enough. An awesome sounding amp, for some many different tones, including Gilmour. The L5 doesn’t have all that headroom but it depends on how hard you’ll be driving it. It may work nicely in a bedroom. The L20 sounds great on lower volume too and you’ll have an amp that will deliver when you move on to stage or in a studio. – Bjorn]

  458. Adi Corrales says:

    Hi everybody. I’m having the (maybe crazy) idea to build an ultraportable setup, with a mini amp and three or four stomps for that gigs when I don’t want to carry my Fender pro (yes, it’s small, but I’m very lazy). I’ve a small 5w vox DA5 that sound pretty good (decent at least) at low volumes, of course, with the limitations of the 6in speaker. But sometimes 5w in solid state is just to low to keep up with a full band.

    I saw a keyboard player using a 30w Roland CM30 but I haven’t the opportunity to play with it, but I’m wondering if it could be a good portable guitar amp. Of course, I’ll need a direct box and maybe some kind of amp emulator, or carry the DA5 and use its line out (but that means that I’ll have to carry to amps). In the end, it will be similar to connect the guitar direct to a mixer and to the PA.

    The question is, Does anybody have the opportunity of using a CM30 as a guitar amp? How it performs?

    [I don’t… Anyone else here? – Bjorn]

  459. Cem says:

    Hi Bjorn
    What is your experience with the celestion v30 s? I find the stock speaker on my Lionheart 20w combo too dark and bassy, and I’m thinking maybe I’ll change it for a brighter sounding one. What would you suggest?

    [I changed mine because I found them too bright in the upper mids but they did have a lot of low end too. The V30s are perhaps a bit more balanced but also warmer sounding I think. They have more highs but appear warmer as they have less of that that spiky tone around 2kHz. – Bjorn]

  460. Cem says:

    Hi again
    And also, would the Weber Thames in a Lionheart produce some nice tones? Which one would suit the Lionheart better- the V30 or the Weber Thames?
    Thanks a lot!

    [V30s I think. – Bjorn]

  461. T.Quay Williams says:


    As is mentioned elsewhere a great mod for an amp is the Evidence Audio Siren cab speaker wire upgrade. Sam Davidsaver at E.A.R.S. Pro Audio (link on homepage) did me an amazing favor replacing the cab wiring for my Laney Cub 12r 2 x 12 cabinet. Bjorn is right, it is like having a wet blanket removed from covering your amp. I also replaced the cable between the head and cab. Such easily overlooked upgrades are well worth it and Sam is a great source for all things Evidence Audio.


    [Sam is a great guy, indeed! – Bjorn]

  462. Stephen Ford says:

    @ Adi,
    I have not tried that system but the Kemper Profiling amp may be of interest to you. Direct into board, no speakers needed and it can model your exact amp if you prefer that tone over all the other options. It is truly a break through in technology…


  463. Patrick says:

    I got to say, I bought a Fender 65′ DRRI head and I am blown away. Channel one handles my Gilmour pedals beautifully. Channel 2 doesn’t handle pedals well, but there is a bright cap clip mod that can be done. I also own a Laney Cub 12r, which to be honest I really don’t care for it, always sounds blanketed. As for the DRRI I usually compensate for the brightness through my tone knobs on my pedals. I am kind of entertaining the idea of buying a Blackstar HT20, have you played one Bjorn? I seem to prefer amps that are somewhat brighter.

    [Yes, the DRRI is a very nice amp :) Very different from the Cub and Hiwatts though. My impression of the Blackstar is that it’s a fairly aggressive amp. It has a fair amount of headroom but little mid range, giving the amp and more rock and metal character. Still, you should be able to get some really nice Gilmourish tone out of it. – Bjorn]

  464. Adi Corrales says:

    Thanks Stephen, it seems to be what I’m locking for. I’ll check the kemper.

  465. Stephan says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    I have a problem with my drummer wich plays hard like a mammoth would.
    I’m back from rehearsals and I’ve decided to uprgarde from my laney Cub head to the next level.
    Of course I’ve seen the many comments about Lionheart and the L20Head that I’m looking at actually… There’s a used one at a local store I’m about to buy…

    Just would like to be sure that I could get the same tones than with Laney Cub head: Gilmour type Hiwatt tones, which stay clean at loud volumes, fitted with Jj Valves like you did, and trough my 2X12″cab fitted with the Reeves Purple Vintage Fane Clones.

    So i’d like to be sure how the Lionheart head works with your Waber thames? (because you’ve written that you use it with celestion V30…)

    Then, if I understand well, i’ll also be able to get Marshall JTM type of tones from the amp. Is it with the drive channel or the clean pushed very hard? Would anyway the amp, once set clean, do a great job as a clean base for Wampler Plextortion or Marshall Guvnor? I mean turning the beast into a JCM 800 with those pedals…
    I’m aware that such expectations would require to plug the head into Celestions speakers…

    And Please, could you confirm that you replaced all the Valves into the Lionheart with:
    – ECC83 S X3 for preamp
    – EL 84 -6BQ5 X4 for power

    I hope this is not too much questions!!!

    have a good night!


    [Hi Stephan! First of all, tell your drummer to calm down. The guitar needs to be heard :) The Lionheart is not identical to the Cub. Not at all. The Cub is somewhat similar to the Hiwatts, with a fairly dark tone. The Lionheart is brighter, although it can be set very dark, and it has a more vintage Marshall/Vox kind of tone. The clean channel is a very nice basis for all kinds of pedals although you might find that Muffs and fuzz sound better on the drive channel with the gain turned almost all the way down. You should also experiment with the normal/bright switch to see which you prefer. The V30s sound more balanced and has a bit more mid range compared to the G12M’s that came with the amp. It works OK with the Webers too but personally I prefer the V30s for this one. – Bjorn]

  466. Luca says:

    Hi Bjorn, thanks for your answer and for the new bedroom guide, very useful tips!
    In the previous comment you didn’t mention the Blues Junior, it isn’t a good alternative to the cub for bedroom? And, last question, I see on your fb page you recently swapped the cub with a Tubemeister18, that seems really useful for bedroom and record. What’s your first impression, do you reccomend it?

    Thanks, and keep the good work!


    [The Blues Jr is a great sounding amp. A bit too loud for a typical bedroom perhaps but it depends on how loud you’re able to play. The Tube keister is a really nice amp. Very tight and transparent tone. The clean channel is awesome but doesn’t handle pedals that well so I’m using the gain channel. No worries though. The amp has TONS of headroom. One of the better buys I’ve done in a while :) And its TINY! – Bjorn]

  467. stephan says:

    Thanks for the advice about Laney Lionheart!

    Please, could you confirm that you replaced the Valves into the Lionheart L-20 with JJ electronics:
    – JJ ECC83 S X3 for preamp
    – JJ EL 84 -6BQ5 X4 for power

    Thnaks again .


    [Yepp, that’s it :) – Bjorn]

  468. Ali says:

    Hi Bjorn…hope you’re well
    Do you have any idea about VOX night train 50?

    [Never tried it. – Bjorn]

  469. Sammucaster says:

    Hey Bjorn, great article as always. have you ever tried Brunetti amps? top notch quality amps IMHO

    [Heard good things but never tried them. – Bjorn]

  470. Cem says:

    Hi Bjorn
    Would the Effectrode Blackbird preamp and lionheart l20 poweramp combo produce some nice gilmourish tones? Have you tried the Blackbird yet?

    [Haven’t tried it so I can’t really comment on it. Send Phil over at Effectrode an e-mail and ask. He’s very helpful. – Bjorn]

  471. rick Serna says:

    I read most of the blog for small combo amps. At 61yrs old I submit the following.
    I’m tired of lifting heavy amps just to gig downtown in blues jams (I live in Bangkok).
    I bought an H&K Tubemeister 18 combo. Great size at 20 lbs. Celestion was a bit mushy with early break up. I did two things to make it a gorilla in a bread box. I changed the speaker to a Weber Neodymium D110. It added about a pound to the total weight. I changed the tubes from Chinese to JJ Tubes. I use JJ for every one of my amps. They are consistent and provide good signal to noise.

    The Weber Neo gave me about 1/3 more headroom and noticeable volume increase before break up.
    I ordered the speaker with a paper dome. The metal one would have been over brilliant and brittle.
    The bottom end thunders for a 10 inch. This amp keeps up with the big boy combos very well now.

    [Thanks for sharing, Rick! I recently got a Tubemeister 18 my self and like you, swapped the tubes for JJs. Awesome sounding amp :) – Bjorn]

  472. KEITH says:

    I must throw my Ibanez TS 15 H head, and 1×12 Matching white Tolex cab in the amp section for those searching for a great, low wattage, high headroom tube amp. Very Gilmourish tones when not using the built in Tube Screamer, only slight break up at full volume. On 15 watt setting, you won’t get to full volume. It’s the loudest 15 watts I’ve heard. If you can handle yourself with a music shop salesperson, you can pick a new one up for just over $500.00, and just pop in a set of JJ’S, and you’ll be in heaven. It also has a 5 watt setting, and engage the TS circuit, and aaB’d against a 50 watt plexi head, both through a Marshall 4×12 loaded with Greenbacks, the only difference we heard was a bit higher volume from the plexi, but not as much as we expected. It’s a great little amp, for home, or small room jams, just stay away from the 30 watt models, they suck, and are cheaply made. ,the 15 H, is bulletproof, and sounds great. I believe Bjorn played through one with stock tubes, which makes more difference in this amp than any I’ve seen. Perhaps that’s due to the JJ’s being twice the size of the no name Chinese tubes that are stock. The difference is night, and day, and no biasing is needed because it’s cathode biased. I’ll remind you all again in a year, haha!
    Check it out, a quick listen can’t hurt!!!!

    Peace, Keith

  473. Cameron says:

    Just recently bought a Fender Vibrolux Reverb amp and it’s got an amazing tone to it!!!!! Sounds even better when you run a pedal board through it with a 3 single coil strat. You can get anywhere from Hendrix to Yngwie Malmsteen on it!!

  474. Toni says:

    Although it’s fairly hard to get at least in Germany, I’d recommend the Traynor Iron Horse. Pretty simple one-channel amp which works well together with all my pedals and can be used in a 15 or 40w setup. Furthermore, it’s rock solid and very small, which makes it easy to transport…

  475. Mathias says:

    Waou!! The Lullabies in a Car Crash album preview sounds amazing Bjørn..
    -Definitely gonna buy that one and congratulations with albumrelease.

    I’m thinking about upgrading to a high-end guitar combo and I feld in love with the Fender 57′ Deluxe (Thoug it’s quit expensive). Do you have any evaluation on that one and would you list 3 examples on good amps (in your Gilmourish opinion) in the middle/high-end class?

    [Thanks for your support, Mathias! The Deluxe is a great amp. Very versatile, with a classic Fender tone. Personally, I’m very fond of the Bassman and I do also want to recommend the Laney Lionheart L20. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  476. Stephen says:

    Hey Bjorn and friends, Perhaps you caught this article that Effectrode just shared.
    Two really great articles on the differences between a Blackburn era Mullard made in England and the modern Mullard made in Russia.


    [Thanks for the links! – Bjorn]

  477. Stephen says:

    Here is another Effectrode just posted about the history of the Mullard Blackburn factory. Its an interesting read for those tube junkies among us.


  478. T.Quay says:

    He’ll. when you upgraded your Laney Cub 12r to jj tubes did you have to change the bias setting? Any change needed when you upgraded your speakers too?

    [I don’t remember but I don’t think I adjusted it. – Bjorn]

  479. KEITH says:

    Oh Stephen, my brother from another mother! Sunce you bought thise Nos Mullards, and the Svetlana Winged C’s, you have become a total tube junkie. Are they really making THAT much difference over JJs, or my Mullard RIs? I haven’t read the articles yet, because I know the new mullards are Mullards in name only, but am going to read them now, so I can see the actual difference. Give me a holler!

    Your pal, Grampa Ebb!

  480. JAIME FROM CHILE says:

    Hi Bjorn:

    I have a boutique Tweed Deluxe (5E3) amp, the same David in Concert used in Live at Robert Wyatt’s Meltdown.
    I watched the video a hundred times, I search the net on several ocations, but nothing.

    The amplifier is as simple as you can get, but it’s really not.
    Mine has Mercury magnetics FatStack transformers and the 12AY7 on the V1, i think i have the double of clean headroom, but you know that only mean a break in 3,5-4/12.
    So like this amp pots interact all with each others, maybe i’m missing something…

    All in all we know David used this beast

    So if you or other follower may suggest any setting for our gilmour tone, i’ll be very thanks

    PS- Of course i know this is not the best amp for gilmour tones, but i want to know how he used


    [I haven’t tried this amp myself but you don’t really have much to go on other than trying to find the best setting for the tone. You can also try to link the inputs. Place a short cable in the lower bright and upper normal and plug your guitar into the upper bright. Adjust the two volume controls but leave the normal volume higher than the bright. Now, you may find this to sound very bright but try it and see how it goes with your guitar and pedals. – Bjorn]

  481. Stephen says:

    @ Keith my brother from another mother,

    “yes” :p It has definitely improved the amp not only sonically but the way to interacts with my playing. These tubes are really great. Is it worth the extra money?? That is a question we all must ask. A great amp like a Reeves is already a great amp, does it need to be better? Well, you already care enough to buy a great amp, so for me the answer was yes.


  482. KEITH says:

    Getting that Gassy feeling after reading how crappy the RI “Mullards” are designed. Even without a great deal of technical knowledge, anyone can see the tubes are completely different. Why don’t they just call the RIs, Mike Mattews Markateers? LOL


  483. KEITH says:

    @T.Quay, if the Laney cub is Cathode biased, simply plug in a set of matched output tubes, let the amp warm up for about 5 minutes, and enjoy the wonderful difference those JJs will make. However, make sure the amp is CATHODE BIASED, your instruction, or users manual should tell you, or simply Google the question, is the amp cathode biased. If it is manually biased, you can’t plug, and play with output tubes, but with the preamp tubes, change at will, no adjustment is necessary!
    Hope that helps.
    Peace, Keith

  484. Manuel says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    last month I wrote you asking your opinion about Dizzy 30, a Matchless Clone from Ceriatone. You were right, it definitely does the (gilmourish) job! Amazing amp and it takes pedals perfectly…So thanks for your help!

    [Glad to hear! – Bjorn]

  485. Bryan says:

    Hey Bjorn,

    Question for you. I’m still having trouble with my Lionheart L5T 5W with good tone and I noticed a real drop off in tone so I think it’s time to try new tubes for it. I bought it used off Ebay so I do not know how many hours are on it.

    The Lionheart L5T uses three 12ax7 and one EL84. Can you recommend a brand of appropriate tubes to get closer to that Gilmour tone?

    The Lionheart currently has a very sharp drop off in high end tone and sounds very boomy on all but the lowest settings so I think it may need new tubes. Hope you can help!

    [Could be the tubes but it’s always hard to tell when I haven’t heard the amp. Changing tubes might solve your problem but don’t expect the amp to change completely. It’s more of a subtle change. I’m using JJ Electronic tubes. They have a nice warm and punchy tone. – Bjorn]

  486. Vlad says:

    Hi Bjorn !!

    I have a question….Is the Laney LIONHEART – L20T-112 any good for my bedroom? Pink Floyd is my fav band and David’s guitar is out of this world…so I tend to replicate his sound from time to time. At the moment I am looking for the best amp that could capture a bit of his magic. I have a budget of about 1160 $ and should I buy the 20 W Lionheart combo considering my fucking neighbours who can’t stand anything loud or should I get the 5 W one on the basis of your good review? I’m looking for the best balance between not pissing off my neighbours and the right amp with the right amount of headroom that could handle my pedals without fucking up the sound too much ( Fx loop considered). Laney really caught my eye…the downside is that I live in Romania and the music shops around here don’t have these amps…so testing is out of the question. Also if you have better alternatives within this price range please let me know. Bearing all of this in mind I would be very greatful if you can help me in making the right choice !!! Thankyou very much Bjorn!!! btw I love your stuff and sorry for stealing your time !!!

    [Hi Vlad! The L20 is loud and although it sound pretty good on low volume I fear it’s too loud for your neighbours. The L5 would be a better choice I think. You might also want to check out the H&K Tubemesiter 18. The clean channel is awful but the gain channel has enough headroom to handle all kinds of pedals. It’s also got power scaling down to 1w. – Bjorn]

  487. Jim says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    Just have a question, what do you think of the Hiwatt custom 20 ? I’ll be able to get my hands on a new one for 1500$.

    Thanks again for all your hard work !:)

    [It’s basically the same amp as the 50 and 100, although somewhat stripped down with a few less features. It’s got the classic tone and loads of headroom. – Bjorn]

  488. Vlad says:

    Thank you Bjorn for answering my question !!! I did check out the Tubemestier ,but I don’t know it seems to me that the Lionheart is a bit better as an all-rounder…and eventhough I like to play the old Floyd, I don’t really want to be constrained by that . So after a bit of taught I’ve decided to stick with a more versatile amp that can handle some pedals also.Would you agree that the L5 would do the job ? Thanks again Bjorn!!!!

    [Definitely! – Bjorn]

  489. Max says:

    Hey Bjørn!

    First, thanks for your work!it’s awesome!

    I’ve a question you had maybe already answered before and I didn’t notice it, but which channel recommand you to use on a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe in order to obtain the David’s clear sound and to use all of the pedals?

    Thank you so much In advance!


    [Hi Max! I’d use the normal or clean channel for the most headroom. You may also want to experiment with channel 2, drive, if you find channel 1 too bright. Still, by lowering the treble and increasing the mids, you should be able to get some really nice clean tones with channel 1. Input 1 is for passive single coils, while input 2 is for hot humbuckers and active pickups. – Bjorn]

  490. Simon says:

    Hi Bjorn!
    I’m here again to receive your advice about a “new” hiwatt amp.
    I’m talking about the Hiwatt Signature Series Little D Rig: I don’t know if it’s a new combination of products or I was not well informed, but I’m really curious to know if you had the chance to try it.
    I would replace my fender blues deville, but I’m wondering if this 20w hiwatt head could be enough in live situations (I always use microphones in front of my amps and my blues deville is always set at 3, probably “power” is not so relevant).
    What do you think about it?

    Thanks a lot for your help!


    [Hi Simon! I haven’t tried the Little D, so I can’t comment in detail. Based on the specs and reviews I’ve seen, it seems like a nice amp that should give you a great basis for your pedals and Gilmour tones. I did comment on this particular model when it was launched last year and as you may be aware of, regardless of what Hiwatt may claim, this amp has nothing to do with David Gilmour. It’s a nice amp but marketed with the intention of making fans believe that it’s an endorsed signature or “based on” model, which it’s not. Mind too that the WEM cab has nothing in common with the original WEM cabs employed by Pink Floyd. – Bjorn]

    • Gabor Illy says:

      I have the Little D from Hiwatt. Generally it is great, but! The company does not answer my mails, they delivered it with 8 weeks later, without any written document, assemled with the cheepst ugliest pots ever.. Sounds are nice, with huge headroom in 20w, but 0,5w is too loud too.. And in 0,5 w I have no chimey cleans losing a lot from the headroom. I use it with a Fane Axa12 loaded 1×12 Marshall cab, I did not gulp down the WEM cabinet marketing bla bla. Now I will change the pots, enjoying the amp, and try to forget the Hiwatt as an existing firm..

  491. George says:

    Hi Bjorn what do you think of Orange amps? I recently brought a Laney Cub Head but i would like to know what you think of them, I tried one out but i couldnt test it with really any demanding pedals.

    [I don’t really have that much experience with them. My impression is that they’re a bit too dark and aggressive sounding – even the cleans – but I don’t really have enough experience to give a good comment. – Bjorn]

  492. sam says:

    I find the Blues Junior sounds best for gilmourish tones when you roll back the treble and gain and turn it up.

    I usually use my BJ for non-gilmour tones but it can do it if you set the EQ right.

  493. Eric says:

    Im wanting to pick up a nice little amp for just playing at home. But I want to get a good one. I was looking at the Lionheart lt5 or a fender Princeton Reverb. I dont gig. Its just my hobby. I like Floyd, hendrix, srv, and classic rock stuff. I know a pedal can get the distortion on the Fender.
    The question is bout the reliability of the LT5 not too many places local that work on them if needed. Im looking to get more natural distortion at a low watt amp. I bought a vht special 6 U while back. I love the little amp and can get many tones from the boss me80 I use with it. I guess you could say im looking to compliment my small arsenal with a nice great sounding clean too dirty amplifier. Ive been watching videos, the last year on the LT5. Thing is I also like the fender clean sound. Will the Lt5 give me those nice cleans too….any input is great. If you have another option fill me in….Thanks! Eric

    [The Fender will no doubt give you a great clean tone but they tend to sound a bit bright and thin on low volume, due to the lack of mid range. The Lionheart has a nice amount of mid range and an overall warmer tone. It’s got plenty of headroom and a vintage Marshall kind of distortion. Personally I’d go for the Lionheart. – Bjorn]

  494. Kris says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Great job on the site, tons of great information for those of us who enjoy all things Floyd! Recently I got the HK Tubemeister 18 as I wasn’t sure if you could provide me with the settings you typically use with your pedals for David’s tone. Thanks!

    [Thanks Kris! Great amp! I’m using the gain channel as the clean doesn’t go well with pedals. I usually set the treble at 11:00, mids full, bass at 10:00, gain 8:00 and the master full. Mine is set for the 5w scaling. – Bjorn]

  495. Vlad says:

    Thank you Bjorn, you’re the best.

    [Cheers! – Bjorn]

  496. PeterJ says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    I am 46 years old and started to “play” the guitar some 4 years ago. I attempt to play only at home not to annoy others (not because of volume). Thank you very much for this page. Only wanted to share my amateurish experience. Amplifier-wise I ended up with two heads. Hi-Tone 30, which is a very nice piece (excellent experience with customer service, namely Clayton Callaway). Recently I came across by accident with MPF Room One (head with 1 watt of power, two class A 6AK6 General Electric JAN USA pentodes in push-pull at the power amplifier and two 12AT7 JJ at the preamp). I ordered it directly from Mario Punsola (Barcelona, Spain). Mario was sending me pictures as he was building it. Also excellent service. Both these “beasts” are real professional hand-wired built and sound great to my ears.
    Peter (Slovakia)

    [Thanks for sharing, Peter! – Bjorn]

  497. Simon says:

    Thank you Bjorn, your message is clear and you confirmed my doubts. I take advantage of your patience and I go to the next question: I’d like to change my blues deville anyway, to get something more similar to david’s amps, probably there is something better I can choose (and cheaper, maybe): what would you suggest for live performances with a 1000-1500 euros budget?

    Thanks again!


    [Well, I’m a huge fan of the Laney Lionheart L20. It’s kind of a mix between a Vox AC30 and Marshall JTM45 but great for Gimour’s tones as well and it handles all kinds of pedals. The H&K Tubemeister amps are also great, with power scaling and the size fits in everywhere :) – Bjorn]

    • Simon says:

      Thanks a lot for your help, Bjorn! I read something about these two amps, and I’m now considering the H&K Tubemeister (if I’m not wrong, it’s the amp you used in almost all of your last videos, and it sounds great!). I noticed you always say that it’s a good “modern sounding” amp, but you suggest to use the “gain channel” to have a better sound from the pedals: so, do you use the “lead channel” with the gain control set to zero? What about the clean sound of your guitar? Maybe there’s a video from gilmourish in which I can understand all these details, in this case I apologize for all these questions ;)

      • Bjorn says:

        Hi Simon! Yes, I’m using the H&K on the last clips. It’s indeed a modern sounding amp. The clean channel is great but it doesn’t handle gain pedals that well. They sound very fizzy. The gain channel however, has a different voicing. A tad more vintage although with a modern twist. It has a lot of headroom so even with the gain at 9-10 o’clock, you can get a nice clean tone and basis for all your pedals.

  498. Luca says:

    Hi Bjorn, I finally got a L5T for my bedroom setup, the amp is really awesome and loud! It has tons of tones in it! I have to restart finding the sweet spots for my rig now, any advice? The amp has a little drawback, the leather of the handle tends to crumble and the weight is high, probably due to the big magnet of the speaker and the spring reverb inside the cabinet. But this is not an issue, perhaps is the price of the cabinet’s quality. Nice amp indeed!

    Thanks for your good job on the web for spreading your knowledge and experience. I’m waiting the signed copy of your debut solo album and I think that’s exciting to see an artist, directly supported, growing up everyday getting better and better!


    [Thanks for your support, Luca! I think it’s wise to start from scratch with the new amp. Plug your guitar straight into it and familiarise with its different tones and qualities. Experiment with the settings and try to find the best match for your guitar. Keep in mind that pedals are the frosting on the cake :) Your guitar and amp should be the fundament of your tone. – Bjorn]

  499. Angus says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I’m not sure how experienced you are with different speakers but I have a Marshall DSL40C amp (I know it’s not really the best amp for a gilmourish tone) and I want to change the stock Celestion Seventy 80 speaker as it’s very harsh, especially on the high end when I crank my amp, the low end is quite muddy also. So I wondering if there are any speakers you would recommend that could get me closest to that clear, smooth Gilmour sound with my Marshall? Should I stick with Celestion and maybe get a Creamback or GT-75, or look for other brands of speakers?

    Thanks for all your effort in helping us get a Gilmourish tone!

    [I don’t think the GT75s are that different from the Seventy 80s. Perhaps a tad smoother but they’re both pretty boosted in that upper mid range. If you’re worried about hi-end, then the Vintage 30s might be a good choice. They have a fairly moderate low end and a slightly rounded off upper mid range. – Bjorn]

  500. David says:

    Hey Bjorn fantastic article!

    I wondering if you have any experience with the Hiwatt G200R? Someone located nearby me is selling it and a cab for only $550! Is it similar to a T20 head?


    [These are solid state two channel amps. You can get some nice classic Hiwatt tones with it but personally I think they sound a bit dull and flat. The T-series are in my opinion a better choice. They’ve got tubes and a very nice classic Hiwatt character. – Bjorn]

  501. Eric says:

    Thanks for the input. The lt5 arrived last week. Have to say the tone blows me away. the gilmour sound too Hendrix and srv. quite a nice amp and value. Even though it was 700.00 us.
    im glad i bought it. Great for bedroom and home. Can get quite loud. the overdrive channel with my EVH Guitar covers rock tones well! Lots of room to dial in the amount of gain. The clean channel is so pristine and precise with picking up the sounds and nuances used with the finger pressure on the fretboard depending how hard or soft you press the strings. The amp really is awesome. Not a bad thing to say about this amplifier. Covers the marshall / Vox tones and good close to fender cleans. I Have played the Fender princeton reverb. The options of this amp are way better than the options on the Princeton. I dont miss not having the fender reverb or tremelo effetcts of the fender amps. I like the options that this amp covers at low watts and suits my needs well. I have not used pedals yet. The amplifiers overdrive just is smooth and covers a lot of ground from blues to classic rock and some metal.
    Thanks for your input!
    Much Appreciated!!

    [Glad to hear, Eric! – Bjorn]

  502. Gil says:

    Hey there Bjorn. Some really great information here, thanks for all of it :) I want to get a practical combo that can go in the bedroom but also on stage (with the help of a PA if needed). I am really stuck between the Fender Blues Jr. and the Laney Cub 12r. I know the Cub has an FX loop and is cheaper… How would you pick between them?

    I run a Standard Strat with 69s through a Keeley BD-2 and a new Bass Muff. I used to have an AC15 but that’s gone now.

    Thanks in advance


    [They’re two different amps sonically but they’ll both give you a great basis for pedals and they’ll let you cover most music genres. The Fender is no doubt a sturdier amp so I’d go with that one if you plan on gigging. – Bjorn]

  503. Bernardo says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Before I start to bother you with my question I just want say it’s a pleasure to read you site and your reviews on gear! Ok now the question…
    I’ve a Bugera V55 at home and that have been my main amp for a couple of years and for me is a great value as a tube amp, although when I’m playing in rigs I usually get more comfortable with Fender amps if they’re available locally… My main problem here is not picking the right guitar or setup my pedalboard to go to rigs, it’s basically the amp that I’m playing with. I’m thinking to purchase a new amp that is lighter than that V55 combo and after doing deep research I came with very easy amp to do modifications – the VHT special 6 ultra (you only need to change the tubes). For the price, I think you can’t match any brand with an handwired tube amp built on. Do you think is an OK amp for gigs? Should I purchase only the head version and use local stage cabinets? I’m asking this because I definitely need something lighter to travel with me because it’s a problem if they only have different amps available to play.

    Thank you very much in advance and one more thing. If you have time try to make a review of 1776 multiplex pedal, I have one in my pedalboard and those two analog delay heads just slash solos like no other thing, specially when I’m in Binson mode I feel Gilmour’s ambience very natural and not so digital as those tc electronic pedals.

    Best regards from Portugal

    [Hi Bernardo! I don’t have that much experience with the VHT so I can’t really tell. Based on the reviews I’ve seen they seem OK and should fit your Gilmour tones very well. Personally I’d go with either a combo or stack. You never know what you get when you’re borrowing things. Could be a complete mis match tone wise but it could also be a cab that’s been blown to pieces. I rarely travel with my own amps due to shipping costs but I always make sure I get exactly what I want. – Bjorn]

  504. David says:

    Hey Bjorn!

    Just heard your solo album at my mate’s house, amazing stuff! Truly an inspiration, I’m sure Mr. Gilmour would be proud!

    I have a stock Marshall DSL40C and am looking to replace the Celestion Seventy 80 speaker. Do you know any speakers that can get in the ballpark of Gilmour’s tone by themselves in a Marshall?

    Thanks in advance!

    [Thanks for your kind words, David! I don’t have that much experience with experimenting with different Gilmour speakers in a Marshall but the V30s is a safe option. They’re darker than the Fane’s David’s using but they compliment the Marshall amps perfectly, with a balanced low end and a smooth upper mids. Check out the G12H as well. They’re very similar to the V30s, with a bit more high end. – Bjorn]

  505. Ben says:

    Hi Bjorn!

    Any thoughts on putting a Fane AXA12 speaker in a Marshall amp? Have heard they are good speakers for pointing you in the right direction of Gilmour’s tone.


    [I’ve no idea. They’re fairly bright and they’ve got a lot of headroom. Marshalls tend to sound better with darker sounding speakers but I guess it can work nicely with JTM or JCMs. I have experience with the newer Marshall amps. – Bjorn]

  506. Bernie says:

    I am thinking of upgrading from my Laney cub 12R amp which I like. I love the Gilmour tones so I am considering either the Laney LT20 combo or the Hiwatt t20 Combo. I want a bed room Amp that will be ok to play with friends in a possible small club setting. Logic tells me that as Gilmour played predominantly through Hiwatts that the T20 may be the best choice But I hear good things about the Laney! I would appreciate your opinions on these two amps given my playing situation – mainly at home and my wanting the Gilmour tones. Thanks for your time.

    [The T20 is definitely closer to the Cub. It’s got that classic Hiwatt character. The Lionheart is perhaps closer to an early Marshall but fully capable of producing great Gilmour tones. – Bjorn]

  507. Bernie says:

    Thanks for the quick reply Bjorn. I have since been looking at your comments on the Reeves Amps and I am very impressed with them. I wonder, given that they are obviously more expensive than the Hiwatt T20, Laney etc, would the Reeves Custom 18 combo or even the Custom 50 head you have be a better upgrade for me. I don’t want to have to buy again if I do the occasional gig though most of my playing is at bedroom level. would the Power scaling on the Reeves give me the best of both worlds or do you think the Hiwatt T20 would give me the tones and do the job adequately? Help Please!

    [The Custom 20 is based on the early Marshall models so it’s not really a Hiwatt clone. You can get some very nice Gilmour tones with it but its much more suited for classic rock and you might have a problem getting the tones you want from your typical Gilmour pedals. The Custom 50 is probably as close as you’ll ever get to the original Hiwatts but it’s loud and too loud for a bedroom or even a home… unless you live totally undisturbed. The power scaling only works if you intend you crank the amp for gain. That way you can lower the master and still get a nice tube distortion. If you play all clean the power scaling would be redundant. I’d get the T20 or something similar. – Bjorn]

  508. Josh says:

    I have an AC15C2 and I love it, but it breaks up at low volumes on either channel – if you are looking for cleans at anything but bedroom levels, definitely look elsewhere. I’m considering getting an AC30 of some ilk or a Fender Bassman 59 reissue at some point. That said, the AC15C2 cranked with a Lunar Module is pure heaven.

  509. Matthew says:

    Hey there!
    I’m currently debating on whether to buy a BlackStar HT Club 40 or a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III, would you say that both of them are good for Gilmour tones? In the end, I’m going to ultimately choose what I prefer personally, but I’ll be much more confident knowing that I can have a good Gilmour tone from the amp as well :)

    [Personally I’d go with the Fender. The Blackstar is a nice amp but it’s got a modern tone and can come off as a bit too aggressive for some pedals and tones. – Bjorn]

  510. Kris says:


    Love the HK Tubemeister 18, awesome sound and built in attenuator makes it a no brainer for bedroom levels. I wanted to ask you if you experience a low hum/buzz on the lead channel with nothing plugged into the amp. I’m using quality components all evidence audio cables including a siren speaker cable from head to cab. The hum increases as I turn the master volume up on the lead channel with or without my guitar plugged in. On the other hand, the clean channel has no hum/buzz both with or without my guitar plugged in and cranked. I’ve checked both sets of tubes and they are fine. Trying to determne if the amp is defective or not. Anything you can think of? Thanks!

    [Still using the stock tubes? Change them. They are terribly noisy. I’m using JJ tubes and the amp is dead quiet and sounds awesome :) – Bjorn]

  511. Tom from Chile says:

    Hey Bjorn, any recomendation on a cheap cabinet? I intend to buy a cheap one (a Vox 112) and switch the speaker for a Eminence (I don’t remember the model, but it was inspired in Fane’s) I would use it with a Cub12 head
    Thanks for the help, my friend and cheers!

    [Why not go with the Cub cab? Material and construction matters a great deal but if you’re on a tight budget I would say that you could go for almost anything and just replace the speakers. – Bjorn]

  512. Tom from Chile says:

    Mmm I thought they weren’t that great at all. What do you think about them? Worth it?

    [The Cub cab? The stock speakers sounds pretty dull but the cabinet it self is OK. – Bjorn]

  513. Ste says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    great review, thanks! I’m looking for a small Tube Amp for Home practice which has a nice Fender Clean Tone and adding a tubescreamer sometimes for more distortion. I’ve seen many reviews about the Laney Cub 12r and it looks like a fantastic amp with a lot of cool features for the money, but will it bring a nice fender clean tone? I heard many sound examples of the Blues Junior and it sounds fantastic to me, just wondering if i get the same tone out of the Cub? (Maybe with changing the speaker or tubes?)


    [The Blues Jr has a classic Fender tone, with a bright transparent top. The Cub is darker with more mid range. Kind of a Hiwatt meets early Marshall. Two very different amps but they’re both very versatile and they sound great. – Bjorn]

  514. KEITH says:

    I don’t know your budget Tom, but Avatar makes great cabinets, and a 1X12 should be very inexpensive. I paid about $200 for my 2×12 vintage Bluesbreaker style cab, and it’s made of the best materials for cabinet building. Check out Avatar Cabinets on the web, they make several models to suit your taste, and cabinet construction is important for tone. 3/4 Baltic Birch, used right, will sound far better than MDF, or cheap, construction grade plywood!!!
    Good luck, Keith

  515. Dlopes14 says:

    Hello bjorn!!!
    Have you got any idea on what were the settings on David Gilmour’s Bassman!? I’ve been obsessed with his tone from the Division Bell/1993 Endless River sessions…

    Cheers ;)

    [Never seen any pictures of it and I don’t own a Bassman myself so I can’t really comment on it. It’s set very clean and I also assume that he’s lowered the treble a bit and perhaps increased the mids but I’m not sure about the specifics. – Bjorn]

  516. Marcelo says:

    Hi Bjorn! Between Laney LH-50, Peavey C30, Bugera V55 and Fender Hot Rod Deluxe which one you would choose considering:
    – DG tone in mind;
    – Using with several effects;
    – Also playing inside bedroom;
    Which one of them has the best stock speaker?
    Thank you!
    Best Regards from Brazil

    [All of these are very loud so it depends on how forgiving your neighbours are :) The Lionheart is no doubt the best sounding amp in my opinion. It’s got the classic tone, it’s very versatile and it sounds great on lower volume. You might want to consider the 20w though :) – Bjorn]

  517. Tom from Chile says:

    Hey Keith ! Thanks for the advice, I’ll check them right now
    Shine on, my friends

  518. John says:

    Hello Bjorn,

    Is it possible to set the laney Cub head to sound like a Vox AC-30 without having to buy a dedicated “amp in a box”pedal like Carl martin AC – Tone?

    If YES, what would be your settings of Lany Cub please? (I guess Vox are really mid scoop so mids on zero?)

    If NO, what would be the best settings of Laney Cub, in order to put an “Amp in a box ” pedal in front of it?

    Thank you for helping.



    [Not really. The Cub is more like a Hiwatt or early Marshall, which is very different from a Vox. I guess if you lowered both the mids and presence/tone you’d get something similar. You can use typical amp in a box pedals as any other gain pedal. After all, it’s basically just an overdrive or distortion voiced for a specific tone and not actually an amp in a box. To get the most of the pedal though I’d set the amp as clean as possible and the EQ/tone controls neutral so you get the least amount of colouring from the amp. – Bjorn]

  519. john says:

    Hi bjorn. Thank you for this advice. But what woul be this neutral setting on the laney cub head fitted with the jj tubes? All knobs bass mid treble on 12 o clock, even tone knob? and gain on zero?

    Is the tone knob basically a presence knob?


    [Treble, bass and mids at noon. Depending on how hot your pickups are you can set the gain to about 2 without the amp cranking. As for the tone, I’m not really sure. I need to look into that as this control works differently on different amps. I would assume that it boosts around 5-7K but I’m not sure where flat is. Usually though, setting it at noon gives you a fairly uncoloured tone. – Bjorn]

  520. Debra says:

    Hi Bjorn it’s me again!

    I took your advice and didn’t get the SL Drive or DS-1X, I actually decided to purchase a Vick Audio 73 Rams Head, such a sweet pedal! It is slightly darker than most Muffs but the Bd-2 that you suggested I get suits it perfectly by adding some brightness, a very good pair of pedals. I can’t thank you enough for your help, my guitar tone has never sounded this good! You’re inspiring me to become a better player. Now I want to upgrade from my crappy little solid state amp. I’m looking at the Hiwatt T20 Head or combo, the Laney Cub 12 Head and Cab or maybe spending a bit more and getting a Peavey Classic 30. Which do you recommend out of these? I play mostly in my bedroom and occasionally small gigs. I think the Laney’s 1w power scaling would be perfect for my bedroom but could it do small gigs on 15w? The Hiwatt sounds great too, the Peavey might be a bit loud but if you think it’s better than the other two I’d be happy to get it if I can find it at a decent price. Thank you Bjorn, I will be buying your solo album soon!

    [Sorry for my late reply. Glad to hear that you’re happy with your tone! The Cub is a great sounding amp but I don’t think I’d gig with it. It’s not loud enough and I’m not sure I’d trust the quality of it. The C30 is a very nice amp for all purposes and it sounds pretty good on low volume too. Same goes for the Hiwatt T20. You might want to check out the Laney Lionheart series as well. Tehy’re a bit more expensive but definitely worth it. – Bjorn]

  521. Bernie says:

    Happy xmas bjorn. I think I have finally made my mind up on which amp to upgrade to from my Laney cub. I couldnt get to try out a t20 hiwatt and after considering the Blues junior or the laney Lion heart lt20 i feel that The Laney may serve me better for future possible gigs and the versatility of its tone.. I need to get down to the shop to try one now but my question is would you recommend I go for the stack instead of the combo even though most of my playing is bedroom! What are the advantages of the stack over the combo if any and finally is it easy to set up a super clean bright punchy base for authentic gilmour tones and pedals as I understand the L20 is quite a dark amp, not bright and transparent like the hiwatts/ fenders D.Gilmour uses . Sorry for so many questions but your experience is of value as you have played through so many different amps and use the Laney yourself.

    [Hi Bernie! The Cub is very similar to a Hiwatt actually. Transparent and with a bit of mid range. The stack will give you a bit more headroom and with the 1w scaling you’d have no problem running it in your bedroom :) – Bjorn]

  522. john says:

    Hi again Bjorn,

    Thanks for the “neutral” settings above, on the Laney CUB.
    By “gain to about 2″, do you mean 2 o’clock?
    And I’ve uploaded the laney Cub manual.
    They say indeed that the bass / mids / treble should be set at noon for neutral setting.
    They recommend Tone at noon also.

    What do you recommend for volume setting? I can play loud if I want, and also use the 15W input if needed.


    [Sorry… The gain at 8:00. That’s mark 2. You can set the volume all the way up but you might hear a slight break up if you’re using hot pickups. – Bjorn]

  523. John says:

    Thank you for your help!

    And could you please answer the sale question for the laney Lionheart L20H;
    What would be a neutral setting on the Lionheart head fitted with the jj tubes?
    … in order to use an “amp in a box” pedal.

    I guess clean channel so:
    Input? Hi or Lo?
    Clean Vol. knob?
    Bass, treble, mid?
    Tone knob?


    [The EQs should be set to noon. For passive pickups I’d use the Hi input and the “normal” or down position on the bright switch. – Bjorn]

  524. Tom from Chile says:

    Hey my friend, is there any difference between the Gray Cub12 and the more Brown-ish one? Maybe the difference is just in the photos
    Thanks for the help, cheers

    [Same amp. They just change the colour of the grille cloth. – Bjorn]

  525. Kan says:

    Hi Bjorn!!
    Thanks for the great site.
    You are great in making such site and playing guitar also.
    I’m glad to meet your site.

    I’ve been serching for DG tone also, especially his sharp picking
    tone like the begining part of “Castellorizon “ with some pedals
    BK Butler Tube Driver,top tone DG-2.

    Please tell me your opinion about the difference between Laney Cub 12r combo and
    LIONHEART L5T-112 in picking tone or response or harmonics.

    And If I get Laney Cub 12r combo,what do you think whether I have good picking tone and response by changing speaker to Celestion G12H driver used by LIONHEART L5T?

    Sorry for my english.
    From Japan.

    [The Lionheart is an overall better amp. Both sound wise and in quality. Personally I’d go with it but the Cub is also very nice and it will do in a bedroom setup. I’d definitely change the stock speakers for either G12H or V30s. The G12H has a bit more of that upper mid range, which suits the Cub very well. Keep in mind though that the Tube Driver is not the ideal pedal on smaller amps and low volume. It can sound a bit thin and it needs a bit of volume to really open up and get that smooth tone. You might want to look into the Wampler PlexiDrive for a more versatile pedal with a very similar tone. – Bjorn]

  526. Tom from Chile says:

    Thanks for the response! Im really considering the Cub 12r, but I think I need your help.. Well, I need an amp for bar gigs/bar gigging, and I’ve considered the Cub 12 as it’s fairly cheap, but my fear is that I run out of clean headroom with it. What would you use if you were starting with gigs (smaller ones)? I dont know if it would be better to get a high wattage amp (with “high” I mean like 30 watts) or trust a 15 watter like the cub
    Thanks for the help Bjorn! Cheers

    [Depends on the size of the club. The Cub is perhaps best used in a bedroom or studio although you can use it on smaller stages, mic it and use a front monitor to be able to hear you guitar. It doesn’t have that much headroom so you’re probably better off with a Peavey C30, H&K Tubemeister, Laney L20, Fender BJ or similar… All of these will provide enough volume and headroom and you can turn them down without losing tone. – Bjorn]

  527. Dutch Blomenkamp says:


    I need to borrow your ears for a moment (because I’m trying to educate mine). In a comment above, you gave some general settings for the Bugera V22. I assume that was with the mid-boost feature off?

    I realize it’s been a bit, but you compared the V22 to the Vox AC30, sound-wise. I’ve seen you characterize Fender amps as mid-scooped, Vox not having much midrange, and Hiwatts as “dark with lots of mids”. I find this confusing, because when I use the mid-boost on my Bugera, it’s anything but dark.

    You did a piece on EQ, but I’d find it very helpful if you could do a piece sometime on EQing, explainging, and maybe demonstrating, the relationship between terms like “dark”, “bright”, “mid-scooped”, and all those other terms, using a amp typical tone-stack and a typical EQ pedal as a frame of reference. Playing something, and saying “this is what I consider ‘dark’.

    I realize this, especially a demo video, would be a large undertaking, but it’s the kinds of thing I think myself and others would fine very helpful in educating our ears.

    [Describing a tone isn’t easy and we might have different perceptions of different terms or words used to describe the tone. The typical Fender amps and Vox, has very little mid range and are considered to be bright. Hiwatts, early Marshall and similar has more mid range but are considered darker sounding. These descriptions are based on what gear you use with the amps. Back in the old days, guitarists would plug their Strats into a Fender Twin and get the tones they needed. Other guitarists would plug a Les Paul into a Marshall or Hiwatt but needed a treble booster to get top end AND overdrive, as these amps had much more headroom, which is also considered as being darker. So, it’s not easy to describe and it is conducing at times. Thank you for the tip on the article, I’ll keep it in mind :) – Bjorn]

  528. Klaus says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    Very good article. Even though I’ve been listening to Floyd and Gilmour for over 40 years, I just recently started trying to obtain his tones (or get somewhat close, anyway). I have numerous guitars, only one strat, but just bought a Custom shop Gilmour relic black strat. As far as amps go, I have two set ups, would love advice as to which one would be more suitable. One is a Hughes and Kettner tube head, (30 W) on a Marshall 4×12 cabinet with 4 celestions in it. The other amp is a 1973 Fender Twin, (100 W) just had it completely overhauled with all new tubes and all new resisters and caps. Both sound quite nice (to me) but yet very different. I am also in the market for pedals (would really like to put together a pedal board) and I am reading all your great reviews on those. Obviously, the Twin has way more power if I were to gig, but that is not the case right now, so this is basically for home use.
    Thanks much in advance,

    [Hi Klaus! So, you bought the Relic :) Congrats! I answered your previous comment about the Relic but I’m sure you’re very happy with the guitar :) Between the amps I guess I’d go with the Twin. It’s got a nice vintage character and it’ll provide a nice basis for a pedal board. Cheers! – Bjorn]

  529. Stratmeister says:

    I’m considering making my own bedroom amp to get what I want. Very generally, would you suggest an EL-84 power section for use with the Vick Rams Head? What 10-12″ speaker would you suggest I start my development with?

    I understand these are only opinions but that seems like a great place to start. Thanks!

    [Happy new year! Very sorry for my late reply. The Vick goes very well with EL84s… most power tubes actually. Don’t have that much experience with speakers but for a smaller amp I’d go with something tight and with a bit of high mid range for the presence. – Bjorn]

  530. Tom from Chile says:

    Well, you named the Classic 30, and it seems that it has just arrived here in Chile. Looks lile a great option. How would you describe the clean tone? I would love to get WYWH tones but also, Abbey Road tones.. So, is it any similar to a Fender? Cheers

    [Very sorry for my late reply, Tom. The C30 has lots of headroom and a pretty fat low end that you probably need to tame a bit depending on the room. Hard to describe the tone as Peavey is Peavey but it’s a very versatile amp. More Fender than Hiwatt I guess. – Bjorn]

  531. john says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    As neutral settings for the Laney Lionheart head (the ones to be favored for using “amp in a box” pedals), you suggested the clean channel with :

    treble / mid / bass at noon
    what about “clean volume” knob and “tone” knob please?


    [Very sorry for my late reply, John. The clean channel will break up when you past noon… how fast depends on how hot your pickups are. I keep the tone at 3:00 and rarely higher but I think noon is the flat EQ. – Bjorn]

  532. Debargho says:

    Hi Bjorn, hope your Christmas holidays are proving relaxing. I was thinking of replacing the 12″ HH driver in my CUB 12R. Can you suggest something which isn’t aggressive and doesn’t cost the bank? I know you’ve mentioned earlier that you use Webers and find Celestions to be aggressive.
    Is there any Celestion model you would consider for the CUB 12R combo amp?
    Would be great if you could suggest a few other options, if possible. Thanks!

    [Very sorry for my late reply, Debargho. I like the V30s but you might also want to check out the G12H, which has a bit more sparkle. I think both works really well with the amp but other than that I’m not sure. I don’t have much experience with other speakers for the Cub. – Bjorn]

  533. Kevin says:

    Hi Bjorn, first time writing a comment for me. I want to give a big “thank you” for this site. Awesome!

    Quick question though – I order the Laney amp (Laney Lionheart L5T-112) and it completely lived up to billing! My only issue is that it’s kind of heavy to transport around. A friend of mine brought one of his amps in to a store and had them install wheels onto his amp (not a Laney). Would you recommend this or do you think it’s a bad idea (or maybe have no strong opinion either way)? I don’t think I’ll move it around all that much but it would be nice to have wheels on this thing when I needed it. I don’t plan to sell it but I am wondering if you think it would negatively affect the resale value. Also, maybe you know of some alternate (and better) way to move amps? I know I could just buy a dolly but maybe you have a recommendation for that?

    [Very sorry for my late reply, Kevin. Thanks for your kind words! The resale value might be affected but then again, the Lionhearts are popular amps and it shouldn’t be too difficult to sell it. An option would be a custom flight case with wheels but that’s obviously a lot more expensive than just the wheels. – Bjorn]

  534. Dimitris says:

    Hello! First, I ‘d like to wish a Happy New Year!
    Not having the opportunity to listen and try all those great pieces of gear side by side, makes me only imagine what each amp brand would sound like. Because only listening to mp3 or even better quality music isn’t enough to give us this experience.
    1. On another post you ‘ve told me that you can make a Lionheart sound -somewhat- like a Hiwatt. Any settings suggestions?
    2. I ‘ve never played any original vintage amp, but I ‘d think that the more mid-rangy tone of a Hiwatt compared to a Vox, or Fender can be heard clearly here, right? To me, his cleans sound nothing like clean and as if everything is about to explode! Nothing to do with the sound of Fender cleans, say Buddy Holly…
    3. On your article about The Endless River, you ‘ve said that David combined Hiwatts and Fenders. This was done for everything, or for example Fender-cleans and Hiwatt-distortions?
    4. Which would be your first choice of a low wattage Hiwatt-style amp? Apart from your Reeves50 of course!

    [Very sorry for my late reply, Dimitris.
    1. It’s certainly not a Hiwatt but try this: hi input, high mode, clean channel, bass 3:00, treble 3:00, mids 2:00, tone 2:00.
    2. Yep. The mids in the Hiwatt makes mids scooped pedals like fuzz and Muff really stand out.
    3. We don’t know. Impossible to say whether he used the amps for specific tones or always combined. I would at least guess that they’d mix them differently when they did the mixing of the album.
    4. Check out the Hiwatt Tube Series.
    – Bjorn]

  535. Nils says:

    Hi Bjorn.
    Marry Christmas.
    You’ve probably been asked this already, but you have over 4 years of comments here so it’s hard to find what I’m looking for :).
    I’m in the market for a new amp. Its for home use and I want a tube amp.
    I’ve been looking mainly at the fender blues jrs, and pro jrs, and lately att the cub 12(combo).

    I’m trying to develop my tone and I want an amp that’ll respond nicely to my playing. As you say trasistor amps are a little dull and not very dynamic.
    My worries are…
    For home use:
    Will the fender blues jr be to loud? Will I be able to get the most out of my amp without blowing out the windows?
    And in the case of the cub 12, what sort of scares me is the low price(am I just being silly?)

    I understand that there is a difference in tone between different amps. But my question now is about volume, getting the most out of the amp, and quality.

    Love yout site.

    [Very sorry for my late reply, Nils. The Blues Jr is no doubt a better amp quality wise. The Cub sounds great but I wouldn’t trust it for travelling and doing many gigs. It is cheap but I think it’s one of the better sounding amps in the price range so I wouldn’t worry about that. The Blues Jr is very loud and if you have sensitive neighbours you might find it too loud and hard to tame. The Cub has a 1w power scaling, which comes handy. I strongly recommend replacing the stock tubes on the Cub, with JJ Electronic tubes. It’ll be a huge upgrade. Further down the line you may also want to consider replacing the stock speaker. – Bjorn]

  536. Nick says:

    Hi Bjorn. I’ve not long discovered your amazing website and I am currently reading through the whole thing and learning so much. Thank you for providing such a great source of info.

    I would like to ask you a question about amps if I may? Before I do let me offer some context. I’ve been a mediocre bedroom guitarist for years, playing for pleasure but never really progressing much. My guitar is a standard MIM Strat and I was lucky to have been given, for free, an old 1973 WEM Dominator Mk III amp. The guitar sounds ok, the amp sounds nice, very clean and seems to suit the Strat. I also have a Zoom GFX8 multi effects box, which is ok but fiddly to use and not really that nice sounding IMO. To be honest I didn’t play that much and hence didn’t learn much. A while ago I Decided to try buying separate pedals. I bought a VOX Wah, a silicone Fuzz Face and an Octavio. Yes, as you may have already have guessed I’m a big Hendrix fan. I like the wah. The Octavo is a strange beast that I’ve managed to get some nice fuzz out of but I don’t really understand it well or use it much. The Fuzz Face at first seemed like a wild animal but then I learned to tame it with the guitars volume control and now love it. This inspired me to play a lot more, improve more and to consider more pedals and to upgrade my Strat. I upgraded the Strat with a SSL-5 bridge PU, which sounds nice. I’ll upgrade the other pups later and then probably the bridge and tuners. I then started researching pedals, which brought me to your site, I’ve always been a big fan of Gilmore too. Partly based on your info, budget and availability, I now have a Tube Vibe which is orgasmicaly creamy. A Nova delay. A Carl Martin Opto-Compressor. A Big Muff Pi Wicker version, which I’m thinking of changing for a BYOC Ramshead. Awaiting a Banana Booster. Plus I’m also considering a BYOC Rat.

    So, finally to my question, does my amp (and the pedal choice) suit trying to emulate some of Gilmore’s tones. One main problem I have is not being able to play the amp very loud, and have trouble getting overdrive. I’ve noticed that it starts to OD more if I boost the Tube Vibe a bit. I am also hoping the Banana Boost will help, when it arrives in next few days. BUT I’m wondering if there is a better valve amp choice for bedroom setups? I’d be willing spend a decent amount. Also should I add a buffer to my pedal board?

    P. S. Sorry for such a long winded question. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and thanks again for all the useful info already supplied.


    [Hi Nick! Welcome to the site! Since you’re using a lot of pedals I think it’s better to leave the amp clean and use a dedicated overdrive pedal for dirt. The Bananaboost will allow you to get overdrive sounds without distorting the amp but you might also want to look into a pedal with more gain like the Wampler PlexiDrive. Also, since you have so many vintage style pedals I’d stay clear of any buffer. They have a tendency to make those vintage circuits sound thin and messy. Hope this helped :) – Bjorn]

  537. Nick says:

    Today was a good guitar day – ish. … I got a reply from the ‘Gilmour Guru’ (Bjorn) and I recieved my BananaBoost. The reason for the “ish” is although the BB seems nice, up to a point, … it may be faulty, or I’m using the wrong power adaptor. If I go past 2 o’clock on the volume I get a terrible whining noise (even on it’s own, with no other pedals). I’ve ordered a lower amperage adaptor, the one I’m using is the correct voltage but may be a bit high amperage. If that doesn’t fix it I’ll need to speak to the supplier. I’ve noticed it whines a lot more if placed infront of any other pedals, especially the Muff or Fuzz.

    Anyhoo, many thanks for your reply. I’m glad you didn’t suggest a different amp. I guess the implication is you think the WEM D. MkIII is ok. I think it’s a lovely amp myself. I love the fact that it was hand built by the man that built some of Hendrix’s kit and probably shook his hand and then touched my amp. Hence my amp could have some actual Hendrix DNA on/in it. Hehe.

    I did a bit of research, and took your advice and ordered a Plexi. From what I can see and hear on Youtube, it sounds very nice and hopefully will give me the quality dirt I’m looking for. :)

    Thanks again.

    [Not quite sure what you mean by “whining” but the Bananaboost, like all true Powerbooster clones, tend to get a little fizzy in the top if you crank the gain. It’s just the nature of the pedal and the silicon transistor circuit. Try lowering the treble a bit. If it’s not that then I suggest contacting Electronic Orange. – Bjorn]

  538. Debargho says:

    Bjorn, when you say change the stock tubes in the Cub12R, do you mean the three ECC83’s or the two El84’s?

    [All of them. I’m not sure what these amps comes with now but mine, which was new in 2010 had cheap Chinese tubes in it that were total crap. – Bjorn]

  539. KEITH says:

    Hey Bjorn, a question about the Cub, and Lionheart. Are they Cathode biased? Or is the cub cathode,( self biasing), and Lionheart normally biased? And while I’m asking, how about the H & K, Cathode, or manually biased? Lastly, in around ’83 or ’84 Laney started selling amps in the States, and I bought I believe it was called the ” Pro Lead 100″, a 4 El34, very Marshall like head, that also had a high headroom clean channel. The high gain channel had push pull pots for another gain stage, and was a fantastic c amp, but I was young, and angry, and killed it in, he style of Pete Townsend! Unfortunately Laney didn’t do well, and you never see them in the states, do they still make a similar amp? I’d love to have that amp again, as I believe it was intended to be a Marshall, and a Hiwatt; in one head!

    Thanks for EVERYTHING!!! KEITH

    [Hi Keith! Both the Cub and Lionheart are cathode biased. A matched pair of tubes can be replaced without biasing. The HK has an onboard monitoring system that notifies you if the tubes needs to be replaced. It’s also self adjusting. I’m not that familiar with the older Laneys but the Super Lead was supported to be a Marshall-something I guess. Toni Iommi also used those. – Bjorn]

  540. Nick says:

    Hi Bjorn. Thanks for replying again. I figured out the problem, it was a dodgy power unit. The ‘whining’ was a constant electronic, slightly vibrating tone of about 700hz. I swapped the power supply for an old Boss one that I forgot I had, and it works fine now.

    Now I’ve tried it properly, I am liking the Banana Boost. The clean boost is nice and the mosfet boost has a nice edge to it. And now that I can increase the volume past 2 o’clock without the whining, my amp is starting to OD a bit, which is nice too. One thing I’ve discovered is that the BB much prefers to sit after the Muff and Fuzz. Before them it sounds weird, after it sounds awsome. Can’t wait to try it out with the Plexidrive, when it arrives.

    I’m thinking I might look into possibly replacing the tubes in my amp. When I first got it (a few years ago), I had to replace one to get it working and I noticed the other day that one channel on the amp does sounds slightly better than the other. I don’t even know what tube I put in the amp (I’m such a newb) it was just one the local guitar shop gave me. Time to do a bit of research I think.

    Again, many thanks for your replies and helpfull advice. Best wishes.


    [Glad to hear it worked out :) – Bjorn]

  541. Klaus says:

    Hi Bjorn,
    Thanks for your responses to both my questions (in guitars and amps). Your responses didn’t post for quite a few days, I thought maybe that my questions weren’t approved for some reason. So yes, I went ahead and bought the strat (I hadn’t read your reply at the time). You are quite right, a lot of money, but I absolutely love it. I had a vintage 55 strat back in the day (unfortunately, it was stolen in the ’70s) and this one feels almost like it. The neck is perfect (for me) and the guitar sounds better than any strat I’ve personally played. So I guess for me it was “worth it”. Thanks again!

    [Glad to hear! Congrats! – Bjorn]

  542. Arne says:


    The Cub12 comes with Ruby Tubes. They don’t manufacture them, it’s just a brand. They can be manufactured in a number of places, but mainly it seems in China. Made in China is not a bad thing in itself, but QC is likely to be … variable … The tubes in mine behaves well, but I’ve not really pushed them a lot.

    Did you change tubes yourself, Bjørn? How did you deal with bias settings? I’m thinking of changing out my preamp tubes for a bit more headroom.

    Oh – and the newer Cubs come with HH speakers.

    [I replaced the tube myself. As long as you don’t touch them you’re alright. The Cub has cathode biasing meaning that you don’t need to adjust it. Don’t remember if mine came with Rubys but they were noisy and had a very bad break up. I use JJ Electronic tubes in all my amps and are very happy with those. – Bjorn]

  543. Nick says:

    {Update and another thank you}

    Got my Plexidrive today and I love it immediately. My amp and guitar have never sounded so good.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, and one more time … I thank you. :)

    [Awesome! – Bjorn]

  544. Marc says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I think you are the perfect person to ask this question. I’ve boiled my amp search down to a pair of amps- the Lionheart L5t-112 and the Tubemeister 18 (12 inch speaker). It sounds like you have played both and I would love your opinion. The amp will be primarily played in my basement and noise is a factor as I have a young child and wife to keep happy.

    I’m looking for an amp that takes pedals well- I have a Wampler Velvet Fuzz, MXR Badass Distortion, and Carbon Copy. But the Powersoak 1 watt option on the Tubemeister seems great as well. Any thoughts on which sounds better and may fit better for my needs?

    I’m thinking that 5 watts can be controlled fairly well with master volume and guitar/pedal volume but the Tubemeisters get good reviews as well. I have played a Tubemeister 36 before and found it very noisy (buzzing even on low wattage settings). Any thoughts on which amp has the lower noise floor?



    [I’ve never had any issues with noise from the Tubemeister. It’s very quiet… mine at least… so the source may have been outside of the amp that you tried. Anyway, I think both amps are great for bedroom and studio use. Both amps are loud but the HK has a power scaling, which may be a reason to go for it. Be sure to use the gain channel for your pedals. The clean sounds great but doesn’t handle pedals very well. Tonewise, the Lionheart is sort of a AC30 meets Marshall JTM. The HK has a more modern voicing. – Bjorn]

  545. KEITH says:

    Hey Bjorn, did some research on that Laney I had, and it was a Pro Tube 100 AOR, 8 knob version. It was based loosely on the JCM 800, but had an extra gain stage, and the ability to take one tube offline to get a high headroom clean. Only problem was, once I gave it the Townshend treatment, there weren’t any techs in the states who knew anything about working on them, so a friend got it working a little, and I sold it to a pawn shop. Laney stopped selling them in the states fairly soon after, and that’s the; nly one I ever saw, but when it was working, it was a MONSTER!!!

    PEACE, Keith

    [Must have sounded awesome. I always regret selling old stuff… – Bjorn]

  546. KEITH says:

    This is in response to Anne’s Tube post: You are correct Anne, Ruby’s are branded tubes made by many companies, including JJ,( I had Ruby branded JJ 12ax7s in one of my amps). However many Ruby output tubes are made by Shuguang, and to my ears, the Shuguang EL34s,( Ruby branded), that were stock in my Reeves Custom 50 were excellent tubes. Like Bjorn, I think that as far as new tubes go, JJ makes a great, and consistant product, and when I change the tubes in my Reeves, I will use JJs, unless I hit the lottery, in which case I will buy all NOS Mullards. As far as not touching the tubes, the oils and moisture from your fingers, on the glass, can cause catastropkic failure of tubes, so I generally handle the glass with the thin paper in the box the tube comes in. However, I’ve touched the glass, and installed tubes with no gloves or paper, and then used a chamois to wipe the glass off, and haven’t had any issues doing it that way, but better to be safe, than waste a matched set of tubes. Just get the tubes you want, and plug them in, cathode biasing is a wonderful thing, not needing any biasing, and even after 35 years of tube amps, I still pay $60 to have a professional bias my manually biased amps. Hope this is of some help.

    Peace, Keith

  547. Alex says:

    Greetings, Bjorn. Love your work both as a solo artist and in Airbag. I want to know if you have tried the Egnater Rebel 20. If you have tried it, what are your thoughts on it: being that it’s (or promoted as) “British-voiced”, is it similar to the Hiwatts, Marshall, Vox, Laney, etc? Is it pedal-friendly? Does it have a lot of clean headroom or does the power section distort early? Thanks.

    [Hi Alex! Thanks for your kind words! I’ve never tried that amp so I can’t really comment on it. – Bjorn]

  548. Arne says:

    @Keith: Thanks for the info – much appreciated! (btw it’s Arne, not Anne – you’re confusing me with some woman :P).
    Just changed the stock Ruby preamp tubes for JJ’s – and it absolutely had the desired effect. A bit more headroom, and a nicer crunch when I upped the gain a bit. They may be a tad darker. I’m going to play around with this for a while, maybe I’ll switch out the speaker and the power tubes (which I don’t think are cathode biased – gotta do some more research). BTW – how can you tell who manufactured those Rubys? I didn’t see anything obvious on mine – is there a serial# or production code there?

  549. Jason says:

    Hey Bjorn!

    Happy New Year! I just wanted to say (first) that this site because of your thoroughness you don’t often get with certain other people who review guitars and gear, you’ve kinda become my go-to guy for opinions and objectiveness for gear and reviews! Proguitarshop does awesome too, but between you two, that’s where I’m at. Haha.

    Sorry if this has already been asked but the comment section here is HUGE for the amp buyer’s guide. I was wondering if you have ever tried your CUB 12 head (which I decided is my next amp for sure) through other cabs than the Laney Cub cab? I know you’ve said that a 2×12 gives it some balls, but I was wondering about a 1×12 or 4×10 even. I want a cab when I get one of the heads (possibly in the next month or so) with some Weber Thames, but I wasn’t sure between 1-/2×12’s. How about open-backed or close-backed cabs? Any thoughts there?

    [Hi Jason! Thanks for your kind words! The Cub sounds great through a 1×12, say a V30 or similar. You really get that British crunch :) I’ve never tried it with 10″s. I do think that a 2×12″ is a better match though. It gives you a bit more headroom and an overall more open and dynamic tone. Especially if you intend to use it for the occasional gig. The Weber Thames has a lot of headroom though so I guess a 1×12 would do the job. – Bjorn]

  550. KEITH says:

    Sorry Arne, eyes aren’t great, time for glasses! I thonk the Cub is Cathode biased, I asked Bjorn about both the cub, and Lionheart, and he said they were both cathode biased, but the Laney site will tell you. As for how to tell what Ruby’s are, I went to one of the tube sales sites, and while I can’t remember that particular site, I’ve seen the info on several sites, try Googling the Ruby tube by the number, and that may tell you who makes that particular tube. I kniw that the Ruby’s in my little Tubescreamer amp were rebranded JJ ecc83 or 13AX7s. But the big tube dealers sites usually tell the company the Ruby’s are really made by. I hope that helps, and ask Bjorn, but I’m sure he said the Cub is Cathode, or self biasing.

    Peace, Keith

    [Hi guys. I think maybe I was mistaken about the Cub. The Lionheart is indeed cathode but the Cub12 might need biasing. I changed the tubes when I got it years ago but I can’t remember if I did the bias or not. The Cub 8 and 10 are cathode but I think the 12 needs adjustment. Still, as long as you get matched pairs and the right model, it shouldn’t be necessary to adjust the bias. – Bjorn]

  551. Jason says:

    Oh, that’s good to know!! Hearing that the Weber Thames has decent headroom and the fact that I like simple things, I may go with the 12r 1×12 combo and switch to the Thames. I could always add an extension 2×12 for more headroom later. How is the reverb on the 12r? I’ve heard guys say that the reverb kinda sucks. I’m betting the 12 (non-r version) might be a little cheaper and I’m saving up for a Red Panda Context anywho… Thoughts on the reverb?

    [It’s digital and OK. Nothing more. If you like reverb you’re better off with a dedicated pedal like the TC Hall of Fame. – Bjorn]

  552. Huy Tran says:

    Hi Ho Bjorn,

    I was thinking about the Lionheart. I am not sure whether to get the 5watt or 20watt.

    With the CUB12r I use the 15watt input and crank the volume to 7. Will the 5 watt be loud enough? Does it also have enough headroom for the Butler Tube Driver?

    I want to get the 5watter as I want to crank it and in live situations it is always mic’d so I don’t have to worry about the amp being super loud. I am just worried about volume and headroom.

    Just wondering if I will be better off getting the 20watt. Price isn’t really an issue. Just thinking that the 20watt might be too loud for home.

    If I get the 20watt Lionheart I’d want a combo just so it is easier to carry to gig and practice but is the stack a lot better? I see that you highly recommend the stack.

    Thanks again Bjorn.

    [I haven’t done an A/B between the Lionheart 5w and Cub but the Lionheart is pretty loud. I think however that you would struggle with the headroom. Especially since you’ll be using pedals. I’m not sure how loud you want it on stage but in any case, I think the 20w is a better buy. It’s very loud but it sounds great even on the very lowest volume so no worry for using it at home. You’d also have an amp better equipped for different venues. – Bjorn]

  553. Arne says:

    No problems Keith :D – I’ve had to get reading glasses myself. Now I feel really old…
    Well, the Cub 12’s preamp is cathode biased. Those tubes are the ones I’ve replaced now with JJ’s, and they work very well. I haven’t replaced the power tubes yet – and from what I’ve been able to find out, they are voltage biased. Still, from what I’ve read, people agree with what Bjørn says that as long as you replace them with a matched pair of the same model, you’ll most likely be fine. I will probably switch out the speaker before I consider the power tubes, though – I’d like something a bit louder and brighter – or sparklier or a little more twangy or something. Hard to describe these things properly :D

  554. Matt says:

    How do you like the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III? Is it a good choice for Gilmour tones? Will it do Wall and Dark Side tones?

    [Classic Fender :) Goes very well with Dark Side especially. Wall is more of a Hiwatt album but you shouldn’t have any problems getting the tones you want… depending on what pickups and pedals you use :) – Bjorn]

  555. Paul says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    I’m in the market for a new tube amp, and amongst other tones, I’d like it to be able to nail Gilmour as well as possible. Since neighbours are something to consider, I was looking at either the Vox AC4HW or the Blues Junior NOS Tweed. Any thoughts on these amps? I’ve noticed you’re not exactly a Vox kind of guy, but that AC4 is handwired and sounds awesome for everything else I need.

    Also, what’s the difference tone-wise between the normal and the Tweed Blues Junior?


    [I think the Blues Jr are more suited for David’s tones. I haven’t tried the new Tweed but I think the main difference is that the stock feature a fairly bright sounding Eminence speaker, while the Tweed is loaded with a vintage voiced Jensen, which should sound a bit warmer. – Bjorn]

  556. Matt says:

    Sweet! Thanks!

  557. Tom says:

    Hello Bjorn! Im really loving the new design, congrats on that! Hope you don’t mind, but I got a question regarding amps… I’ve narrowed my search down to the Laney Lionheart 20 Combo and the Peavey Classic 30.. Im searching for a powerful vintage-ish tone that works as a great basis for my pedals, with enough headroom for small gigs (mic-ed) Both combos cost the same in my country.. which one would you recommend? Something tells me that the Laney is better.. but your opinion would be great!
    Thank you sincerely!

    • Bjorn says:

      Depends on what tones you want :) The Peavey is great but it sounds like a Peavey, which means that it’s loud and very aggressive (although with a huge headroom). The Laney is much more vintage sounding IMO, warmer and smoother. I’m very fond of the Lionhearts but the Peavey makes a versatile all-round amp too :)

  558. Kostas X. says:

    Hello Bjorn!

    What’s your opinion about Vox Ac 4 Tv ?

    Thank you sincerely!

    • Bjorn says:

      I haven’t tried it myself so I can’t really comment on it. Depends on how you’ll be using the amp and what tones you’re looking for. It’s a small amp so you shouldn’t expect a huge tone and lots of headroom but I’m sure it’s nice for practice and bedrooms.

  559. Tom says:

    Hmm, thanks, it looks like the Laney is leaning towards me. Thank you very much Bjorn, cheers

  560. Sean says:

    Hi Bjorn, nice new website! Any thoughts on Fender Hotrod DeVille?

    • Bjorn says:

      Thanks! Nice amp. It’s solid state but you got that classic Fender tone. It might be a bit loud for bedrooms though but great for rehearsals and smaller stages.

  561. Dimitris says:

    Hey Bjorn!
    I need your help now, more than ever! I am selling my Lionheart L20H and one guy suggested we traded it for an Earth Sound Research built in 1971!
    Do you have any idea or experience with these? From one (and only video I ‘ve found) it sounds interesting, plus it has EL34’s in power-amp section. The only problem is I can’t hear it myself because he’s not near me at all. That’s the amp in a greek site, but you can see at least some photos!
    Great job with the site by the way, now I ‘ve got some reason to start reading all over again!


    • Bjorn says:

      Never had any experience with these amps myself so I can’t really comment on it. I think Earth Sound mainly produced clones of contemporary amps but I don’t have much info to go by.

      • Dimitris says:

        I see…
        Not much info on the net either, but the guy said it’s a 100watt amp! I was thinking of giving the L20 for something lower in wattage cause I can’t fully use it (bedroom playing and recordings), maybe I ‘ll trade it with one that told me today about a 5watt Lionheart.
        1) Does the 5watt combo, handle all of these demanding pedals well as the 20watt?
        2) Can you achieve tube breakup on the clean channel without driving the neighboors mad?

  562. Josh J says:

    Hey Bjorn,
    I am purchasing the Laney cub stack. But the cub cab is out of stock everywhere. I was wondering if there is a different cab that would go just as well with the cub head? Or would i be better just waiting it out?

  563. Kris says:

    Hi Bjorn,

    I think I have asked you about this before, but thought I would get your opinion on it. I bought my Hughes and Ketner 18 head and 1×12 Hughes and Ketner cabinet a few months back and ended up swapping the head for new one after a month of trying to unsucessfully daignose a noticable low humm/buzz when the volume on the lead channel is cranked with the gain at 8-9:00 or so. On my new head it has the same issue only the buzz/hum is maybe less loud on the lead channel. The humm/buzz increases of course as I turn the gain up on that channel. The clean channel with volume and gain cranked is dead silent. I have checked the tubes power and preamp, they are fine, and even replaced them with JJ’s and still have that same low hum/buzz only on the lead channel. I have quality cables evidence siren speaker, and evidence guitar cables as well plugged into a furman power surge. There are no tv’s/cell phones/florecent lights in the room. I’ve checked other outlets in my house and have the same issue. This low hum/buzz occurs even when nothing is plugged into the amp. Plugging my guitar and pedalboard in has no effect on the low hum/buzz. Not sure If I should look into getting the EHX hum debugger, ebtech hum x, tripp lite power isolator etc. or this is just normal for this amp considering this is the second one I have had with this. Do you have any experience with these hum eliminating devices or can recommend one? As always thank you in advance and good luck at your shows. Maybe someday you can come to Chicago :)