The Buyer’s Gear Guide 2013!

January 28th 2013 | Posted in Feature Guides | Comments Closed

At last! The new Buyer’s Gear Guides are here! Lots of new guitars, pickups, amps and pedals in all price ranges for all kinds of setups. Whether you’re an experienced musician or just playing in your bedroom, you’ll find all you need for creating your tones and expanding your rig right here! The guides are also packed with tone tips, troubleshooting and setup recommendations!

New this time are the PICKUPS and FUZZ PEDALS guides. Guitars, amps and Big Muffs has also been updated. The guides for overdrives, modulations and delays are coming soon! Stay tuned!

Each guide has a comments field at the bottom of the page. Please feel free to post your comments about the guides – good or bad – and share your experience, tips and gear recommendations with us!

Head on over to the Buyer’s Gear Guides now!