• Green Carrot Pedals Comfortably Plum and Rosemary & Thyme review

    Green Carrot Floydian Plum review

    I’ve been reviewing a lot Big Muffs and Power Boosters lately but few have been as requested as the Comfortably Plum from Green Carrot. For obvious reasons, I’m sure. Another new pedal from the UK based company is the Rosemary and Thym. Here’s my review of both.

    There’s no doubt that the Floydian Plum is aimed at us – the Pink Floyd and David Gilmour geeks among guitarists.

    The pedal feature a typical Ram’s Head style Big Muff circuit, with the usual controls for volume, gain and tone. There’s also a 3-way toggle switch for boost, allowing the pedal to cut through a band mix when needed.

    Tonally the Muff reminds me of my old BYOC Large Beaver. It’s a fairly controlled Muff and slightly darker sounding compared to most Ram’s Heads but there’s plenty of gain and volume on tap.

    Compared to the recent EHX reissue, the Floydian Plum seems to be easier to match with different types of amps and pickups. Especially for your David Gilmour tones.

    The overdrive side of the pedal is based on the classic Colorsound Power Boost circuit, with an internal voltage doubler for more headroom. There’s also a master volume control allowing you to finely tune the amount of breakup and boost.

    Compared to an original 9-18V Power Boost, this one sound slightly darker and perhaps a tad more compressed, which makes it more versatile and easier to blend with different types of amps and other pedals.

    Perhaps not as vintage sounding as some of the clones but it certainly nails those classic tones. You can crank it up for some nice fuzz tones too, without that nasty bleed you often get from bright silicon transistors.

    David Gilmour often used the Big Muff and Power Boost together. Adding the Power Boost after the Muff for a bit of tone shaping and boost much like an EQ. The Comfortably Plum allows you to engage both pedals at once, with the Power Boost after the Muff. This is truly where the pedal shines!

    The Rosemary and Thyme is an unusual dual pedal, with an analog echo and chorus in one.

    The chorus is based on the classic Boss CE2. This one is a bit brighter, with less mid range, which I personally find much more appealing than the original. It sounds super smooth with cleans and blends very well with gain pedals. As you can hear in my video review, the chorus does a pretty convincing job as a flanger or rotary effect.

    I’m not sure if the analog delay is based on a specific circuit or pedal but it reminds me of the MXR Carbon Copy, with warm musical repeats that blends very well with your dry tone. Although not typical for David Gilmour, analog delay works nicely for the late 60s and 70s tones in particular for a bit fo that vintage flavour.

    Blending the two adds a nice modulation to the delay.

    So is the Floydian Plum David Gilmour in a box? Well, it’s not as vintage sounding as other clones out there but you will find it blending much better with a wider range of amps. You get two classic circuits allowing you to dial in authentic tones for the Animals – Final Cut era.

    Add the Rosemary and Thyme and you’re pretty much covered for the early Floyd/Gilmour decades!

    See greencarrotpedals.co.uk for more details.

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