• David Gilmour displays his guitar collection at Christie’s in London

    David’s huge guitar collection, or at least the 120+ guitars he’s auctioning away this summer, is at display at Christie’s in London. A video with a short presentation was shared yesterday.

    What are your thoughts on David getting rid of all these guitars? If you had the money, which guitar would you get?

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  1. Daniel Mistri says:

    Hi Bjorn! I took a lot of photos at Christie’s in London, If you want to have a look at some close up pictures of the 0001 Strat and the Red Strat amongst others, check out my Instagram- danielmistri. I’m still posting pictures every day or so.

  2. christophe guy says:

    I made a video reuniting all the lots on sale if you’re interested ???

  3. Vincent says:

    Any bet for final prices for black strat and white #0001 ?
    My guess is between 800-1000k$

  4. JGravy says:

    My first ever gig was seeing Pink Floyd at the Docklands Arena in 1989 and I had been introduced to their music by a friend via A Momentary Lapse of Reason and from there worked my way back through the albums. Based on this original starting point I would buy the white steinberger which was used to record Sorrow and then used with Kate Bush at the Secret Policeman’s Ball. Great memories.

  5. Kevin Betts says:

    I watched the video earlier today (April 1st) and was struck by the number of iconic instruments David appeared to be giving away. I know he regards them as tools and as such they may not carry much sentimental value but it still must be difficult to part with some of those things. Although in my experience it’s easier to give away a treasured item than it is to sell it.

    If I had the money I’d have the red Strat with the EMGs. It has everything I need from a guitar and may be the basis for a replica I’m planning on having built later this year.

  6. Ta Kha says:

    The red strat is often viewed as the ” new” strat cause it’s a reissue and got emg which make it look and sound more modern than the black strat.
    But if you think about it the red strat is 35 year old this year about the same as the black strat when he played the live 8 show, so it’s also an old lady.

  7. Adam Wallander says:

    There are two types of people: Those who would go for the Black Strat, and liars

    • Bjorn says:

      Ha ha! Actually, I can go and buy the Black Strat replica. Wouldn’t be much of a difference, which is why David is selling his. Yes, I know… bullshit right and yes of course I’d like to have it haning on my wall, but I’m serious. If I were to pick one, it would be either the Charvel San Dimas or the white Gretsch Falcon. The San Dimas was used on my favourite version of Comfortably Numb in 1986 and the Falcon… well, it would secure my retirement :)

      • Adam Wallander says:

        Oh wow, listened to it just now and it’s a lovely version indeed. But considering what the Black Strat has helped give to this world, I couldn’t possibly say no to it. And just maybe, I could help it along contributing more ;).

        I’ve put in lowball bids for a few things going under the gavel, I mean how cool wouldn’t it be having my Strat in the same case Gilmour used? I feel all of the estimates are incredibly low though. I wouldn’t mind paying a hell of alot more than the highest estimates for any of those guitars. Hopefully I can keep up and manage to snag atleast one of them, High Hopes for a student :)

  8. Alex says:

    Hi Bjørn! I appreciate that his selling them for charity. And the “loss” of his guitars won’t affect his sound on upcoming recordings or shows … So, when I first heard about it, I was kinda shocked. But after thinking about it for a minute, it makes perfectly sense. An applaudable decision by Gilmour! On the other hand I totally dislike the idea that most of these guitars won’t be bought by musicians but rich businessmen … We will not see them on stage anymore … Unless Bonamassa decides to get one … Greetings from Germany, Alex

  9. Panagiotis Panagiotatos says:

    I would bid for the white strat or the Martin acoustic.

  10. Frank Bizzoco says:

    IF I had the money I would go for his tele with the rosewood neck, and sunburst body he used on the 77 tour. Dogs might be my favorite song he played. From his tone, to the nuances of his playing. That tone on the dry solo on those bootlegs just cut through your body like a hot knife on those 77 bootlegs. Granted it’s the combo of a big muff, power booster and a super loud Hiwatt, but the fact that was the guitar he used is an easy sell for me. I do have a baja telecaster with the same color palette, and loads of pickup configurations, but it would be something else if I had the one he used.

    • J. Hart says:

      Like I said, I think it’s very interesting that the sunburst Tele is not for sale!

      • Frank Bizzoco says:

        I was looking for the sunburst tele over on the 3d showroom, and the list if guitars for sale. I think it’s very curious that he is keeping the workmate, and sunburst tele, but selling the actual black strat, and white 001 strat.

        • Bjorn says:

          Well both the BS and 0001 can draw a lot of money, which is the goal with this auction. The BS can be replaced with a Replica, which he has stated that he really likes and has used on several occasions. The 0001 is perhaps harder to understand, as he has said that it’s a perfect guitar and the one he enjoy the most. Again, it can draw a lot of funds. The Workmate is too unique and special for him I think and he seems to be favouring it a lot lately. The sunburst… I don’t know. It was last spotted in 2006 I think so it may be sold or, he wants to keep it for other reasons.

          • Frank Bizzoco says:

            I thought the sunburst tele was on “Their mortal remains” tour. Maybe he just doesnt want to sell it I guess. I mean I get why hes selling the 001 strat, and black strat, but my brain just cant comprehend it I guess. I’m still curious where that sunburst tele went. If I recall you said (or someone said in an interview )Phil taylor added it to the lineup of the 06 tour, bit the pickups weren’t working right. Where did that sunburst tele go? Lol

          • Daniel Mistri says:

            The Sunburst Telecaster Custom was at the Their Mortal Remains exhibition in 2017 so he might have kept it and I only saw one 80s 52 Tele reissue at Christie’s which means he probably still has the other one.

  11. KIm Foster says:

    All I can say is WOW!!!
    And although this is for a great cause I find it a little sad to see all this iconic guitars going away from their master.
    Will be interesting to see what some of them bring $$$$

  12. Alex says:

    ’55 Goldtop for sure, I don’t own any guitars with P90s and it’s a beautiful guitar.

  13. I don’t know how to feel about any of it but I do know that video is unwatchable. Also, how do you make money being a “guitar expert?” He basically just says “this is a strat. Sometimes they had V-necks but mostly in ’57.”

  14. christophe guy says:

    it’s amazing I still can not believe it and I can not believe that the black strat and the red strat will no longer be in the hands of david and many other guitars

  15. J. Hart says:

    I think what’s more interesting is which guitars he’s keeping…

    The famous “Workmate” Esquire/Tele
    The sunburst Tele from the ’74-’77 tours
    The white Custom Shop Tele
    The sunburst Strat that has the Black Strat’s original maple neck
    The Gretsch DuoJet
    The 24-fret Bill Lewis guitar
    The P-bass with the Gibson ‘mudbucker’ pickup
    The red Jedsen lap steel
    The Gibson lap steel
    The Fender lap steel
    The Fender pedal steel
    The Weissenborn…

    • Wim says:

      Yes, I was looking at that as well! Quite interesting indeed. He also seems to be holding on to the ’56 Les Paul with Bigsby? There is an LP with Bigsby in there, but they list is as 1953 and it looks like a different guitar.

  16. Arya Boustani says:

    Thanks for posting this. Great story! I love the part about David buying the acoustic guitar on the street on his way to Manny’s. :)

  17. WHY are the cameras focused on the commentators instead of the GUITARS????

  18. Hrvoje says:

    Red 57 with EMG DG20! I am modest person :) ! And already have Custom shop Black Strat. ?

  19. Fabrizio says:

    Probably none of them, and that is just because I would be feeling horrible thinking that an average player like me own DG guitars, when someone else with the real talent could use them way better then me.
    Then again if these thoughts above wouldn’t hit my mind, then I would have picked the gold top Les paul with p-90 and the white strat 0001.
    Finaly if I would really owned these 2 guitars my life would it be ruined by the urge of becoming a great player and have to practice at list 8 hours per day, in witch case I would lose, my job, my family, and the reality around me, so how you can see, it will be indeed a very though decision to just put it in few words.
    As always, I admire your work and dedication Bjorn, you are truly amazing, and of course I love Airbag.

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